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Syrion Jack

November 2002 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Syrion joined the Help Desk staff this fall. He is a sophomore majoring in Political Science. He is very courteous and patient with every caller. With a true zeal for learning, Syrion uses slow times at the Help Desk to brush up on his technical skills by studying the on-line documentation and researching to learn new ways to help callers. He often checks the voice mail without being asked first and he frequently volunteers for special projects. He is willing to go the extra mile, and should he not know the answer, he researches it until he finds a suitable solution. He is always pleasant and we are glad to have Syrion as part of the Help Desk team. {kb}

Deborah Jackson

April 2006 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

In her second year as a consultant at the Cook/Douglass labs, Deborah Jackson has truly proven to be an asset to our staff. Never too busy to provide an extra hand for projects around Loree, she is a go-to person that can be relied upon. Helping users to the best of her ability, Deborah consistently goes above and beyond what is required of her to make sure our patrons are taken care of. Her dedication to the job at hand keeps things running smoothly around the lab. So, please join us in congratulating Deborah for being honored as a Consultant of the Month. {ljr}

Jennifer Jackson

April 2005 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Jennifer has been working at the Help Desk for a year. A member of the class of 2005, Jennifer leaves the Help Desk and Rutgers with B.A. in philosophy and a criminology certificate. In addition to working at the Help Desk, Jennifer is a Community Service Officer, serving with the University office of Public Safety. Once she leaves the Banks, Jennifer will be pursuing a career in law enforcement because, as she says, "helping people is what I want to do." Jennifer says of her time at the Support Center,"I really wish I would have had applied to work here in my sophomore year because then I would have had more time to get to know my co-workers. I really enjoyed working at the Help Desk this year and I'm privileged to have worked with such nice, smart, and down-to-earth people - that includes Resnet Office [staff]." Congratulations, Jennifer and good luck! {jj,ja}

Mandar Jadhav

February 2008 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Mandar began working for the Cook/Douglass labs in September 2007 and immediately stood out for his responsibility, attention to detail, and polite but serious demeanor during shifts. Beneath that quiet exterior, though, Mandar was very talkative, assisting his fellow consultants on the sc-staff chat room with his technical expertise and troubleshooting ability. He also achieved a perfect score on the tech eval, further demonstrating his outstanding consultant skills. He frequently offers to take coverage and assist the supervisors in any way possible, and maintains a good attitude even under pressure. Congratulations, Mandar, and keep up the good work! {lo}

Amjad Jalil

November 2001 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Even though Amjad Jalil is new to CCF, he has exhibited exemplary work. He is always willing to pick up coverage and open shifts. By always greeting users with a smile, he helps ensure the lab is a user-friendly place. It is always great to find these qualities in new employees. Welcome aboard Amjad. {mw}

Spring 2002 Livingston Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Hired for the Fall 2001, Amjad Jalil has demonstrated himself to be a great consultant. He is a leader and works as a role model for his co-workers. When dealing with users, he demonstrates a lot of patience and attentiveness to their problems. He educates users about their problems and ensures that they understand how to solve the problems in the future. Amjad has presented innovative ideas to help the lab run more efficiently and make consultants' lives easier. One such idea was a Lost and Found webpage for emailing users when they leave items behind in the lab. The result is a more consistent email to users and less typing for consultants. It has been a huge success! Because of his hard work and dedication to the lab, Amjad was promoted to Supervisor in Training earlier this semester. We appreciate Amjad's commitment and meritorious contributions to the lab. Congratulations Amjad and we look forward to working with you on the management team. {np, lw}

Spring 2003 CCF Overall Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Some of you may remember that a year ago Amjad was good-natured enough to help us play a practical joke on Quraish, who was the obvious Overall Achievement Award winner of that semester. To confuse Quraish, a phony writeup honoring Amjad as little known but most-deserving surprise winner of the award was circulated. It contained such corny accolades as: "Like a young promising minor league baseball prospect, all of Livingston looks forward to Amjad eventually, hopefully soon, moving up to the majors - and getting his chance to become a lab supervisor." Amjad was a supervisor-in-training then, rather new, untested, showing potential, but still lacking much experience. These words written in jest have proven to be quite prescient. In one year's time Amjad has turned from a rookie to a full-fledged veteran star.

Amjad is a key member of the supervisor team at Livingston who has made important contributions. Besides participating in innumerable shared responsibilities - making sure labs are staffed, ensuring users are properly assisted and properly maintaining equipment - Amjad focused on two key activities this semester, both major undertakings. He meticulously tracked evaluations of current consultants and he carefully coordinated Livingston's involvement in our massive hiring period. Both these tasks required him to have superb attention to detail, and tireless energy.

It is in the area of hiring that Amjad made his major cross-campus contributions. In particular, hiring has become such a huge task now, that proper tools are needed so that supervisors do not become overwhelmed handling this task. With this in mind, a major software system was developed to automate much of the hiring process. Amjad is a key developer of several of the components of this system. One part - HATS - was developed by and is still maintained by Quraish, who has graduated and moved on to the real world. Amjad, was charged with learning as much as this system as he could, and asked to contribute to the maintenance and upkeep of various aspects of it whenever possible. This was no small feat, as it is often difficult to master code that has been written by someone else. The pressure to do so quickly, and properly is immense - especially when dozens of people are counting on you to make sure the software they are relying on, is working properly with the expected functionality. Balancing the immediate demands of the users against your limited knowledge of the system and the warnings of the primary programmer who is telling you not to mess with things you don't understand, can become a circus and it did. It is a delicate and stressful position to be in. Amjad handled the situation as well as could be expected, contributed to the development and maintenance of HATS and in the end gained a better understanding of how the system worked.

Meanwhile, he was assigned to quickly develop a new piece of software to be used during this hiring period. Some time in late January, Jt requested that he look into whether a piece of software to handle interview scheduling could be quickly put together in such a way that it would be able to communicate with HATS. With very little programming experience in this area, Amjad set to work on this task. Within a few weeks he developed a prototype that made it clear the project could be expanded. Amjad worked hard on making the subsystem a reality. After a number of last minute "tweaks" were demanding by Jt, the system - IntSched - went live in early March and was used by all the campuses throughout the hiring period. It quickly became essential software that Amjad continue to improve as new features became necessary. IntSched proved to be very reliable and had most of the desired functionality. It saved a significant amount of work for supervisors on all the campuses. The fact that Amjad was able to develop this so quickly although he was given so little guidance and had to cope with immense time pressure and constant demands from management, was a tremendous accomplishment. For many weeks Amjad diligently worked excessive hours on this project, while simultaneously handling all his other responsibilities. This makes him most worthy of this semester's overall achievement award.

Spring 2003 Livingston Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Amjad has been working for CCF for two years now. Last year, Amjad was named a Livingston Consultant of the Semester and he has continued on that path of excellence to become our Supervisor of the Semester this semester. Amjad has become familiar to many of the CCF staff for his work on HATS and the interview scheduler. The time and effort that he put into hiring has been invaluable to both Livingston and the other sites that participated in our join hiring. While Amjad did spend numerous hours on HATS and continually improving the interview scheduler, he has also made many significant contributions to the Livingston Computing Center. Amjad has by far been the most thorough supervisor Livingston has had to track consultant evaluations. Amjad made near daily updates to ensure that all staff are receiving more then the required number of observations. Amjad also spent many nights in the lab far past midnight to ensure that hiring, evaluations and other coding projects were completed on time. It is because of this level of dedication to the job that we present him with the Livingston Supervisor of the Semester Award. Please join us in congratulating him. {cb,lw}

Ross James

September 2014 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Though Ross is new to the Livingston lab team, it has not prevented him from being one of our best and most dependable consultants. He has proven invaluable in how he can solve most anything that comes his way; all while his cheerful and friendly disposition warms the lab. In addition to this, Ross is quick to assist anyone - be it patron or consultant - and is often looking for new ways to help and contribute. True to this, Ross became ResNet Dispatch certified very shortly into the semester and immediately offered to take on some tickets, even during his normal consultant shifts. Between his technical aptitude and excellent customer service, Ross has been a model consultant, and someone that other consultants can look to for guidance and support. We are pleased to recognize Ross James as a September 2014 Livingston Consultant of the Month. Congratulations! {mm,lw}

Fall 2014 Livingston Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Ross joined us this fall and very quickly made his mark on the Livingston Labs. He is one of the friendliest and most reliable consultants we have working here. His customer service skills are matched only by his sharp attention to detail and eagerness to help. There has not been a situation that Ross hasn't handled with utmost efficiency, finesse, and eloquence. Even in the most difficult of patron situations, Ross keeps a level head, remains patient and keeps all that need to know informed about the situation. When he is on duty, it is safe to assume that the lab will run as smoothly as possible, and that every patron's lab experience is will be enjoyable. Even when a patron is receiving assistance from another consultant, Ross does not stand idly by; instead, he is active in providing any needed instruction or assistance to his fellow consultants. In this aspect, his support is seamless. When a task arises, Ross is the first to volunteer. Ross has helped us out on numerous occasions including covering difficult to fill shifts or assisting with random tasks. All in all, Ross is more than a simple consultant, he is a role model to his peers. As such, we have named Ross James as the Fall 2014 Consultant of the Semester for Livingston. Congratulations Ross! {mm,rw,lw,wo}

Fall 2015 Livingston Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Ross James has been working for Rutgers Office of Information Technology since April 2014. He was quickly promoted to an Assistant Lab Supervisor for Livingston Campus in January 2015. During his entire time here, Ross has continually impressed his management team by consistently going above and beyond the call of duty. His unparalleled leadership abilities have earned him the utmost respect of all his co-workers as well as his managers. He provides effective disciplinary action when necessary while simultaneously maintaining a very pleasant demeanor and keeping the situation in control at all times. Ross' amiability really shows when dealing with difficult situations around the lab. No matter how challenging an issue may seem, his quick thinking together with excellent customer service skills puts his co-workers as well as patrons at ease. When he is on shift, we can all be sure that even the most obscure situations will be handled with the highest level of precision of professionalism. In addition, Ross is ResNet Dispatch certified and has taken it upon himself to research network related topics greatly above what is required of his for this position. He has the mentality that there is always something new to learn, which showcases his passion and dedication to the position as well as the Information Technology field as a whole. This attitude creates a unique atmosphere in the office. There never seems to be a dull moment when he is working, as his engaging personality gives way for everyone to participate in intellectually stimulating conversations on a daily basis. This achievement is certainly well deserved. Ross' extraordinary work ethic, wonderful personality, and true dedication to the job have earned him the Supervisor of the Semester award for Fall 2015. {nh}

Aaron James

February 2018 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

When looking for a reliable and knowledgeable consultant, there is no one better to turn to than Aaron. He has stood out to the supervisors recently for helping out at Loree as the only consultant when we were very low staffed. Besides taking stats and answering patrons' questions, he also was able to complete two walk-ins while still giving each patron the individual attention they needed. When at satellite sites, Aaron takes great strides to take care of the lab as he sends us detailed reports of any issues that may be going on and possible resolutions. His technical and communication skills also stand out as he has handled many tough walk-in issues while explaining complex concepts to patrons in a way that is easily understandable. All throughout these interactions, he demonstrates an expert knowledge of customer service as he confidently and patiently attends to all of the patrons' needs. Overall, Aaron acts as a great example for the team and his hard work is very much appreciated by the supervisory team. Thank you for all that you do for the labs Aaron, and congratulations on being the February Consultant of the Month. {ab}

Philip Jan

February 2006 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

There are a lot of things that you can say to describe Philip: bright, inquisitive and tall are just a few. He's also one of the most friendly people you will ever meet. He always has a smile on his face and an infectious, positive, cheery attitude. Philip isn't afraid to question a policy or make a suggestion that might improve the lab environment for either fellow consultants or patrons. He also does a great job of enforcing the existing lab policies in a polite and courteous manner. Philip can handle any of the challenges that a consultant might go through while on duty. As a result, the management team knows that the lab is in good hands when he is on duty. All of these qualities and more are why we have chosen Philip as a Busch Consultant of the Month. {kp, mb}

Spring 2006 Busch Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Phil is one of the most energetic and enthusiastic consultants at Busch. He not only makes consulting a job, but also an experience, and it's one that he's making the most of. He enjoys his job so much that he can't help but infect others with his light and friendly personality. Whether he's monitoring the patrons coming into the lab or sitting at the consultant station, Phil's available to the patrons with questions. He is always alert and ready to help. He will laugh and joke with consultants, but he makes sure that patrons are his priority. The people that he helps are left with the feeling that the task they were trying to do was accomplished and that they had the best service CCF could offer. He's thorough when troubleshooting down machines, and isn't afraid to approach management asking for an update if he notices a machine down for a long time. Phil loves his job and it shows. When asked to speak at this year's New Employee Orientation, he readily agreed. Phil conveyed a wonderful story about the importance of his job and he portrayed the true spirit of CCF-- the value of helping a patron. These and many more are the reasons why we chose Phil as the Busch Consultant of the Semester for Spring 2006. {mnb,wll}

Parmeet Jangi

February 2017 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

We would like to congratulate Parmeet on receiving Help Desk Level 1 Consultant of the Month! Parmeet started working in the Help Desk during the Fall of 2016 and has quickly risen to the rank of a Level 2 Application Support consultant. When answering calls, Parmeet has shown himself to be eager to help users. He often arrives to his shifts early, and has volunteered to help out with special projects if he has down time on his shift. Parmeet's positive attitude and great work ethic makes working with him fun and something to look forward to. Thank you for your hard work, Parmeet, and congratulations! {sa,kt}

Spring 2018 Help Desk Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

We are very proud to award Parmeet Jangi with the Applications Support Assistant Supervisor Achievement Award for Spring 2018! Parmeet started working with us during the Fall of 2016 and has been an extremely diligent and effective consultant and supervisor. Parmeet began working Applications Support in the Winter of 2016 and has been a model consultant, successfully reporting a number of issues and outages, helping avoid gap staffing issues, and mentoring newer consultants. After becoming a supervisor in the summer of 2017, Parmeet continued his track record of excellence in Applications Support through training and supervising new consultants and ensuring they are able to complete their certification test. This semester he has helped us pilot and create a more comprehensive end of shift report for Applications Support supervisors, to help us ensure we are providing the best quality of service possible. In addition to his work in Applications Support, Parmeet is also certified in Network and Escalation Support and has helped us effectively troubleshoot and escalate and resolve difficult ResNet and RUWireless issues. Parmeet's favorite part of the Help Desk is the ability to interact with consultants and supervisors who all have different experiences. Outside of the Help Desk Parmeet enjoys watching movies, running, and taking his dog Archey on walks to the park. Parmeet is graduating this semester with a degree in Finance and hopes to be working in Financial Planning & Analysis. Congratulations on receiving the Applications Support Assistant Supervisor Achievement Award for Spring 2018 and best of luck in your future endeavors! {nj}

Christian Janis

February 2006 ResNet Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Christian has been working for ResNet since Fall semester, 2005, and has been doing an outstanding job ever since. He has been able to solve every problem he has come across, and the feedback users give about the service he provides could not be better. Christian began working in the ResNet office this semester, and has quickly become one of the people we all count on. His pleasant personality, witty humor, and vast technical experience make him a great asset to our organization. {jd}

Husein Jauhari

February 2018 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

The Help Desk is proud to award Husein Jauhari Level 2 Consultant of the Month for February 2018. Husein has been working with the Help Desk for about two years and has been actively working towards becoming a Network Support Certified consultant. Husein is known for his great customer service, and for keeping the Help Desk adequately staffed by arriving early and covering others' shifts. Husein confidently assists walk-in users, and has provided excellent assistance in several unique situations. Husein is majoring in Business Analytics and Information Technology. Outside of Help Desk, Husein is deeply involved with the International Student Association and the Mark Leadership Conference. Congratulations, Husein, and thank you for all of your hard work! {mb,sa}

March 2018 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

The Help Desk is proud to award Husein Jauhari Level 2 Consultant of the month for March 2018. This is the second month in a row that Husein has received this award. Husein has been working with the Help Desk for about 2 years now and became Network Support Certified this month. He is now working towards completing his Application Support modules in order to provide behind-the-scenes assistance to Rutgers affiliates. Husein is known for his great customer service, and for keeping the Help Desk adequately staffed by arriving for his shifts early and covering others' shifts. Additionally, he confidently sits at front station, eager to provide top-tier assistance to users that walk-in. Husein is majoring in Business Analytics and Information Technology. He has also been recently accepted as a FIGS instructor for the Fall 2018 semester. Outside of Help Desk, Husein is deeply involved with the International Student Association and the Mark Leadership Conference. Congratulations, Husein, and thank you for all of your hard work! {mb,sa}

Angela Jean

November 2010 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

In her first semester, Angela Jean has established herself as one of our most upbeat consultants, always willing to help solve our patrons issues. She is very active in her lab duties and is eager to help her peers, especially during the times with up-and-down printing availability. She is always willing to take on the tough jobs such as lugging huge amounts of paper to Kilmer in the freezing cold. Angela's consistent cheer makes her a delight to work with; while her willingness to help others makes her an easy choice for November Consultant of the Month for the Livingston Campus. {dh,jn,lw}

September 2011 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Angela has returned for her second year as a Livingston consultant and we are certainly glad to have her back. She has been a great asset to our new consultants by helping them with the duties, responsibilities and nuances of being a lab consultant. On numerous occasions, we have found her showing new consultants how to log into staff chat or explaining the many intricacies of Pharos. She is a great source of knowledge and many of her fellow consultants know that they can rely on her. She is always on top of her work and is always ready to lend a helping hand whether it be a fellow consultant, patron, or supervisor. Angela's eagle eye has caught many a food-munching patron and has been on the front lines of support with any printer issues that may arise. She has become an integral part of the lab and we look forward to many more days with her. Please join us in congratulating Angela Jean on being named a Consultant of the Month for September 2011! {tt,by,lw,LW}

Spring 2013 Livingston Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

It is often difficult to single out one individual among so many great talents on a management team. Each in their own way contributes immensely to the success of the team and campus. This time is no exception. Angela Jean began as a member of the Livingston management team as a Supervisor in Training in the Fall of 2011. In the Fall of 2012, she was promoted to Assistant Lab Supervisor. During her time as a supervisor, Angela has worked diligently to help keep the labs running smoothly. Often overlooked are those individuals who work quietly addressing all the tasks that keep a computer lab running. Early on, she began working on scheduling for the labs; one of the most demanding tasks for a supervisor. This is a process that has been evolving over the past few years as new procedures and technologies have been integrated in the processes. She has been a steady hand ensuring that the campus made best use of the new system and that new staff members learned its intricacies. Angela has also served as an advocate for the labs staff. She would readily bring up issues she felt needed to be addressed or had been brought to her attention. But when doing so, she was always constructive; seeking out solutions versus just complaining. She continues to be a leader. She takes time to show others how to do things and is looked to by others when they need advice or assistance. She is one of those individuals who seeks out tasks to be done without being asked; often taking care of issues before you realized they were an issue. Her proactive and dependable nature has made her indespensible to the successful operation of the Livingston Labs. This is her final semester with us and we are very happy to have had her as a member of our staff. Please join us in congratulating Angela Jean as the Spring 2013 Supervisor of the Semester for Livingston! {lw}

Kevin Jean-Louis

Fall 2009 College Avenue Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Throughout the semester Kevin has worked non-stop to improve lab operations. He is very attentive to detail and often picks up on things that go unnoticed by other staff members. He manages the lab on Saturdays, independently addressing any issues that come up. Kevin also makes it a priority to improve consultant-supervisor relations. He spends much time at the consultant station getting to know the staff and being there to help them. He is very enthusiastic about training new supervisors and consultants to pass along the knowledge and experience he has gained over the years. He has handled multiple printing and network outages with a calm, clear head. Kevin is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Since this is Kevin's last semester with us he will be missed greatly. We wish Kevin good luck in his future endeavors and congratulate him on a job well done! {mmf}

Jhanna Jean-Louis

February 2012 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Having entered the NBCS force just last Fall, Jhanna has thrived. She's always up and about helping patrons, other consultants, and maintaining the lab in tip-top condition. She's performs remarkably even in tough and weird situations that occur around the Livingston campus, always reacting correctly and notifying her superiors. Do you need help at Livingston labs? Probably not when Jhanna's working because she knows what's wrong -- even before you do! Handling both difficult classes and employment, Jhanna can be described as nothing short of Superwoman! Congratulations on being named a Livingston Consultant of the Month for February 2012. {jk,mk,lw}

Spring 2012 Livingston Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Jhanna joined us in the fall of this year and, in short order, began to show us how an outstanding consultant will take the skills taught to her and utilize them in every shift. She continued to excel beyond what we would expect of a new consultant; quietly focusing on doing an excellent job every day. It was rare to see her sitting in her chair as she was always up and about doing rounds, picking up trash, assisting with software issues, troubleshooting machines, and aiding patrons. Her keen attention to detail helped ensure that the lab runs smoothly and every patron's lab experience was satisfactory. Additionally, her awareness of things was not limited to just inside our primary lab, but extends to all sites as well. On numerous occasions, she has assisted other consultants at our satellite sites, as they know that she is a reliable source of help and can depend on her. When faced with a problem, Jhanna's first instinct isn't to turn to the supervisors for help. Rather, she chooses to exhaust all resources available to her and tirelessly seeks a solution to all problems. Jhanna also picks up coverages on a regular basis and will often come in early or stay beyond her normal shift hours to help out. It isn't rare to pick up the phone and hear her on the other end asking if a coverage has been claimed yet. Her tireless efforts to ensure that we are properly staffed at all times has not gone unnoticed. Jhanna's pleasant demeanor and easy smile makes it easy for her to interact with patrons and makes her a pleasure with which to work. She has become a very important part of our staff here at Livingston and for all that she has done this semester, we name Jhanna Jean-Louis the Spring 2012 Consultant of the Semester for Livingston. Congratulations, Jhanna! {tt,lw}

Lanscy Jean-Pierre

September 2018 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Lanscy is a returning consultant that many at OIT can learn from in terms of her work ethic, flexibility, and dependability. Lancsy is always eager to help and knows exactly how to perform tasks as a consultant. You can always see her doing rounds and cleanings in every site she is in and help patrons along the way. Being attentive and friendly to patrons, she embodies a consultant with great customer service skills and is terrific consultant to model for incoming consultants. Along with completing her consultant duties, she is proactive in being out of the consultant station and see if anyone else needs help rather than just making everyone in need come to her. With her graduating in 2019, we am happy to see how she can help both patrons and first-year consultants that need help and how OIT can help her advance beyond Rutgers. Keep up the great work! Congratulations on Consultant of the Month! {jc}

Jamill Jenkins

April 2013 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Jamill is an easy-going and simultaneously industrious consultant. He is one of our most dedicated and reliable consultants, always willing to help patrons in any way he can. He is always willing to go the extra mile for both patrons and fellow consultants alike. Jamill also has the superhuman ability to remain completely calm in even the most stressful situations. He is very patient with patrons while he works to find a solution to whatever problem they may have. Jamill is always willing to learn, and because of this is always improving in his performance as a consultant. He strives to improve whenever he makes a mistake and looks for ways to improve his quality of work. He is a hard working consultant, who always tries to do his best at his job. Jamill also is an excellent dispatch consultant. Jamill is amiable and very approachable, by both patrons and other consultants alike. He shows no hesitancy to help patrons in the lab, while also being diligent with his dispatch tickets. Whether he is on dispatch or in the lab, his friendly manner and extreme helpfulness make him a great asset to ARC Lab. An all-around good guy, Jamill definitely deserves his Consultant of the Month award. Congratulations, Jamill, your work does not go unnoticed! {mc,ak,jh,ag}

November 2013 ResNet Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Jamill is one of the newest additions to the ResNet Office Team, after having worked as a dispatch consultant since the summer of 2012. After only a couple of months, Jamill has proven himself to be an excellent troubleshooter who enjoys the challenge of thinking on his feet when presented with a difficult issue. While Jamill has several strengths, he truly shines in his ability to assist walk-in users. His passion and experience with technical issues is evident when he is able to quickly resolve a user's issue and have them smiling as they walk out the door. Jamill consistently shows up for his shifts on time and is very willing to provide support for Help Desk consultants on difficult ResNet related calls. In his spare time, Jamill likes to play video games and is interested in video and music production. He is currently studying for a degree in Computer Engineering and is looking forward to a government job when he graduates in 2016. Congratulations Jamill! {em}

Spring 2015 Livingston Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Jamill Jenkins is a vital part of the Livingston supervisory team. Since becoming a supervisor, he has continually gone above and beyond the requirements of a supervisor and can always be counted on to deal with the most complicated issues that occur around the lab. Jamill has shown his eagerness to improve the efficiency of the computer labs by creating and thoroughly testing various logs and programs that tremendously ease the workload on supervisors. He has displayed his creativity and commitment to the improvement of the labs by proposing ideas that will further improve and develop the lab's effectiveness for his co-workers and patrons. Furthermore, Jamill's ResNet certification has proven extremely useful as he is frequently seen assisting dispatch consultants during walk-in tickets and troubleshooting computing and network issues around the lab. If there are any coverages that we need to fill, we can be sure Jamill will be one of the first to volunteer to take them. He has covered difficult to fill overnight shifts and countless shifts posted by his co-workers. On top of Jamill's many tangible contributions to the lab, he has also created a very warm, friendly environment around Livingston by leading a group that allows consultants as well as supervisors to meet outside of work to get to know to each other better. With his creativity, proactive attitude, and friendly personality, Jamill has undeniably earned this achievement. Please join us in congratulating Jamill Jenkins as the Spring 2015 Supervisor of the Semester for the Livingston Campus! Great Job, Jamill! {nh,lw}

Patricia Jeter

September 2005 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Patricia has done an excellent job performing her duties this month. In addition to carrying out her duties well, she makes the computing lab a pleasant environment with her upbeat demeanor and willingness to help staff and patrons alike. She regularly leaves the consultant station to help patrons. She patiently explains the steps she takes in resolving their issues, thus helping to provide excellent customer service. We are very happy to name Patricia as a Consultant of the Month for the College Avenue Computing Center.{mk, lw}

Siddharth Jethwani

November 2004 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Siddharth has been an excellent consultant since he first began working for CAC. His friendly attitude and dedication to the job are a model for all consultants to follow. His calm and helpful demeanor when dealing with the users is very reassuring to all. He is constantly on the move doing his rounds, helping out users, and volunteering his time for the supervisors to make the lab run smoothly. Siddarth is always helping and is always the first to volunteer his time when he can if the lab is in need of help, be it assisting consultants with problems or filling in when the lab is understaffed. Great job, Sidd!!! {mk,dk,lw}

David Jhoo

September 2012 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

David is one of our new consultants this fall. In the short time he has been working with us, David has shown himself to be both an apt and reliable consultant. The supervisory staff quickly saw that David is always up and about while on shift, constantly doing rounds and making himself aware of what is going on in the lab. He is quick to bring any important concerns to the attention of the supervisors. This attentiveness has helped his knowledge base to grow, making him someone we can count on to effectively troubleshoot issues. David also helps out tremendously by taking many late night and hard to cover shifts. David has proven himself an asset to our staff and we are delighted to announce him as one of our consultants of the month. {ef}

Frid Joanis

April 2013 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Frid has been a very effective co-worker. He is extremely eager to learn things and his work far surpasses what is expected of consultants. He always asks questions on how he can improve and is constantly willing to lend his services. Frid started working in September of 2012 and immediately made his mark as a consultant with his co-consultants and supervisors alike. Since then he has made an excellent effort on becoming an outstanding consultant. He is willing to take coverages to help out to the CACC team, especially with the late night and over night shifts. Frid is also willing to help out the team in weather emergencies. Since his promotion to consultant, he has become an irreplaceable member of the College Avenue Computing Center. {jk}

Jason John

October 2013 Operations Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Jason is a relatively new addition to the Operations team, starting to work for both Help Desk and Operations at the start of September. Although new to the Help Desk groups, Jason quickly came across as one of our shining consultants who would easily be able to take on the promotional opportunity offered at Operations. Jason is a biochemistry major expecting to graduate in the Spring of 2017. When not studying or working, Jason enjoys hiking, watching movies, and playing video games. Thus far in Operations Jason has handled an STMP outage, successfully manned OPs during the RUMail outage/upgrade, and handled several environmental issues in the machine room without any issue. Jason has enjoyed his time in operations saying that one of his favorite aspects of the job is the people who he gets to work with but there's nothing about the job he even remotely dislikes. Congratulations, Jason, on winning the Operations Consultant of the Month award for October, and welcome to the Operations team! {jd}

Tim Johnson

February 2003 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Tim is a hard worker who always writes thorough tickets and always comes to work on time. He is courteous with users, and has a lot of technical knowledge to bolster this natural customer service ability. He doesn't hesitate to approach supervisors for help with a problem, but when he does, he follows up on the problem rather than "dumping" it on the supervisor. Tim's also very fun to work a shift with. He's got a great, dry sense of humor and makes working at the Help Desk that much more pleasant an experience. Finally, Tim was out at the beginning of the semester with a medical issue, but when he returned to the Help Desk, he picked up everything he'd missed out on, including changes in the support of various issues, without missing a beat. {kb}

Becky Johnson

September 1999 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Becky is a consistently good consultant. She is always helpful and pleasant to users and co-workers and is willing to take the initiative to make the labs better. When she doesn't know the answer to a question, she is sure to find out the answer for herself, setting a good example for her co-workers. {ss}

Fall 1999 Cook/Douglass Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

In addition to Becky's enthusiasm and helpfulness with users, she finds other ways to help the lab run well. She is always looking for ways to improve the lab, from ensuring that the lab is in order to recreating the white board for the season. Becky was instrumental in gathering surveys during the recent survey period and she is a member of the recently-formed animation team. {ss}

Terrance Johnson

February 2010 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Working three full semesters and currently tackling semester number four, Terrance has been a vital asset to the Cook/Douglass labs. Paying no mind to the long walk from Heylar House, Terrance has diligently worked at all of the four sites on Cook/Douglass. No matter what issue a patron brings to Terrance, he will always take the time to properly help the patron with his ample ability. He does all of this with a smile on his face. Taking both a solid number of permanent shifts and coverage, Terrance is a key go to consultant for supervisors when we are in a pinch for emergency coverage. It is our honor to announce that Terrance Johnson is the January Consultant of the Month for Cook/Douglass. Congrats! {djt,hl}

Lauren Johnson

Fall 2010 College Avenue Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Delightful, intelligent, charming and outgoing are just a few of the words that could be used to describe Lauren Johnson, the College Avenue Supervisor of the Semester. While Lauren's tenure as a supervisor has been short, she has wasted no time in proving herself a valuable and dedicated member of our management team. Lauren is not afraid to get her hands dirty (and not just from cleaning the staff fridge). Downed staplers, broken hole punchers and malfunctioning computers have been fixed and put back in service amazingly fast due to Lauren's proactive approach to repair. Lauren has demonstrated her artistic flair and capacity for creativity in the design of the lab's bulletin boards and labels. Her honesty and wit are appreciated by the consultants she supervises and management she works closely with. You can be be assured that any problems that arise when Lauren is in the lab will be handled in a professional and responsible manner. It is for these reasons that we happily recognize Lauren as the CAC Supervisor of the Semester for the Fall of 2010. Please join us in congratulating her on this achievement and wish her well on the semester ahead. {cmb,bo}

Jacqueline Johnson

April 2017 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Over the past year, Jacqueline has proven to be one of our hardest working and most trusted employees. Even though she works many late nights due to covering shifts for her fellow consultants, we have never seen her walk into the labs without a smile on her face and an upbeat attitude. Once on shift, her pleasant and easygoing attitude makes her a natural at interacting one on one with patrons as she patiently works through their issues and makes sure all of their concerns are alleviated. Jacqueline is also quick to de-escalate any tense situation as her cool-headedness allows her to calmly talk through and mediate any worries that stressed patrons may be having. Her skills do not just end at customer service either as she is also very strong at troubleshooting and working through any problems that she encounters. Whether it be a printer that is constantly jamming or a computer demonstrating unusual symptoms, Jacqueline makes sure to go through every possible cause in order to diagnose the issue. If still unable to find a solution she is always diligent about calling the supervisors and giving us a detailed report on the issue and the troubleshooting steps that she has taken. Overall, we are very thankful to have Jacqueline at the labs as her pleasant and friendly attitude always make it a joy to work alongside her. As such, we are proud to announce her as the April Consultant of the Month! Thank you for all that you do Jacqueline! {ab}

Kyle Jones

September 2015 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

A new addition to our team on Livingston, Kyle has proven himself a truly valuable asset to the Livingston Computing Center. His stellar work ethic and excellent demeanor also shine through in his capacity as a Dispatch consultant, where he has handled several difficult dispatch tickets and participated in ResNet SWAT over the summer. His professionalism in particular is what makes Kyle such a great member of our team. When he is helping a patron, we can be sure that the patron will be treated with the utmost respect, kindness, and determination to resolve their issue. He is always sunny and inviting, assisting patrons with a winning smile. That smile also extends to Kyle's coworkers, whom he is always happy to assist or engage in pleasant conversation. For being such a proactive, tenacious, and friendly consultant, we are proud to congratulate Kyle Jones for being named a Livingston Consultant of the Month for September 2015! {mz,NH}

Steven Jordan

October 2009 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Please join us in congratulating Steven Jordan as our Consultant of the Month for the month of October. Steve has been a vital member to our team this year, bringing with him knowledge of past year's consulting and acting as a mentor to those new consultants who have just joined the staff. Steven is always very proactive, searching out problems around the lab and helping the patron who may be hesitant to come up for help. Steven also has a knack for fixing jammed printers and volunteering for the most daunting of projects (the most recent of which was cleaning our lab chairs which were long overdue for a steaming). Steven's pleasant and gung-ho demeanor has helped earn him this well deserved recognition. Congratulations Steven! {md}

Nathanael Joseph

March 2008 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Nathanael (Nate) Joseph joined NBCS as a Help Desk Consultant last fall. He has distinguished himself by his calm demeanor over the telephone, which gives callers confidence and helps him gather information. Nate writes detailed tickets, thoroughly documenting what steps he took to solve the caller's problem. He uses good judgement and refers to the supervisors as necessary, in order to make sure our callers get the best help possible while they are on the phone. Nate is a Biomedical Engineering major. When he was little, he was interested in becoming a doctor or doing something related to the medical field. As he grew up, he also developed an interest in mathematics and the sciences. Here at Rutgers, he felt that Biomedical Engineering best brings these two interests together. He hopes to develop new ways to improve medical methods for the benefit of society as a whole. {cj}

February 2009 Operations Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Nate began his NBCS path in the Help Desk where his responsible and placid personality was quickly recognized as the qualities of an Operations Consultant. By the Fall of 2008, he was recruited for Operations and soon began his experience with overnights, power outages and the fun devices that sometimes appear on Nagios. Nate also worked extra hours at the Help Desk, proving that his compassion for users and their sometimes malfunctioning computers was unending! In the working environment, Nate is kind and accommodating to his co-workers, he even helps them with their French (did we mention he speaks it fluently?). When on shift, he performs all duties as required and if there is ever a problem, Nate makes sure that he addresses it. Within the academic world, he is steadily pursuing medical advances under the title of Biomedical Engineer. It is these qualities and more that make Nate our pick for Operations Consultant of the Month! {fd}

Fall 2009 Help Desk Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Nate has been working in a supervisory role with the Help Desk for almost a year. He started as an SIT in January 2009; was promoted to AS in February, 2009; and promoted to student CSq position in August 2009. In addition, Nate has worked in Operations since Fall 2008, and he has done a fabulous job all around. Nate pays very close attention to details and follows up with everything that he is assigned - large and small. He has taken responsibility for following through on general communications, entering PTS data and more throughout the semester. He keeps up with his mentor duties and consistently assists consultants with what they need. His ticket entries as well as his End of Shift reports are clear and sufficiently detailed as to not need follow up. He also pitches in when ever needed and demonstrates the behaviors newer consultants should emulate. Overall, Nate has been a pleasure to work with and we are proud to present him with the HD supervisor of the semester award. Congratulations, Nate! {dk,av}

February 2010 Operations Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Nate has worked in Operations since Fall 2008, and he has been a real asset to the team. Nate frequently is the "go to guy" for coverages especially late night situations. Over the past month Nate has helped us out by extending his Saturday overnight shift every week to help fill a scheduling need. Nate has also been working alongside new operators and has aided in their development. We thank Nate for all that he does and we look forward to working with him the future. Congrats, Nate! {rb}

Fall 2010 Help Desk Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Nate has been working with the Help Desk since September 2007 and Operations Since the Fall of 2008. He started as an SIT in January 2009; was promoted to AS in February, 2009; was promoted to student CSq position in August 2009; and was recently promoted to Operation Supervisor. In all positions Nate has done a fabulous job. Nate pays very close attention to details and follows up with everything that he is assigned - large and small. He keeps up with his mentor duties and consistently assists consultants with what they need. His ticket entries as well as his End of Shift reports are clear and sufficiently detailed, never needing follow up. He also pitches in when ever needed and demonstrates the behaviors newer consultants should emulate. Overall, Nate has been a pleasure to work with and we are proud to present him with the HD supervisor of the semester award. Congratulations, Nate! {dk}

Spring 2011 Operations Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Nate has been working with the Help Desk since September 2007 and Operations since the Fall of 2008. He's run the gamut at the Help Desk and Operations, as he has been promoted to, and has excelled at every position the two groups has to offer. Last semester Nate was promoted to Operations Student Supervisor and he has done an excellent job from the start. He trains new Operators with diligence and expertise. He handles his scheduling responsibilities with accuracy and promptness. He utilizes the mentor program to help enhance the job experience for his protegees. He astutely handles his on call responsibilities. Nate also works as one of the student Help Desk Supervisors and somehow juggles a full time job outside of Rutgers. Nate has already graduated with a degree in Biomedical Engineering and will be getting married this summer. Congratulations Nate on this well deserved award. {jf}

Aditya Joshi

September 2003 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Aditya has only started working in the Livingston Computing Center this month, but he has already proven himself as an exceptional staff member. His attitude and ambitious approach to the job have been noted by his coworkers and managers alike. He is constantly looking for ways to help out in the lab and tackling patron questions before they even come up to the desk. Aditya has been a great help to management assisting in special projects around the lab. In addition, Aditya has taken an incredible number of shift coverages, helping out his fellow consultants in need. Please join us in congratulating Aditya on his exceptional performance. {cb}

Fall 2003 Livingston Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Aditya has become an essential member of our staff. In his first semester here with CCF, he has shown the attributes most desired in consultants. Those being: a dedication to the job, a willingness to learn and teach and the ability to answers users questions in an intelligent and satisfying manner. He was nominated for Consultant of the Month on the very first month of this semester, for his outstanding dedication to lab. He has exhibited a sincere desire to help out the lab whenever possible. He is quick to volunteer for any tasks that may arise. Aditya works closely with management to provide feedback for improvement of lab operations. His boundless enthusiasm and ever felt presence at the Livingston Computing Center are most welcome. For these and many more reasons, we have chosen, Aditya, as our Consultant of the Semester. Congratulations Aditya!!! Keep up the great work! {jg,lw}

Spring 2005 Livingston Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Aditya has been working for the Livingston Computing Center for 2 years now, the last semester as an Asst. Lab Supervisor. Throughout his tenure on Livingston, Aditya has shown a true dedication to the lab, it's patrons and his coworkers. Aditya routinely volunteers for any task that may present itself. He's also been one of the best scheduling supervisors the lab has had, ensuring our facilities were almost never short staffed. His willingness to go above and beyond what his job requires has earned him this recognition. Unfortunately for us all, Aditya has been offered a full time position outside of the University starting in the fall. His devotion to the lab and his gung ho style will truly be missed. Please join us on congratulating him on this award and wishing him the best of luck in his future endeavors. {cmb}

Dhrumit Joshi

March 2014 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Dhrumit is always going above and beyond here at the College Avenue Computing Center. He is willing to lend a helping hand around the lab. For example, does not hesitate to stay after his shift in order to help us when we are short staffed. Dhrumit assists patrons with the most difficult questions with ease. He never leaves questions unanswered. He is well aware of what is going when he is working, ensuring that everything is taken care of during his shifts. Dhrumit, we appreciate all of your hard work at the labs. Keep up the great work, and congratulations on winning consultant of the month! {ls}

Mike Jozefczyk

November 2007 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Mike has become an outstanding consultant over the semester. His technical knowledge has progressed greatly and his dedicated work ethic has remained consistent. He's willing to help out fellow consultants as well as supervisors whenever needed and continues to have a perfect Performance Rating. For only working here a few months, Mike seems to know the job inside and out as if he had worked here for years. His assistance in the lab is greatly appreciated. We look forward to working with him in the future. Congratulations on being named a Livingston Consultant of the Month for November. {ws,lw}

Seif Juban

March 2017 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

This is Seif's first semester as a consultant with us, but it hardly feels that way. He has taken to the position with the ease of a veteran and has become a vital asset to the labs. Through his proactive nature, he creates an organized, efficient environment wherein the labs are thriving and our patrons are satisfied. Seif is constantly assessing the labs for any issues that may hinder lab performance and patron satisfaction; and he is quick to address them. He maintains strong communication with his supervisors as well to ensure maximum efficiency in the labs. He truly goes above and beyond what is expected of him as a consultant. He sets a wonderful example for his fellow consultants. He maintains a positive attitude with an amicable demeanor that makes him very approachable to patrons. He is a kind, friendly consultant with a positive attitude that creates a comfortable, welcoming environment to work. Livingston is very lucky to have him with us! Please join us as we celebrate Seif as a Livingston Consultant of the Month for March 2017! We appreciate all that you do to keep the labs running! {ms,lw}

October 2017 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Ever since Seif started working for the Livingston Computing Center, there hasn't been a single moment where he hasn't impress with his outstanding customer service skills. Seif has always been extremely proactive and is always looking to take on new tasks. Seif always comes to his shifts on time and ready to lend a hand wherever needed. He always handles his solo library shifts with grace and finesse. We enjoy your worth ethic and devotion to the labs! Congratulations on being named an October 2017 Livingston Consultant of the Month! {jp,lw,nh}

Najum Junaid

November 2016 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

We are thrilled to name Naj as our Help Desk Level 1 Consultant of the Month! Although Naj only started working with us this fall, he has already made quite an impression. As the first of this year's new hires to be promoted and take permanent Level 2 shifts, he has demonstrated an eagerness to learn and advance. He's also been sure to help out along the way; not only did he tackle the L1 certification modules swiftly, but he provided us with thoroughly documented feedback on the process which has allowed us to improve it for future consultants. Naj routinely comes in early and is determined to make every minute of his time here count, perpetually in a state of getting things done or finding things to get done – his motivation is phenomenal! Going forward, he has his eye on the Network Support side of things and would love to become an Escalation Certified consultant. He says his favorite parts of the job are helping people, discovering more about how the university operates, and spending time with the friends he's made here. Naj carries his enthusiastic attitude and passion for learning with him outside of work, which is reflected by his choice to major in both biology and political science. After graduating, which he hopes to do Spring 2018, he wants to learn even more by attending medical school for emergency medicine. He's interested in collecting more than just new information, however. In the apartment he shares with 3 other Help Desk consultants, they maintain an impressive collection of cereal boxes on their wall; their rarest cereal features Kylo Ren of Star Wars. Other hobbies of his include watching House, reading books such as Jurassic Park, and supporting the New England Patriots. Please join us in congratulating Naj on his achievement! {rc}

March 2017 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Since being hired by OIT, Naj continues to go above and beyond the call of duty to assist callers, walk-in users, and consultants alike. He has advanced swiftly through the ranks since making the permanent schedule in the fall and is now Escalation Certified. Naj particularly excels when it comes to detail and this is evident in his ticket writing and communication skills with colleagues and supervisory staff. Naj attributes much of his success to having asked a lot of questions his first semester working as a Level 1 Consultant and even now as a Level 2 Escalation Consultant. His favorite thing about working at OIT, to date, is the joy of going out on Escalation shifts and being able to solve network related issues. Naj has made many friends in his short time here and is regularly eager to hang out with his best friend. He is not one to be known to turn down a difficult ticket or situation and is often looking for more work to do. Recently Naj has taken it upon himself to review a significant amount of internal documentation and make necessary changes as OIT continues to go through a transitional phase since the Rutgers merger with RWJ and UMDNJ in 2013. Naj continues to be an outstanding consultant and we are proud to have the pleasure of naming him Help Desk Level 2 Net Consultant of the Month. Please join us in congratulating Najum for his exceptional performance! {ll}

April 2017 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

We would like to congratulate Naj on being awarded Network Support Consultant of the Month! In his short time here, Naj has already shown exceptional qualities as a consultant and impressed those around him. He really aspires to help people and this is evident in the work he does. Naj enjoys going out on Escalation appointments and being able to troubleshoot issues using the skills and experience he has learned as a Network Support Consultant. He maintains an infectious drive to help others and troubleshoots with confidence. We would like to thank Naj for his exceptional performance and invite everyone to join us in congratulating him on being awarded Network Support Consultant of the Month! {ll}

Spring 2017 Help Desk Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Naj continues to impress us at each step of the way. This has been an exciting semester for him, as he just became a Supervisor in Training! He then attended our annual New Employee Orientation; only one year ago, he was attending New Employee Orientation (NEO) as a Consultant in Training. In his own words, "It was exciting to attend the event again being on the other side of it". Naj has worked diligently to promote and enforce policy through his unquenchable motivation to revise internal documentation, develop publicly accessible FAQ material, and serve as a role model for fellow consultants. One thing I can say from personally working with Naj is that he perpetually finds a way to keep busy. When he is not out on an Escalation appointment, you can find him working on ticket review or documentation. He's known for being ever-ready, prepared to take over a call or step in to help mentor a fellow consultant whenever needed. We would like to thank Naj for his many contributions and welcome all in congratulating him, both on becoming a Supervisor in Training and being awarded Network Support Consultant of the Semester! {ll}

Fall 2017 Help Desk Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

We would like to congratulate Naj on another exceptional semester! Outstanding, motivated, and committed are some of the words that can be used to describe this particular Help Desk Level 3 and Network Support Supervisor. With great attention to detail, Naj continues to diligently update and improve upon our internal documentation. Whether he is conducting Escalation training, helping a user, or mentoring coworkers, he consistently does so with great enthusiasm and confidence. He is currently a member of several committees at the Help Desk and is eager to take on more projects in the future. Naj has also proven to be a viable asset when it comes to testing and reporting bugs within our applications and Staff Portal. One of his goals for next semester is to work on the Advanced Training program and to continue contributing his skills to Network Support. Outside of the Help Desk, Naj is working on his degree in Cell Biology & Neuroscience, Political Science, and Information Technology & Bioinformatics. We would like to thank Naj for all of his hard work! We are proud to award him the Help Desk Network Support Supervisor of the Semester!