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Michelle Ha

September 2013 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Hired by the Help Desk during Spring 2012, Michelle Ha has been a
consultant who has consistently shown the strengths we appreciate in
the position of Help Desk Consultant. Michelle regularly arrives
early to her shifts with her upbeat personality, ready to handle
anything that comes her way. She provides the quality level of
customer service that is appreciated by the callers as proven by the
compliments she receives in HDRT feedback surveys. During the month
of September, Michelle continued to shine as she worked through the
busiest temp period, continuously arriving early to her shifts and
regularly volunteering to take the front station, handling walk-in
users in addition to her call load. Michelle is currently a pharmacy
major expecting to graduate in 2017. The Help Desk is proud to say
Michelle Ha has received Consultant of the Month for September
2013. {vv}

Mehrnaz Habibian

March 2017 Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Mehrnaz joined us in Fall 2016 to quickly rise and become a strong asset to RBHS Newark. A warm smile, a friendly disposition, a thorough knowledge of the lab, and a willingness to lend a hand has made her a terrific addition to the team. She is always ready to assist full-time staff and her fellow consultants by answering questions, taking coverage, and making sure the lab runs smoothly. While her studies with GSBS keep her busy, she keeps a calm disposition, working with students and faculty alike to meet any concerns or assistance as needed. We applaud your efforts, and wish you continued success in your academic aspirations! {eg,ms}

Dan Haefeli

October 2008 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

In the two months that Dan has been working at Tillett, he has proven himself to be an excellent consultant and coworker. Always early to his shifts (to the delight of the consultant he is relieving), Dan is attentive to patron's needs or concerns and he is always eager to assist the other consultants on duty. He never tells a patron that he cannot find the answer to a question and when faced with difficult situations, he handles them with tact and care. Dan never hesitates to ask the supervisors if there is anything he can do to help out, and he is always inquiring about different issues to improve his technical knowledge. We are appreciative of all Dan does to help patrons and ensure smooth operations at Tillett. Congrats! {lg}

Fall 2010 Livingston Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Dan started as a consultant in the Fall 2008 semester. He quickly moved up the ranks, joining the Livingston Computer Labs Management Team as a Supervisor in Training toward the end of his first year working for the labs in the Spring 2009 semester. Early in the Fall 2009 semester, Dan was promoted to Assistant Lab Supervisor. In the nearly 3 semesters that Dan has served in that role, he has progressively taken on more responsibility and an increased leadership role on the Livingston Campus. Early on in his brief management career, Dan jumped head first into a major role for every group in NBCS, handling scheduling for all of the computer labs and dispatch on the Livingston campus. This is one of the most hectic roles, especially at crucial times like the beginning and end of semesters, and during any changes in our regular schedule. Dan has worked hard to ensure all schedules are kept up to date, and that all Livingston staff are informed of any changes or issues with scheduling. It not an exaggeration to say that Dan has scheduling down to a science, and an art form. In addition to his role as primary Scheduling Supervisor, Dan has really stepped up over the Summer and Fall 2010 semesters to train our newest Supervisors in Training in all of their new roles and responsibilities. He has served as a leader to all consultants working on the Livingston campus, staying up to date with all the latest news and trends emerging in the Labs. Among his other responsibilities (consultant reviews, overall supervision of the Labs and consultants), Dan has been instrumental in keeping our rosters and consultant information (in a number of various databases) up to date at all times. In addition to his various roles within the campus, Dan has also served in cross-campus committees. He has represented the thoughts and concerns of the Livingston Management Team on committees such as the NBCS Hiring Committee, as well as participating as one of the supervisors on the Labs Image Testing Committee. This was especially important, as the labs were updating the operating systems on both our Mac (Snow Leopard) and Windows (Windows 7) platforms. Dan's efforts in assisting lab patrons and staff with a friendly and professional attitude, and his teamwork efforts (despite his often corny jokes), strongly support the Mission, Vision, and Values of the Labs and NBCS to provide excellent computer support and customer service in our Labs. For all that (and so much more), we are proud to award Daniel Haefeli the Fall 2010 Livingston Supervisor Achievement Award. Congratulations, Dan! {mk}

William Haesemeyer

February 2015 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

William has truly been a valuable asset to the C/D computer labs during his semester and a half of working here. At the end of last semester he took serious initiative and worked with another consultant to clean out and set up the fish tank at Loree, a task that was daunting to most. He cut through the mildew and stale water smell with a smile on his face, keeping the supervisors informed of his progress the whole time. After successfully cleaning and setting up our tank, he provided the supervisor team with advice on how to get new fish, and continued to give us advice through the spring semester. Besides sharing his fish-related talents with the labs, he also insures the labs run smoothly by providing excellent customer service and helping supervisors with tasks such as bringing supplies and most recently, computers, over to other sites. William's dynamic personality and friendly disposition earned him the title of Consultant of the Month for February 2015. Thanks Williams! {gb}

Spring 2015 Cook/Douglass Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

When asked whose face comes to mind when we think of the Cook/Douglass computer labs, the immediate answer is William Haesemeyer. He is without a doubt the friendliest, happiest, most well-informed consultant at the Cook/Douglass labs. William consistently walks into Loree with a smile on his face. Despite any challenges or issues William faces on shift, the smile never fades. He is the first to offer his assistance to any patron and/or fellow coworker, whether it is called up or voluntary. In addition to consistently being cheery and helpful, William is always well informed. He voluntarily educates himself on information to make himself and other consultants as prepared as possible for any issues they may encounter on shift. William is very aware of his surroundings and patrons' questions never go unanswered when he is on duty. He keeps the labs in mind at all times, even when he is not working. For example, when the computer labs were having internet issues one day, he suggested an alternate technique and posted about it in the Cook/Douglass consultant Facebook group to help out his fellow coworkers. William efficiently communicates his ideas so that all appropriate parties are reached. In addition to the aforementioned above and beyond behavior, William has a tendency to tackle tasks that are daunting and demanding, such as cleaning/setting up the fish tank and going to all three satellite sites in one shift. William's enthusiasm for the well being of all components of the Cook/Douglass labs is why we are proud to give him the Consultant Achievement Award. Thank you William! {gb,rt}

Madison Hagar

September 2012 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Madison has only been working with us a short time, and she already fits in great! She's helpful and friendly, and willing to lend a hand where she can, having already brought a cart of supplies over to the Library when they were low. She comes into work in a good mood and ready to help patrons, and shows a genuine excitement to be working with us. She's been very much on top of her duties and brings a great personality to the labs which makes her wonderful to work with, and that makes her very approachable to the patrons too! It's great to see a new consultant becoming a big part of the team here on Cook/Douglass, and we're all looking forward to having her with us this year. Congrats Madison! {ab}

Chris Haines

November 2004 ResNet Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Continuing his duties this semester, Chris Haines has put himself forward, looking for more responsibility while excelling in his duties in the field. He has also helped find solutions in his new role in the office. Eager to help, Chris maintains an atmosphere of light-hearted, easy going professionalism. To add to this, Chris continues to look for more opportunities within his interests and expertise, and to further his own education as well as the goals of ResNet. He is ambitious and creative in his programming, administrative and support solutions. Chris' ready aid has helped his coordinators tremendously this month in resolving problems on the College Avenue Campus. {se}

Zenon Halatyn

April 2010 Operations Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Zenon began working with Operations in November of 2008 and has since really enhanced his skills as an Operator. In his usual quiet demeanor, Zenon performs his duties in a thorough and attentive manner, always making sure that console checks, e-mails and EOS reports go out when warranted. During the past semester he has consistently volunteered to pick up pay checks as well as other tasks to assist the supervisory team. On a typical Sunday, you can find Zenon out riding his bicycle across New Jersey and into Pennsylvania as practice for his Biking tournaments. His love for sports shines even within the office where he discusses details of current games with other co-workers. We'd like to thank Zenon for his dedication and congratulate him on receiving this award! {fd}

Hadi Halim

April 2008 Operations Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Hadi Halim has been an operations consultant since September 2007. When Hadi first started, he took to his new role like a fish to water, as he did with every position he's had here at NBCS. This includes CAC Lab consultant, Helpdesk consultant, and student assistant for help@eden. At one point, he even managed all of those positions at the same time, in addition to his difficult academic responsibilities. Hadi is currently a senior in Mechanical Engineering, and will continue on as a graduate student in the fall. Hadi has a very friendly disposition and is always a joy to work with. He is always asking questions to better himself as a consultant and to gain a better understanding of how our operation works. He continuously helps out with coverage needs and is always on top of work related things. Thank you, Hadi, for all your hard work and congratulations! {wa}

Mustafa Hammam

April 2016 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Upon entering the Help Desk in Fall 2015, Mustafa quickly excelled in performing the responsibilities of a Level 1 Consultant. His desire to learn combined with his eagerness to take on more responsibility led to his promotion to a Level 2 Consultant before the end of his first semester with the Help Desk. Mustafa often arrives early to his shifts and is eager to help his fellow consultants and users alike. He recently took on even more responsibility and joined Application Support where he can continue to learn and help our after hours users with the variety of issues that they face. Mustafa aspires to become a Supervisor here at the Help Desk. When Mustafa is not engaged at the Help Desk, he can be found at Werblin Recreation Center, achieving a multitude of lifting goals and striving to become stronger. In addition, he is an avid musician; Mustafa frequently enjoys jam sessions on his guitar and drum set. Congratulations Mustafa on being the Level 2 Consultant of the Month and thank you for being such a great asset to the Help Desk! {jr,kt}

Babette Hammerling

February 2010 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

If you've worked any shift with Babette Hammerling, then you know why she has been awarded Consultant of the Month. She is always helping patrons with printing issues, asking if stats were taken, and consistently doing rounds. Her attention to detail is equally matched with her eagerness to help a patron when they're in a bind. If she comes off as quiet, it's only because she's thinking about when her next round needs to be done. Someone once said that "silence is golden", but they never met Babette, because in her case, silence would be PLAT-NUM. Well, Babette isn't exactly silent, but in her brevity, she's also accurate, which is an awesome thing. Combine this with a first-rate work ethic, and you've got a super friendly and infinitely helpful consultant. {cf,kp}

Vennae Hammond

November 2007 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Vennae is a joy to work with. Her positive attitude is what gets many of us through the day. Even when enforcing policy, she remains polite and displays great customer service skills. She has progressed in both her technical knowledge and in her understanding of the job. She is a dedicated employee and has shown great signs of growth and improvement over the past few months. We always look forward to working with Vennae and appreciate the hard work she does each and every shift. Congratulations on being named a Livingston Consultant of the Month for November. {ws,lw}

Syed Hamza

Fall 2001 College Avenue Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Syed Hamza has been a great consultant ever since he was hired for the Fall 2000 semester. He always comes to the lab ready to work and with energy and enthusiasm. Syed consistently strives to make sure each user gets all the attention they need to help them complete their work. At the beginning of this semester, he helped the CCF-CAC Management team with student information sessions, make account sessions, and orientations. Despite the long, grueling nature of these sessions, Syed maintained his pleasant disposition throughout. Syed always puts the needs of the lab first. On a number of occasions, he volunteered his time to help while the lab was understaffed. Syed's efforts in assisting the lab users with a friendly and professional attitude, and his teamwork efforts, strongly support CCF's Mission, Vision, and Values to provide excellent computer support and customer satisfaction in information technology. {mk, jg}

Spring 2003 College Avenue Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

The College Avenue Campus is pleased to select Syed Hamza as the Supervisor of the Semester for the Spring 2003 semester. During the past semester, Syed truly stepped forward as a leader, organizer, and mentor for the CAC consultants, as well as the other supervisors. His most visible achievements were his strong organization skills and leadership through the hiring process. Syed stayed at the lab on many late nights reviewing and processing applications into HATS. He scheduled nearly all of the interviews, conducted many of them, and kept track of each person's status. In addition to hiring, Syed has been great about completing consultant observations and showing consultants how to better do their job when they need help. Syed regularly updates lab signs in an effort to keep lab patrons current on rules and regulations, and clarify any areas of confusion in our policies. Syed is also responsible for handling repair issues, updating staff webpages, maintaining cards and labels for lab machines and auditing staff machines. He consults when needed and never turns away a user in need of an answer (or a password change). Syed has been a fine example to consultants. He exemplifies the Mission, Vision, and Values of our organization by providing excellent leadership and customer service in his position, by fostering teamwork, and exuding professionalism at all times. His dedication and hard work have been key factors in the smooth operation of CAC. Thanks Syed! {mk}

Fall 2003 College Avenue Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Syed has worked on many projects this semester to help make the College Avenue labs run smoothly. Most prominently on our campus, Syed was responsible for repair. Repair issues were addressed almost immediately by Syed this semester, and he followed up with netops and NICR constantly. Syed worked hard to build a good working relationship with groups involved in repair, and the labs had very few, if any, machines down at one time. Syed was also completely on top of his consultant evaluation duties throughout this semester. He was always the first supervisor to meet his evaluations goals, and also helped other supervisors meet theirs. On a cross-campus level, Syed taught four consultant classes this semester: Introduction to Networking, Intermediate Networking, Introduction to Adobe GoLive, and Intermediate Adobe GoLive. The classes received excellent reviews from consultants who attended them, and were clearly a success. Lastly, Syed addressed most of the problem user issues that arose at our labs. He often emailed users who broke policies to remind them of the rules and offer suggestions for the future. When he was at the lab, Syed made himself available to users, consultants, as well as his co-workers on the management team to help out in any way he could. He is someone the staff feels comfortable going to if they have a problem or a question, and provided exceptional leadership for our campus this semester. {jh}

Sean Hanrahan

Spring 2005 ResNet Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Sean has a quiet longevity with ResNet, and this semester's work has been nothing short of amazing. This semester, Sean worked as Assistant Area Coordinator on the Busch campus, and has also taken many tickets on other campuses. Between Sean and his Area Coordinator, the Busch Campus is always very well run. In addition to helping manage the Busch campus staff, he located and disabled rogue DHCP servers. Sean works independently on his projects, and is careful not to take on more than he has time for with his busy class schedule. This semester, Sean created a media-wiki for the ResNet Techdocs, and worked on that project throughout the semester with little to no guidance from his managers. When he says he is going to do something, he takes care of it as planned and does not require further prompting. Sean also participated in consultant training by teaching a section of the training session, and always volunteers to help out both his co-workers and his managers. He also participated in the annual hiring drive for the first time, and did an excellent job with it. Sean is an exemplary coordinator and employee of ResNet, and we are thrilled to select him for the Coordinator of the Semester award for Spring, 2005. {jh,bb}

Kashfia Haque

October 2013 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Kash is a friendly face here in the Busch Labs and has contributed so much to NBCS during her time here as a consultant. Not only does she set a model for new consultants to follow, she always takes an extra step to make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible. She is always willing to help out her fellow consultants. Especially the new consultants who had questions and were trying to adjust to working here. Kash is also not afraid to tell the management when something isn't right, providing great insight and feedback about any issues present in the lab or within our policies and procedures. Additionally, she loves organizing fun social events outside of work, and makes everyone feel as though they are a part of the NBCS family. This award symbolizes our appreciation for the work she's put into the position, from the managers and supervisors at Busch, thanks and congratulations! {ck,ss,ko}

Victoria Hardy

November 2018 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Victoria has been an amazing asset to the Busch team. While on shift, she performs her duties almost completely autonomously and leaves us detailed shift reports of her diligence and observations. Whether it is opening the lab, performing subtle consultant duties that aren't normally required, or assisting patrons effectively, she has learned and grown at an astounding rate. After all her consultant duties are performed and every patron is helped, consultants and supervisors are often found enjoying cheerful conversations with Victoria. Her personality and demeanor fosters a very friendly and relaxed work environment, and it most certainly has influenced patrons and fellow co-workers alike. We are grateful to have such a reliable and personable consultant on our team. Thank you for being such a valuable consultant, Victoria, and congratulations! {ls,jmo}

Nikhil Harmalker

September 2011 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Nikhil just joined the Livingston team this semester and has been wowing us from the start. Over the summer, he took the initiative to get ResNet Dispatch Certified and has been a great asset to us. He consistently uses his skills to quell the fears of dorm residents by battling malicious viruses, troubleshooting network issues, and any other problems that may arise. He rarely requires assistance but when he encounters a conundrum, he knows exactly which questions to ask to get the issue resolved. In the Lab, he is always quick to aid a patron, whether it be with Powerpoint, printing, or PDFs. Nikhil has also helped us on numerous occasions by staying beyond his own scheduled shift to fill in gaps, as well as to take countless coverages. His friendly personality makes him easy to work with. He has proven himself to be reliable and we look forward to his continued presence in the labs. Please join us in congratulating Nikhil Harmalker on being named a Consultant of the Month for September 2011! {tt,by,lw,LW}

Fall 2011 Livingston Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Nikhil has consistently gone above and beyond his duties as a consultant. He recently showed impressive initiative when he wrote a program that makes consultant logins more efficient. He has also demonstrated exceptional service by staying past the end of a ResNet shift to help a user. In addition to the many coverages he has taken over the semester, he has greatly helped the lab by taking multiple overnight shifts. We know we can always count on Nikhil to be friendly and helpful to patrons and to share his knowledge with fellow consultants when needed. Thanks for all your hard work, Nikhil! Congratulations on being named the Fall 2011 Consultant of the Semester for Livingston. {by,lw}

Payton Harmon

October 2017 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Since joining us in Fall of 2016, Payton has been an excellent consultant with a beaming attitude that brightens up the day of both her coworkers and visitors to the lab alike. This year, she recently acquired her ResNet certification and started off her ResNet career with SWAT, where she left all the people she helped with smiles on their faces. Her friendly countenance instantly makes people feel at ease, and she's always willing to do anything she can to make the people around her feel better. Even when she isn't strictly on shift, she helps out patrons in the lab with her top-notch customer service skills and her shining temperament. During SST, Payton took charge to make new consultants feel comfortable and willfully shared her experiences to lighten up the atmosphere. While on shift, she's always first to volunteer for projects and takes her work in stride. Overall, Payton is definitely a notable positive presence at the Cook/Douglass Computer Labs, and thus, it is our honor to announce Payton as one of our Cook/Douglass Consultants of the Month for October! Congratulations, Payton! {ec}

Alexander Harrison

November 2008 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

As long as we have been working with Alexander Harrison at Loree, he has shown an incredible and outstanding ability to rise above the minimum expected responsibilities of a lab consultant. Alex was selected as Consultant of the Month because he is always up and about doing rounds and helping patrons. He is always aware of extenuating circumstances in the lab and will constantly do everything in his power to drive the lab towards providing a better customer service experience. There have even been times when Alex has pointed out issues that the Supervisors had overlooked and would have otherwise been unaddressed. Alexander is the paragon of what management looks for in a good lab consultant, so please join us in congratulating him on his exceptional work around Loree. {rf,kk}

Fall 2008 Cook/Douglass Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

All semester, Alexander Harrison has demonstrated a consistent and unwavering work ethic. Always a team player, Alex goes out of his way to help another consultant with any issues they may be facing. His customer service is outstanding, as he optimizes his technical skills to better serve the patrons of the labs where he works. Selected as November's Consultant of the Month, Alex has lived up to the title, continuing to work hard and demonstrated real dedication to his position. Never shying away from a tough question or tricky situation, Alex exemplifies all the qualities we ask for in our employees, and then some. Thanks for all your hard work, Alex, and congratulations from all of us! {sr}

Joel Harrison

October 2009 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

This is Joel's first semester working at the College Avenue Computer Lab. He has made quite an impression during his short time here. When Joel is on duty, one can be assured that the lab is in good hands. He is a consultant who is very proactive when it comes to keeping the lab neat and customer service friendly. It is very rare that you will see Joel in his chair at the consultant station, because he is very approachable and outgoing with all the patrons that he encounters. His ability to troubleshoot and handle difficult situations has made him the model consultant for others to look up to. It is refreshing to see a consultant who is constantly looking to improve on their technical competence. It is for these reasons that we are proud to announce Joel Harris as one of College Avenue Computer Lab's Consultant of the Month! {bo}

Tristan Harrison

November 2017 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Tristan was promoted to consultant at the College Avenue Computer Labs this Fall. He has certainly become one of our most reliable and trustworthy consultants! We can always count on Tristan to complete his rounds, maintain the upkeep of the labs, and let supervisors know immediately if there is a problem within the labs. He is frequently the first to step up and assist a patron, even with difficult situations. Tristan's work ethic and exceptional customer service skills make him a valuable asset on College Avenue. Tristan sets a good example in Labs by doing his job thoroughly. Thank you for all your hard work this past semester, we are looking forward to continuing to work with you! {ck}

April 2018 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Tristan Harrison has quickly become an invaluable asset to the College Avenue Labs. Tristan is a reliable consultant who puts forth the upmost effort in the workplace. Tristan exemplifies the qualities management looks for in an ideal consultant. He regularly comes to work with a positive attitude and performs every aspect of the job in a thorough manner. Tristan's dedication to the job is quite admirable. He keeps the Lab neat by consistently pushing in chairs and keeping the printers full of paper and toner. Tristan's work ethic is one that consultants should strive to emulate, because of how he conducts himself. All of the supervisors hold Tristan in high esteem and are confident with his abilities to handle a multitude of situations. We are proud to announce Tristan Harrison as College Avenue's Consultant of the Month! {jk}

Aasha Haryani

November 2007 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Although this is her first semester working here at the labs, Aasha has already proven herself to be a reliable, helpful, and extremely proactive worker. She often helps out with extra tasks without being asked and takes lots of coverage. She is a dependable Loree opener and can handle lots of patrons easily by herself at busy times. Her wacky sense of humor helps keep the atmosphere at Loree light. Please join us in congratulating Aasha, Halloween's "crazy cat lady," in being selected for this honor. Thanks Aasha, and keep up the great work! {lo}

Luma Hasan

November 2014 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Luma has been doing a fantastic job as a consultant. She started working at the labs in the Fall of 2013. Since then, Luma has been one of our most reliable and dedicated consultants. This semester she has been very dependable and has shown a willingness to go above and beyond the traditional role of lab consultant. There was a recent situation in the lab where a patron required medical attention. Luma was quick to assess the issue and contact the emergency services. Luma was also of great help to College Ave over this past summer working emergency coverages, helping with Fall preparations and doing extensive lab cleanings. Because of all of this, we would like to honor Luma with Consultant of the Month. {jk,cb}

Tom Hasard

October 2006 ResNet Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Tom joined the ResNet team in Fall 2006 and immediately demonstrated superior troubleshooting strategy and exceptional work ethic. Tom communicates well with coworkers and users alike, ensuring a timely resolution to even the most difficult problems. He repeatedly volunteers to assist with special projects on his campus, including switch work. Tom's advanced technical knowledge combined with his customer service skill set have made him a valuable and respected member of our organization. {js}

Shah Hashmi

February 2008 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Shah Hashmi has been a model consultant since day one. He actively seeks to help those in need of assistance and never falters when faced with a difficult problem. He has a contagious energy that is inspiring to both patrons and staff. Shah is consistently involved with the lab; be it beautifying the walls during an overnight or offering to help cover an open shift. His take charge attitude and inclination for learning has led him to become an invaluable member of the Livingston Team. Thanks so much! {hg}

Qasim Hassan

February 2018 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Qasim has manifested the capacity to go above and beyond obligatory consultant duties. This manifestation is especially prevalent when the lab needs coverages for shifts. Whenever we expect a closing, an opening, or a back-to-back shift to not get covered, Qasim shatters our expectations. He has single-handedly made an impact on helping the supervisor team staff our labs across all satellite sites, and at all times. Outside the realm of shift coverages, Qasim does a fantastic job managing his consultant duties while on shift. He remains diligent all throughout his shift, always finding issues to resolve or things to improve on - all of which he never hesitates to communicate to our supervisor team. Not only does Qasim support his fellow consultants by picking up coverages, but is always a friendly face in the consultant station. His presence is always welcoming to any patron asking for assistance or any consultant looking for a friendly conversation. His hard-working attitude and customer service skills make him a role model consultant for those around him. We are incredibly grateful to have him on the Busch team! Thank you and congratulations, Qasim! {ls,jmo,mwa}

Samuel Hauser

Fall 2009 Busch Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Nearly every single patron that walks in to the Busch labs knows Sam Hauser. Whether it's his hair or his personality that makes him so recognizable is up for debate. Sam is so friendly and so earnest. When you speak to him, he gives you his full attention. Sam's gregariousness has helped make the Busch labs a friendlier, more welcoming place. Sam has never walked to a shift as a consultant or a supervisor without a smile on his face and a "ready to take on the world" attitude. He is always ready to help people, whether it's taking paper to LSM or helping a consultant learn something new. Often working in the evenings, Sam makes sure that the lab is taken care of, from down machines to being in the consultant station to observe consultants. Sam is easy to talk to and has become a confidant for many of the Busch consultants. His care and concern for consultants is evident in the issues he brings to the managers. He wants to ensure a good working environment for all. His enthusiasm for his job has spread to the other people that he works with, both supervisors and consultants alike. Throughout his time as a supervisor, Sam has made sure to learn as much as he could about the tasks that he was assigned. As he has changed duties, made sure that the supervisor who took on the responsibility had all of the training he could provide to prepare them for the task. Sam's attitude, love for his job and energy are just some of the reasons why we name Sam Hauser as the Busch Supervisor of the Semester. {wll,mnb}

Brian Havens

September 2015 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

As a newly minted consultant, Brian Havens has adjusted so quickly to the labs that he could easily be mistaken for a veteran consultant. His welcoming demeanor in combination with his proactive personality make it easy for patrons and his fellow consultants alike to ask for help. He always comes to work with a positive attitude and has an excellent work ethic. He has taken to his position with an incredible gusto and continues to go above and beyond his responsibilities as a consultant. His notifications about issues affecting the lab are always immediate, well written, and informative. In the back office, we have already received ample ideas from him on how to improve different processes in the lab. Overall, Brian is a powerhouse of a consultant, and we are very happy to have(ns) him! Thanks, Brian! {mp,ap,dd}

September 2016 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

We are proud to award Brian the Level 2 Consultant of the Month award for September 2016! Brian started working for the Help Desk during the summer doing Summer Surveys. He quickly rose through the ranks and became a Level 2 Network Consultant this September. Brian has shown that he goes above and beyond the duties of a Level 2 consultant. Brian is often covering shifts, helping out fellow consultants and volunteering to sit at the front station. He is one of the more technical Network Support consultants because Brian has the opportunity of working in the Busch Labs as a Dispatch consultant. In Brian's free time he plays the video game Overwatch with some other consultants in the Help Desk, and he claims to be pretty good himself! Brian is a great consultant to work with because he regularly makes sure his fellow consultants enjoy their shifts. Keep up the great work Brian! Congratulations! {sa}

Fall 2016 Busch Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

The Busch Supervisory team is more than lucky and grateful to have Brian Havens as a part of our staff. This is Brian's second year working at Busch, but his knowledge exceeds his time as a member of the Busch Consultant team. When he first joined, he contributed a great part to making Busch a more friendly and an enjoyable environment to work. On top of being a living version of the consultant manual, he also goes above and beyond to take coverages. This genuine helpfulness extends to the supervisor team, as he is always the first to volunteer to do a task or offer to help in any time of need. Brian is always suggesting new things to change work flow for both patrons and consultants. After working this past summer at Help Desk, the knowledge Brian had gained was exceptionally helpful during the beginning of this semester. When he's not in the lab, he plays a ghost-like presence as he is very active on our communication channel Slack. He is usually the first person to respond to any fellow consultants' questions with his wide breadth of knowledge about anything Lab related such as closing procedures or RBHS poster printing. But beyond all of this, Brian is the most genuine and brightest personality at ARC. He always stays positive and is the first to volunteer when a patron comes up with a question. He is always in a great mood and makes silly jokes while on shift. His presence is always known when he is working and from the first encounter to the last, he has left the most personable impression on every person - whether student, faculty, consultant, or management member - that he works with. Brian brings a more than delightful aura to the Busch Computer Labs and again the Busch Supervisory team is fortunate to have Brian a part of our staff. Congratulations on being chosen as the Consultant of the Semester for Fall 2016, Brian! {mp,mf}

Fall 2016 Help Desk Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Brian is an amazing consultant and an extremely valued member of the OIT Help Desk. We are pleased to award him the Level 2 Consultant of the Semester award for Fall 2016. Brian regularly gives 110% when it comes to the tasks he takes on at the Help Desk, and this is also reflected by his past awards. Brian has grown a great deal at the Help Desk since starting this summer as a Level 1 Consultant doing Summer Surveys. He is now a Level 2 Consultant trained for both Application Support and Network Support. Brian's continued enthusiasm for the job has made working with him extremely enjoyable – he knows how to have fun at work while still being productive. Through the semester Brian has repeatedly demonstrated his willingness to help out his fellow consultants with anything from walk-ins to difficult calls to Help@ emails. These things are all important characteristics we look for in our consultants, and they are all things at which Brian excels. Congratulations one more time, Brian – you deserve it! {sa}

Lorraine Heater

February 2004 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Now in her second year as a consultant Lorraine has consistently displayed excellence in her abilities to do a great job. While most people are in their beds still sleeping you can usually find Lorraine up at seven in the morning at C4 carrying out her consultant duties five days a week. She is a pleasant person to work with and very user friendly. When asked to do a favor for a supervisor she doesn't hesitate to go above and beyond what she is asked to do. Along with her great customer service skills she also has displayed proficient technical competence across all platforms. We are pleased to have Lorraine on our team and we thank her not only for her efforts this month but also her efforts throughout the semester. {jn,ms}

Nicole Heimbach

September 2015 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Since the beginning of the temp period, Nicole has worked hard to assist users calling the Help Desk. Her hard work, enthusiasm to resolve the issues, and work ethics have helped in providing excellent customer service to the users of the university. She is punctual, attentive, and proactive in her role as a consultant. Nicole portrays dedication to providing the utmost customer service to not only any users who need assistance, but also to her fellow consultants with her own experience. Nicole expects to graduate in May 2017 with dual majors in Computer Science and Psychology. She is passionate about her studies and wishes to specialize in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Security. In addition to her academic obligations, her aim is to dedicate her hard work to the Help Desk and she would love to be promoted as a Level 2 Network Support or Application Support consultant. Nicole enjoys and appreciates the beauty of creative art and sees herself as an author in about 10 to 15 years. Nicole has visited the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art a couple of times, but would still be delighted to visit the museum again, because she feels that the beauty of a museum never dies! Nicole is valuable consultant of the Help Desk and we would like to congratulate her. Thanks for being an awesome consultant Nicole! {na,ah}

April 2017 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

We are proud to award Nicole Heimbach the title of Application Support Consultant of the Month! Nicole has been working for the Office of Information Technology since Fall 2015. She is currently a Help Desk Level 2 Consultant with a certification in Applications Support; she is also trained in Network Support. Her hard work and dedication can be seen throughout her efforts over the past two years. Nicole has reported numerous issues that have arisen in the Hill Center machine room. She has handled these high-pressure situations with ease and incredible attention to detail. Nicole is also known for being punctual, attentive, and proactive in her role here at the Help Desk. She will be graduating this semester with a dual degree in Computer Science and Psychology as well as a minor in Japanese. In the future, she is interested in using computational neuroscience to study diseases, particularly their progression. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys playing video games, admiring creative art, and writing her own fiction. It has been a pleasure having you here with us; we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Congratulations, Nicole, and thank you for all your hard work! {ro,ah}

Matthew Helle

February 2007 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Matt has only been working at Busch for a little over a semester now and he has already made an impact on the lab. It is not easy tasks to stand out from the 70+ consultants at Busch, not to mention when you are pretty new to the job. Matt is simply one of the good guys. Matt has always been one to call asking if there were any shifts that needed to be covered. Whether he's in the consultant station at ARC or at LSM, he can be trusted and counted on to do a good job- from reporting low supplies to a problem with the printers or machines. He's a shrewd thinker and when he reported problems to us, he always included a suggested solution, (which usually was the best solution). Matt even saw that we needed help covering the overnights and decided to pick one up permanently. Matt has truly been a stand out consultant, not to mention he's pretty friendly too, since the day he has started here. His upbeat attitude and his willingness to help out, among other things, have made him a favorite among the supervisors, fellow consultants and even lab patrons. These are just some of the reasons we have voted Matt Helle a Busch consultant of the month. Congrats Matt! {kp,jm,mnb}

Andy Henriquez

September 2016 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Andy Henriquez started working at the Help Desk in late September 2015 as a work-study consultant. Since then, he has continually brought out an energy so infectious, the entire room takes notice. Currently, Andy is majoring in Computer Science and Information Technology and Informatics. From the beginning, Andy had the goal of becoming an Application Support Consultant, and this summer he was able to obtain his goal. Without skipping a beat, he has already proven to be very reliable in the face of multiple issues happening at once. He handles issues with confidence and has covered shifts like there is no tomorrow. The few times Andy is not spotted in the Help Desk, he can be found online playing Overwatch or attending the Rutgers Salsa club. Andy's advice to his fellow consultants would be to always strive to be the best. Congratulations, Andy, on becoming the Application Support Consultant of the Month! {seb}

Tiffany Herbert

March 2012 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Over the past two semesters, Tiffany has proven to be a steady and reliable consultant. Mostly working at Loree, she is always on top of her duties and is a model consultant. It's s about time she gets some recognition! On days when she has particularly long shifts with other consultants, scheduling supervisors can often see entire blocks of stats taken by Tiffany. Though she may not be the most outspoken of consultants, Tiffany is consistent in that she is always willing to volunteer for special projects and helps us out tremendously by taking coverages. It's a pleasure to name Tiffany as the Consultant of the Month. Congratulations! {hl}

Spring 2012 Cook/Douglass Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Tiffany started working as a consultant with us this Fall and has proven to be an outstanding and hard-working employee. She is always ready with a smile on her face to assist anyone in need, whether they are patrons or her fellow consultants. She is a responsible and reliable person who can be counted on keep on top of her duties. She is always willing to help out in a pinch, especially when it comes to covering open shifts. Always amicable and personable, Tiffany has made many friends at the labs, and many can vouch for her willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. She is always thoughtful, putting others before herself. Once, she even came in early to relieve a consultant from his morning shift since he had been working an overnight right before that. By consistently taking coverage and volunteering for special projects, she has become one of the most dependable consultants on Cook/Douglass. As Tiffany graduates this May, we are sad to see one of our favorite consultants leave, but we wish her all the best in her future endeavors. It is a pleasure to award Tiffany the Spring 2012 Achievement Award. Congratulations, Tiffany, you deserve it! {yp,rs}

Javier Hernandez

September 2013 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Javier just joined us this Fall semester and has already shown us that we made the right decision promoting him to a Lab Consultant. He is amiable and definitely approachable by patrons and staff. Those who have had the opportunity to work with him, have an enjoyable time at work, while maintaining professionalism. Javier has demonstrated the traits of a good consultant: resourcefulness, punctuality, attentiveness, and follow through on situations. He is patient and always willing to help patrons out when there is an issue. He never resorts to saying, "I don't know. Javier will find the answer, one way or another. He has stepped up to the plate, continuously pushing to learn as much as possible on each shift. His warm, welcoming manner and engaging humor brings a pleasant atmosphere to us all. An all-around good consultant, his presence at the lab does not go unnoticed. Please join us in congratulating Javier Hernandez on being named September 2013 Consultant of the Month for Livingston Campus. {jh,lw}

Andrew Hernandez

March 2018 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Andrew has become an integral part of our team on Busch. His calm, collected attitude, strong technical knowledge, and attention to detail make him really stand out, especially when he's helping patrons with ResNet issues. He always addresses patrons' issues with care and takes extra steps to understand complicated issues. When he is not handling walk ins, he can be seen around the lab checking on machines and diligently fulfilling his many consultant responsibilities. This is also where Andrew shines. Not only is his ability to fulfill all of his duties while on shift unparalleled, his attentiveness and keen discernment most certainly stands out. Andrew will take note of the slightest details, such as problems with the lab, lab machines, or even minor changes that he picked up on, and rightfully report them to the supervisor team. Additionally, he frequently goes out of his way to help us with coverages, even with filling quite unpopular shifts such as extremely early openings. In this way, he has been a tremendous help to the supervisor team! We are very glad to work with someone as dependable and dedicated as Andrew. Congratulations, Andrew, and keep up the great work! {nm,ls,jmo}

Reinier Herrera

April 2018 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Since joining the C/D team in the Fall, Reinier has proven to be an exceptional and hard-working consultant! With his proactive attitude and attention to detail, he is consistently seen helping patrons who are having issues or troubleshooting printers and other lab supplies that are not functioning properly. Regardless of the shift, Reinier is always seen smiling and engaging in conversation with his fellow coworkers. On numerous occasions, we have received positive feedback from other consultants regarding his friendly personality and great work ethic. He also never hesitates to complete extra tasks for the supervisors and has covered numerous shifts throughout the semester. Reinier successfully became ResNet Certified this semester and has assimilated well into the position and the added responsibilities that it entails. During his walk-in shifts on Fridays, he is always ready to tackle any patron requests that he is faced with. When dealing with unusual tickets, or ones that require supervisor escalation, he always makes sure to be attentive and ask questions so that he would know what to do the next time that issue pops up. Keep up the amazing work you have been doing, Reinier, and congratulations! {rc,bf}

Madeline Herring

September 2014 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Madeline has been a wonderful consultant for College Ave, so it is no surprise that she is winning consultant of the month! Since becoming a member of our team last fall, she has continuously exceeded our expectations as a consultant. Maddie always has great ideas for the supervisor staff to make the work environment better. Her suggestions, particularly at the remote sites, have made operating the lab much easier. Moreover, she is always willing to help new members of our staff become more acquainted with working at the lab and meeting new people. Maddie recently became a ResNet dispatch consultant and her efforts to assist patrons on walk-ins and on dispatch tickets have been incredible. We truly know Maddie is the kind of person who goes above and beyond until an issue is resolved. Maddie, thank you so much for being so hardworking, friendly and determined. We appreciate everything you do. Keep up the great work! {ls}

Phoenix Herring

October 2017 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Phoenix joined us at Busch this semester, and she has already made a large impact at the labs. Her attentiveness and dedication have made her a standout Resnet Dispatch consultant. Phoenix can often be found reviewing her Resnet Handbook while on shift so that she's always prepared for new issues to resolve. Before heading out on tickets, she always plans her troubleshooting steps with supervisors so she can be of most help to users. Phoenix was recently recognized by a grateful patron for providing outstanding customer service in the Digital Media Lab at ARC. She frequently goes out of her way to tackle challenging issues, and always make sure to deal with them in the best, most efficient way possible. We're very glad to have such an articulate, conscientious, and caring individual on our team. Congratulations, Phoenix! {nm,freematt,knt,mwa}

Christopher Hilinski

March 2016 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Christopher Hilinski, who goes by Chris and is known affectionately as "Hilinsko" around the lab, is a fantastic consultant that is always willing to lend a helping hand. Since being promoted in August, Chris has made an effort to be a proactive consultant. He has quite a positive presence whenever he is in the lab. On a snowy day, he is always willing to handle issues or bring supplies to one of our remote sites. Chris enthusiastically takes emergency coverages when the supervisors are looking to fill a gap in the schedule. He is thoughtful and empathetic when helping patrons in need. Even when he is off-duty, he is willing to help anyone with questions. Chris has made great progress this semester and is quickly becoming the type of consultant the management team looks to for extra help around the labs. We are happy to honor Chris Hilinski as College Avenue's March 2016 Consultant of the Month. {jk}

Emendo Hill

Fall 2014 Help Desk Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

In one short semester Emendo Hill has proven himself to be an exemplary consultant. Since he began working as a Help Desk consultant this past October, Emendo has taken to his position with ease. The easygoing manner in which he is able to resolve user's issues is refreshing. Even through the toughest of calls, Emendo remains patient and upbeat. Emendo's outstanding work ethic is clearly displayed through his dedication to following scheduling procedures, completing all his cleanings, acing his continual training requirements and his model attendance record. Emendo's favorite part about working at the Help Desk is the opportunities he receives to learn new things. This semester a call that stood out for Emendo was when he assisted a retiree who was a novice with computers. Her gratitude and excitement towards Emendo was very rewarding for him, an experience he hopes to repeat many times in the future. Emendo expects to graduate in the spring of 2017 with a degree in Information Technology. When he is not at class or work, you can find Emendo cheering on his favorite basketball team, the Chicago Bulls. The Supervisory staff at the Help Desk would like to thank Emendo for an amazing semester. {em}

April 2015 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Emendo has been a stellar employee at the Help Desk and this past month has been no exception. He has worked hard through the network issues we have been experiencing intermittently this past month. He also spoke as the Level 1 Consultant of the Month at the New Employee Orientation this year. He has exemplary customer service skills and is a model employee when it comes to taking calls and handling the requests of the supervisory team. Emendo brings a level of enthusiasm to the job that is unparalleled. He is currently studying Information Technology and Informatics and expects to graduate in the Spring of 2017. If he could do anything with his degree he would do network operations so he can assist with troubleshooting networking issues. His advice to anyone who would like to follow his footsteps would be to always put the users first. If he was a kitchen appliance he would be a toaster, because it works well with everything. Emendo is a valued member of the Help Desk and we would like to thank and congratulate him. {sm}

Fall 2015 Help Desk Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

A recent addition to the Help Desk supervisory staff, Emendo has quickly been proving himself as a dedicated worker and a valuable asset to the team. Already a winner of the Consultant of the Month (April 2015) and Consultant of the Semester (Fall 2014) awards, Emendo continues his streak of excellence in his position as a supervisor this semester. His greatest strength this semester has been his uncanny ability to preempt the needs of his management team in completing projects and assignments that directly affect both Help Desk staff and end-users who find themselves in need of the Help Desk's services. All of this is driven by his brilliant can-do attitude which helps him persevere in the face of new challenges and his willingness to assist those around him whenever he sees the opportunity. A few highlights from this semester include his proactive work with the consultants on his mentor team to make sure each and every consultant on that team is up-to-date on their requirements and comfortable with all that is required of them, his handling of new supervisory challenges such as NetID merges and running of staff meetings with gusto and enthusiasm, and his handling of situations that don't necessarily fall within his responsibilities. An example in particular to that last point can be found in Emendo's well-executed response to a scheduling-related matter for a consultant despite Emendo not being a part of the scheduling team. It is this drive and ambition that have made Emendo a strong and indelible member of the Help Desk supervisory team. In addition to his normal Help Desk work, Emendo is also currently certified in Applications Support and working towards a certification in Network Support in hopes of better equipping himself to deal with all kinds of situations that may arise at the Help Desk. Eventually he would like the opportunity to work as a Level 3 Supervisor where he can use his accumulated experience in all three positions (Help Desk, Applications Support, and Net Support) to propel the Help Desk forward in providing the highest quality of service possible. Emendo's passion for the work he does at the Help Desk can be traced back to his academic career where he is currently studying Information Technology & Informatics with an expected graduation date of May 2017. He hopes to use his degree and experience to secure a job in a network operations position with a heavy emphasis on customer interaction. Not surprisingly, his favorite part of the job is interacting with people and helping them solve their issues. He loves the feeling of carrying an issue from beginning to end and the sense of satisfaction he gets from a job well done. Emendo's advice for his fellow consultants is to approach each interaction with a fresh outlook. He says the best thing that can be done is to take a light attitude and to not let the frustrating situations get to you when they pop up. Outside of work and academics, Emendo is a very active sports fan and in particular he enjoys playing pickup basketball games and repping his main team the Chicago Bulls. We would all like to take a moment to thank Emendo for another outstanding semester at the Help Desk and congratulate him on his achievement of being recognized as a Supervisor of the Semester for Fall 2015! {lt}

Alex Hill

October 2014 Operations Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Alex just started with NBCS in Fall 2014. The Operations Supervisors noticed Alex's hard work, enthusiasm and attention to detail and he was quickly promoted to an Operations Consultant in September 2014. Alex has picked up Operations tasks with ease and was able to pass the beta test after only a month of working in Operations. Alex has familiarized himself with the staff portal and many of the important procedures required for Operations. Alex is majoring in Information Technology and Informatics and plans to graduate in Spring 2017. He also plans to pursue his Masters degree in Library Sciences so he can work in Information Analysis. When Alex is not working, he enjoys playing the guitar, watching soccer, and PC Gaming. Alex is very excited to be honored with this award and believes that his flexibility was key in being promoted to an Operations consultant. Congratulations Alex, in being chosen as the October Operations Consultant of the Month! {pb}

Spring 2015 Help Desk Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Alex Hill started working for the OIT Help Desk during the Fall 2014 semester. At the young age of 20, Alex quickly climbed the ranks by becoming an Application Support consultant. After proving his diligence, he was promoted to an Assistant Supervisor by end of his first semester. Despite taking 15 credits as an Information Technology major, he made time for the ResNet Review, Rutgers Day, Content, and Summer Training committees. During the recent network outages, Alex worked around the clock to ensure all network disruptions were reported to the appropriate departments. Furthermore, he works to improve the HDRT ticketing system by updating the "HDRT Enhancer" on a regular basis. Even with all of these responsibilities, Alex loves to spend time at the track with his 2001 Mustang GT and tries to go there as frequently as he can. To relieve some of his stress, Alex plays the guitar and is an avid musician (his favorite band being AWOLNATION). Eventually, Alex wants to pursue a master's degree but while working at the Help Desk he wants to be an ideal mentor for the consultants by helping them excel at their positions. We would like to congratulate Alex on all his success and thank him for his continued efforts. {ar}

Fall 2015 Help Desk Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Alex Hill started working for the OIT Help Desk during the Fall 2014 semester. Since then he quickly moved up the ranks through Applications and Network Support before he became a Level 3 Supervisor over the summer. Alex takes on a very active role at the Help Desk by being a part of the ResNet Review, Resnet Refresher, Help Desk Training, Staff Portal Content, Continual Training, and Hiring committees. Alex also teaches the UNIX continual training class. Additionally he works to improve the HDRT ticketing system by updating the "HDRT Enhancer" on a regular basis. Eventually, Alex wants to pursue a master's degree but while working at the Help Desk he strives to be an ideal mentor for the consultants by helping them excel at their positions. We would like to congratulate Alex on all his success and thank him for his continued efforts! {jf}

Hanisha Hirani

September 2010 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Hanisha was hired as a Help Desk consultant and began working permanent shifts in June of 2009. This past summer, Hanisha helped out the supervisory team by using her knowledge and people skills to perform One on One trainings for the new CITs. Most recently, Hanisha was promoted into Operations and will be working one of the hard to fill overnight shifts. For these reasons as well as Hanisha's impressive work during the crazy busy temp period, we would like to congratulate her on earning Help Desk Consultant of the Month for September 2010! {rb}

February 2011 Operations Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Although Hanisha has been working at Operations for just a little over a semester, she has quickly become one our most reliable and responsible consultants. Hanisha performs all her duties at Operations with diligence and is frequently more than 15 minutes early to her shifts. She is prompt to follow up with and complete any extra assignments she receives from the supervisory team. Recently, Hanisha has been volunteering to retrieve paychecks from Davidson for the Operators who still require that service though she herself does not need it. Moreover, her calm and friendly demeanor allows fellow consultants and full-timers alike to engage her in interesting conversations from current world events, to Critics' Choice Movie Awards. Hanisha currently holds a bachelor's degree in Astrophysics from Rutgers University and is hoping to pursue an advanced degree in Atmospheric Science. Besides work and her academics, Hanisha enjoys photography, movies, TV and is an avid science fiction fan. She hopes to take a trip back home (London) and other places around Europe before she goes to grad school. We would like to congratulate Hanisha on being selected as the 'Operator of the Month' for February 2011 and wish her luck in her future endeavors. {nj}

Spring 2011 Operations Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Hanisha became an operator in October 2010. She has been a wonderful addition to the Operations family, performing as a nothing less than a role model for the position. Hanisha's attendance is impeccable, her judgment calls on shift have been flawless, and she has maintained a fantastic attitude (friendly and professional) towards her co-workers and management alike. Hanisha recently spoke on behalf of Operations at the NET. She fought against her fear of public speaking, agreed to take on the challenge and performed marvelously. Hanisha graduated from Rutgers with a degree in astrophysics along with a minor in meteorology, and has continued working with both the Help Desk and Operations. She will be leaving us shortly to pursue her PhD in atmospheric science at SUNY Albany. She will be dearly missed as we have come to appreciate all she has had to offer. We are sad to see her go, but are proud to send her off with the recognition of Operator of the Semester. {vv}

Janine Hlavaty

October 2016 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

In her time at OIT, Janine has been one of our most consistently great consultants. She is very hard working, a fact that is evident in everything she does, whether it is simply completing opening report or dealing with more complex issues. And when dealing with those more complex issues, she demonstrates great troubleshooting skills, as well as an ability to think critically and solve problems independently. Whatever it is that needs to get done, Janine completes it thoroughly, efficiently, and with a positive attitude, ensuring that the labs always run smoothly on her watch. Beyond that, Janine is also a great person to work with. She is always friendly and cheery to both coworkers and patrons alike, brightening up the labs even at 8 o'clock in the morning. Altogether, Janine is a fantastic consultant, and it is for these reasons that the supervisor team is absolutely delighted to award her October Consultant of the Month! Thanks so much for all of your hard work, and keep it up! {jk}

Rob Hoffman

September 2010 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Since becoming a ResNet consultant less than one year ago, Rob has shown improvement every step of the way. In this short time, Rob has become one of the top dispatch consultants on campus. Despite not being able to work SWAT this year, Rob was instrumental in keeping our extraordinarily large dispatch queue moving by working extra hours every place he could fit them in. In the lab, he is just as helpful and knowledgeable and he is adept at managing challenging situations as they arise. We are proud to announce Rob as our dispatch Consultant of the Month for September. Congratulations! {ah}

Fall 2010 Cook/Douglass Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Comparing Rob now to himself as he was around this time last year, one would be hard pressed to believe that the two are the same person. Throughout this semester Rob has proven himself to be a valuable assets to our ResNet and Lab staff here on Cook/Douglass. During the annual madness of the Fall move in period, Rob stepped up and helped us to fill our ResNet schedule which was, at the time, a veritable ghost town. His commitment to the Labs didn't just stop after the first few weeks of the semester though. During the beginning, middle, and now end, Rob has remained consistent, knowledgeable, friendly and always willing to help out whenever he can. When others are hesitant to ask for further assistance or to approach a member of the management staff, Rob doesn't. The work that Rob has put in for this campus this semester truly makes him deserving of the Achievement Award for Fall 2010. Congratulations! {hl}

Kim Hopf

October 2004 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Kim has been a great asset to the Labs since she joined our team last year. This semester we have seen her go the extra mile helping users and fellow consultants alike. Kim has been exceptional getting newer consultants become acquainted with the policies, the common user questions, and the daily procedures of the Labs. She has been a go-to consultant thanks in part to her resourcefulness. During her shifts, Kim is very active, continuously making sure that everything is running the way it should be. Kim has done a terrific job and we thank her for all her efforts. Congratulations!

Fall 2004 Cook/Douglass Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

We had difficulty choosing a Consultant of the Semester this time around, not because we lacked candidates, but because we had many consultants who were deserving of the award. Everyone at Cook/Douglass has placed a great deal of their efforts in ensuring the Labs are running efficiently, but no one has put a greater amount of effort than Kim Hopf. Kim has been the most proactive worker we have seen. She continually performs her rounds on the dot and maintains a great deal of professionalism in dealing with the supervisors, her fellow consultants, and all users. Her technical ability has made her a go-to resource for other consultants. Kim knows when to ask for help and when to find answers on her own, a quality that we appreciate. Along with her excellent consultant skills, her friendly attitude also makes for a positive work environment. Kim, we thank you for all your hard work. Congratulations!{cg}

Brice Howard

February 2016 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

It is difficult to describe the impact that Brice has had on Busch labs, because words can't adequately describe the influence of his presence. Constantly smiling, always looking for a way to bring cheer and an upbeat tone to the lab, Brice has been an absolutely excellent part of the Busch consultant base. He is constantly looking around for patrons to assist, always with a soft smile that makes him eminently approachable. He always has a joke on hand, or perhaps a little factoid, and an idea about improving the lab. Constantly displaying initiative, he is known for leaping at occasions to help, whether it is an errand for a supervisor, a patron in need, or another consultant working on a task. He is a powerhouse of a veteran consultant, and calling him a pleasure to work with just doesn't do him justice. A well-deserved consultant of the month award, thank you for everything, Brice. {ap,mp}

Spring 2017 Busch Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Brice has joined our staff in Fall 2014, and since then he has left the most wonderful impression not only on the managerial staff, but also to patrons and fellow consultants. Brice has consistently come into the lab everyday with a hard working, delightful attitude that is enough to energize a room. Always interested in changing the gears of the lab to make it more efficient, Brice is most notable for his observant keen eyes and always having helpful solutions or advice to change the lab for the better. In addition to this, he puts his all in this job and is constantly hardworking and volunteering for projects or just asking the supervisory team if there is anything else with which he can assist us. Through all these great qualities, Brice can single-handedly operate ARC, along with the other satellite labs if need be, as a one man army. Despite the various situations that may arise during his shift, he has consistently handled every situation in a positive and incredibly eloquent manner, ensuring to always put the customer's needs first and that he does his best to make the patron completely satisfied with his service. Because of such reliability, he is known by the entirety of the Busch team to be the consultant to lean on. Busch will never be the same without his presence but it brings the Busch supervisory team such great honor to award Brice Consultant of the Semester. Congratulations, Brice! {mwa mp,jmo,rlf}

Yolanda Hsiao

September 2009 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Yolanda is an outstanding consultant who diligently completes all of her assigned tasks and duties, as both a Labs and ResNet Dispatch consultant. Always caring and ready with a smile on her face to assist patrons, users, or supervisors, we can be assured that the lab and dorm users will be in good hands when Yolanda is on duty. We have chosen Yolanda as ResNet Dispatch Consultant of the Month for September because, in addition to all of the above, she has been an integral part of move-in weekend. Yolanda has not only worked SWAT, our move-in weekend effort to help first-year students, but has dedicated countless additional hours to ResNet in the beginning of the semester in order to assist our users, becoming a support for the supervisors to rely on. Yolanda, for all of your hard work and sacrifice, we offer our gratitude and congratulations!

Ray Hu

March 2003 ResNet Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Ray is one of our hardest-working consultants. He is always willing to take field assignments, do special jobs, or whatever at a moment's notice. He is one of the best when it comes to getting open tickets taken care of, and is one of the most dependable people we have on staff. Ray stays close to his HelpDesk roots by spending multiple shifts in the ResNet office doing troubleshooting over the phone and helping his fellow consultants with technical issues.

T-Jay Hu

February 2008 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

As far back as I can remember T-Jay has been a pleasant and hard working consultant, always on the move and ensuring that the lab is running smoothly and patrons are happy. T-Jay goes above and beyond the requirements of the consultant position to ensure everything in the lab is operating as efficiently as possible. This includes but isn't limited to helping supervisors with repair, keeping an eye out on inventory, and taking every possible step in troubleshooting patron issues before redirecting the problem. Whenever there have been issues other consultants have struggled with, T-Jay is quick to lend a helping hand and lead by example. Once again I feel that T-Jay is an invaluable asset to the labs, and continues to be a model consultant. {ae}

Jonathan Huang

September 2009 Operations Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Jon began working for Operations in the spring of 2009. An eager worker, he has amassed a great amount of merits for his hard work and emergency coverages. Initially, fellow operators perceived Jon as a quiet character; however, when they mention marathons, video games and computer engineering, his soft demeanor goes wild! In terms of his work ethic, it is clear that Jon goes above and beyond in all his duties. Recently, he has been assisting the supervisory staff by working alongside new Operators during hard-to-fill overnights. In his spare time, Jon likes to run and save kittens from trees whenever he can! It is these characteristics as well as his hard working abilities that make Jon our Consultant of the month for September 2009.

Fall 2009 Operations Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Jon began working for Operations in the spring of 2009. From the beginning, he has proven to be a great asset to the team. Over the course of the semester, Jon has worked with several Beta operators and has done an excellent job in assisting them with questions about console checks and Nagios. He has also covered many open shifts and is always willing to help his fellow operators and the supervisory team with special projects. On a more personal note, Jon's wit and kindness combine to make him a favorable co-worker here at OPS. His interests lay in video games, computer engineering and gardening. We're proud to have Jon as our Consultant of the Semester for Fall 2009. CONGRATS! {fd}

September 2010 Operations Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Jon has been working for Operations since Spring 2009. Jon consistently goes above and beyond the regular call of duty. One of Jon's greatest attributes is his dependability. During the course of the summer, Jon often worked critical weekend shifts (alone, at times). Jon is always up for whatever challenges he encountered during these shifts and very rarely requested time off. Jon is a vital asset to the team and we look forward to continuing to work together. Congratulations Jon on earning Operator of the Month for September 2010! {rb}

Fall 2010 Operations Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Jon started working for NBCS in the Fall semester of 2008. His technical aptitude, demeanor, and general work ethics were noticed quickly and he was promoted to Operations the following semester (Spring 2009). Jon has worked closely with many of our new operators and they all personally claim that he has been a great mentor and guide while they have been getting adjusted to working at Operations. Jon enjoys participating in charitable events and is a big fan of the "Big Chill" race. Jon will be graduating in the Spring of 2011 with a Computer Science degree. We truly appreciate Jon's excellent work and wish him luck in his future endeavors. It is our great pleasure to select him as the Operator of the Semester for Fall 2010. {nj}

Changling Huang

September 2014 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

This is Chang's first semester ever working for Busch Computer Labs and even though she just started she is on a roll. During her shifts, you probably won’t see Chang in the consultant station. That is because she is always out and about in the lab helping patrons and making sure the lab is running smoothly. She is willing to help any patron that comes to the consultant station for help. Sometimes she may not know how to help the patron but that won't stop Chang! She is resilient and will keep trying until the problem is solved. Congratulations on being selected Consultant of the Month for Busch Labs! {ko}

Keyang Huang

March 2015 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Keyang has consistently proved herself to be an amazing consultant who is willing to go above and beyond in any situation. She helps any patron with any issue and has even helped a few patrons while she was not on shift. Keyang is always on top of any issue she runs across in the labs. She is always attentive, for example by noticing printer errors at sites she isn't working in and pointing out possible improvements. Keyang always helps us better serve our patrons. She is also very friendly and will make a point of starting a conversation whether you are working with her or stuck on a bus together. Overall, it is Keyang's amazing attitude that makes her a top notch consultant, one that Cook Douglass is lucky to have. Which is why it is a pleasure to award Keyang Huang with Consultant of the Month for March 2015! Thank you so much Keyang and keep up the fantastic work! {jk}

March 2016 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Simply put, Keyang is an incredible consultant. Working with her spreads a certain enthusiasm and joy around the lab - almost as contagious as her smile. Anyone who has worked with Keyang has seen that she is often the first to take care of anything that comes up in the lab, with a certain diligence and meticulous care that only she can bring. Her eagerness to help others is only matched by her eagerness to learn new things, especially while solving issues around the lab. Keyang can often be found doing her best to help improve the labs, whether teaching other consultants or giving great feedback wherever she can. For these reasons, we are happy to choose Keyang as a March 2016 Livingston Consultant of the Month. Please join us in congratulating Keyang on this achievement! {mm,nh}

September 2016 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Keyang is a Human Resource Management and Communications major with a minor in Business Administration. Currently a senior, she has been working with OIT since Fall 2014. She had interest in the job because she is really into technology and enjoys helping out others. She has come to love the variation and different day to day challenges faced at work, keeping things interesting. In her free time, she likes to engage in reading, running, and swimming. If she could travel anywhere, Keyang prefers to go to a variety of places instead of just one country, to experience a multitude of cultures. She is a little biased towards France, though, so that she could practice her French. Her favorite quote, from Maya Angelou, is "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." Congratulations on being the Network Support consultant of the month and thank you for all your hard work! {md}

November 2016 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Keyang is a dedicated consultant who works diligently to respond to as many emails received by the help@oit.rutgers.edu inbox as she can during her shifts. Her hard work and enthusiasm for answering emails is an invaluable aid to the Help Desk as we aim to provide a timely response to those who are asking for help via email. Regardless of what shift she is working, be it with the Labs or Help Desk, she consistently answers emails every chance that she gets. Keyang often makes sure that at the end of her shift there are fewer emails in the inbox than when she started. She routinely answers emails in the order in which they are received by the inbox and if she ever has a question she does not hesitate to ask for help. Keyang is one of the most dedicated and hardworking consultants the Help Desk has to offer. This month we are proud to award her Level 2 Consultant of the Month! Keep up the great work! {sa}

Aisha Huggins-Smith

November 2009 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Aisha is one of our sharpest consultants, but if you were to ask her what an "off day" is, she wouldn't know. She is one of the sweetest and most friendly consultants around. Aisha is truly an example for any consultant, consistently taking care of her duties every week in a timely and complete fashion, and she has retained that sort of awesomeness for a really long time. She is friendly, sociable, and knowledgeable. Aisha is also one of the most helpful consultants you can come by and she always goes out to help patrons. She is willing to do her best to address a patron's computing needs. Indeed she surely keeps the lab running smoothly. Aisha always has a smile, which is uncanny considering all those potential sleep-deprived weeks that only the School of Engineering can be responsible for. Basically, if Aisha isn't smiling, there is something seriously wrong in the world at large. She is such a happy consultant, with a smile on her face and eyes that glitter with warmth. Aisha is a great consultant! She is always pleasant when she's in the lab, always willing to help out patrons, and knows her stuff. You know the lab is going to run well when she's on shift. Rock on Aisha! {kp,sh,ag,cf,wll}

Fall 2010 Busch Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Aisha has been one of the most noteworthy consultants at ARC labs. Consistent in her friendly behavior, Aisha embodies the true qualities of both a great friend and a great employee. Aisha has been with us a while, through thick and thin, and has seen many changes in lab policy that she adapts to almost immediately and quickly enforces throughout the lab. You can tell she is well respected by the consultant staff when she's on shift, and she's a great consultant role model as she always attended to her responsibilities, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant. She is always ready for work no matter what time of day, and does it with a smile on her face. Whether she's helping out patrons or making the new consultants feel more welcome, Aisha definitely exemplifies a consultant of the semester. Whereas others shine exceptionally in certain moments - extreme dependability, hard work, and a bubbly demeanor seem to be constant traits of her personality. We're not quite sure why she is so awesome while just being herself, but we're just thankful we had the opportunity to share some of her time in college. After she leaves, our lab will be experiencing something akin to empty-nest syndrome. You see, she has been one of the sweetest and most reliable consultants on our staff for years. That's "years" with an "s" as in plural. You would have extreme difficulty finding a consultant more on-the-ball than Aisha. Knowledgeable, friendly, punctual, personable, patient, the list goes on and on. Its strangely fitting for her to leave us during the fall semester that ends with the "Season of Giving" because she has truly given so much, both to patrons, and the lab as a whole. To you Aisha, we thank you for your grace and genuine dedication, you will be sorely missed after your departure during next semester. Congratulations, Aisha- this is well deserved! {wc,km,nf,cd,ad}

Selina Hui

March 2015 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Approachable and proactive, Selina Hui is a dependable consultant that always puts the patrons first. Even in the absence of supervision, Selina makes sure the lab is running at its best. Everything from re-filling staplers to attempting to solve unique difficulties with software, Selina avoids no tasks and uses all the resources she has to get them solved properly. In times when an issue is outside of her scope, she is never one to shy away from having to communicate and escalate. It isn't just fellow patrons she makes sure are comfortable; Selina is always engaging her co-workers and bringing smiles to the consultant station. {mp,ac,dfd}

Yusuf Hussain

October 2001 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Yusuf has greatly helped out the lab throughout his time as a consultant. With his outgoing personality, good customer service skills and vast technical knowledge, Yusuf is a great asset to Busch. He also helps out his fellow consultants by sharing his skills. Yusuf has taken many emergency coverages, including numerous overnight shifts, which greatly helps out BCCC management. Keep up the good work!. {bm}

Zaid Hussain

September 2012 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Despite being a newly hired consultant, Zaid has fully integrated into the C/D labs as if he were a veteran. During the summer, he immediately applied for ResNet and impressed all the reviewers as it was one of best applications we had seen. He participated in SWAT and proved to be a great troubleshooter, and throughout the first month of dispatch, he has shown nothing short of excellence. He is not afraid to ask questions when it comes to handling tickets and always makes sure that procedure is followed to the tee. He is thorough and precise in anything he does, and he demonstrates his reliability as a dispatcher, as well as a lab consultant. He has definitely become a great asset for C/D, and we congratulate Zaid on his achievement! {ak}

Fall 2014 Cook/Douglass Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

This semester, Cook/Douglass has had a need for the lab supervisor to step up to the plate, and Zaid Hussain has hit a home run. The fall semester started with a smaller supervisor staff than we would have liked as many of the SITs and supervisors received internship and job offers early in the semester, leaving the campus short staffed. Through the upheaval, Zaid was able to keep everything calm and organized. It was his first semester as lab supervisor, but he mobilized the staff and kept the sites running smoothly, while providing supervisors and consultants with the necessary guidance. It doesn't diminish Zaid's accomplishments as a first semester lab supervisor to mention his ongoing, excellent work as C/D's ResNet supervisor. While it certainly is fortuitous that he also works for RN Office, Zaid was essential to getting the vast number of dorm move-in and early-semester tickets taken care of in a quick manner. He has also been a tremendous help on the training side, putting together and teaching trainings as well as the great job he has done running the campus' meeting. His input at ResNet meetings is valuable and does a good job reflecting the needs of the patrons and balancing the capabilities of the staff. Zaid is respected on C/D and beyond the campus for his many proficiencies and his insight. Please join us in congratulating Zaid on receiving the Achievement Award! {ss}

Minru Hwang

March 2011 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Minru is quite a character. If a stapler breaks in the lab, she will not take no for an answer. She'd go as far as e-mailing the manufacturer and getting a replacement part for the stapler, free of charge. It's this over-the-top work for the lab that sets Minru apart from other consultants. Sure, she said she did it for her own personal peace of mind, but the lab benefited greatly from all this. Minru is one of the most optimistic and friendly consultants at Busch. Her approachable demeanor and quirky sense of humor puts patrons at ease, even in tense and frustrating situations, and her sincere drive to completely resolve patrons issues paired with exceptional customer service skills makes her a valuable member of the Busch Lab team. Beyond her interaction with patrons, Minru has demonstrated that she actively tries to improve the lab while on shift. Minru is the type of consultant who is constantly looking for something to do. Her commitment to going above and beyond the status-quo makes her a fantastic consultant (of the month!), and we look forward to her continued contributions to the lab. {al,ss}