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Previously Honored Consultants – G

Ryan G

September 2006 Operations Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Ryan started his position as a student operator a mere 5 weeks ago, yet he has established a great understanding of his new role. He performs all operations tasks diligently, grasping the importance of accuracy required from his position. He has offered to cover additional shifts when his co-workers are in need, in addition to helping out with the Supervisors' requests for emergency coverage. We appreciate Ryan's efforts as he continues to be a valuable asset to the Operations team. {vv}

Fall 2006 Operations Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Ryan started with Operations this semester and it was immediately noticed that he was taking to the position well. He learned the job quickly and established himself as a very reliable Operator. Ryan has also been very helpful with coming in to cover open shifts when we really needed the help (Thursday afternoons!). In addition, he was the recipient of the Operator of the Month award for the month of September and has continued to be outstanding in the position throughout the semester. Ryan, thank you for your efforts and keep up the good work! {jf,av}

Spring 2007 Operations Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Ryan was promoted to Operations Assistant Supervisor in January of 2007 and has done an excellent job. He takes his supervisory responsibilities very seriously and sets a good example by performing his consultant responsibilities at a very high level. Ryan has volunteered to work on many projects during the semester and he has completed them in a timely manner. In addition, Ryan regularly helps out the management team by picking up open shifts often, and he offers good insights when situations are discussed at meetings (especially at the weekly Operations Supervisors' meeting). Ryan serves as a good leader to the Operations student staff - he provides excellent information to them in person as well as in writing, as needed. Thank you and keep up the good work, Ryan! {jf,av}

Rishi Gala

February 2006 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Over the past month, Rishi has been a huge asset to the lab. He has gone above and beyond the call of duty by helping us out in our times of need by very frequently taking overnight coverage. Despite the long shifts and tremendous number of hours on duty, the level of Rishi's service does not decline. He's as energetic and helpful at the end of his overnight shift as he is at the beginning. Congratulations on being named Consultant of the Month! {sk,lw}

Mark Galey

March 2014 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

The Help Desk is pleased to announce Mark Galey as Consultant of the Month for March 2014. Mark began working at the Help Desk in the Fall of 2013 and has shown tremendous growth since the onset of his time here. You can typically find Mark staffing our front station, cheerfully attending to walk-in users. Mark's affinity to customer service is unmissable. His tenacity for tracking down a user's solution is model behavior for what we at the Help Desk look for in a consultant. Mark has expressed that his favorite part of working at the Help Desk is hearing the gratitude in people's voices. We are happy to share the following feedback Mark has received from users he has assisted in March: "Excellent service by Mark.", "Mark Galey was awesome! He didn't disconnect with me until the problem was resolved. Thanks!!!" and "The help desk employees were helpful, attentive, and informative. I am very thankful for their quick help!" Due to the wonderful feedback he received, Mark has also been awarded a Customer Service Award for March 2014. Mark is majoring in Political Science with a minor in Philosophy. After he graduates in the Spring of 2015, he plans to attend law school to study corporate law with the hopes of one day becoming a politician. When he is not busy working with NBCS, Mark is participating in the Coptic Orthodox Fellowship at RU and serving as the Director of Operations for the Association of International Relations. We would like to thank Mark for his continued enthusiasm and congratulate him on his achievement of being awarded Consultant of the Month. {em}

Sergey Galkin

March 2011 Operations Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Sergey started working with NBCS Operations in September of 2006 as one of the last group of student personnel that was hired directly for the position. As one of our longest standing operators, Sergey has shown himself to be a dedicated and committed worker making him a valuable and dependable member of our group. Sergey is very inquisitive, eager to learn and improve, and readily corrects errors based on guidance from supervisory staff. He is also prompt to cover open shifts in our schedule on short notice and even on holidays. Sergey holds a bachelor's degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and is currently pursuing an advanced degree in the same field. His 'go-getter' and ambitious attitude landed him an internship with NASA at Houston, Texas a couple of summers ago. To balance off his academic and work duties with his personal life, Sergey engages in many forms of physical exercises; rock-climbing being his favorite. Sergey also enjoys large-scale paintball skirmishes in the Poconos and participates in those with his friends every year. Sergey will be graduating this coming December, leaving us for bigger and better things. For his dedication and years of service, we would like to congratulate Sergey on being selected as the Operator of the month for March 2011 and wish him all the best in the future. {nj,jf}

March 2012 Operations Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Sergey began working for NBCS Operations in September of 2006 as one of the last group of student personnel that was hired directly into the position. Sergey has willingly provided guidance to newer operators and he would consistently ask questions to further enhance his own knowledge. He has also consistently taken coverage in Operations, especially over the breaks. Sergey recently completed his Master's in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Aerospace. In the near future, he will be moving to Seattle to begin working for Boeing. All of Sergey's contributions are greatly appreciated and he will certainly be missed. We would like to congratulate Sergey on being selected Operator of the month for March 2012 and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors! {tb}

Lou Gallinaro

February 2000 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Even though this is his last semester at Rutgers, Lou continues to provide a high level of service to users. He is unwaveringly nice to even the most difficult users. Lou is always willing to do just that little bit extra to make a user happy, or to simply help out around the lab, and his work ethic is commendable. {ss}

February 2001 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Even though this is his last semester at Rutgers, Lou continues to provide a high level of service to users. He is unwaveringly nice to even the most difficult users. Lou is always willing to do just that little bit extra to make a user happy, or to simply help out around the lab, and his work ethic is commendable. {ss}

Catherine Gamolo

Spring 2004 Cook/Douglass Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

This semester Catherine Gamolo opened up her hands to accept new tasks without perhaps realizing what she was getting herself into, and despite the multitude of new responsibilities, she stands out and shines above all. Catherine, 'Cat', is a tireless worker. She's always busy, never spending her time idle, but never too busy to stop and assist a stuck consultant or user. Sometimes you literally have to make her stop and take a break. She is one of the most productive employees the lab has seen and her level of perfection is impressive. She leaves nothing to chance and seems to pride herself on that. When Cat took over scheduling in January the transition was nearly seamless. She did a remarkable job with Maarij keeping the supervisor on task with hiring and handling all of the little, essential details at the end of the hiring period. All of Catherine's other duties are done with equal professionalism. When you give Cat an assignment, take it to the bank, because you know its going to be done thoughtfully, correctly, and on time. When it comes to discipline, consultants are a better bunch because Cat doesn't tolerate much unprofessional nonsense around the lab and she will not hesitate to address concerns whenever its warranted. Her emails to the consultants are well written and well thought out when either correcting or complimenting her consultants. Most of all it's Cat's obvious love for her work that is striking. She takes on her many tasks with a mature seriousness thats not seen in a lot of young student/workers, yet she's not so serious that you can't easily make her laugh and joke around. She has a way of making everyone comfortable around her and everyone at loree likes her. She has an infectious smile and as a person she is a delight to be around. Cat is one of Cook/Douglass' brightest stars and she deserves all the accolades we can shower upon her. We're very fortunate to have her on Cook/Douglass. {pd,ss}

Fall 2004 Cook/Douglass Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Catherine has once again proven to be one of CCF's most prized assets. She was promoted to Lab Supervisor in June of 2004 and right from the start there was no question as to who the leader of the staff was. When Cat gets an assignment you know its going to be done. And moreover, when Cat gives an assignment you know its going to be done because of the respect everyone at Cook/Douglass has for her. Catherine is always upbeat no matter how discouraging a situation appears. She exudes an easy going and cheerful disposition to all she comes in contact with. Although she's very adept and technically superior to most people at the labs, she will never speak condescendingly to anyone and never has a negative word for any individual. She is not entirely businesslike, as she enjoys a good joke as well as the next person. This is one of the qualities thats made her so invaluable to our staff. Also, Catherine treats the users as they are supposed to be treated. With dignity and respect. She understands that the users are our reason for being here and she takes great pains in taking care of them. Also she is as tough as she is nice. She doesn't hesitate to do the distasteful tasks of disciplining various consultants when need be, or removing a patron who doesn't have identification or is not obeying lab policies. Cat continues to do a terrific job with scheduling and completes all of her other tasks to perfection. She also served on many committees over the summer, helping to make decisions to improve service to the users and to improve our staff. She doesn't hesitate to help out whenever she can across campus. She's a real team player and she deserves all the accolades she gets. {pd}

Ashley Gandham

November 2012 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Ashley has only been working for a semester but she already seems at home in the lab. She promptly and effectively responds to patron issues, comfortably jokes around with consultants and supervisors alike, and always seems to be on top of what's going on in her surroundings. Ashley has a great spirit and always makes everyone feels comfortable. Her friendly and approachable demeanor highlights Ashley's excellent customer skills. She is always eager to help patrons and consultants alike, picking up tons of e-coverages and helping supervisors with whatever issues pop up during the week. She is reliable and likes to make the workplace fun and creative. Ashley is a valuable asset to the Busch team and we're happy to have her. Congratulations on this well deserved award! {jh,ss}

Alexander Ganescu

Fall 2014 Busch Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Alex Ganescu has been an integral part of the supervisory team on Busch for two years now. Alex is our go-to guy when it comes to anything repair related on Busch, so much so that he's created a great rapport with NetOps. When Alex is on the job, we can all be confident that our issue will be properly diagnosed and reported. Additionally, Alex has been lending his programming knowledge to both the programming committee and continual training this semester. Along with some supervisors, Alex helped develop the new Java continual training class which seems to have gone successfully this semester. Alex was promoted to Co-Lab Supervisor this semester and he has worked really hard to make sure he was up to speed on his additional responsibilities. He takes on more tasks without complaint and knows everything that is happening in the labs. On top of more tangible contributions to Busch labs and NBCS as a whole, Alex's great attitude contributes significantly to the warm, family atmosphere we have on Busch, with supervisors and consultants alike. It is no surprise that not only was Alex promoted to co-Lab Supervisor on Busch, but he has also earned, without a doubt, the Supervisor Achievement Award for Busch this Fall 2014 semester. {al,wl}

Daniel Garcia

April 2004 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

As a cheerful and hard-working person, Dan Garcia makes work fun and joyful for all the fellow consultants around him, be it his back-to-back weekend shift or late night shifts. On any given Saturday, Dan will be one of the most solid consultants. Ready to help users with any questions they might have, Dan also helps out the lab. He always has the list of missing tags ready when supervisors come in. Dan helps out with supplies, taking used toners to the storage room, and bringing out paper. He's always on time for his opening and closing shifts and has been an example for all to follow. If Dan is working a shift, supervisors can rest assured that all the lab policies will be effectively enforced, hourly stats taken on time and user concerns are addressed promptly. He uses his technical knowledge to its maximum to answer the toughest user questions. {rk, mg}

Courtney Garcia

February 2015 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Friendly and enthusiastic doesn't even begin to describe Courtney's personality. From day one she always walked into work with a natural smile on her face and an positive attitude that quickly spread to her fellow coworkers. To this day, this has not changed one bit. Working with Courtney is always a pleasure. Even when encountering challenging issues, Courtney keeps it positive, encouraging others around her to have a similar mentality. This mentality makes her very approachable to both patrons and coworkers. She provides excellent customer service and patrons always leave happy after interacting with her. Besides her contagious positive attitude, Courtney helps the labs run smoothly by consistently taking coverages and helping the supervisors with projects. Additionally, she does an incredible job of keeping the supervisor team informed of happenings at the labs, demonstrating her exceptional communication skills. We are very pleased to present Courtney with the Consultant of the Month award for February 2015. Thanks Courtney! {gb}

April 2016 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

We are always happy but at the same time a little saddened when a consultant as good as Courtney Gracia graduates and moves on. She is one of our most cheerful and detailed oriented consultants. Whether on or off shift, she always ensures the labs are in great condition. Whenever a patron approaches her, Courtney makes sure to answer their questions completely. She continually provides us with feedback and suggestions to help make the labs work more efficiently. She also helps her fellow consultants by covering their shifts, even after giving her very little notice. She has been a remarkably dependable consultant during her tenure with the labs and we want her to know how much we appreciate her. Indeed we are proud to announce Courtney Garcia as our Consultant of the Month for April. Congratulations Courtney! {zh}

Christine Garcia

September 2015 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

As an early hire Christine has proved right from the start that hard work and diligence makes for the best foundation to providing excellent customer service. She embodies the ideal for a consultant position and exemplifies great employee skills that range from her strong and diligent work ethic to her ability to work well with the rest of the Help Desk team. Christine shows dedication for her work by making it a habit to arrive early as she believes that coming in early helps prepare you for your shifts. Some pieces of advice that she would give to Level 1 consultants is to always smile and to not be shy when it comes for asking for help. Christine believes that the best way to get comfortable and acquainted with the job and fellow coworkers is to jump right in and start talking to people so as to foster a sense of camaraderie which creates a friendly and relaxed work environment. When Christine isn't busy providing stellar customer service at the Help Desk she is busy with her scholarly endeavors. She is a double major in Human Resource Management and Information Technology and expects to graduate in the Spring of 2017. She has become an excellent example of the culture we like to foster at the Help Desk. When she was asked what kitchen appliance she would like to be she told us, "I would like to be a blender cause I like to blend with the mix". Congratulations Christine and keep up the great work! {bb,sm}

Fall 2015 Help Desk Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

The Help Desk is proud to announce Christine Garcia as the Level 1 Consultant of the Semester! Chris is an enthusiastic employee who is eager to help people. Since she started working as a Level 1 Consultant in July of 2015, Chris has consistently provided exceptional customer service. She is a quick learner who goes out of her way to ensure that whomever she speaks to has a pleasant experience and they can actually hear her smile over the phone. Outside of working at the Help Desk, Chris is busy working towards a double major in Information Technology and Informatics and Human Resources Management. Somehow, she still manages to find the time to have fun and enjoys salsa dancing in her free time. Her advice to fellow consultants is to always be friendly. Chris has been an exceptional addition to the Help Desk. Thank you for all your hard work and congratulations Chris! {kt}

Bryan Garsia

November 2011 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Bryan not only does the job flawlessly, but he goes above and beyond the call of duty and is always on top of things in the lab. He has been one of the most proactive consultants at the Busch Labs. He is constantly taking coverages and is always provides useful feedback on how to improve the lab environment. Bryan's also social by nature,so if you work with him, expect the shift to fly by, because a shift is never boring with him around! Bryan is super friendly with everyone, so you can also find him striking up conversations with patrons. Fantastic job, Bryan! {ad,pp}

February 2014 ResNet Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Since he started working for ResNet Office in the Spring of 2013, Bryan has proven himself to be reliable and a dedicated consultant. He often goes above and beyond when dealing with challenging issues, whether it is a call from Dispatch or helping walk-ins. He was quickly promoted to ResNet Escalation because of his thoroughness when investigating issues and excellence in troubleshooting. Additionally, Bryan is consistently early to his shifts and is willing to help out with coverage. His friendly smile and positive attitude are infectious, and make him a joy to work with. One of his favorite things about ResNet Office is the camaraderie among the staff. As an Information Technology and Informatics major, Bryan enjoys the exposure to tech issues he gets as a ResNet employee, and hopes to pursue a career in network troubleshooting. When he is not at the Help Desk, you can find him working at the Labs or fixing up his car. Bryan will be graduating in May 2014. Thanks for all your hard work, and keep it up! {py}

Melissa Gavilanes

February 2014 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Melissa has been working for Cook/Douglass for two years now, and has throughout been a reliable consultant and a pleasure to have in the labs. Always willing and ready to help patrons, Melissa is a prime example of what a good consultant should be. Not only is her job performance exemplary, but she is a great co-worker as well. Melissa brings a positive attitude into the labs that rubs off on everyone else, and is always great to strike up a conversation with, whether it be about school, work, or just life in general. Without further adieu, we are pleased to recognize Melissa as a February Consultant of the Month. Congratulations, Melissa! {rk}

Daniel Gavin

October 1999 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Dan has been an exceptional consultant. He is consistently taking initiative to go beyond what's required to assist the lab. Dan has also joined the LCC repair team and has been of great assistance to Pranav in repair of the lab equipment. {cb}

Spring 2001 Livingston Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Dan has been with the Livingston Computing Center since the Fall of 1999. Since that time, he has shown great dedication to the lab as a consultant; earning Consultant of the Month in October of 1999. He later became an Assistant Lab Supervisor and his dedication has continued. Dan has recently spent extra hours teaching an extended session on maintenance troubleshooting and fixes to supervisors in training. When Dan sees a problem, he will attack it head on and make sure it gets resolved. He is always willing to put in extra hours to ensure that the lab is running smoothly. For these reasons, I would like to name Daniel Gavin as Supervisor of the Semester for Livingston. Congratulations! {lw}

Naveen Gavini

Fall 2006 Operations Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Naveen was promoted to the position of Operations Assistant Supervisor this semester and he has truly impressed us with the enthusiasm and initiative he has portrayed in this role. He has gone above and beyond our expectations and has produced excellent results for every project he has been tasked with. In addition, he has attended and participated in practically every meeting we have had this semester, including ones that are announced with short notice and those that are optional for the Operations Assistant Supervisors. Naveen is a very good leader - he consistently helps out his co-workers with policies and procedures, and he has done an excellent job with the mentor program. Naveen - Thank you for your efforts and dedication, and we look forward to your continued success! {jf, av}

Stephen Gbadamosi

February 2012 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Stephen has been a great asset to Livingston labs ever since he joined our campus. He is always willing to go the extra mile and help a patron or fellow consultant. Stephen works many of our ResNet shifts, taking great pride in offering the same, high level of customer service when helping out students in the dorms, as he does while assisting patrons in our labs on the Livingston campus. His easygoing demeanor helps put patrons, consultants and supervisors at ease. Steven is always laughing and in a very friendly mood. His co-workers enjoy working with Steven, taking turns bringing donuts from the student center to share with fellow consultants. Congratulations, Stephen, on being named a Livingston Consultant of the Month for February 2012! {nt,mk,lw}

Kilian Gebur

October 2017 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Kilian has proved himself to be an incredibly valued member of our team within his first few months here with us at OIT! Not only is he an outstanding ResNet dispatch consultant with more than a few successful tickets completed, but he is also a great consultant who goes above and beyond for our patrons. Whenever there’s a patron in need of assistance, he’ll be right there to help them out with the issue. Even when supervisors need to step in, he’ll still stick right with us and continuously offer his help and support. Kilian’s enthusiasm for helping out extends internally amongst the team as well. He’ll always go the extra mile to get things done to help keep the labs running, and his friendly personality never fails to keep the mood in the labs upbeat. We here at Livingston are very lucky to count him as one of our team! Thanks Kilian on being named an October 2017 Livingston Consultant of the Month, and keep up the great work! {sl,lw,nh}

James Geiger

March 2003 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

James has been a Busch consultant for three years and has become a familiar part of the team. Throughout his time with CCF, James has polished his customer service skills and increased his technical knowledge. While on duty, the consultant area is kept active as James keeps conversations alive and morale up with his stories and random conversations. With his experience James knows when to have fun and when to do work. He often spends time helping out the new members of our staff. Even when the lab is busy, James is on top of all his responsibilties and can be found interacting with users in a friendly and lively manner. His outgoing personality, technical, and dedication has made James one of our best consultants. {ec,tm}

Lauren Gerard

Fall 2008 Livingston Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

This is one of the most difficult decisions that must be made each semester. We count on our supervisors for so much that it is hard to single out one above the others. However, often one supervisor does stand out and you can't help but take notice. Lauren Gerard (lpgerard) has been a constant at the heart of the Livingston management team. She thrown herself, with gusto, into the tasks for which she has responsibility. Scheduling, one of the more demanding management tasks, has been even more demanding this year with the Labs taking on ResNet-certified consultants and early opening at mid-semester. Lauren led the way in ensuring schedules were updated and accurate. She worked hard to get the schedules filled and guided other supervisors and supervisors-in-training in assisting her and learn the necessary ropes. Lauren has been a vocal advocate for the consultant staff and for Livingston as a whole. She believes strongly in making the labs the best they can be. She leads by example and is a source of strength for others. I have come to appreciate our discussions and her insight. She is unafraid to voice her opinions and fight for her positions. She questions policies she feels need to be better defined or rethought, offering her own suggestions for improving them. She truly exemplifies what we look for in a supervisor and stands as a role model for others. Please join me in congratulating Lauren Gerard as the Supervisor of the Semester for the Livingston Campus for Fall 2008. {lw}

Richard Gerdes

September 2014 ResNet Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Rich was hired for the Help Desk in Fall 2013. He was promoted to an Operations Consultant at the start of the Spring semester. During this time period, he was also training for ResNet Office and started the position at the beginning of this summer. His advanced skills quickly became apparent, and consultants found themselves relying on his expertise time and time again. Majoring in Computer Science, Rich is graduating in 2016. He says working in ResNet is interesting and dynamic, and he enjoys working on the switches and learning more about network technologies. His advice for getting into ResNet? Learn as much as you can about networking and speak to other office consultants. Outside of work, his hobbies include programming, board games and video games. Congratulations Rich, on being ResNet Office Consultant for September!

Jose Geronimo

Fall 2004 Livingston Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Jose has been working in the Livingston Computing Center for over two years now. Jose is one of the most outgoing and ambitious members of our staff. Jose will frequently take the time to meet and greet lab patrons as they enter our lab. He will pay close attention to the human aspects of the job, providing guidance and support to those staff and users in need of help. Jose has also taken the cleaning of the lab and it's workstations to a new level of efficiency. He devised an in depth cleaning system and submittal page. Jose is continually looking for new ways to improve the lab and its operations. Jose's efforts to improve the appearance of our lab don't stop at the cleaning schedule either. He has frequently given out special projects and merits to our staff and taken a very hands on roll to improve cleanliness and appearance of the entire site. Jose's exceptional job performance and attitude have earned him this recognition. Please join us in congratulating him. {cb}

Michael Giacino

February 2012 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Michael is a perfect example of what it means to be an exemplary consultant here at Busch. Always greeting you with a smile on his face; he provides wonderful customer service for our patrons, and is a pleasure to work with during a shift. Mike is an extremely friendly guy who gets along with everyone around him. He is always eager to be as helpful to others, whether it is helping a patron with a print job or helping the management team by bringing paper or toners over to LSM. When unforeseen issues arise and there's extra work to be done, Mike is quick to volunteer and help the lab get through it. You'll never see him complain or drag his feet during a busy day! For his top notch work and bright personality, Mike is well deserving of the COTM award. Thank you for all you do! {pp,ss}

Joseph Giamanco

September 2004 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

After remaining in the relative obscurity of overnight shifts all last year, Joe Giamanco finally got a chance to shine in prime time. Joe delivered outstanding customer service and technical assistance. He performs all of his consultant duties with the utmost precision and care. Joe is a role model for all consultants, new and old. Keep up the awesome work! {sk, jn}

Amanda Gianfrancesco

Spring 2009 Busch Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

With her smile and charm, Amanda Gianfrancesco is always a great supervisor to work with. Throughout her time as a supervisor Amanda has managed to keep on top of everything she's responsible for whether it's PTS, scheduling, hiring, preparing for the NET or scheduling 1 on 1 trainings. She always manages to find time to make sure the lab is running smoothly and all tasks are complete. In addition to the normal duties Amanda is assigned, she also took on another role this semester and was promoted to Lab Supervisor. Although she seemed unsure of her abilities as a Lab Supervisor, she has risen to the position and exceeded all of our expectations. She is never afraid to correct a consultant’s behavior or enforce policies. Amanda has developed a relationship with the consultants and other supervisors that enable them to come to her with anything they have on their minds. She’s responsible, friendly and caring. Amanda treats every person that approaches her with a question or problem with the utmost attention. Like most people, there are things she’s still learning, but she’s never afraid to ask a question or get clarification of someone's needs before continuing. When she does a job, it’s done right and on time. Amanda's attitude is one of her greatest traits. She is a little firecracker of energy! She is non-judgmental, encouraging, and outgoing. She welcomes everyone and is always willing to help. You won’t know when Amanda is under stress. Her pixie-like smile as we walk in the supervisor door is one that can brighten a room. Congratulations, Amanda, on being selected Busch Supervisor of the Semester! {mb,wll}

Queenie Giang

October 2014 ResNet Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Queenie began her tenure at NBCS in Fall 2012, starting at the Help Desk. She quickly diversified her duties by cross training at the labs and eventually working for College Ave and Busch Labs. In addition to her ResNet Office shifts, Queenie works dispatch for Busch labs, as well as Help Desk Advanced shifts. She began as a CIT for ResNet Office this past summer and became a full office consultant at the start of the Fall semester. Queenie wanted to work for ResNet because she finds it very interesting and likes to gain and apply networking knowledge. She is double-majoring in ITI and Economics, and hopes to gain employment in a networking job after she graduates in May 2015. Her favorite part about working at ResNet is working around like-minded people, learning more about networking, and the feeling after successfully troubleshooting problems and helping users with their issues. Queenie's advice to anyone who wants to work in ResNet is to learn as much as you can about networking and sign up for dispatch training. When she is not wearing one of her many hats at NBCS, you'll find Queenie attending RUPA events and choosing between eating and sleeping. Congratulations, Queenie on being chosen as the October ResNet Consultant of the Month! {mb}

Fall 2014 ResNet Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

"Success is what you accomplish," That's the motto that Queenie Giang fashions her life around. In addition to attending classes and studying for her double major in Information Technology and Economics, Queenie dedicates her time to NBCS as a Help Desk consultant, a ResNet Office consultant, a Busch Labs consultant and a College Ave Labs consultant. This semester, Queenie has shone exceptional bright in her position as a Resnet Office consultant. Her dedication to learning and growing this semester has been exceptional. When faced with a difficult issue that she could not resolve, Queenie would tirelessly exhaust all resources at her disposal to make sure the user left pleased. When asked what she liked most about her position in ResNet, Queenie stated it was the opportunities she receives to break down issues with her co-workers. Queenie believes her greatest accomplishment this semester was when she troubleshooted a user's difficult wireless issues successfully without having to ask for assistance. She was also the well-deserved recipient of Resnet Office consultant of the month for October. After her graduation in the spring of 2015, Queenie will start her new full time job, where she hopes to utilize the skills she has gathered in continual training and performing switch work. We know that Queenie will succeed in any endeavor she chooses and look forward to seeing her thrive. Thank you for all your hard work this semester Queenie and congratulations on being ResNet Office Consultant of the Semester! {em}

Brian Girgis

September 2017 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

We would like to congratulate Brian for being awarded Help Desk Level 1 Consultant of the Month! Brian started as a CIT at the OIT Help Desk in Fall 2017. As he worked through temporary period, he has quickly proved himself as a fast-learning and courteous consultant. Through our very busy temporary period, Brian has worked through issues with smiles and professionalism. Known for coming into his shifts early and eager to learn more, Brian sports a positive attitude. Brian has consistently showed his eagerness to learn since the temporary period; in fact, he has already been Level 2 trained. An ECE major with a minor in business, Brian has to spend a lot of his time outside of work studying, but when he has free time he can be found volunteering at his church, taking advantage of being tall by playing basketball, and watching the Knicks and Steelers. Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work! {mh,rc}

October 2017 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

The Help Desk is proud to award Brian Girgis Level 2 Help Desk Consultant of the Month for October. Brian joined the Help Desk this past summer as a new Level 1 CIT and has worked his way up to a Level 2 consultant with an escalation certification! Brian is very enthusiastic and always looking for chances to assist Level 1 Consultants as well as walkin users at the help desk. Brian is eager to volunteer for special projects and get a chance to learn something new. Brian is also a big help in covering open shifts on a week-to-week basis. If you need coverage, Brian will try his best to cover you! Brian is majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a minor in Business. Outside the Help Desk, Brian enjoys playing basketball and volunteering at his church. Brian's favorite things about working at the Help Desk is that there are clear expectations and its very easy to learn something new each shift. Brian's tip for new consultants is to take advantage of every opportunity to learn the solution to problems so that you can solve them yourself and help other later on. Thank you, Brian, for your continued hard work. {yp}

Edgar Girtain

November 2009 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Edgar has joined the staff this year and has quickly earned a reputation as a reliable consultant, among other consultants as well as supervisors. He has also gained the attention of our patrons and garnered many positive comments from patron feedback, praising him for both his customer service skills and technical competence. Edgar has a strong work ethic and sincerely cares about completing his tasks accurately, fully, and independently. We appreciate Edgar staffing satellite sites, where he gives us timely reports on supplies and, as the sole consultant on site, is also the first point of contact for any issues that may arise—many of which he manages to handle by himself. He is also not shy about voicing his opinions, giving us valuable feedback regarding the operation of the lab. Edgar, for being such a strong and caring consultant, we are happy to award you with Consultant of the Month. {erc}

April 2010 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Edgar started working nearly two semesters ago, but has already made his presence known across the entirety of New Brunswick Computing Services. He is certainly an asset to Cook/Douglass campuses, as he is always in constant communication with supervisors, and goes above and beyond by offering suggestions to improve the labs. His innovative ideas, friendly and helpful demeanor, as well as his outstanding ability, make Edgar an outstanding consultant! Please join us in giving a well-deserved pat-on-the-back to Edgar! {kah}

Andrew Gleeson

November 2007 Operations Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Andrew has been with Operations since Fall of 2006 and has been one of our most consistent performers for some time now. Andrew is always quick to volunteer for additional projects and he consistently completes these thoroughly and in a timely manner. He works extremely well with his co-workers and communicates very well, both verbally and in email. Andrew has become one of our most valued assets and we are glad that he remains a part of the Operations team. Congratulations, Andrew :) {jf}

Donovan Glover

March 2002 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Donovan has ever-so-poignantly maintained an outstanding record with us at CCF. The crux of what has transformed Donovan into Consultant of the Month comes from his drive to diligently perform his duties and that he has taken many coverages. He has particularly helped us out by taking overnight emergency coverages. Ultimately, Donovan's dedication to his work is praiseworthy and is greatly appreciated by Busch management and the lab patrons. {ee}

April 2003 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Donovan Glover (donovang) has been working for CCF for just over two years now. In that time, he has proven himself as an outgoing and dedicated consultant. He approaches his job with a sense of vigor and is always eager to help a patron in need. In addition, he has taken innumerable emergency and regular coverages this semester. Through coverages and special projects, Donovan has managed to earn 54 merits. Donovan is also very eager to cover overnights when we needed him most. We appreciate the effort he has put in this semester and hope that he will continue this level of performance in the months to come. {mw,lw}

Michael Goetz

February 2000 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Michael is an excellent addition to the College Avenue consulting team who always looks for ways to help out in the lab. Michael often stays late to assist users with their problems and help out with lab projects. Michael uses all available lab resources in order to provide the best customer service to the users of the lab. {jr, jg

Fall 2000 College Avenue Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Michael Goetz's tireless pursuit of perfection and the energy he brings to each task sets a prime example for his fellow consultants. His knowledge of commonly asked questions as well as experience with complicated and complex problems has provided him with the tools he needs to be an effective consultant. Michael's technical knowledge and willingness to help make him a great person for users to approach, while his friendly persona and willingness to work hard make him a pleasure to work with for other consultants. He is always willing to share information in a way that consultants and users can understand, taking the time and making the effort to make people feel comfortable asking questions and working with computers. Michael serves as a mentor for new workers and sets a good example for all consultants. His ability and aptitude at using his knowledge to serve others supports the mission, vision, and values of this organization, and helps make the CAC labs a better place for all. Rok on.{mb, ms, ah}

Jason Gomes

November 2017 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

It is with great pleasure that we announce Jason Gomes as Livingston Computing Center Consultant of the Month for November 2017. Jason is one of our new consultants having joined us only this semester. In a very short amount of time, Jason has had a large impact on the labs. His positive and cheerful demeanor instantly makes people feel at ease and more comfortable when asking for help. While on shift, he is always the first to ask his fellow consultants about their days or crack a funny joke here and there.Overall, Jason had being doing a fantastic job. We look forward to continuing to work with Jason! Keep up the great work! {ce,lw}

Jessica Gonzalez

November 2011 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

It's rare that you ever talk with Jessica Gonzalez without leaving with a smile on your face. One of our new staff members this semester, Jess has developed a wonderful reputation with both consultants and supervisors alike. Not only does Jess routinely come to work with an upbeat attitude, but she is never one to shy away from learning new things. Her knowledge and competency as a consultant has advanced far due to her tenacity in asking questions and learning from first-hand experience. Because of her proactive behavior in assisting patrons, doing rounds, and taking stats, we know we can count on Jess to ensure that the labs are running smoothly when she is on shift. Jess's wonderful customer service skills, reliability, diligence, and positive attitude make her one of our best consultants. For these reasons we are proud to announce Jess as a Consultant of the Month. Keep up the great work Jess! {ef}

Katy Goodman

September 2006 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

This is Katy Goodman’s first semester working at the Help Desk and already her work ethic and great attitude have made her a valuable asset and great addition to the HelpDesk team. During her first shift she was helping other consultants by answering their questions, and was able to pick up our support system very quickly. All of these things helped us provide the best support to our users. In addition to working at the HelpDesk, Katy is a Teaching Assistant for Physics 193 and grades over 100 papers a week. She is currently enrolled in the five year Teaching Ed Program for Physics, and plans on graduating with her Masters Degree in May of 2008. When she is not working or studying, she sings and plays bass guitar in a rock band. Congratulations Katy {jd}

Sarah Goodman

November 2018 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Sarah Goodman is a veteran consultant but anyone on the team will tell you that she is just as bright and bubbly as she was during her first semester at OIT. Sarah has maintained a remarkable consistency in her radiance and willingness to help out patrons day in and day out. Her positive presence is always felt while she is on shift and we have been able to rely on her time and time again in being proactive in her role. We trust her to always reach out to supervisors when necessary. We commend Sarah on her consistency, effectiveness and ability to brighten the day of those around her. She certainly sets the bar high for what we wish to see from all current and future consultants. Please join us in congratulating Sarah on being named a November 2018 Livingston Consultant of the Month! {ss,lw}

Kavitha Gorapalli

November 2000 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Kavitha always arrives early for her shifts and is very committed to her work at the labs. She works hard to solve every user problem to the user's satisfaction, and strives to provide excellent customer service. Kavitha is always cheerful and willing to help both users and her co-workers. {dp,jg}

Holly Gore

Fall 2007 Livingston Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Holly has been working at the labs for nearly two years now and shows on a weekly basis why we chose to hire her in the first place. She is always cheery (even, eerily enough, at 8 in the morning when the rest of the staff is still half asleep!) and full of constructive and helpful ideas for lab operation. Furthermore, Holly is never afraid to speak her mind - if she wants you to know about something you will know about it! Holly has been a Supervisor In Training for almost a full year and is always looking for ways to contribute and learn. She never backs down from any tasks presented to her and is actively seeking new things to do. Whether it's taking care of Statistics submissions, fooling around with the cleaning page, sending out class reminder emails to consultants, or generally helping consultants out by covering shifts last minute; Holly is always on top of her game and makes working at Tillett a fun experience. Holly is a positive example to all the consultants and is always willing to help people out. She has shown a real dedication to the lab, diligence in making sure things are taking care of, and is always thorough. She truly makes working on Livingston a more enjoyable experience. For all these reasons (and many more!), please join us in congratulating Holly Gore as the Livingston Computing Center's Supervisor of the Semester! {ms,lw}

Kyle Gorman

March 2013 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Kyle has been one of our consultants since Spring 2012. Since starting as a member of the NBCS team, Kyle has been a diligent and responsible worker. We can always count on Kyle to help out and cover hard-to-cover shifts. He is fantastic when it comes to helping patrons and has great customer service skills. When things need to be done around the lab, Kyle is the first to volunteer. He is always proactive, friendly, and is a pleasure to work with. In the duration of his time with us, Kyle has been a dedicated co-worker and valuable asset to the NBCS team. {jk}

Tommy Gorman

March 2016 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

The Help Desk is honored to announce Tommy Gorman as our March Level 1 Consultant of the Month! Tommy started with us in the Fall 2015 semester and has consistently gone above and beyond in performing his level 1 duties. Tommy's coworkers and Help Desk users alike have noticed his prompt and courteous service to anyone he is assisting. Tommy is currently a sophomore majoring in Computer Science. When he is not at the Help Desk, you can find him playing trombone in the Marching Band during the football season. During the off-season, you can find Tommy playing Sandbox/RTS (Real-Time Strategy) video games and he is also a Dungeon Master for a game of Dungeons and Dragons! Tommy says the best thing about working at the Help Desk is the people here and the friendships he has made. Congratulations Tommy, and thank you for your continued excellence at the Help Desk! {ep}

Spring 2016 Help Desk Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Tommy Gorman has been chosen as the Help Desk Level 1 Consultant of the Semester! He is continuing his consistent track record of excellent performance, which includes a Customer Service Appreciation Award and recognition as Consultant of the Month for March 2016. He likes to show up to his shifts early, eager to tackle new problems and assist members of the Rutgers community. His ticket writing and attitude are fantastic, but even more notable is his outstanding commitment to customer service – he has received a multitude of merit-worthy incidents after users contacted us to compliment his exceptional support and guidance. This is likely due to Tommy's strongly held belief that consultants should always find a way to empathize with the user, even in challenging situations, because this not only ensures that the user has a better experience but also makes it more pleasant for the consultant assisting them. In fact, one of his favorite memories is a difficult call with a user who was not technically inclined. It took over an hour, but Tommy displayed incredible patience and resolved the user's issue. Their reaction of relief and gratitude was very rewarding and he remembers it to this day. This trend of kindness and friendliness extends to his interactions with coworkers, and he says that the people he works with are his favorite part of the job. However, he also enjoys the technical side of things, and hopes to pursue Network Support certification in the future. He has a diverse array of interests outside the Help Desk, including marching band, Dungeons and Dragons and video games. As far as the latter is concerned, his favorite titles include Portal, Half-Life, and Kerbal Space Program; in general, he likes sandbox and strategy games. He is a computer science major and ultimately hopes to find his calling in that field. Currently, he is enrolled in CS 211 (Computer Architecture), which he says is the most difficult and time-intensive computer science course he has taken so far. However, it is his favorite class, because he enjoys the challenge of learning complex new material. For example, he recently was tasked with creating an emulator for an assembly language, which was a significant undertaking spanning many weeks and requiring a huge amount of effort, but he enjoyed it despite the long hours poured into it and was excited to figure out the many difficult challenges it posed. As explained above, this enthusiasm and determination clearly translates to his work here at OIT. We would all like to thank Tommy for his hard work and his great contributions to the Help Desk! {rc}

Polina Goryunova

September 2014 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

The Help Desk is pleased to announce Polina Goryunova as the Consultant of the Month for September 2014. Polina recently joined the Help Desk as a CIT this past summer. Her superior customer service skills over the last couple of weeks got her promoted to a HD CT. The day after she was trained, she started picking up shifts at the Help Desk. She is always willing to cover shifts and has helped the Help Desk tremendously during the Fall Temporary period. Polina is currently a sophomore majoring in Mathematics and planning to graduate in 2017. Polina loves collaborating with her colleagues who she says are always willing to help. When asked what her favorite part about working at the Help Desk was, she responded, "I love the atmosphere that people create at the Help Desk". We would like to thank Polina for her great customer service skills and all the hard work and effort she has given the Help Desk since arriving here as a CIT. Congratulations on Consultant of the Month Polina! {jp}

April 2015 Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

The ever reliable Polina Goryunova joined the Application Support team back in the Fall of 2014 and since then has continuously shown that her hard-working and driven personality is an ideal fit for the position. Whether it be a major campus-wide Internet outage or a routine console check, Polina is consistently up to the task. During the month of April, Polina used her time in Application Support to assist in following up with hundreds of tickets in our ticketing system. This task requires the type of patience that Polina excels in. She was also responsible for assisting with a critical Old Queens outage. Polina's ambitions extend beyond the limits of Application Support. She has recently been trained as a Network Support Consultant, Escalation Consultant and Supervisor in Training. While Polina enjoys many aspects of her position, her favorite part is working during high action outages and having philosophical conversations with her co-workers. Polina is set to graduate in the Spring of 2017 with a double major in Mathematics and Philosophy. Outside of work, Polina is an active member in the Chess club, Philosophy club and United Scarlet Socialist Revolutionaries. Despite her robust schedule of positions and activities, Polina strives to expand her breadth of knowledge and one day become an Application Support Supervisor. Polina's advice for aspiring or new Application Support consultants is to be attentive and follow your protocol. The Supervisory Staff would like to thank Polina for her excellent job and congratulate her win of Application Support Consultant of the Semester! {em}

November 2016 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Please join us in congratulating Polina on becoming our Application Support Consultant of the Month! As one of the consultants with the most experience working in the machine room, she has a long and consistent track record of great performance which has earned her this award. Since joining OIT in Fall 2014, she has weathered numerous outages, expertly analyzing the situation and handing the necessary reporting and communication; her judgment and ability to stay calm under pressure are crucial elements of being a standout consultant. Not only does she distinguish herself when the going gets tough, but she also goes above and beyond during less eventful shifts. Polina frequently exceeds the minimum requirements by wide margins, following up with dozens of voicemails and reviewing scores of tickets, efforts which do not go unnoticed and which contribute a great deal to ensuring smooth and efficient addressing of users' issues. She also goes the extra mile when answering the phones; despite the often-challenging calls that come after-hours and the smaller pool of coworkers to ask for guidance at those times, she puts a lot of effort into helping the callers find resolutions to a myriad of diverse and sometimes unusual problems. For these reasons and more, she is an invaluable member of the team. Outside of work, she has dedicated herself to spreading education and communism, as she believes the two go well together. She is general secretary of the All Marxist-Leninist Union here at Rutgers, where she recently gave a presentation about futurism in the Soviet Union. She is also involved with many charitable activities through this organization, such as their current campaign to provide warm winter clothes and other essentials to the homeless residents of New Brunswick. In addition to charity, she hopes to also help people through her life's work by becoming a math teacher and helping students gain an understanding of logic and the beauty of mathematics. For this reason, she is a math major (with a double major in philosophy reflecting her diverse interests) and hopes to attend graduate school in pursuit of a degree in education. When she is not working towards these ambitions, she spends her free time reading on trains, romanticizing the idea of reading on trains, and listening to music by her favorite artist, Sonic Youth. We thank Polina for all her hard work and look forward to continuing to work with her! {rc}

Fall 2016 Help Desk Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

We would like to congratulate Polina Goryunova on winning Fall 2016 Application Support Consultant of the Semester! Her record of excellence began in the Fall of 2014, when she joined the Help Desk as a Level One consultant. She quickly rose through the ranks at the Help Desk, earning certifications and promotions, and soon found herself in the position of Application Support Consultant. She thrives in this role, and particularly enjoys assisting users as she finds people and their behaviors intriguing. Although she enjoys interacting with users and befriending coworkers, she also appreciates the opportunity afforded by solitary overnight shifts in Application Support to focus exclusively on a given task. She likes to listen to music all night while she reviews tickets and, during moments of downtime, makes great academic progress solving mathematical conundrums and constructing powerful, elegant philosophical arguments. However, this does not distract her from her mission as an Application Support consultant, and she's dedicated to keeping a watchful eye on Nagios and making sure she remains alert and ready to escalate any issues that may arise to the appropriate parties. Polina carries her industrious attitude with her outside of work as well, double majoring in math and philosophy while conducting independent research in model theory and serving as general secretary of the Rutgers All Marxist-Leninist Union. When she's not engaged in one of these pursuits, she spends her free time reading and listening to music. In particular, she has a great love for realist literature from her home country, Russia; among authors in this genre, Fyodor Dostoevsky stands out as her favorite with works such as Notes from Underground and The Brothers Karamazov. She's also fond of early 20th century constructivist art. More recent works that have captured her interest include the X-Files and the music of Electric Wizard. We are grateful to Polina for all that she does and are happy to have worked with her for another fantastic semester! {rc}

Alana Graham

September 2004 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Alana is a returning Help Desk staff member, and always has an upbeat and constructive approach to work and school. During the challenging move-in times requiring "all hands on deck" to take calls from the residence halls Alana helped keep morale at the Help Desk high, and earned much praise from our users in the Help Desk customer satisfaction surveys. Her supervisors and colleagues find her customer service skillsets exemplary. Alana models maturity and competence whenever she assists Help Desk clientele. A Biological Sciences major (and a minor in Spanish), Alana was born in New York but raised in Newark. She is the second of four children. Her first job was at age 15, working in the Newark Museum's Mini Zoo. That sparked her interest in studying animals. She plans to study ecology in graduate school, with her ultimate goal to become wildlife biologist. Of her job with RUCS, Alana says, "Working at the Help Desk has allowed me to improve a variety of my computer skills, which I believe is very important, considering the way technology is always changing these days. I learn new things every day but the best part of working at the Help Desk is the many great friends that I've made." Congratulations, Alana! {asg, jba}

Fall 2005 Help Desk Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

We asked Alana to tell us a little about herself and thought she said so much so well, we're letting her tell her story:

"I am graduating this semester (January 2006) with a Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences. I will be attending commencement in May 2006. I plan to take off some time to work and pay off at least some of my debt, before applying to graduate school to study Ecology. Thinking about how much I'm going to miss the Help Desk and Rutgers in general almost brings me to tears. I've worked there for two and a half years. I've met lots of great and wonderful people. My customer service skills have most definitely improved! I have also had the privilege of working under such great supervisors. I thank Joe Donato, Rob Bowell, John Abbott, Dan Koft, Chris Jarocha-Ernst, Keri Budnovitch, and Frank Reda. Special thanks to my fellow consultants and the ResNet office staff. We have shared many laughs and great conversation at the Help Desk. I truly think that Help Desk Consultant has to be one of the best jobs on campus! I am going to miss Rutgers terribly but I am looking forward to being home with my family so that I may take on the role of big sister and counsel my two younger siblings who will be in college soon. Also, I can get back into dancing now that school is over. It's time to learn about the real world now. Although I'm sad to leave Rutgers I am looking forward to the next chapter in my life. Thanks to all who made my time at the Help Desk an awesome one."

Thank you, too, Alana! {ag, jba}

Daniel Granda

September 2012 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Dedicated to being excellent at everything he does at the ARC Computer Lab, Dan has always been one of our most reliable consultants. With Dan around, there's not much that requires attention in the lab. It is a given that the printers will have paper, F030 printer errors will be handled without intervention, IML's will be opened, and rounds completed. With a consultant as good as Dan, you'd figure he would win the award much sooner than he did. Dan's much better than that though, and doesn't work as good as he does for the sole purpose of our attention. Dan is subtle but his work ethic does not go unnoticed. Whether he's out on a ResNet ticket or helping a patron at the lab, Dan has always been uncompromising, never accepting anything less than a 100% solution. Daniel is always ready to help patrons and as well as his coworkers. Congratulations on being selected as September Consultant of the Month at Busch! {ak,cw,pp,mc}

Alec Grant

March 2016 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Alec is the silent worker bee of Busch Labs. Without hesitation, Alec would always check if the printers need paper, push in chairs, and check on patrons to see if they need any assistance. He is constantly vigilant about his duties as a consultant and is dependable. Though often seen and not heard, Alec has been well recognized for his continued efforts as a lab consultant. He is always being proactive and displaying good customer service. He keeps a keen eye for anything that's unusual in the lab and handles the situations properly; he further provides very detailed logs of what's going around the lab. Thank you for always being proactive and being a great consultant, Alec. {dfd,ps}

September 2016 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

In addition to his great work year-round, Alec has proven himself as an especially valuable ResNet Dispatch consultant this past summer and month. Alec has always showed a particular interest in helping out first year and returning students getting situated with the Rutgers network. He is extremely proactive and is always the first to help out any patron who even utters the words "can't connect to RUWireless." His enthusiasm to help patrons has motivated other consultants to get ResNet Dispatch certified. Alec consistently goes the extra mile, even writing up valuable suggestions on frequently seen ResNet issues. He takes initiative to complete walk-ins even when working consultant shifts at ARC, while still providing excellent customer service in all the normal aspects of a consultant shift. Congratulations, Alec, and thanks for going above and beyond for ResNet Dispatch! {mp,mac,amk}

Alec Grant

Fall 2017 Busch Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Alec Grant is a quiet and unassuming fellow. He is a thoughtful observer. While he is not our most outspoken supervisor, he has made major contributions to the Busch Labs. It has been a while since we have had a supervisor who has made such an impact on what we do on a day to day basis. Alec's contributions to the staff this year will be used for many semesters to come. Alec developed a new lost and found tracker and responder for the Busch supervisors, allowing them to send auto-generated e-mails with a few clicks for lost and found. In addition to that, Alec also developed a shift report tool for our Kessler Lab consultants. This tool has been helping our consultants send in more detailed, organized, and standardized shift reports to the supervisory staff versus the previous method. The best aspect of both these projects Alec completed this semester is that he took it upon himself to start and complete both of them. He was not asked to create these tools. Instead, he saw something that could be improved, did it, and then brought it to the staff once he had something to show us. Alec is definitely talented in developing these tools, but the thing that sets him apart is his proactivity and eagerness to find a solution to a potential problem. On top of his special projects, Alec has also been the go-to supervisor on Busch regarding all things ResNet. He has been a very active member of the ResNet Review Committee, and has done a majority of the ResNet Dispatch trainings on Busch. He was able to smoothly transition our staff from the old method of dispatch training to the new method at the beginning of the semester. Alec works independently but is definitely a team player. He always completes his committee work and follows up on training in a timely manner. If any concerns are brought up within his purview, he usually has already addressed them proactively. You might not know until you ask because Alec doesn't draw attention to himself. He just gets things done and then moves on to his next task. You can depend on Alec to get his tasks done. We recognize Alec's achievements and contributions with the Supervisor Achievement Award for Fall 2017. {al,wll}

Alicia Greulich

October 2013 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Alicia Greulich has been working for Cook/Douglass labs for only two months, but it feels as if she has known the ropes of being a consultant for years. Alicia has an inquisitive nature, which has served her well here. She is not afraid to ask a question whenever she is unsure of something. While Alicia is working, we know that the lab will be running smoothly. She is always on top of her consultant responsibilities such as setting up IMLs on time or making sure that the lab is open and ready for patrons. Even on days when she is not feeling that well, you would never be able to tell because she brings her A game to every shift. Alicia jumps at the chance to help and assist the patrons; she's been known to literally bounce out of her chair because she is so eager to lend someone a hand. Not only is she great with patrons, she also has the ability to brighten up the consultants working with her. She always makes others smile and brings them out of their shells. She also manages to spread her positive energy all over the lab and even took it upon herself to decorate our labs for Halloween. Alicia is the definition of above and beyond, and we are proud and honored to call Alicia Consultant of the Month! {nd}

Lauren Griffin

Fall 2008 Cook/Douglass Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

On the outside, Lauren Griffin demonstrates all the qualities of a good supervisor - she's organized, responsible, on top of her tasks, efficient, good at talking with and helping consultants and her fellow supervisors. Lauren takes it all one step further, which was the important factor when deciding to promote her to Lab Supervisor a few months ago. She has a good handle on what is going on in the labs, and understands what it takes to keep the labs running smoothly. It is clear when discussing issues with Lauren that when she cares about something, she is passionate about it, and she clearly cares about the labs. In contrast to her dedication to keeping the labs in order, she also knows how to bring the lighthearted fun and camaraderie, something that often goes overlooked as a desirable attribute. Pat and I extend our heartfelt congratulations to Lauren. {ss}

Spring 2009 Cook/Douglass Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Stacey and I are pleased and proud to name Lauren Griffin as Supervisor of the Semester for the Cook/Douglass campus. "Griffy" (who also won the award last semester) has continued to show her excellent leadership capabilities during the spring semester. Management has come to expect this from her and she always delivers. Leadership is the most important attribute of a Lab Supervisor. She has earned the respect of her peers and the admiration of her managers. Griffy is by nature a fun loving person, and does a wonderful job creating a light and cheery atmosphere at Loree. But even beyond that, she is diligent in her duties and keeps on top of all of her responsibilities (which are many). Please join us in congratulating Lauren Griffin as Cook/Douglass’ Supervisor of The Semester. (pd)

Jasmine Griffith

September 2018 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Our Application Support consultant of the month for September is Jasmine Griffith! Not only has Jasmine provided stellar assistance within Application Support, she has also received our award for Consultant of the Summer! During her time working Application Support, Jasmine has reported a number of critical devices and effectively handled the reporting procedures. She keeps in consistent contact with supervisors and full-time staff members as well, especially when she is working Email Support where she has been able to effectively provide assistance on both regular and unique issues. Jasmine enjoys working Application Support due to the flexible hours for her unconventional schedule. Between her shifts, you can find her working on her honors thesis in American Studies about Filipina-American caregivers and playing frisbee! We are lucky to have her and appreciate the hand she has provided to other consultants on-and-off-shift. Congratulations again Jasmine! {aa}

Fall 2018 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

We are happy to announce that our consultant for the summer is Jasmine Griffith! All throughout the summer, Jasmine has consistently impressed us with her positive work ethic and her eagerness to help other consultants. Not only has she assisted with emergency coverage regularly, but Jasmine also takes-on additional work by answering numerous emails sent to our Help@OIT inbox. She has also been a valuable addition to the Application Support team and hopes to be a supervisor within the Help Desk so that she may improve her leadership and communication skills. When she's not working hard, she is friendly, open, and kind to the rest of the Help Desk team. One of Jasmine's favorite aspects of the Help Desk is that she appreciates the flexibility that the Help Desk shifts offer. Outside of work, Jasmine focuses on her studies for her senior year as an American Studies and Psychology double major. Some of her personal hobbies include Frisbee, which she is very passionate about, and writing! In her free time, she coaches the Rutgers women's ultimate Frisbee team while interning at the Therapeutic Day Spa. We are more than happy to provide Jasmine with this award, thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the Help Desk! {aa}

Justin Gross

October 2001 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Justin started working for the Help Desk in the summer of 2001 and has been an asset to the operation ever since. We often have to tell him to slow down, because he just has so much information and knowledge to share. He is one of our senior consultants, who have supervisor type responsibilities. In this role, Justin has been exceptional throughout the fall rush of dorm networking calls. We have even received two messages from satisfied users. Justin always seems to go that extra mile. {kb}

April 2003 ResNet Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Since coming over from Level 1, Justin has proven to be one of the most valuable members of the office staff. In addition to working many hours in the basement, Justin has volunteered for field work when there were too many field tickets to handle. He is always on time and willing to take on special assignments in the office. His help following up with virus tickets and tracking down unregistered computers has been invaluable. Justin's customer support skills and helpful attitude have made him an asset to this department. {jw}

Sarah Gross

September 1999 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Sarah performs all consultant responsibilities expected of her, and goes above and beyond those expectations on a regular basis. She is always ready to learn more and uses a variety of resources to resolve computer problems for our users. Sarah is always busy helping users, assisting other consultants, or touring the lab to seek out people who need assistance. {jg}

Matthew Grossi

February 2001 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Matthew has made himself a visible force when on duty. He frequently tours the lab to increase his visibility to the lab's patrons and to remain aware of what is occuring in the lab. He troubleshoots issues and alerts management in a timely fashion of issues that need to be resolved. Matthew's dedication to his duties have been noticed and are appreciated. Congratulations on a job well done and keep up the work. {lw}

Spring 2001 Livingston Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Matthew is being recognized as the Consultant of the Semester for Livingston. He has performed his job exceptionally well. We find him to be professional at all times even under difficult circumstances. Matthew also has a pleasant demeanor which makes him a pleasure to work with as well as be helped by. As a former Consultant of the vMonth, he has continued to perform his duties to the best of his ability. He readily informs supervisors of issues he comes across. And most recently, he helped the management staff prepare documentation for our New Consultant Meeting. On behalf of the Livingston Computing Center, I wish to thank Matthew for all of his hard work and dedication. {lw}

Jenna Grunfeld

March 2011 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Starting just one semester ago, Jenna has become a shining member of the Help Desk team. Her calm and helpful demeanor is an asset to her superior customer service skills. Jenna has received glowing reviews from users that include, "The young lady who helped me was wonderful, patient and very polite. When you look up 'help' in the dictionary, her picture should be there! Thank you!" and "The staff person who handled my call was VERY knowledgeable and was thorough and efficient when it came to resolving my issue." Jenna takes pride in taking quality time to ensure that each user has their issue dealt with, and loves the opportunity the Help Desk gives her to assist her family member and friends with all of their computer problems. She believes patience and politeness is the key to keeping users calm and appreciative. In May 2012 Jenna will be graduating, and looking for a job related to her degree in Journalism and Media Studies with a minor in Cinema Studies and Psychology. For her exemplary consultant skills and positive attitude, we would like to congratulate Jenna on being the Help Desk Consultant of the Month for March 2011. {em}

Daniel Grunwald

March 2013 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

As one of our veteran consultants, Daniel has long been one of our most reliable staff members. He is consistently proactive in alerting the supervisors when there is an issue that needs to be dealt with. He goes above and beyond in carrying out his consultant duties, troubleshooting and fixing machines that have already been marked as down. Daniel also has a unique sense of humor that makes him a delight to work with. For these reasons, we are proud to call Daniel Consultant of the Month. Keep up the great work! {ef}

Steve Grzenda

February 2014 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Steve is a veteran consultant here at Cook/Douglass and really stands out as one of our top consultants. He is a hardworking, energetic person who goes out of his way to make sure the labs run smoothly and that patrons are well cared for. While on shift, he is always willing to help out the supervisors and everyone else by taking supplies and paper to different sites (even in the snow and ice!). Recently, due to weather, there have been a lot of shift and transportation issues; Steve has gone above and beyond to always make it to work on time, and also volunteer to cover for those consultants who have been late due to weather conditions. It is with great pleasure that Steve is awarded Consultant of the Month for February. Congratulations Steve! {as}

Michael Guastaferro

February 2016 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

rom his very first semester, Michael established himself as one of our friendliest consultants. He worked mostly at the satellite sites, so the supervisory team did not see him much, but every single interaction was guaranteed to be a positive one. He was helpful, thorough, and cheerful no matter the time of day or what he was working on. This semester we have gotten the pleasure of seeing him at Loree much more often, and his amazing performance as a consultant has remained consistent. He continually goes above and beyond in his duties, such as when he got permission for the labs to use the student center loading dock for deliveries or when he volunteered to drive paper because the paths were too snow covered to use. Michael is an amazing coworker and an all around great person, so it is our pleasure to present him with the Consultant of the Month Award for February 2016. Congratulations Michael and thank you for all your hard work! {jk}

Andy Guerra

November 2000 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Andy has the dedication to the lab of a veteran consultant. She really pays attention to the details and follows instructions and procedures to the letter consistantly. Andy give as much help off duty as while on duty, and has a knack for helping out the lab by taking the shifts that no one else wants. {ss}

Vincent Guido

February 2004 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Whenever Vinny is on duty, you know that the lab is in good hands. He is always on time for his shifts and is the first to let a supervisor know when there is an issue in the lab. From interacting with users to special assignments from the supervisors, Vinny is always willing to accept whatever task is given to him. His friendly and proactive attitude always sets users and the supervisors at ease. He goes out of his way to make sure that all of a user's issues are taken care of by following up with them after they seek his help the first time. In addition to helping out users, Vinny is always willing to help out his co-workers by constantly taking coverage for them. It's consultants like Vinny that make everyone's work days much more pleasant. {jn, ab}

Fall 2004 College Avenue Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Vincent is by far one of the hardest working and considerate consultants working at College Avenue. His consistent dedication to his work makes him a good example for all his coworkers. Vinny is outgoing, and courteous with users, coworkers, and management alike. Vinny is always on the ball. He takes measures to make sure each and every user feels welcomed in the lab and has a pleasant experience. He can be found enforcing policies, answering all questions and assisting users, coworkers and supervisors whenever the need arises. Vinny is at his best when helping users, always providing insightful answers to even the most difficult technical questions with a positive attitude and great customer service. Vinny is no stranger to the coverage page. He is always picking up extra shifts and staying late to make sure that the lab is not shorthanded. Vinny does everything he can to help the lab. His diligence is unprecedented and he is a great asset to the lab. Thank you Vinny for all your hard work! {sk,mk}

Haig Gulian

February 2014 Operations Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Haig was chosen as the Operations Consultant of the Month due to his exceptional work during the weather disruptions that had hit during the month. Haig was scheduled a few times during which the school was closed due to snow/ice conditions making it extremely hard for him to get to Busch to work his shifts. Instead of being unable to make it or being late due to issues with the busses, Haig routinely arrived early for these shifts because he wanted to be sure he gave himself plenty of time to arrive at work when he was scheduled to. Additionally, during the most recent ice storm, Haig had took care of all the HD/RN/OPs scheduling arrangements that had to be made due to the university closure while no supervisor was on duty. Haig, an IT major graduating this spring, started working as a Help Desk Consultant in Fall of 2012 and was promoted to an Operations Consultant a year ago. After he graduates this spring, he plans to start his career as an IT professional. Congratulations for earning Operations Consultant of the Month Haig! {jd}

Spring 2014 Operations Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Haig Gulian was hired by the Help Desk during Fall 2012. His excellent work at the Help Desk did not go unnoticed and he was quickly approached to train as an Operations consultant in February 2013. His work ethic and attendance have been exemplary, for which he was chosen as February's Consultant of the Month - Operations. Since then, Haig represented the Operations group during the recent New Employee Orientation and gave an interesting and motivating speech. As for his duties and performance as an Operations consultant, Haig is calm under pressure and shows aplomb when reporting server issues and emergencies. One of his most impressive feats occurred during one of the many snowstorms that we had this winter. Haig was in Operations and most of the staff was either stuck on the road in the snow, or digging their cars out. Haig handled the morning attendance phone calls for Operations, Help Desk, and ResNet to determine who was able to make it in and who was not. He also called the entire staff to see if anyone not scheduled was able to cover shifts. He handled a ResNet outage in the midst of all this and then further, he covered part of a morning Operations shift after having completed an overnight! He once again showed poise and initiative and his actions were truly representative of what NBCS looks for in a consultant. Haig is leaving us in May, as he is graduating with a BA in Information Technology and Informatics. While we are sad to see him go, we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. Congratulations, Haig, for winning Consultant of the Semester for Operations! {mb}

Quraish Gunja

November 1999 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Quraish is one of the friendliest consultants you may ever have the pleasure to meet. Even when confronted with the most irate user, Quraish is polite and helpful. He cares about the lab and ensures its smooth operation by constantly touring the lab and ensuring its cleanliness. He recently provided a slew of emergency overnight coverage, and his work record is in excellent standing. {cb}

Spring 2000 Livingston Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Quraish has been an employee with the Livingston Computing Center for a year now and was chosen as a consultant of the month last November. Quraish is one of the friendliest and most reliable members of the Livingston Computing Center staff. Polite, helpful, and dependable are three words to accurately describe his job performance. Quraish can always be counted on to assist the lab patrons in a courteous and professional manner, even if it is at the end of his overnight shift. He was also one of a select few employees to receive an exceptional evaluation this semester. The Livingston managerial team looks forward to having him return in the fall and continue his superb performance. {cb}

Spring 2002 CCF Overall Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Unlike some previous semesters, this selection was an obvious one. It was made unanimously with no debate or contrary feelings. In fact, a diverse group of people were insisting that Quraish was the appropriate choice well before the official process of selection began. This gives you an idea how significant Quraish's contributions to CCF have been in recent months.

Some people are aware that Quraish has been devoted to the Livingston labs for a while now. He quickly proved himself to be an extraordinary consultant, caring about the labs, the users and his co-workers. Since being with us, there was never any doubt as to his technical abilities. However, whereas some people assume a good consultant merely means having appropriate knowledge, it was obvious that Quraish understood that how you provide service is the real key to doing the job well. He not only took every opportunity to properly handle his own interactions with users, but made it a point to suggest changes in procedures and policies to the benefit of all users.

It was this type of approach that lead to him eventually becoming a student Supervisor. All who know and work with Quraish understand that he truly is committed to the Livingston labs. Consultants, other supervisors and his Managers all know they can count on him when they need information, advice or a task to be done. His qualities include being intelligent, good-natured, hard-working and a multitude of other positive traits, but most importantly, he has the one characteristic that really sets off the best CCF workers from all the rest: he feels passionately about all that takes place in the computer centers. He cares.

All this is true. But it is not the reason his selection for this Overall Achievement Award was so easy to make. The fact of the matter is that this semester, Quraish made a major contribution to CCF that affected all the labs. In particular, Quraish was the major developer of the HATS database. This system was used in our recent hiring drive to track, notify and rate the hundreds of people who recently applied to work for us. This task was assigned to him very near to the time that we would actually be using it. It was a major undertaking

involving perfecting thousands of line of code while handling major pressures including the need to complete work by fixed deadlines and the necessity of creating a reliable and efficient system. In particular, Quraish was tackling the unthinkable, programming a new system as it was actually in the process of being used! This leaves zero room for mistake. During the whole process, Quraish had to deal with demands from all directions. Had to interface with the rest of the technical staff so the appropriate resources were available to him, had to respond to the requests of fellow supervisors and managers as they needed changes made, or expressed their displeasure over a missing feature, and most importantly he had to react to the demands being placed on him by a triad of bosses - Jt, Leroy and Cody were all giving him orders. Amazingly, Quraish dealt with all this extremely well. It should be noted, HATS was a success. It properly performed all the tasks we needed it to do. There were no major problems, mistakes or delays. And as a final touch: during the whole period of developing this system, Quraish barely relaxed his attention to his other responsibilities. He stayed right on top of everything else too.

We want to end by mentioning a few special characteristics Quraish has. First of all, there is no doubt Quraish is a competent and dedicated programmer. He was able to take a complex problem, develop a plan of attack and execute it very well. Secondly, considering the pressure Quraish was under, he demonstrated a high level of professionalism. He remained calm throughout. He was extremely patient with the people he had to interact with. He had the wisdom never to panic as he ran across temporary roadblocks; having the confidence to realize he would be able to find a solution.

Lastly, Quraish is always passionate and vocal. He never hesitates to speak his mind. And he often has extremely well thought out points and opinions. Does this mean he is always right? Of course not - none of us are. But it is a tradition within CCF that we completely respect a person who expresses how they truly feel over one who is overly cautious in what they tell us. Criticism can hurt; constructive complaint might become time-consuming. But, we understand that people with passion are demonstrating that they truly care about the labs and want things to be better. Over and over, it is clear that comments coming from the heart often lead to positive changes that otherwise would never take place. There is no doubt, Quraish has been keeping this tradition alive.

All the above is background leading to the only sentiment we really wish to express: "Quraish, we thank you for everything and wish you well in your life."

Spring 2002 Livingston Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Quraish was one of those consultants that you wondered why they never applied to become a supervisor. He always did such an outstanding job as a consultant. He was named Consultant of the Month in November 1999 and Consultant of the Semester for Spring 2000. Quraish was never shy about letting management know when something was wrong. He always voiced his opinion whenever he believed something was not handled correctly or could be done in a better fashion. So after much prodding, we convinced Quraish to apply to be a Supervisor in Training. As a SIT, he continued to impress with his positive outlook and his constant search to make policies make sense. He also displayed an incredible work ethic. As of January 2002, Quraish joined the ranks of management being named an Assistant Lab Supervisor for Livingston. At this time, he also became more engaged with the HATS project. While this would consume a tremendous amount of his time, he continued to perform his other duties well. That was not an easy task as he was charged with handling scheduling for the Livingston Campus among other things. Yet, he always got his work done whether it be assigned duties or project work. Quraish has always impressed. He is a tireless worker who gives nothing less that 110% at all times. He will identify a problem and work on it until a solution is found. He stands his ground when he believes he is right and will acknowledge when he is wrong. He has been an integral part of the Livingston family and will be missed when he leaves. Congratulations Quriash. You have done an outstanding job! {lw}

Michell Gunther

Spring 2000 Livingston Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Michelle has worked at the Livingston Computing Center for seven semesters, the last three of which she has been an Assistant Lab Supervisor. In her tenure at Livingston she has had many responsibilities: coordinating hiring, evaluations, training new employees, and updating the incident tracking system are only a handful of the things Michelle has done. She has also developed many working relationships on Livingston and throughout CCF. This award is well deserved because of her tireless persistence and dedication to the lab and RUCS as a whole. Michelle will be leaving CCF at the end of the semester and her presence on the Livingston Management Team will be greatly missed. We'd like to bid her farewell and wish her luck on her future endeavors. {cb}

Mudit Gupta

November 2002 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

n his first semester with nbcs, Mudit Gupta has proved himself to be an indispensable asset to the computer lab consultants, management and patrons. He is constantly touring the lab and ensuring that there are no user policy violations, while making himself visible to users and answering questions. His smiling face and friendly personality make the most frustrated user calm down. Mudit never shies away from special tasks like taking paper to satellite sites and filling the paper cabinets, and is always the first to volunteer when supervisors need help. Thank you Mudit, we look forward to working with you in the future and keep up the good work. {mk, mb}