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OIT Student Employee Recognition Program

November 2018 Consultants of the Month

The Office of Inforamation Techology Help Desk and Computer Labs recognize exceptional student employees through the Consultant of the Month program. We believe it is important to acknowledge and encourage good work. Several of you have distinguished yourselves by:

- Providing outstanding customer service
- Having extensive knowledge of hardware and software
- Maintaining good working relationships with co-workers
- Professionally handling your responsibilities

OIT employs over 250 student employees, so this is quite an accomplishment. We congratulate you, our newest Consultants of the Month, and applaud your service.

Victoria Hardy

Busch Consultant of the Month

Victoria has been an amazing asset to the Busch team. While on shift, she performs her duties almost completely autonomously and leaves us detailed shift reports of her diligence and observations. Whether it is opening the lab, performing subtle consultant duties that aren't normally required, or assisting patrons effectively, she has learned and grown at an astounding rate. After all her consultant duties are performed and every patron is helped, consultants and supervisors are often found enjoying cheerful conversations with Victoria. Her personality and demeanor fosters a very friendly and relaxed work environment, and it most certainly has influenced patrons and fellow co-workers alike. We are grateful to have such a reliable and personable consultant on our team. Thank you for being such a valuable consultant, Victoria, and congratulations! {ls,jmo}

Maggie Wang

Busch Consultant of the Month

Looking for a consultant who has a keen eye on her daily duties? A consultant who never fails to fulfill her responsibilities? And a consultant who leaves a smile on the faces of the patrons she helps as well as her fellow co-workers? Well look no further because Maggie embodies all these wonderful attributes in her daily work life. She brings a positive vibe the moment she sets foot in the lab and will almost immediately have a great conversation with her fellow consultants. When duty calls, Maggie immediately answers and prioritizes her consultant tasks, ensuring that all problems are addressed and resolved. Even during the early hours of opening shifts, Maggie is on her feet prepping our IMLs, getting her cleanings done, and making sure the lab is in tip-top shape to welcome our patrons. When it comes to volunteering for special tasks, the supervisor team can always count on her to give us a helping hand with her proactivity and initiative. It is a pleasure to have Maggie on the Busch Team. Keep up the good work! {emo,jmo}

Andy Lin

College Avenue Consultant of the Month

Much of what we do as lab staff for the College Avenue Computing Labs throughout an average workweek, begins and ends with customer service. Unjamming print jobs, giving directions to class, loaning writing utensils, are all common customer service-related duties we fulfill as lab staff. At times our duties can become a little more thorny: calming irked patrons, recovering lost work, navigating unfamiliar programs. All of these examples of providing customer service are completed with the desire to leave the patron in a better place than they were when they entered our labs. Andy Lin has displayed this desire and the will to go the extra mile regardless of the issue presented to him throughout his first semester with the College Avenue Labs. Every shift, Andy comes to work with a jubilant attitude that diffuses not only onto his co-workers, but the patrons he helps as well. Andy's diligence toward his shift duties not only leaves the lab well maintained when he is on shift, but catalyzes those around him to do their best as well. Despite this being Andy's first semester working for OIT, he has become dispatch certified and has done his best to advance himself. There have been many instances where he has intercepted a distraught patron and mended their technological troubles, seeking a solution relentlessly. Andy takes every interaction in stride and when he knows he does not know something, he seeks the correct answer and learns from it for next time. We understand no one is perfect and that we all have room to grow. Andy has reminded us of this and has inspired many of us to take every day as a new opportunity to be better. Every team has its stars, but Andy you have gleamed extremely bright and for this reason, the College Avenue Management Team is honored to award you with the Consultant of the Month Award for November 2018. {kxs}

Bryan Smith

College Avenue Consultant of the Month

Bryan is a first semester consultant here at the College Avenue Computing Labs. Despite being new to our organization, Bryan has proven himself to be few and far between. Bryan earned his ResNet Dispatch certification back in July, showing us that he has been an eager employee from the start. He works both regular consultant shifts and Dispatch shifts, demonstrating his versatility on the job. While on shift, Bryan is an approachable consultant with not only great customer service skills, but strong technical knowledge as well. Regardless of the issue, Bryan is able to handle it using the resources at hand. You'll never catch Bryan missing his rounds or skipping out on cleanings - even when he has to walk to the Art Library in the pouring rain! He is always there to offer a helping hand when it comes to unloading paper, or delivering supplies to other sites. Bryan is a second-year student, who is majoring in Industrial Engineering; Outside of OIT, he is actively involved with RUSA and the Engineering Governing Council. He also enjoys hanging out with his friends, oftentimes getting together to play basketball or football. We are grateful to have Bryan as one of our consultants, and we cannot wait to see where the next few years take him! It is our pleasure to present you with the Consultant of the Month Award, congratulations Bryan! {mo}

Patrick Douglas

Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month

If you work here long enough, it is only fitting that eventually you may earn a Consultant of the Month award - or two. Unfortunately, for Mr. Douglas, there has always been one little issue with awarding him with such accolades. He wasn't actually ever a student worker for us! Basically, he was just kinda pulled off the street and hired as a full time worker - which is something we occasionally were known to do in an earlier century. But to never have awarded Pat doesn't seem right. And so, I am breaking with all precedent - which is something I can do since I edit and send the emails. With that in mind, I am awarding Patrick Douglas Consultant of the Month awards for each month from July 1983, until December 2018. Well, except for March 1993 when - well frankly - he kinda screwed up. But we won't talk about that. We are now entering Pat's last month with us. So some kind words are in order. No matter what your interactions with Pat have been you are likely to view him in a very positive light and have fond feelings towards him. People see him as dependable and a trustworthy co-worker; a great friend; a caring boss; an influential role-model; - and the guy you want at bat if there are two outs in bottom of the ninth and your team is a run behind. Pat has had many roles during his decades with Rutgers, but for many years now he has served as the Assistant Manager helping to oversee the Cook/Douglass labs. The labs have greatly benefited from his time with us. Pat has always been very reliable, handling all his responsibilities with care and diligence - and often asking what else he can do to help out. Still, its his personality that most of us will always remember. From his first day with us he has always fit right in. He is able to seriously tackle difficult situations one minute, and then during the next he can sling the most sarcastic barbs at his fellow Managers - which in our lab culture is a sign of the mutual camaraderie that exists between individuals that have worked side by side for many years. We could go on and on. There is no way to express in a paragraph all he has done during his time with Rutgers, nor how deeply some of us feel towards him. So simply stated, Pat, we want you to know you will be greatly missed. There now, Google will always record you as having officially earned a Consultant of the Month. {jt}

Dorothy Lee

Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month

Dorothy is a fantastic consultant whose caring and patient demeanor has made her a great fit for the labs. When it comes to helping patrons, there are few other consultants who can handle stressful situations as gracefully as her. She is quick to make any patron feel comfortable and appreciated and then efficiently addresses all issues that they may have. When working with the supervisors, Dorothy is always asking if we need help with anything or volunteering for any needed tasks. She is also a great source of feedback, as she is always open and honest about any issues that she believes may be going on at the labs. Dorothy's helpful personality makes her very well liked among her fellow team members, as we have received feedback from several other newer consultants who have said she has been a great help in getting them accommodated to the labs. Overall, Dorothy is nothing short of a fantastic consultant and we are very lucky to have her on the team. Congratulations on your award and keep up the amazing work! {ab}

Che Wan Muhammad Amiradz

Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month

Amir is one of the first names that come to mind when we think of consultants we can rely on for their consistency and quality of work ethic. His role in the labs is instrumental as he is always willing to spot and resolve errors without intending on receiving recognition for it. We always rely on him to give us feedback about things that we otherwise might have overlooked because he is also detail-oriented and knows the expectations we have for all of our labs. He is known to help volunteer for countless tasks and offer help to cover open shifts, even if its clear that he has a lot on his plate. If his approach to resolving issues and his honesty in his work ethic isn't admirable enough, his demeanor and friendliness makes him all the more approachable and helpful. Amir never hesitates to help a patron experiencing an issue and usually finds the best method to resolve an issue. Amir, you certainly deserve this award and only ask that you keep up the phenomenal quality of work. Thank you for all that you've done thus far. Congratulations! {vs}

Enzo Den

Help Desk Consultant of the Month

The Help Desk is proud to present Enzo Den with the Level 1 November Consultant of the Month Award. Enzo is a conscientious and hard worker and frequently arrives with a positive attitude and a willingness to get to work. He handles tough calls and issues well, and stays calm under pressure. Enzo enjoys working at the Help Desk because it allows him to sharpen his technical skills and put them to use. Enzo is an Economics Major with a Minor in Business Administration and would one day like to work in Fintech. Outside of work, Enzo likes to work on his car to make sure it is in tip-top shape. He also enjoys playing video games and combing through databases for hidden gems. Going forward, Enzo would like to get certified for Application and Network support and has ambitions to become a Supervisor. This month Enzo completed his Level 1 Certification and has frequently arrived more than 15 minutes early to his shifts. Please join us in congratulating Enzo for this achievement. {ea,ro}

Sarah Khasawneh

Help Desk Consultant of the Month

We are proud to award Sarah Khasawneh the November Consultant of the Month Award for Applications Support. Sarah has worked with us since the Fall of 2016 and is a seasoned veteran in Applications Support, having worked in that capacity since Spring 2017. She is able to respond to issues in Applications Support in a calm, cool, and collected manner; guiding newer consultants through proper reporting procedure and ensuring issues are properly documented. Sarah also frequently arrives early to her Applications Support shifts. Sarah is a senior Computer Science major who is on track to graduate this May, and would like to work as a software developer in the future in the financial or technology sectors. Outside of work, Sarah is an amateur chef and loves to try out new recipes she discovers online. We wish Sarah the best as she completes her final semesters and in her future endeavors. Once again, congratulations and keep up the good work! {ea,ro}

Robert Perez

Help Desk Consultant of the Month

The Help Desk is proud to award Robert Perez Network Support Consultant of the Month for November! Rob has been working at the Help Desk since the beginning of the Summer as a head-start consultant and he clearly has proven his talent and why he was selected for the head-start program through his promotions & great work ethic since his introduction. He displays his vast array of knowledge and understanding in IT through his efficiency and positive attitude when assisting patrons, some of which is learned from his major in ITI. This is especially true when patrons walk into the Help Desk, where he will often be the first person to assist since Rob frequently sits front-station when it is available, a trait that distinguishes Rob from other network support consultants. This month Rob worked on a number of special projects in conjunction with our supervisory team and taught an advanced training course. We are proud to present Rob with the Network Support Consultant of the Month award for November 2018 as he continues on his path to eventually become a networking engineer. Congratulations Rob, we truly appreciate the assistance that you have supplied to the Help Desk and our patrons! {kf}

Shirley Yeung

Help Desk Consultant of the Month

We are proud to award our star consultant Shirley Yeung with the Level 2 Consultant of the Month Award for the month of November! Shirley was hired with the Help Desk last fall (Fall 2017) and has shown outstanding work ethic and friendliness to fellow consultants and our users alike. She frequently helps walk-in users by sitting at the front station and frequently assists multiple walk-ins during a normal shift. Shirley is a Computer Science major with a minor in Chinese, graduating in 2019 and what she loves most about the Help Desk is that it's an open and friendly environment. "It's a comfortable space to be in and everyone is always willing to help. I really appreciate everyone who works here; they are always patient, kind, and great to be around." In her free time, Shirley likes to draw, but if she's not drawing she's likely sleeping, reading up on Greek mythology, drinking A LOT of bubble tea, or checking out what's new on Netflix. The advice she'd like to leave for her fellow and future Level 2 consultants is to never be shy and to always ask for help when you need it! "As a Level 1, I was shy to even walk into the office early, but I learned quickly that everyone is very welcoming. Regardless of what position you're at, it's okay to ask peers or supervisors for assistance because we're all working towards the same goal, and you aren't expected to know the answer to everything". Recently, Shirley has assisted our supervisory team in updating documentation to help improve our user-facing information. Once again, we greatly appreciate your commitment to the Help Desk and customer service, keep up the awesome work! {sp}

Maidah Chaudhry

Livingston Consultant of the Month

Ever since joining the Livingston staff this semester, Maidah has been a star consultant who is friendly, reliable and approachable by all patrons and coworkers. She provides outstanding customer service to patrons, even when approached with hard situations. Maidah often works many opening shifts on Livingston, but she is always actively picking up shifts throughout the day. At Tillett, you can always see her beautiful artwork on the whiteboard each morning she opens, detailing the classes and their locations for the day. Maidah pays careful attention to her work and duties which does not go unnoticed by her fellow coworkers and the management team. Her positive energy radiates in the conversations she has with everyone. You can always find her volunteering for tasks that help the management team, and lending a hand to anyone else in need. Congratulations Maidah on being named a November 2018 Livingston Consultant of the Month. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication! {sns,lw}

Sarah Goodman

Livingston Consultant of the Month

Sarah Goodman is a veteran consultant but anyone on the team will tell you that she is just as bright and bubbly as she was during her first semester at OIT. Sarah has maintained a remarkable consistency in her radiance and willingness to help out patrons day in and day out. Her positive presence is always felt while she is on shift and we have been able to rely on her time and time again in being proactive in her role. We trust her to always reach out to supervisors when necessary. We commend Sarah on her consistency, effectiveness and ability to brighten the day of those around her. She certainly sets the bar high for what we wish to see from all current and future consultants. Please join us in congratulating Sarah on being named a November 2018 Livingston Consultant of the Month! {ss,lw}