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Previously Honored Consultants – E

Chioma Egekeze

November 2016 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

While only in her first semester, Chioma has really stood out here on Livingston as a friendly, eager, and proactive consultant. She is consistently the first out of her seat, whether it be to help a patron, to attend to a lab issue, or to learn something new. She is extremely friendly and approachable, going out of her way to get along with her co-workers, supervisors, and most importantly our patrons. Chioma has also been our star coverage-taker all semester long, relieving some of the burden on her fellow consultants. We love how on top of your game you are and appreciate all the smiles and joy you bring to the labs. With that, we're proud to name Chioma Egekeze a Livingston Consultant of the Month for November 2016. Keep up the good work! {jt,nm,lw}

April 2018 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Chioma has been a star consultant with the Livingston Labs ever since she started working in the Fall 2016 semester. It quickly became apparent that when we needed a shift covered, Chioma would always be there to have our backs. Through the many hours she has worked at the labs, she has helped countless patrons while treating each individual as if they were her her first patron of the day. Chioma obtained her ResNet certification this year and as such has been able to help patrons in brand new ways. Recently, she spent an exuberant amount of time during one of her dispatches but was energetic throughout the multi-hour process. It is this attitude that has become so closely related to Chioma at the Livingston Labs; someone who is always willing to put whatever time time is needed into this job. She will be remembered for her ability to always cover a shift, her eagerness to help patrons, and her general good attitude whenever she is at work. The labs will never be the same after Chioma graduates this spring semester but the impact she has had will not go away quickly. Thank you for all you have contributed to the labs and congratulations on being named an April 2018 Consultant of the Month for Livingston! {aa,lw}

Nicholas Ehlert

November 2007 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Nick Ehlert is a sophomore, double majoring in Philosophy and Ancient History. He's a first-year consultant here at the Help Desk, and despite his quiet disposition, he has already proven himself to be a major asset to this organization. Nick has a fantastic phone manner and he always pays close attention to detail, which allows him to offer superb customer service to our user community. In addition, he always arrives to shift with a good attitude, and he has already established a good relationship with the rest of his co-workers. He also has a good heart; when asked what he would do if he won a million dollars, without hesitation, Nick replied that he would donate it to a charity such as Oxfam. In the future, Nick hopes to go to grad school for ancient history, classics, or philosophy. Either way, however, we are sure that he will be successful. Congratulations Nick! {ay}

Spring 2008 Help Desk Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Over the past semester Nick has proven to be a model consultant. Superior ticket writing, a stellar attendance record, and great customer service skills are only a few attributes that Nick possesses. Beyond his normal work duties, Nick is consistently more than willing to do extra and help out whenever needed. He is friendly, thoughtful and easy to get along with. Currently, Nick is pursuing a double major in Ancient History and Philosophy. If his performance at work is as superior to that outside the workplace, then we are confident Nick will excel in all of his future endeavors. We are pleased to know that he will be with us for one more year. Thanks for all your hard work Nick, it is certainly appreciated. {po}

Douglas Eichenblatt

November 2002 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Douglas has proven to be one of our best consultants here on Busch. Very early on, he demonstrates a highly pro-active work ethic that makes the lab run much smoother. Always equipped with a smile, Douglas is quick to learn and eager to help. He even prepares himself for questions before they are asked because he realizes numerous students will have the same problems. His sense of humor makes him pleasant to work with, and his vast technical knowledge enables him to help users with just about any problem. Keep up the good work. {jfw, tm}

Spring 2003 Busch Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Douglas continues to perform as a model consultant. He performs his duties to the fullest (and beyond) with high-energy and dedication. Doug is well-known for enforcing policies - he consistently keeps on top of printing and other common issues in the lab and deals with any violations and problems professionally and thoroughly. The management team can count on him to keep the team informed, to help gather information and/or to deal with any on-going problems in the lab. Moreover, we compliment Doug on his ability to keep smiling and promote a light-hearted environment during the busiest and most stressful times in the lab. Doug's extraordinary customer service skills, his abundant help to the supervisors, his positive and cheerful attitude, and his dedication to well-running of the lab are quite commendable. Congratulations, Doug and keep up the good work! :) {av}

Sandeepa Ekanayake

September 2001 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Sandeepa has only been with LCC for a short time but has shown great promise in his work here. He is always cordial with lab users and coworkers alike. Sandeepa will not hesitate to spend the extra time to ensure that a patron is satisfied with the help that they receive. His always friendly demeanor and great customer service have earned him this honor. Please join us in congratulating him on this award and wishing him luck in the semester ahead. {cb}

Emran El-Badawi

Fall 2002 Busch Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Throughout his time with CCF, Emran's unique personality continues to create a fun and productive work environment for all of us. He patiently interacts with users and uses his vast technical knowledge to help his staff solve difficult questions. Although all supervisors have specific responsibilities, Emran can be counted on to help out in duties out of his realm and complete a vast amount of tasks both promptly and correctly. He does this while carefully keeping on top of ITS and his other responsibilities. He has a unique gift of adding fun to any duty that he is presented with - even tasks as serious as ITS. He has created a very interesting array of poems and stories with odd words when emailing out merits. In addition he makes sure to spend some time interacting with the staff on a personal level. Emran also demonstrates his care for the lab and his staff by bringing up problems and issues that need improvement. He is not afraid to be up front when contributing to the most contentious discussions at the supervisors' meetings and he does this while subtly reminding us that he is full of love. :) The entire staff on Busch would like to "praise" Emran for his dedication by presenting him with the Busch Campus Achievement Award. Thank you, Emran! {tm, av}

Sarah Elechicon

October 2018 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Here at OIT we strive our best to provide top-tier customer service and we believe that Sarah possesses the qualities necessary to meet that goal. Sarah always comes in with a smile on her face and she brings that upbeat energy which radiates towards patrons and fellow consultants. As a result, busier days become more manageable because of the positive atmosphere in the labs she facilitates. She is quick to provide technical support to patrons who come to her for help. Sarah is always willing to go with the patron to their computer which is what excellent customer service is about — going above and beyond. We are confident that lab policies are being followed because Sarah is very keen and observant when conducting rounds. Even when she is not on duty, she provides assistance by answering questions from other consultants in our Slack channel. As an opening consultant at the Academic Building Computer Lab, Sarah makes sure that the Teaching Labs are in a good state and the professors have the necessary supplies and equipment ready. Overall, Sarah has become one of our most reliable employees and OIT is very fortunate to have her. Congratulations on receiving the Consultant of the Month Award for October! {kl,kxs}

Mohamed Elfaki

October 2011 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Through his second month of working as a consultant, Mohamed has demonstrated a sense of professionalism and accountability that stands out in a tremendous way. His consistent hard work as well as his willingness to learn have made him a wonderful team member. Whether providing excellent customer service to patrons or covering last-minute gaps in staffing for us, Mohamed works to ensure that the labs are always running smoothly and has become an invaluable consultant. Join us in congratulating Mohamed on being named a Consultant of the Month for October 2011 for the Livingston Labs! {lw,LW}

September 2012 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Mohamed is a veteran consultant that we are extremely lucky to have return this year. His knowledge and expertise make him an excellent resource for both his fellow Lab and Dispatch consultants, and his quiet demeanor makes him easily approachable. His extensive experience with Microsoft and Adobe applications have helped him immensely when trying to troubleshoot patrons' issues in the lab. Additionally, his professionalism, troubleshooting and networking knowledge has helped him to resolve many issues while on dispatch tickets whether it be with virus remediation, network troubleshooting, or anything else that is thrown at him. This was exemplified by his participation with Move-in Weekend SWAT and the subsequent dispatch calls he addressed. We can always rely on him to be on point with picking up shifts and helping to ensure that the lab is never understaffed. Mohamed's calm disposition and superior leadership skills are an asset when he staffs our satellite sites and he is often looked to as a leader by his fellow consultants. We are pleased to recognize Mohamed Elfaki as a September 2012 Livingston Consultant of the Month. Congratulations Mohamed! {tt,lw}

Rewi Elstak

October 2001 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

During this semester, Rewi has demonstrated in many ways that he is one of our more outstanding consultants. He constantly tours the lab to stay on top of any problems and seeks out users who need help. In addition, he improves his technical knowledge to better serve lab patrons. Rewi's hard work clearly shows and is greatly appreciated by the BCCC staff. {bm}

October 2002 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Rewi is a true example of what excellence a veteran consultant can bring to the CCF community. Both his assistance and sense of judgment towards the lab and its patrons are exceptional. Rewi continues to perform with both the dedication and intelligence that he has become known for since his first semester working for CCF. He consistently monitors the color print queues and keeps a keen eye out for food and drinks in the lab. Furthermore, he is on his feet throughout his shift and does not hesitate to leave the consultant station, dishing off a smile to every user he tends to. Please join us in congratulating him. {mn,ee}

Fall 2002 Busch Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Rewi Elstak's performance for the semester can be easily described as consistent. In addition to fulfilling his duties, Rewi also picks up the load from his occupied coworkers to make sure the lab runs efficiently. His excellent customer service and technical knowledge sets him apart from his coworkers. With boundless patience and a smile, he thoroughly answers user questions and enforces lab policies. Rewi has made it a point to continually improve his technical knowledge by researching the answers to difficult questions. He has made himself an indispensable CCF worker throughout his time at the lab. The Busch Management Team is proud to reward Rewi the Busch Achievement Award. {ltf,tm}

Arlind Emini

Fall 2007 College Avenue Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Arlind has been an Assistant Lab Supervisor at the College Avenue Computing Center for three semesters. He started with us as a consultant two and a half years ago. Arlind's experience and good judgment have benefited the lab time and time again. He has handled many unexpected situations in the lab this semester. In each case, he has taken control of the situation and kept everyone involved calm. During staff meetings, Arlind shares his opinions openly and honestly. He is careful to focus on developing solutions in a constructive manner. Arlind is professional and pleasant to work with. When helping peers, patrons, or consultants, he does not turn away questions and will exhaust all possible avenues to find a good solution. (Just yesterday, a professor came to the lab looking specifically for Arlind because "he'd always been so helpful!") One of Arlind's primary responsibilities is overseeing the repair and maintenance of about 300 machines and 16 printers on the College Avenue campus. Arlind possesses a strong technical background, and we are lucky to have him share his expertise with us. He works closely with other repair staff and supervisors to make sure that issues are resolved as quickly as possible. Even in the middle of an already busy day, Arlind finds time to visit our four remote locations to check on the status of those labs. Arlind's keen sense of wit, approachable demeanor and great attitude have earned him this honor. Arlind has a strong work ethic and is one of the most dependable people we know. He has taken a proactively implements improvements when he can. Please join us in congratulating him on this achievement. {cb,mm}

Robert Emmons

April 2016 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Rob has made his mark since starting on College Avenue last fall. Since then he has quietly and steadily become a solid consultant. He comes to the lab and does his job with pride. While on duty, he diligently does rounds and troubleshoots any issues a patron may have. He gets along with his co-workers and is always remains professional. Rob balances spending time developing connections with supervisors and managing his responsibilities as a consultant. Rob is usually the first to greet someone who approaches the consultant station with a friendly hello. We are very proud to award Rob with Consultant of the Month! {jk}

Christopher Eng

Fall 2004 ResNet Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Since joining ResNet in the Fall of 2004, Chris has distinguished himself by taking on the responsibility of creating and continuously updating the ResNetPE CD. The ResNetPE CD, based off the BartPE CD, is a self contained, stand alone bootable operating system. It contains several spyware and virus removal tools, as well as a host of other programs that ResNet staff can use to diagnose and repair a machine, and allows a finer resolution in our troubleshooting abilities. ResNet field consultants have used this CD throughout this semester to resolve many problems. Aside from working on the ResNetPE CD, Chris also works in the ResNet office where he supports the first level HelpDesk. Additionally, he completes field appointments with great care and attention to detail. He has proven himself to be a very knowledgeable and capable individual. {jw,af,bb,jh}

Terence Eng

November 2001 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

In his first semester, Terence has demonstrated his dedication to the Busch labs many times. He is punctual in taking stats and in doing his rounds. In addition, he often extends his shift to help out when the lab is understaffed. Terence's great customer service skills and good work ethic makes him a remarkable consultant. {mn,tm}

Mindy Eng

March 2018 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Mindy has been a hard working and courteous consultant with the College Avenue Computer Labs since the Fall of 2016. Mindy's presence in the labs is invaluable to both her fellow staff members and management as well as the patrons who seek assistance. Staff members and worrisome patrons alike are put at ease by Mindy's exemplary customer service skills, professionalism, and willingness to be the first to tackle any problem in the lab, no matter how daunting. With her ResNet certification, Mindy assists patrons with technical problems on personal devices, be it if she is on a ResNet shift or not, and is always a good resource for another ResNet consultant to reach out to if they are having trouble dealing with a device. Mindy always goes the extra mile to ensure that a patron's interactions with the Office of Information Technology is a positive one, never leaving a problem unaddressed or a patron feeling lost or uncertain. Mindy's customer service ability and kind demeanor are an excellent model of how a consultant should compose themselves within the labs. For her consistent work ethic and dedication to the position, we are proud to award Mindy the Consultant of the Month award for the month of March. {adl}

Louis Epstein

March 2008 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Louis is a constant help to the lab staff. We can always count on him to take coverage at the last moment or to be proactive in making sure that we have all the supplies that the consultants will need. Louis has been working here for a very long time and has always been a model employee; he helps out the new consultants and keeps supervisors informed about happenings in the lab. He has an excellent troubleshooting ability; it is a rare occurrence for Louis to ask a supervisor about a computer problem - he always seems to have an answer that just works. To top this all off, Louis is very friendly and approachable. Patrons, consultants, and supervisors alike all have no problems talking to Louis about anything, from asking about jammed printers to the latest gossip on video games. For all these reasons and more, we would like you to join us in congratulating Louis for achieving Consultant of the Month! {ms}

September 2008 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Louis is no stranger to this award having received this accolade in March 2008. Louis continues to impress with continued diligence and dedication to see that the lab operates at its best and assisting patrons to the best of his ability. As is usual during the fall semester, we count on our veteran consultants to set a good example for new consultants and to assist them as they learn the ins and outs of being a great consultant. Louis has been a great example to his fellow consultants and great asset to have on staff. Keep up the excellent work and congratulations. {lw}

Bahadir Erdem

September 2000 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Bahadir began working for CCF just this semester, and has already shown great heart in his duties at the lab. He is very devoted, and always performs all consultant responsibilities expected of him. Bahadir is always ready to help solve users' problems and is eager to learn. {dp, jg}

Christopher Eskender

November 2015 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Chris started working for OIT this semester and has quickly proven to be a valuable employee here at Cook/Douglass. He approaches his shifts with a warm, welcoming attitude and a good work ethic. Chris is always eager to help both the supervisors and patrons alike. Whenever we ask something of him, big or small, he does it happily and diligently. He informs management of any issues going on in the labs as he sees them and wants everything to run as best as possible. It is clear that he cares very much about the labs, and this attitude is seen through his work on every shift. It is truly a pleasure to have him on our staff. The supervisors greatly appreciate his hard work, and we are pleased to announce him as Consultant of the Month for November 2015. Congratulations Chris! Keep up the great work! {rms}

Humberto Esquibel Berniz

October 2018 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

We are proud to award Humberto Esquibel Berniz our Level 2 Consultant of the Month award for October. Since joining the Help Desk last Fall, Humberto has strived to become an outstanding Level 2 consultant. Humberto has illustrated a great amount of dedication and determination towards helping users as well as other consultants. He is always willing to lend a helping hand, assisting with various projects such as decorating the Help Desk and currently working with our Supervisors to create updated Level 2 documentation. His friendly personality and enthusiasm towards helping others have been a welcoming addition to the Help Desk. In addition to his exemplary work as a Level 2 consultant, Humberto is currently working towards his degree in the ITI field and plans to work for the gaming industry after graduating in 2020. He also spends his free time playing sports and hanging out with friends and family. We are very proud to award Humberto as the October Level 2 Consultant of the Month! Thanks for all of your hard work Humberto! {ja,sa}

Francis Eusebio

October 2010 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

This is Francis' second month as a consultant. Too soon? Nope! Although he's one of our newer consultants, he hit the ground running and has become a great asset to the ARC team! With the lab having new computers, new students, and new problems to go with them, peak usage hours were especially difficult for a new consultant. Yet you'd never know it with how he calmly works through the situation. He shows up to work smiling, even if he forgets his glasses, and is always ready to face any situation with a calm manner, never having a moment's hesitation when he needs to get out of his chair to help someone out. Not only is he always helping out patrons, but he is always helping out his fellow consultants in any way he can, ensuring that the shift runs smoothly. He learns fast and works hard, combined with his can-do attitude and smile makes him a great consultant who is truly praiseworthy. Congrats on winning Consultant of the Month Francis! {kp,km,wc}