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Previously Honored Consultants – D

Jason D'Onofrio

September 2004 ResNet Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Jason started working for ResNet this semester... with an explosion! He has worked tirelessly to resolve an astounding 71 tickets in the first 3 weeks of the semester - an admirable feat! Even on his very first day, he showed abilities that make him a highly valuable asset to our group, picking up things in a matter of minutes, even under the high-stress setting of our SWAT teams. He has been extremely diligent in his work, making sure his area coordinators know exactly what he is doing and following our policies to a tee. While he rarely runs into difficulties, Jason is in direct contact with the office and his area coordinators, and makes sure whatever issues remain after his initial efforts, are taken care of as soon as possible. He has handled all difficult problems tactfully and professionally. Jason has shown a character of determination, technical superiority, friendliness and dedication to his position. He takes great pride in his work and makes sure everything that can be done to fix a problem is attempted. He maintains a positive attitude and a good mood even when the going gets tough. We are all very excited to have such a consultant on our staff. Jason has been an exemplary employee to the organization and has shown outstanding work in his first month with us. {ml, af, jh}

Siddhesh Dabholkar

September 2016 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Sid is one of our newest Help Desk Consultants. This is his first semester working with the Help Desk. When on calls, he is courteous and respectful of the user's needs, working diligently to resolve their issues. He is very upbeat and looks forward to coming into the Help Desk. Sid is very friendly and can often be seen smiling. Sid is eager to learn and increase his knowledge of the Help Desk. Sid is currently a sophomore and is planning on double majoring in Business Analytics Information Technology and Supply Chain Management. Outside of the Help Desk Sid enjoys writing and playing video games. Sid's favorite part of working at the Help Desk is getting to be part of such a friendly, upbeat, and helpful community. A tip that he would like to give new consultants is to not be afraid to ask questions and to be as helpful as possible. Sid is a helpful consultant and we look forward to continuing to watch his progress here at the OIT Help Desk. Congratulations Sid on being awarded Level 1 Consultant of the Month! {yp}

Amanda Daghli

November 2009 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Amanda has been with the Help Desk since 2008 and is graduating in 2011. She always has a smile on her face and can light up the room as soon as she walks in. Amanda's technical skill combined with her friendliness allows users to feel comfortable when troubleshooting their networking issues. Her cheerful personality, customer service skills and great attitude have all proven to be major assets to the Help Desk. Amanda is double majoring in Psychology and Criminal Justice with a minor in Criminology. We would like to thank Amanda for her excellent work and congratulate her on being selected as the Help Desk Consultant of the Month for November 2009. {sn}

February 2011 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Amanda has been with the Help Desk for over 2 years now, and while her wealth of experience has helped her become one of our finest consultants, she has always had the kind of friendly demeanor that you don't learn on the job - the kind that sets people at ease and brightens their day, patrons and colleagues alike. No matter how complicated the issue or how frustrated the caller, Amanda is always able to troubleshoot the issue and help them to the best of her ability, defusing particularly tense situations should they arise. Double majoring in Criminal Justice and Psychology with a minor in Criminology, Amanda will graduate in May and hopes to make a career out of helping people just as she has done her entire time at the Help Desk. While working here she has come to appreciate the impact she has on people's days, as she says helping someone through even the most simple password reset still brings a smile to her face. Because of this enthusiasm, great attitude, and more, we have selected Amanda for the Help Desk Consultant of the Month award for February 2011. Congratulations, Amanda! {vm}

Milap Dalal

September 2002 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Consistently greeting users with a smile, completing rounds, and keeping an eye out for food and drink, Milap demonstrates many qualities of an exceptional consultant. He is often seen eager to leave the consultant station to help answer questions and he does not hesitate to ask questions to the Busch management staff to better understand policies and procedures. In addition, Milap promptly informs management about any unusual situations in the lab. We are proud to announce Milap as one of our Consultants of the Month. {bm}

Aditya Dalal

November 2014 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Aditya's terrific technical skills, outstanding work ethic, and impeccable consistency make him an integral part of our Busch team. He is one of those consultants that we never worry will be presented with a situation that he is unable to handle, since he is guided by a logical thought process that is excellent. His fellow consultants frequently rely on him as a source for information when dealing with both usual and unique situations, because he has such a depth of understanding, spanning from a solid knowledge of our lab policy, to his excellent technical background. Aditya's troubleshooting has gotten some supervisors out of a tight spot and has not gone unnoticed. He has grown as a consultant substantially since he was first hired, and we shudder to think of a lab running without him! {leipold,adg}

Nicole DAmadeo

November 2012 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Though this was her first semester working with us, Nicole has quickly become one of the most capable and consistently good consultants on Cook/Douglass. Like past winners of the Consultant of the Month award, Nicole's personality and work ethic have made her a prime example of what makes for a great "Face of NBCS." Supervisors and consultants alike would agree that she is simply a pleasure to work with because of this. Whether she is helping out a patron or another consultant, Nicole is always available and pleasant even in the face of a difficult or hectic situations. She always has good feedback for improvement and is consistently on the lookout to find ways to get better at doing the job well. It is because of all of this that we are happy to congratulate Nicole as the Consultant of the Month for November. {hl}

Spring 2014 Cook/Douglass Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

As Nicole wraps up her tenure with us in the coming months, Pat and I would like to honor her for her outstanding contributions to the lab. Many people think of her when they think of the Spoon Survivor game, but that is too simplistic. Beyond the competitiveness of the game, Nicole appreciates the sense of familiarity and amity such a game can engender. Aside from the dedication to one's job, completing tasks on deadline, and always being around when needed that are typically true of achievement award winners and certainly true of Nicole, it's her attitude that sets her apart from her fellow supervisors. Nicole has challenged the status quo and was willing to fight for what she thought was right from the very beginning of her time as an SIT, and isn't afraid to ask questions to get to the heart of the matter. However, she also quick to take responsibility if things do not go as intended or expected, and does not give excuses or accept them from those she supervisors. Nicole magnanimously volunteers for projects, even unpopular ones, without complaint, and produce excellent results. She has also come up with some creative solutions to manage her schedule and her work responsibilities, such as using Skype. Pat and I are sorry to see Nicole leave us, but we are happy to have had her on our staff and wish her every future success. Congratulations! {ss}

Stacey Damito

Fall 2015 College Avenue Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Stacey has strived to make College Avenue run more efficiently this semester. She took it upon herself to streamline processes on our campus by creating an ongoing issues webpage to keep all supervisors up to date. This measure has enabled our supervisors to avoid redundancy and get results quickly. For instance, maintenance issues have been reported and acted upon quicker which in turn has kept our labs operating with minimal hardware and software downtime. Stacey has also made significant contributions to OIT digital signage. Stacey redesigned the layout of our digital displays which are used in all lab hub sites and select student center computer labs. Her design has certainly made our displays more attractive and informative for lab patrons. Stacey also makes a concerted effort to keep the content on these displays up to date by coming up with new ideas and also redesigning slides to be more appealing and current. In addition to making improvements to the labs, Stacey has contributed to consultant development in OIT by teaching and enhancing the Adobe Illustrator class. She is also working on a module that will hopefully be made available in the beginning of the spring semester. She is constantly looking for ways to improve the labs and the services that OIT offers. Stacey is not afraid to make a suggestion and come up with a means to implement it. We look forward to working more with Stacey on hiring this year. We know that she will have great ideas for hiring training and graphic designs for advertisements. Stacey, we are very appreciative of the work you have done on College Avenue since being promoted. We hope that you keep up the excellent work and impart your knowledge on the new SITs we will promote soon. When Stacey is with her peers, she enjoys talking about her future profession in medicine. She brings a great attitude and sense of humor to the workplace. When Stacey is here, we know that the labs are running smoothly. It is for these reasons that we are proud to announce Stacey Damito as College Avenue's Fall 2015 Supervisor of the Semester. {bo}

Brian Dandrea

April 2000 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Brian possesses extensive knowledge of the labs' hardware and software as well as outstanding customer service skills. His willingness to help both users and co-workers, and patience when explaining even the most complex tasks, make him a valued employee whom others can turn to. Brian continues to seek out opportunities to improve his skills while maintaining a professional attitude in the lab. (el, jg)

Matthew DAngiolillo

Spring 2015 Busch Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

The supervisor team on Busch Campus has been extremely fortunate in having Matt as a consultant. Frankly, he makes our job much easier. Punctual, knowledgeable, and effective, Matt simply never lets us down. It isn't just that he performs the job well; there is an honest genuineness in his interactions with patrons and fellow co-workers. He truly enjoys his job and it shows. He always volunteers to do extra work and he always has a smile on his face. We can count on Matt to work independently at BEST and know that there will be no issues. Matt has displayed incredible initiative and problem solving skills while on the job, and he has consistently assisted our patron population with top tier customer service. Matt has been dependable and consistent as a consultant. For the past FIVE semesters he has worked, Matt has not accrued a single PTS infraction. Matt has been never complacent with just the standard duties as a consultant either, he has always had the drive to excel and continually grow throughout all his time at the labs. Both his service to users, and his performance as a consultant are, in a word, flawless. Thank you, Matt, and congratulations on your very well earned Consultant of the Semester Award! {cw,mjp,wll}

Amber Danku

February 2013 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Amber has been a dependable consultant since her first shift here at Livingston in the Fall of 2012. She has continually developed day after day, refining her skills with each patron she's assisted. Without a doubt, Amber is more than capable of handling any situation that presents itself here at the labs. She completes all of her tasks with utmost care and in a timely manner. Her exemplary completion of her assigned tasks and responsibilities demonstrates her commitment to being a great consultant. Amber's warm and uplifting personality makes her a pleasure with whom to work. She is sure to lift the spirits of any and all individuals that she meets and provide them with a boost when they are feeling down. While Amber is a busy student who is also involved in a large number of university related activities, she is a true professional when on duty ensuring that the lab runs smoothly. This is only a small insight into the contributions that Amber has made to Livingston Computing Center. It is with great pleasure that we name Amber Danku as a February 2013 Livingston Consultant of the Month. {jt,lw}

Sara Davatelis

April 2015 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Since becoming a consultant last Fall, Sara has continued to grow and improve as a consultant. Her attitude towards patrons is always sunny and inviting, and she never leaves a patron without a solution for their issue. Sara's pro-activeness in keeping the lab in order and her tenacity in solving problems have shown that she is always reliable in a pinch. Whether it's tidying up the lab or helping a patron with a time-consuming issue, Sara never avoids an opportunity to assist. She is a joy with all whom she works, as she is always smiling and willing to engage with pleasant conversation with the people around her. For these reasons, we are proud to congratulate Sara Davatelis on being named a Livingston Consultant of the Month for April 2015! {mz,mm,lw}

Spring 2017 Livingston Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Sara has been a Co-Lab supervisor for just about two semesters now and her contributions to the Livingston Computing Center have been invaluable. She began her journey with us as a consultant many years ago and has since risen the ranks and proven her commitment to the labs and her coworkers. If there is ever a task that needs to be completed, we can trust Sara to get the job done in a timely manner to the absolute best of her abilities. She has tackled difficult issues around the lab, as well as utilizing her dispatch certification to assist patrons with challenging technical and network problems that they face on their own devices. She has also taken the lead role in scheduling for our staff as well as creating and managing the schedules of the supervisors. We can fully trust Sara to handle any issues that may arise around the lab, even if there is nobody else around to turn to. Additionally, she takes part in interviews for future supervisors and her opinions have shaped the way for the current team. We can also trust Sara to speak her mind and bring up issues or points that are of concern to the Livingston staff. She works to ensure that the student staff are heard and that policies are implemented to help them do better at their jobs. Aside from fulfilling her lab responsibilities with extreme efficiency, Sara also spends her time designing and creating signage for the labs, which make for a friendlier environment for consultants and patrons alike. Her excellent personality, unmatched reliability, and willingness to learn and adapt to an ever changing information technology environment, have earned Sara the honor of being named the Livingston Supervisor of the Semester for Spring 2017. Please join us in congratulating her on this prestigious achievement. Congratulations Sara! We know you will move on to great things in life and wholeheartedly appreciate all the hard work you have put in for us. {lw,nh}

Yatee Dave

September 2013 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Yatee Dave has consistently shown an outstanding work ethic and attitude while working in the labs. Her demeanor, whether assisting a patron with an issue or chatting with the consultants, is always as professional as possible and appreciated by all. Dedicated, Yatee will stop at nothing to resolve a patron's issue. Yatee's customer service skills and pleasant character are an example of an excellent consultant. And if that was not enough, her baking skills rival those of professionals! She is a valuable asset to the Busch labs and we are happy to award her one of September's Consultants of the Month. Congratulations! {ag,ck,dg,fe,ll}

Carlo de Guzman

November 2006 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Carlo is the type of consultant who tries hard every shift to do his best. Throughout this, his first semester, Carlo has grown into one of our best consultants. When Carlo is working, everyone knows it: His happy, friendly personality brightens the lab. He's the first one to jump up and help patrons, and he does his rounds like clockwork. While visiting Loree, you'll be sure to see Carlo checking the printers, pushing in chairs, and enforcing policy. Carlo is fun, friendly, and over all an ideal consultant. I am glad to announce that he is our COTM for this November. Thanks a lot Carlo! [lm]

Omar de la Cruz

November 2000 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

We are pleased to note that Omar is always ready to help lab users as well as fellow consultants. He has been caught helping out around the lab before and after his shift. Omar gives friendly and effective service with a smile. His knowledge and positive attitude makes him an asset to the lab, to the staff, and to our patrons. {nl,av}

Fall 2000 Busch Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Omar is receiving this semester's consultant achievement award because of his consistent hard work and dedication to his job. Omar is an active and hardworking individual who will go above and beyond the job requirements to provide an excellent service to lab patrons. His enthusiasm, professional and friendly manor and extensive technical knowledge makes him an exemplary consultant that many staff members can learn from. We are quite proud to have him as a part of our staff team. Omar - Thank you very much and keep up the good work! :) {Cb, Av}

April 2001 Busch Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Omar continues to impress the Busch Management team by taking many emergency coverages. He dedicates much of his effort toward providing excellent customer service and helping his fellow consultants whenever possible. Omar is well known for being a dependable staff member and a great co-worker. In his tenure with Busch, Omar has aided the management team by not only answering every user question with a smile, but by being on top of any problem that may arise. Omar is indeed a true asset to Busch and CCF. We wish to congratulate him & wish him luck in his future endeavors. {cb, ee}

Blake Deakin

October 2002 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Blake started working for the Help Desk over the summer. We soon realized that he has a real talent for effectively working through users problems on the phone. He is very amiable. He is always pleasant and prompt and we never have to ask him to sit in the front row at the Help Desk (busiest area). He is always willing to learn and he recently took it upon himself to learn how to maintain the computer images at the Help Desk. He also suggests ways for the Help Desk to improve its service such as listing what consultants have specialties in what areas. He is a valuable asset to our Help Desk team. Kudos to Blake! {kb}

Jordan Debarth

April 2016 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Jordan started working with the OIT Help Desk in September of 2015 as a work study consultant. He has been a great help to the Help Desk over the past year and is always willing to take calls and help solve users' issues. When on calls, he is courteous and respectful of the user's needs and works diligently to resolve their issues. We hope that Jordan will continue to be an important part of the Help Desk team in the future as he moves on to become a Level 2 Consultant. Jordan is planning to double major in Computer Science and Math. In his free time, he can be found boosting around playing rocket soccer in Rocket League. Congratulations Jordan on being the Help Desk Level 1 Consultant of the Month and we thank you for your hard work during the past month! {rg}

Troy DeLorenzo

October 2009 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Troy is in his second year of working for the Cook/Douglass labs and has been a pleasure to work with on every shift. Always early to his shift, Troy comes in with a great attitude and always prepared to handle the busiest time of the day at Loree. There is never an issue when a patron has a question or needs help with something because when Troy is on shift he constantly is willing to go out of his way to get the issue solved. Troy always takes as much time as is necessary to help patrons, from the minor issues to the more complicated issues. It is always a good day when working alongside of Troy. We are honored to announce Troy as Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month. Keep up the great work! {dt}

Spring 2011 Cook/Douglass Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Since being hired for the Fall 2008 semester, Troy has grown to be a valuable member of the Cook/Douglass team. Throughout his three years with NBCS, Troy has worked opening to closing shifts and everything in between. Without a doubt, if a patron needs help there is never any hesitation from him to solve the issue efficiently and correctly. Always early to his shifts, Troy comes with a smile prepared to handle what a given shift can throw at him. Even with the anticipated hardware updates each summer, Troy never fails to be able to work on his feet and solve issues that crop up each time a big update is pushed out. He is a model consultant, as he is always working hard to become even better at customer service and technical know-how. It is our pleasure to award Troy with the Spring 2011 Achievement Award for the Cook/Douglass Campus. Thanks again for all your hard work! {djt,kah}

Enzo Den

November 2018 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

The Help Desk is proud to present Enzo Den with the Level 1 November Consultant of the Month Award. Enzo is a conscientious and hard worker and frequently arrives with a positive attitude and a willingness to get to work. He handles tough calls and issues well, and stays calm under pressure. Enzo enjoys working at the Help Desk because it allows him to sharpen his technical skills and put them to use. Enzo is an Economics Major with a Minor in Business Administration and would one day like to work in Fintech. Outside of work, Enzo likes to work on his car to make sure it is in tip-top shape. He also enjoys playing video games and combing through databases for hidden gems. Going forward, Enzo would like to get certified for Application and Network support and has ambitions to become a Supervisor. This month Enzo completed his Level 1 Certification and has frequently arrived more than 15 minutes early to his shifts. Please join us in congratulating Enzo for this achievement. {ea,ro}

Rishi Desai

March 2011 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Rishi has been a wonderful addition to our staff this year. As a consultant, his consistent hard work and positive attitude have made him an all-around pleasure for both his coworkers as well as the patrons he assists. His exemplary performance on optional tutorials has demonstrated his commitment to the job and increasing his knowledge. Furthermore, despite a very hectic semester with a heavy course load, he has proven himself to be a solid employee with a professional work ethic and good customer service skills that we can rely on. For all that, we congratulate Rishi Desai on being named a Livingston Consultant of the Month for March 2011. {lw,lw}

Nisha Desai

April 2015 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Since joining our team in Fall 2014, Nisha has been a truly valuable asset to the Livingston Computing Center. She displays a strong work ethic and a friendly demeanor during every one of her shifts. Nisha demonstrates an exemplary attitude when handling a variety of issues and while assisting patrons. She is always the first one to volunteer when others need help and frequently follows up to ensure every need is met. She is very dependable and always has a smile on her face and a friendly laugh that is contagious to her co-workers. For these reasons, we congratulate Nisha Desai on being named a Livingston Consultant of the Month for April 2015! Keep up the excellent work. {as,lw}

Diana Destin

November 2013 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Diana is an extremely proactive consultant, apparent even from her first semester working at Busch. She is always on top of her responsibilities and cares for her work. Whenever there is a work-related issue, Diana will come to the back office and sort out the matter with us, looking for ways to improve her performance at work. She is energetic and always returns greetings with twice the enthusiasm. She is also never afraid to offer constructive criticism to improve the lab. Diana's eagerness to do her best encourages others to do the same, boosting their own morale in the process. Great work! Congratulations on being selected as November Consultant of the Month! (adg,bc)

Brianna Devitt

February 2018 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Since joining us in Fall 2015, Brianna has been a dependable and dedicated consultant on the Busch team. Whether it be teaming up at ARC or BEST, or holding the fort alone at LSM and Kessler, we can always rely on Brianna to keep the labs running smoothly. After getting trained to work at the Kessler lab satellite site, she has proven herself more than capable of providing excellent customer service while handling any issue from printer troubleshooting or poster printing. With her consistent work and coverages, Brianna has been an extraordinary help at Kessler, making her a go-to veteran for anything Kessler related. But it doesn't end there. With a warm smile and cheerful personality, Brianna is a welcoming presence here at Busch. Her genial demeanor can brighten the day of anyone who approaches her and leaves a lasting impression on the labs. No matter the situation, Brianna stays positive and provides the best assistance possible. Her customer service and interpersonal skills are nothing short of commendable. It is a pleasure to have Brianna on our team and to award her Consultant of the Month. Congratulations, Brianna!

Debolina Dhadaldeb

February 2000 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Debolina is closing in on her one year mark with the Livingston Computing Center. Throughout the year, her coworkers and lab patrons have enjoyed her positive and pleasant personality. Not only does she possess a natural "down-to-earth" approach to things, but she is also quite knowledgeable. Her proactive and caring attitude has earned her the highest respect from the LCC management team. {cb}

Fall 2000 Livingston Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

In the course of our daily routine, we tend to notice those things that go wrong or cause us trouble. We do not always notice the things that people do well. Debolina is one of those consultants who consistently does a great job. Whether it is dealing with users, staff or faculty, she always presents a pleasant and professional demeanor. She goes out of her way to ensure that problems get resolved often going the extra mile to find an answer. She is punctual to her shifts and the management staff can always depend on her completing any responsibilities she takes on. She is a model consultant who stands as an example to others. It is with heartfelt thanks that the Livingston management team names Debolina DhabalDeb as Consultant of the Semester. {lw}

Jennifer Diaz

February 2005 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

When Jennifer Diaz is working, the lab is in good hands. During her shifts Jen is rarely in her seat for too long. She is diligent about touring the lab and consistently brings important issues to the attention of the Livingston Management team. As a firm enforcer of lab policies, Jen sets a great example for fellow consultants. Jen also takes coverage on a regular basis to help out her follow consultants. Congratulations Jen, and keep up the good work! {mm, mm}

David Diaz

March 2007 Operations Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

David started at Operations in September of 2006 and has consistently performed his job with a high level of responsibility. David has regularly worked overnight shifts and has been of great service to us. He utilizes good judgement during these shifts – this is critical during overnights when no supervisors are present, because decisions need to be made on when and how to escalate an issue. David works very well with others and offers to help with coverage when he can. We are happy to have David on our team and select him as our Operations' Consultant of the Month for March, 2007. Thank you, David, and keep up the good work! {jf,av}

Ana Avila Diaz

October 2009 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Though she does not hold the title of "Coverage Sniper" this semester, Ana has been extremely helpful in filling open shifts, covering an average of 6 shifts per month in her first two months on the job. She is friendly and helpful with both patrons and coworkers, even though she works mainly morning shifts and does not consider herself a "morning person". She never hesitates to seek assistance from supervisors or coworkers if she needs to, and she's always willing and eager to listen and commiserate with her coworkers about the particular torments of schoolwork (10 page paper on Einstein, anyone?). In short, she's great to have around and she does a great job - Congratulations, Ana, on being named an October 2009 Consultant of the Month and keep up the good work! {kw,lw}

February 2010 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Ana has been working with us for one semester, and has already made a noticeable impact on her co-workers, patrons, and superiors as well. With her positive attitude and friendly demeanor, she often goes above and beyond to make sure that everything is running optimally. She is quick to find answers and confident in her ability to assist others, providing great support for patrons and her peers. Ana has demonstrated a great work ethic and has always shown responsibility with her actions. On several occasions, she has helped out the lab and her fellow consultants by taking coverage, making sure the labs are fully staffed. Thank you, Ana, for your commitment and hard work. Congratulations on being named a February 2010 Livingston Consultant of the Month! {js,lw,mk}

David Diffenbaugh

September 2007 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Dave is a new hire for the Help Desk for the Fall of 2007 and he immediately proved himself a very capable consultant. Within the first weeks of starting this new position, Dave was frequently seen helping other new consultants and answering questions that they had. He handles his calls in a very professional manner and his ticket writing has been excellent. All of these positive attributes caught the attention of his supervisory staff and when Operations needed some additional Consultants to complete their Fall schedule, Dave was asked to train for the position. Since then, Dave has completed his training at Operations and has started working his regular shifts there. Dave has a B.S. in Mathematics from Stockton and is working on his degree in Computer Engineering. He plans to graduate in May 2009. {jf}

Ruth Ding

October 1999 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Last semester, Ruth enthusiastically participated in our volunteer program and has carried that enthusiasm into this semester. She demonstrates the same patience with the 100th user of the day that she does with the first, and she is eager to provide as much help as she can. Ruth handles questions from users exceptionally well. {ss}

Jake Dingler

September 2015 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

As a brand new consultant working his first semester, Jake has made an instant impact on the Livingston team. Always looking for something to do or a patron to help, Jake has taken to all aspects of the consultant job in record time. His pleasant demeanor and inquisitive attitude means he's always ready to help out either a patron or a fellow consultant. It can be tough to start a new job and a new semester at the same time, but Jake has made the transition with ease. We expect to continue to see great things from Jake as the semester and school year progress. We'd like to congratulate Jake for receiving Consultant of the Month for September 2015. Keep up the good work! {rj,nh}

Fall 2015 Livingston Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Jake Dingler is an unstoppable machine and one of the hardest working consultants we have. It is his first semester working for Livingston and everyone already knows his name as reliable and dependable. We have many great consultants and this was certainly no easy decision, however, we can say with full confidence that Jake is one of the best. Jake has made an impact from day one working at the labs. He took the initiative and worked to become ResNet dispatch certified early enough to get a shift on the permanent schedule and has never shied away from helping a patron. If you've worked with Jake even once, you know him as a fantastic and hardworking consultant. Congratulations on being named Livingston Consultant of the Semester for Fall 2015! {rj,nh}

Nicholas DiOrio

September 2014 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

This is only his first semester with us, but already Nick has proved himself to be an invaluable asset for the Cook/Douglass labs. Nick became ResNet Certified over the summer and joined us for all three days of SWAT - demonstrating an unbelievable skill for helping students. During the first month of the fall semester Nick has helped out with countless tickets, working on dispatch tickets between consultant shifts, and always looking for someone to help. He is always willing to go above and beyond, lugging boxes of paper in the dark to our furthest satellite site. He is friendly, and always works his hardest to find a solution to any issue that he faces. Given this outstanding performance, we are pleased to award Nick as Consultant of the Month for September! {kw}

Jeff DiPaola

Fall 2012 Help Desk Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Help Desk has picked Jeff as our Supervisor of the Semester for Fall 2012. Jeff was hired in the spring of 2011, began supervisory training in April 2012 and operations training in August 2012, and recently joined the Scheduling team. He received customer service awards in July & August 2012. Jeff either knows the answer to questions posed to him or knows where to get the answer in short order. Jeff has always been a positive role model for all other consultants in how he cares for users' issues and tracks down a resolution with an unfailing pleasant manner and clear communication. Jeff will graduate in Spring 2014 and is majoring in Computer Engineering and minoring in Computer Science. He has interests in technology (big surprise), cars (ask him about the 88 Mustang), and outdoor activities (hiking, camping, etc). On top of it all, he finds time to dedicate to his friends and family. {dk}

Fall 2013 Operations Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Operations has chosen Jeff as our Supervisor of the Semester for Fall 2013. Jeff was hired in the spring of 2011 and began supervisory training in April 2012 for the Help Desk. Jeff was then promoted to Operations Student Supervisor in August of 2012 and then additionally promoted to Help Desk Center Square Supervisor this past June. This semester, Jeff was again an integral part of the scheduling team, consistently staying on top of the barrage of tasks that need to be completed on an ongoing and timely basis. Jeff played a major role in our various training programs. For the Continual Training program this semester Jeff collaborated in the creation and teaching of a new class entitled "Cloud Services." He was also an instructor for the annual Customer Service Training classes. Jeff recently was the sole student trainer for the inaugural Supervisor Training program, where he prepared the material with very short notice and did an excellent job presenting alongside full time staff. Jeff also won another customer service award this semester. Additionally, Jeff has worked on various additional projects this semester including the shared mentoring of a group of consultants, documentation updates, mass ticket view...among others. Jeff is going to graduate May 2014 as a double major in Computer Engineering and Computer Science and was previously chosen as the Supervisor of the Semester for the Help Desk in Fall 2012. Congratulations Jeff on this well deserved award. {jf}

Katarzyna Dobrzycka

October 2015 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

College Ave is pleased to present Kasia as the October Consultant of the Month! Kasia is a new consultant this semester, but in a short time she has gained our trust as a reliable and valuable addition. Not only is she a responsible consultant that keeps the lab running smoothly when she is here, but she goes above and beyond while doing it. She is proactive and resourceful when enforcing policy or answering questions, and she brings a positive attitude to the lab whether she is opening at 7:30am or closing at 3am. She volunteers to help us out whenever something needs to be done, especially if there is an unpopular shift that needs to be covered. Most importantly, she delivers excellent customer service by greeting patrons with a kind and friendly demeanor and patiently answering all of their questions. Your work hasn't gone unnoticed, Kasia. It is a pleasure to have you on staff and we look forward to working with you in the future. Stay golden! {av}

Karl Doerrer

April 2006 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Karl or "Diego" as he as known at the lab, has been working for CCF for two semesters now. His unique sense of humor and mannerisms always provide a pleasant work environment for other consultants. He is constantly doing rounds, making sure no violations are occurring during his watch. Whenever Diego is on duty management knows the lab is operating like finely oiled machine. Please join us in congratulating Karl on being named Consultant of the Month. {ab}

Sean Doherty

September 2017 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Sean made his debut in the labs just this year. During his short time here, Sean has proven to be a reliable team player, continuously doing his job to the best of his ability during each and every shift. Sean also was extremely helpful during SWAT weekend - providing exceptional customer service to newer students as if he was a veteran consultant. His exceptional work ethic has earned him the nickname "Elios Pizza", because like a frozen box of Elios he is reliable, not too excessive, and gets the job done. Sean continues to hold high expectations for himself while working in the labs, keeping a possible ResNet certification in mind. Outside of OIT, Sean studies ITI and hopes to get into a Business Analyst role after graduation. Sean practically breathes sports, being an avid Jets, Yankees, and Rangers fan. Also, Sean balances his duties at OIT with a bank teller positon, being a long-time veteran of customer service. Sean, we wish you luck in your career and your current endeavors! You're already making us proud! Congratulations on Consultant of the Month! {ch}

Linda Dolan

February 2005 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

As a third year consultant, Linda Dolan, is quite simply excellent. Although somewhat quiet, she has always been the model of consistency. She is quick to help out lab patrons in need of assistance. She always does so with a smile on her face, setting a good example for new consultants and veterans alike. It is easy to overlook consistently good consultants, because that is what you just come to expect from them, but we wanted to make sure we recognized Linda's work. Thank you, Linda, for your years of dedicated service and helping make ARC a pleasant place to work. {jl, wll}

Lauren Domingo

April 2008 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Lauren is one of our most valuable consultants at the College Avenue Computer Lab. She provides excellent customer service to each and every patron that enters the lab. She is always more than willing to help a patron with a difficult question or dilemma. Lauren is constantly moving around the lab during her shift helping patrons and troubleshooting software and hardware related matters. The only time Lauren is sitting is usually when she is working the monitor station greeting every patron with a friendly smile. Her technical ability is a very important asset to the lab. She will not hesitate to examine any predicament that arises and always notifies the lab accordingly. She makes it a point to provide as much information as possible when informing management about any technical problems in the lab. Her ability to troubleshoot and report issues have made it possible to keep the lab running smoothly and keep machine downtime to a minimum. For these reasons, we are proud to announce Lauren Domingo as our Consultant of the Month! {bo}

Carlos Antonio Dominguez

September 2014 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

In his first month working, Carlos has already left an impact on the labs. After he was hired and promoted to a consultant during the summer, he was accepted and trained for ResNet dispatch and helped out during SWAT weekend. Throughout the busy temporary period, Carlos was never idle. He played a big role in resolving many tickets. When he wasn't out on ResNet tickets or helping patrons with walk-in issues, he was always seen moving about and enforcing lab policies. He is always prompt in bringing important matters to the attention of the supervisory team, whether he was working at the main lab or at remote sites. Thank you, Carlos, for your hard work and effort towards providing excellent customer service and congratulations on being our ResNet Consultant of the Month! {ab}

February 2015 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Carlos just started working on Livingston this spring semester and he has already become a valuable part of the Livingston team. Like a seasoned veteran, Carlos can always be counted on to handle any situation that arises in the lab. Before leaving every shift he works, he always asks the supervisors if there is anything else he can do before leaving. Carlos' close attention to detail and his friendly demeanor make both patrons and his co-workers feel comfortable around him when he is on shift. Congratulations to Carlos Antonio Dominguez on being named a February 2015 Livingston Consultant of the Month! {mm,lw}

Luke Donato

November 2010 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Luke has really set himself apart from the typical consultant this semester. He is always on top of issues going on in the lab and is willing to offer a helping hand whenever he can. Luke diligently performs rounds and maintains a good working relationship with the supervisors. The most impressive aspect about Luke is his willingness to learn more in order to help those who frequent the lab. Luke will not hesitate to ask how to do something in order to become a better consultant. He also makes it a point to ensure that patrons will leave the lab satisfied with the level of support they received. Supervisors are always happy to see him on the schedule, because they know that the lab is in good hands. This is Luke's first semester at the College Avenue Computer Labs. We expect to see great things from Luke throughout his time here. For these reasons, we are proud to award Luke Donato Consultants of the Month! (bo)

Mark Dookharan

March 2015 Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

The Help Desk is pleased to announce Mark Dookharan as the Network Support Consultant of the Month! Mark began working at the Help Desk in the Fall of 2014 and has consistently given great customer service to everyone he assists. Mark often arrives early for his shifts and is always eager to help. His outstanding customer service skills and his eagerness to learn led to Mark being promoted to a Level 2 Network Support consultant and he has continued to excel in this position. He is an Electrical and Computer Engineering major who is planning to graduate in the Spring of 2017, but when he is not busy with school or working at the Help Desk, Mark enjoys a wide range of hobbies. Since he keeps himself very busy with many interesting hobbies, those who know him consider him a "jack of trades, master of none". He enjoys playing a few different instruments, building computers, building things out of Lego and other materials, building circuits, wake boarding, photography and digital art, and dance. Thanks for all your hard work Mark! Congratulations on being our Network Support Consultant of the Month! {kt}

September 2015 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Mark Dookharan, one of the vanguard in the Help Desk's group of Level 2 Consultants, has a love/hate relationship with computers. His initial motivation for wanting to work at the Help Desk was that he wanted to save other people from the frustrations he suffered while fixing his own computer issues. A valuable staff member, Mark specializes in Network Support and deals with issues ranging from virus-based network bans all the way to switch work for issues in the residence halls. Mark can often be found at the front station dispensing his networking wisdom to incoming users. He is a both a fountain of assistance for the Help Desk's Level 1 Consultants and a friendly fellow fostering and improving the general positive atmosphere of the Help Desk. His educational and personal lives are no less impressive. Mark is a student in Electrical and Computer Engineering specializing in human-machine interfaces which are devices that serve a wide range of purposes including armored exoskeletons, eye-movement based computing inputs, and mechanical assistance for the disabled. Mark's hobbies are also widely varied. He enjoys playing the classical guitar, the piano, and the guzheng - a type of Chinese zither harp. He also puts on lightshows and takes large quantities of photographs in his free time. His favorite past-time, however, is listening to music. When asked about his favorite bands, he listed Din En Grey (Japanese experimental metal), Absurdist (bubbly hip-hop), and Guess No Kiwami Otome (also Japanese experimental metal). When asked for a quote Mark had this to say, "Work Hard, Play Hard". We would like to congratulate you on your hard work by recognizing you as a Consultant of the Month - keep up the great work Mark! {sn}

Annie Doong

March 2010 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Annie's attitude is contagious, her smile and peppy nature infects everyone she works with and assists in improving the lab. She is also on top of everything going on in the lab and never shy to point out something she think might need more attention or improvement. Annie is one of ARC's most pleasant and awesome consultants. You will always find Annie with a big smile on her face and in a great mood. As a consultant, she goes beyond her duties, making sure everything is running smoothly in the lab and all patrons are attended to. Under Annie's watch, the sups are always at ease. She can appropriately handle any situation that comes her way. Thank you for being a great consultant! {ag,mnb}

Spring 2011 Busch Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

They say you should watch the quiet ones, and in this case it's true for all the good reasons. Annie is quiet, but she packs a lot of energy into her small exterior. When she is working and something needs to get done Annie is always willing to take on anything. She is very proactive and tries to ensure that all issues are resolved in a timely manner. Annie doesn't need to be reminded of deadlines because she always finishes her tasks early. When Annie is on duty, she handles all issues with ease. Consultants enjoy her caring and friendly demeanor. She shows a lot of concern and empathy for our staff. Annie maintains an upbeat attitude and she is always positive. Annie not only provides a skilled jack of all trades to our supervisor staff, but her enthusiasm is contagious. It's impossible to work with Annie without her presence putting you in a better mood. To see the care and enjoyment she gets out of working, you just need to look at the Consultant of the Month signs that she works on every month, trying to ensure that each one shows our pride in our consultants as well as the fun of working here. She has taken on tasks from Troubleshooting and Repair to One on One Committee always trying to learn as much as she can. Annie's attitude, enthusiasm and desire to take on all that she can are just a few of the reasons that we have selected her as the Busch Supervisor of the Semester for the Spring 2011. Congratulations Annie!!!! {mo,wll}

Christine Doub

September 2009 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

During her first few weeks working at the College Avenue labs, Christine Doub has stood out as an excellent consultant. Her enthusiasm and knowledge of the workings of the lab have been noticed by lab supervisors on more than one occasion. Her friendly personality makes her very approachable and pleasant to work with. Christine is constantly helping people in the lab and is always on her feet. We are proud to have an employee such as Christine and look forward to a great semester with her.

Fall 2011 College Avenue Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

This is Christine's second year as a supervisor on College Avenue. She has played a major role in the daily operation of the computer labs on our campus. Christine has seamlessly taken on more responsibility this semester after the departure of several of our supervisors. These responsibilities include hiring, scheduling, maintaining employee-tracking databases, and decorating our five sites on College Avenue. Christine is often called upon to help give her input on committees. She has also taken on the responsibility of helping to interview and train SITs. Her contributions have not gone unnoticed by CAC Management. Christine's suggestions and her ability to make decisions have had a positive influence on lab operations. Consultants enjoy working with Christine, because she reaches out to them by encouraging everyone to work on lab outreach events as well as to help decorate the lab. For instance, Christine had every consultant on duty make snowflakes to hang up around the lab. Her ability to get her peers to take ownership of things at work is a very admirable quality. Christine, you have made working on College Avenue a pleasure for everyone. Congratulations Christine! {bo}

Patrick Douglas

November 2018 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

If you work here long enough, it is only fitting that eventually you may earn a Consultant of the Month award - or two. Unfortunately, for Mr. Douglas, there has always been one little issue with awarding him with such accolades. He wasn't actually ever a student worker for us! Basically, he was just kinda pulled off the street and hired as a full time worker - which is something we occasionally were known to do in an earlier century. But to never have awarded Pat doesn't seem right. And so, I am breaking with all precedent - which is something I can do since I edit and send the emails. With that in mind, I am awarding Patrick Douglas Consultant of the Month awards for each month from July 1983, until December 2018. Well, except for March 1993 when - well frankly - he kinda screwed up. But we won't talk about that. We are now entering Pat's last month with us. So some kind words are in order. No matter what your interactions with Pat have been you are likely to view him in a very positive light and have fond feelings towards him. People see him as dependable and a trustworthy co-worker; a great friend; a caring boss; an influential role-model; - and the guy you want at bat if there are two outs in bottom of the ninth and your team is a run behind. Pat has had many roles during his decades with Rutgers, but for many years now he has served as the Assistant Manager helping to oversee the Cook/Douglass labs. The labs have greatly benefited from his time with us. Pat has always been very reliable, handling all his responsibilities with care and diligence - and often asking what else he can do to help out. Still, its his personality that most of us will always remember. From his first day with us he has always fit right in. He is able to seriously tackle difficult situations one minute, and then during the next he can sling the most sarcastic barbs at his fellow Managers - which in our lab culture is a sign of the mutual camaraderie that exists between individuals that have worked side by side for many years. We could go on and on. There is no way to express in a paragraph all he has done during his time with Rutgers, nor how deeply some of us feel towards him. So simply stated, Pat, we want you to know you will be greatly missed. There now, Google will always record you as having officially earned a Consultant of the Month. {jt}

Ryan Downey

March 2013 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Ryan joined the Livingston Team last year and has been a great performer ever since. He is always attentive to the needs of the lab and those around him. Ryan follows all protocols and procedures set forth here at Livingston without ever faltering. He is always in control during lab issues making him one of our most dependable consultants. Without a doubt, Ryan can more than handle any situation in which he finds himself. In addition to all of this, Ryan also took a keen interest in the ResNet Dispatch position and has been performing those additional responsibilities well. He has handled every ticket with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. His consistent performance and desire to aid others is a welcome contribution to all areas of the Livingston Computing Center which we value greatly. The only thing more impressive than Ryan's performance during his shifts, is his perfect performance rating that remains untarnished to this date. For all these reasons and more, we proudly name Ryan Downey a March 2013 Consultant of the Month for the Livingston Labs. Please join us in congratulating Ryan on this achievement. {jt, LW}

Scott Doyle

October 2004 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Scott Doyle is an exemplary consultant. He is a hard worker who knows his duties, and fulfills them. However, Scott is receiving this award because of his willingness to go beyond what is asked of him. It is easy to see how his friendliness puts users at ease, but his attitude and demeanor also help to create a more enjoyable work atmosphere at ARC. Whether he's offering incisive viewpoints on the current state of US economics, or if he's just joking around with fellow consultants, there's nary a dull moment with Scott around. Good Job!! {rv}

Metaxia Drakopoulos

September 2008 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Maxi is a new consultant at the College Avenue Computer Labs. However, her excellent customer service and technical skills have quickly made her stick out to consultants and management. Maxi is always willing to take coverage or assist the lab whenever it is possible. She has also stayed after her shift to become more knowledgeable about the lab. For example, at the end of her shift she watched how to clear a really difficult jam in one of the RSC printers and observed the installation of a Maintenance Kit. Also, she is not afraid to bring an issue to the attention of a supervisor. Despite being her first semester, Maxi is very comfortable working at remote sites on her own. She handles the most difficult problems presented to her at RSC with ease. Aside from being an excellent consultant, Maxi is very friendly and a pleasure to be around. For these reasons, we are proud to announce Metaxia Drakopoulos as College Avenue Computing Center's Consultant of the Month! {bo}

Spring 2010 College Avenue Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

It has been a pleasure working with Metaxia Drakopoulos throughout her tenure at the College Avenue Computer Labs. Maxi was promoted to Assistant Lab Supervisor about a year ago and has established herself as a great resource to our staff. Maxi truly goes above and beyond the expectations of her position. Her cheerful personality is admired by all of her colleagues. She always enthusiastically volunteers to do special projects for the Labs. For example, she spent a lot of time working on preparation for Rutgers Day 2010. Her presence at the event did not go unnoticed by her coworkers or the happy visitors who came to get their picture taken and helped make the day a great success. Maxi's genuine personality and work ethic exemplifies the best of what we look for in a computer lab supervisor. Maxi played a major role this past semester in ensuring that the lab had proper staffing in order to remain open during the numerous snow storms to hit Rutgers University. On several occasions, Maxi has worked past midnight only to come back at seven in the morning to open the lab without complaints. This kind of dedication is what she tries to instill in her staff. Despite it being her last semester, Maxi has worked to make sure that the lab will be in good hands after she leaves, spending a considerable amount of time to train new SITs. Maxi also makes sure to handle things that may slip through the cracks. Her attention to detail has allowed the lab to run very smoothly this semester. She has taken an active role in establishing a great working relationship with our Network Operations and Computer Repair departments to ensure that all of the machines in the lab work properly. Her always pleasant attitude and desire to learn new things sets a high bar for those who follow in her footsteps. We are grateful to have such a great employee like Maxi on our staff. Unfortunately, Maxi will be leaving us this semester and will be sorely missed by all. We are certain that those who have the opportunity to work with Maxi in the future will enjoy her presence as much as we have. It is for these reasons that we are proud to announce Maxi Drakopoulos as College Avenue's Supervisor of the Semester. Congratulations Maxi! (bo, cmb)

Nicholas Dry

September 2016 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Nicholas Dry is an outstanding consultant. His attention to detail, can-do attitude and troubleshooting ability were greatly appreciated during SWAT this year. Nicholas is always on task and always looking to help others. He is proactive in addressing issues and always comes into work prepared. His friendly personality and kind disposition make him a pleasant person to work with. He always offers up helpful advice to other co-workers and is a great source of knowledge. Many times, if others are unsure how to address a technical issue, Nicholas is there to lend a hand. When the computer labs were swamped with tickets from Help Desk at the beginning of the semester, Nicholas took charge and cleared the most tickets of any consultants, without any ticketing issues. Because of his phenomenal work ethic, ability and attitude, Nicholas has been awarded the consultant of the month title for September. Congratulations Nicholas, you earned it! {wh}

April 2017 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Nick Dry joined OIT a number of years ago and has consistently proven his skills and talents as a consultant to his management teams. He recently decided to make Livingston his primary campus and we could not be happier. His unrivaled work ethic along with his friendly personality make him a joy to have around the lab. Consultants and patrons alike know that Nick will not shy away from the most difficult of challenges and will resolve them to the fullest extent of his abilities. He is dispatch certified and has tackled tough router issues around Livingston, while also assisting patrons in the lab with their technical problems. Nick has built up an excellent rapport with all his co-workers as well as his management team. We trust that Nick will take care of the lab when on duty and know that he will exhaust all possible resources at his disposal in order to complete the task at hand. His reliability, unparalleled work ethic, and outstanding personality have earned Nick Dry bei ng named a Livingston Consultant of the Month for April 2017. Congratulations Nick! {NH, LW}

Fall 2017 Livingston Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

The Fall semester is always a hectic time in the labs, but Nick's continued excellence and experience has put consultants and patrons alike at ease. Unfortunately, after two years of service at OIT, Nick leaves us this semester and begins his journey as a professional. Consultants come and go, but someone like Nick leaves an everlasting impression on the labs. Knowledgeable of networking issues, customer service, virus remediation, and software troubleshooting, there's not a problem Nick can't handle. Reality really starts to set in when the labs lose a great consultant. Years have gone by, but you continued to bring the same attitude you had since day one. Expressing the kindness, helpfulness and attention to detail you bring to the workplace is something we simply cannot fully describe in words. Congratulations on on being named the Livingston Consultant of the Semester for Fall 2017, Nick! Thank you for all the hard work you've put in during your time with us. We are saddened by your departure, but excited for you to begin your career! {jp,lw}

Jonathan Du

March 2014 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Jon is one of our most proactive consultants. He is constantly out of his seat, assisting patrons with any issues they may be having. He will not stop until he has found a solution to their issue. Jon handles being under pressure very well; when the lab is full and the printers are out of whack, you can expect Jon to quickly resolve the printing issue without a problem. He is always willing to help his fellow consultants or supervisory staff, no questions asked. Jon takes each step of this job in stride and will be the first to rectify anything upon mention. Jon delivers excellent customer service with a smile on his face at all times, and it is with pleasure that we announce Jon as our Consultant of the Month for March. Congratulations! {dg,bc}

Mike Dunlea

March 2018 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

This is Mike's second semester working for the College Avenue Computing Labs and in such a short time, he has developed into one of the most dependable consultants on our campus. When on shift, he provides excellent customer service to patrons, managing to combine his personable nature with high attention to detail and diligence towards work. Mike has proved himself to be the perfect candidate to work at some of College Avenue's highest traffic labs during peak hours. When faced with an unusual situation, Mike approaches the situation professionally and with care. Outside of OIT, Mike enjoys following the New York Yankees and browsing stores for snazzy sneaker releases. Mike is currently working towards his Bachelor's in Business Administration and will graduate in May of 2020. We are fortunate to have such a model consultant be a part of our team for a few more semesters. Regardless of where Mike's journey takes him after graduation, we are confident that his work ethic will help him go far. Mike, continue to strive for greatness and set a positive example. On behalf of the College Avenue Labs, it is an honor to present you with the Consultant of the Month Award! {kxs}

Marco Dupersoy

September 2003 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Marco has been working in the Livingston Computer Lab for just over a semester now. In this time he has proven himself as a true asset to the lab. Marco has demonstrated superb customer service skills when helping our patrons, ensuring that they find the answers to all of their questions and that they leave with a smile on their face. In addition Marco has been a great help to management this month, assisting us tremendously during the Labor Day weekend for staffing and working our open house table. Marco has also made himself available for numerous emergency coverages when the lab needed him most. Please join us in congratulating him on this most deserved recognition. {cb}

Harsh Dutia

March 2002 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

n his second semester with Campus Computing Facilities, Harsh has proven to be an asset to the organization. He is always full of enthusiasm and never loses his calm and composed manner, no matter how trying the situation. Rarely is he seen without a smile on his face. Whether he is working on special projects, covering shifts, coming in early, or staying late, Harsh consistently volunteers his time and is always there to help his fellow consultants. Harsh strives to attend to every difficulty a user might have, providing the best customer service possible. He exemplifies, in attitude and manner, all the qualities that an outstanding consultant should have. {mm, mb}

September 2002 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Harsh Dutia strikes once again, continuing his quest for excellence in customer service. If there was an image of a perfect consultant, Harsh would be the ideal fit. Be it staying late or coming in early, he always has a smile while helping out in the lab. Harsh is rarely seen sitting at the consultant station - he is constantly touring the labs, enforcing policies (especially printing policies) and helping users. He is always creative in coming up with new ways to improve the working atmosphere and functionality of the lab. He is always full of enthusiasm and never loses his calm and composed manner, no matter how trying the situation is. He exemplifies, in attitude and manner, all the qualities that an outstanding consultant should have. {ok, np}

Fall 2002 College Avenue Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Harsh Dutia has been an exemplary consultant at the College Avenue labs for several semesters, and has helped the labs run smoothly and efficiently in his time with us. This semester more so than even, Harsh has demonstrated that he is an exceptional asset to our consulting team, and has made efforts and provided assistance to users, co-workers, and management that truly distinguish him from the rest of the staff. Harsh wears adjectives such as "diligence" and "friendliness" on his sleeve like no other consultant on staff. He is always on his toes and on the look-out to resolve any user's problems. Without a doubt, Harsh is one of the very best consultants we have had the privilege to work with because of his genuine care for the lab, as well as his always-positive attitude towards co-workers, supervisors, and, most of all, users. Be it enforcing the print policy or coming in early to complete special projects, Harsh is the one that every CAC supervisor relies on. Harsh is seldom seen sitting idle - he is always helping a user, making rounds, or asking the supervisors for special projects. He has been an example when it comes to enforcing (and following) policy, customer service, work ethic, and general care of the labs. Harsh has spent many hours working on special projects, helping out with repair tasks, and has taken on extra duties offered to him by supervisors. Harsh always has an optimistic and positive attitude when he comes to work, which is reflected in the way he consults in the lab and interacts with users. His outgoing personality makes him extremely approachable and friendly, and his inquisitive attitude has allowed him to learn and help out in the lab much more than consultants usually do. Everyone enjoys working with Harsh, and users are always pleased with the service he provides. {rk, ok, np, eo, jh}

Pooja Dutia

November 2003 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Pooja has been a model of diligence and dedication in the labs, always on point and consistent in performing all her consultant duties. She has been outstanding in performing her tasks, and she always goes that extra mile to help out the smooth operations of the CAC labs. She never sits idle, and constantly searches for users who need help. When a user asks Pooja for assistance, she is quick in solving the problem. In the rare case that she can not help the user by herself, Pooja is not hesitant to exhaust all her resources to make sure the user's problem is resolved. Pooja's interactions with users are always professional and she provides good answers to their questions. {eo, sh, ny}

David Dutkiewicz

October 2018 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Ever since joining the Livingston Staff this semester, David has been actively providing exceptional customer service to all patrons he helps; going above and beyond expectations when assisting in various situations. David has had a large impact on the labs with his positive attitude and commitment to being present and in the moment when on shift. You can often find David helping out patrons at Carr Library, or even helping the supervisors with special projects throughout his shift. His positive energy is contagious to his colleagues who have had the pleasure of working with him. Overall, David has been being doing a fantastic job, and we look forward to continuing to work with him! Please join us in recognizing and congratulating David on being named a Livingston Consultant of the Month for October 2018! {ss,lw}

Prasun Dutta

February 2002 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Prasun is a new consultant at Cook/Douglass, but has proven himself to be dedicated and hard working. He is friendly and knowledgeable which ends up being a great help to lab users; furthermore, C/D staff knows Prasun to be genuine and eager to help with any sort of task that needs to be done from breaking down the paper boxes to taking emergency coverage. Prasun does random things around the lab all the time without expecting merits for his extra efforts. Stacey points out it is music to her ears whenever she hears Prasun will be on duty. The entire staff wishes to thank Prasun for all he has done. {nl}