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Jiyaad Naeem

Spring 2011 Livingston Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Jiyaad started his New Brunswick Computing Services (NBCS) career as a consultant in the Fall 2008 semester. He quickly moved up the ranks, joining the Livingston Computer Labs Management Team as a Supervisor in Training toward the end of his first year working for the labs in the Spring 2009 semester. In the Spring 2010 semester, Jiyaad was promoted to Assistant Lab Supervisor. In the nearly 2.5 semesters that Jiyaad has served in that role, he has progressively taken on more responsibility and an increased leadership role on the Livingston Campus. Jiyaad has really grown this semester as a leader on the campus. There have been a lot of changes to the management team in a very short period of time and Jiyaad has really stepped up to help train our newest supervisors and Supervisors in Training in all of their new roles and responsibilities. He has really become one of those "glue" supervisors -- who try to keep everyone informed, help out his fellow supervisors with their own tasks and make sure that the little things don't slip through the cracks -- all while doing his utmost to make the Livingston Labs a thoroughly enjoyable place to work. Jiyaad's "corporately gregarious" personality has helped him really stand out as a leader, mentor and friend to consultants, supervisors and managers alike. He always strives to put a positive spin on anything that comes our way, no matter what. And when something even remotely positive does happen, it's as if Jiyaad has just witnessed the greatest thing that has ever happened in the history of mankind. At the same time, Jiyaad knows to take a more deliberate, serious approach when the situation calls for it. His balanced, enthusiastic demeanor has helped him to weather the myriad of winter storms this semester, the "Great Tillett Flood of 2011" and convince consultants that they really want to work overnight shifts during the Pre-Finals and Finals periods. His efforts in assisting lab patrons and staff with a friendly and professional attitude, and his teamwork efforts (despite his constant "corporate speak"), strongly support the Mission, Vision, and Values of the Labs and New Brunswick Computing Services as reflected in his excellent computer support and customer service in our Labs. For all that (and so much more), we are proud to award Jiyaad Naeem the Spring 2011 Livingston Supervisor Achievement Award. Congratulations, Jiyaad! {mk,lw}

Muhammad Naeem

Fall 2012 Livingston Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Ever since Muhammad joined NBCS in the Fall of 2010, he has been an extremely valuable asset to the various management teams for which he has worked. While Muhammad was originally hired by Livingston, he has also worked an extraordinary amount of shifts on Cook Douglass. Muhammad did not just get comfortable on one campus, he put himself out there and took shifts on other campuses. Muhammad's drive to cross train not only gave him the opportunity to work / interact with new people, but this also molded him into an outstanding and well-rounded consultant. His varied experience from working at different sites, combined with his exceptional customer service skills put him ahead of the curve. His consistently positive attitude uplifts all those around him, as well as the overall mood in any environment in which he is placed. Ready for any task, Muhammad is always willing to lend a hand whenever possible. Calling him just an average consultant would be a gross understatement to the value he brings to NBCS and other consultants. He is someone upon whom you can trust with any task you assign or any issues with which he becomes aware. With that being said, it is with great honor we present, Muhammad Naeem, with the award of Fall 2012 Consultant of the Semester for Livingston. Congratulations on your achievement and keep up the good work! {ad,jt,lw}

Osama Naim

November 2017 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Osama joined us this semester as a first year consultant and has continued to impress. Osama is helpful, intelligent and kind hearted. He is always willing to help out around the labs particularly during his early morning shifts. His friendly demeanor never fails to keep an upbeat mood in the labs. Osama is a hardworking dependable consultant and a great asset to the Livingston Computing Center. It is with great pleasure that we announce Osama Naim as Livingston Computing Center Consultant of the Month for November 2017. We look forward to continuing to work with Osama! Keep up the great work! {ce,lw}

Aatman Nandi

April 2001 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Aatman Nandi is one of the most pleasant workers on the Busch Campus Computing Center's staff. He will always help lap patrons in the most polite and professional manner. Aatman will take the initiative to go around and find problems and user questions. He uses great diligence and detail when reporting any issues in the lab to the management. He also has a great level of enthusiasm for the job. We'd like to laud him for his efforts and hope he keeps up the good work. Congratulations Aatman. {cb}

Sravani Nanduri

February 2016 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Sravani is an extremely motivated consultant who's reliable, hard-working, and friendly nature has made her stand out as an exceptionally valuable employee. Despite only starting here last semester, Sravani approaches any new or unusual situation with a level of confidence similar to that of a veteran consultant. Every shift that Sravani works, she comes in with a level of enthusiasm and eagerness that instantly lights up the room. She is constantly helping out the supervisors by taking last minute coverages or making supply deliveries to satellite sites. When a patron approaches her on or off shift, she makes sure to carefully listen to their questions or concerns and do whatever it takes, whether it be sitting down and working with the patron or seeking the guidance of supervisor, to make sure that that the patron leaves with a smile on their face. When dealing with an unusual situation, she uses them as a learning experience to further both her customer service and technical skills. Her hard work is very much appreciated and we are pleased to announce her as Consultant of the Month for February 2016! {ab,zh}

Syed (Ali) Naqvi

Spring 2016 Help Desk Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

We are proud to announce that Ali is the Spring 2016 Network Support Consultant of the semester. He is currently a junior majoring in Computer Engineering. He continues to be a very valued member of the Help Desk and of our networking and supervisory teams. His advice for fellow consultants to follow in his foot steps is for them to work hard but always make sure to study harder. We are all members of the Rutgers community and the best way to make the community even better than it is, is to continue learning more and more. He has handled some incredibly difficult situations as a member of network support and he takes every opportunity as a chance to learn and be better. At work he is known for his love of Crowns Chicken and he supplies the help desk with a nearly daily supply of chicken since he is more than happy to pick food up for other employees of the Help Desk when he is there. His favorite meal to get at Crowns Chicken is a spicy chicken sandwich. Outside of work he spends his time studying, reading, watching Monty Python, and playing video games. When studying he can frequently be found coding in C++ to get coursework done. His favorite quote is from Professor Lu in the Electrical Engineering department, and the saying is "When in doubt go from thick to thin" and this means to always keep learning and going from fields you know a lot about to fields you do not know a lot about. Ali loves to read, especially fantasy novels. His favorite author is Brandon Sanderson and a series he has read recently was the Greatcoat series. He also played a lot of different video games. One game he loves to play is League of Legends and his favorite champion to play as is Maokai. Another game he loves to play is called Europa Universalis. In this game the player tries to conquer as many nations as possible. His favorite nation to play as is The Golden Horde. We are very honored to have the chance to work with him. {sm}

Fall 2016 Help Desk Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

We are proud to announce that Ali is the Fall 2016 Network Support Supervisor of the Semester! From tracking down fake RUWireless access points to troubleshooting switch configuration issues for The Yard, Ali has seen and worked on a wide variety of Networking issues. Ali is a valued member of the Network Support team for both his expertise and dedication to problem resolution. Ever inquisitive, Ali seeks to understand Networking issues inside and out. In addition to providing network support, Ali assists the help desk consultants and supervisors as a Level 3 supervisor. Ali studies electrical and computer engineering and plans to graduate Spring 2017. When Ali is not troubleshooting Network issues or providing guidance to consultants he likes to read, play video games, and eat spicy food. We are proud to award Ali the Network Supervisor of the Semester award! {db}

Spring 2017 Help Desk Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Ali continues to be a valued member of the OIT Computing Help Desk and we are proud to award him Level 3 Supervisor of the Semester for Spring 2017. Ali often finds information in our internal Network Support documentation that needs to be updated and works diligently to make sure that Help Desk consultants have up to date procedural information available. Ali consistently assists consultants by giving them advice as they help users, regularly takes posted shifts that need coverage to help keep the Help Desk adequately staffed, and moderates the Help Desk's food ordering. Ali offers good customer service and he hopes that other consultants will follow in his footsteps by being an exemplary Supervisor. Ali's advice to other consultants is "Self-control over your thoughts and emotions is key to success." Thank you for all of your hard work, Ali, and congratulations! {ah,kt}

Akhila Narayan

November 2017 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

The Help Desk is proud to award Akhila Narayan Level 2 Help Desk Consultant of the Month for the month of November. Akhila joined the Help Desk last fall and is now working as a Level 2 Consultant with an email support certification. Akhila is hardworking, very enthusiastic, and constantly looking for chances to assist Level 1 Consultants in addition to walkin patrons at the Help Desk. Whenever at work, Akhila is the first to volunteer to staff the front station and greet our walkin users with a big smile. Akhila is currently studying computer science with a minor in economics. Akhila's favorite part of working at the Help Desk is that the Help Desk gives her the chance to help different people and make their day. Akhila's tip for new consultants is to get to know the people you interact with so you can make new friends and increase your quality of service. Outside the Help Desk, Akhila enjoys watching TV and eating food with friends. Thanks for all your continued hard work! {yp}

Fall 2017 Help Desk Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

We would like to congratulate Akhila Narayan on earning the Level 2 Consultant of the Semester Award for Fall 2017! Akhila began working for us in Fall 2016 and ever since has shown her commitment to this job through her astounding work ethic, becoming one of our more well-rounded consultants due to her experiences with a wide range of issues. Akhila goes the extra mile help users resolve their issues by providing exceptional support over the phone and is dedicated to helping our Level 1 Consultants be the best that they can by giving detailed and easy-to-understand advice. Akhila is a Computer Science major, minoring in Economics, and graduating in May 2018. Her favorite part about working in the Help Desk is that she's able to help people and enjoys handling challenging issues as they provide a great learning opportunity. Akhila's tip for consultants is to make the most out of the Help Desk and everything that it has to offer, specifically by making friends in the Help Desk and by taking advantage of the training opportunities. While Akhila is off shift, she loves listening to music, chilling with her friends between classes, and getting Tacoria from time to time. After graduating, Akhila plans on starting a full-time job and one day hopes to be working in a managerial position. Thank you, Akhila, for your dedication to the Help Desk. Keep up the great work! {sp}

Christopher Naro

November 2016 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Although Chris has only been working for a few months now, he has quickly become an strong asset on Livingston. His friendly and proactive demeanor makes him an approachable consultant to patrons; while, his eagerness to solve problems and hardworking attitude makes him a consultant on which supervisors can depend. Chris goes above and beyond the call of duty in every situation that he encounters and always strives to achieve the best results. For these reasons, he is admired and highly regarded by his team. Please join us as we congratulate Chris Naro on being named a Livingston Consultant of the Month for November 2016! We appreciate all you do and we are confident that you will continue to keep up the great work. {nd,nm,lw}

Jose Narrea

April 2015 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

We are incredibly proud to award Jose Narrea as Consultant of the Month for April 2015! Jose joined the College Avenue Computing Center's team this past fall, and we could not be happier to have him working with us. Jose is always greeting patrons and coworkers with a positive attitude, making it very enjoyable to work with him. Jose consistently goes above and beyond for patrons, staying with them for as long as they possibly need to resolve issues. Moreover, Jose offers to help out the lab at every possible opportunity. For example, over the last two weeks, Jose has taken several coverage shifts that were difficult to fill. He volunteered last minute to cover an overnight shift, which was certainly appreciated by all of our management staff. Indeed, Jose's ambition to do well at the lab is quite evident. Recently, Jose became ResNet dispatch certified to expand his skill set. We know when Jose is working, the lab will be running as smoothly as possible. Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication, Jose! We appreciate everything you do for the lab and your coworkers. This recognition is very well deserved! {ls}

September 2017 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

We would like to congratulate Jose on being awarded Network Support Consultant of the Month! Jose started out his time with OIT working with the labs. This past summer, he became a cross-trained Level 1 consultant at the Help Desk; as a fast learner with previous networking experience through dispatch, he's been able to climb through the ranks and is now a Level 2 Network Support consultant. Jose's friendly personality and advanced troubleshooting skills have allowed him to provide consistent and effective information to both our users and consultants, making him an asset to our Help Desk staff. Outside of the Help Desk, Jose enjoys biking, gaming, and playing the drums. Congratulations once again, and we thank you for your excellent performance! {mb}

October 2017 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

We would like to give a big congratulations to Jose for being the Network Support Consultant of the Month! Jose has proven himself as a reliable, knowledgeable and attentive consultant who is willing to lend a helping hand to his coworkers. Jose initially joined the OIT family as a dispatch consultant and has since grown to be a model Help Desk consultant who brightens the days of his coworkers, writes comprehensive tickets, and displays poise while working on difficult calls. Outside of the Help Desk, he is an avid gamer and musician. Please join us in congratulating Jose for being named the Network Consultant of the Month! {lc}

Fall 2017 Help Desk Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

We are proud to announce that Jose is the Fall 2017 Network Support Consultant of the Semester! Jose is known for his willingness to assist and lend a hand. He often volunteers to sit at front station and update documentation whenever the opportunity is available. His work at both the Help Desk and the Labs contributes to his Network Support skills. Jose is a valued member of the Network Support team for his dedication to problem solving. When not troubleshooting at the Help Desk, Jose studies full-time as a student of Computer Engineering and will graduate in 2018. He also has an interest in rock music and plays guitar and drums. Musical influences include The Pixies and Sonic Youth. His favorite food is seafood. We are proud to award Jose the Network Support Consultant of the Semester award! {dl}

Elizabeth Naumann

September 2000 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Lizzy has been a dedicated consultant on Cook/Douglass for several years. She is consistently dependable when it comes to performing her responsibilities as a consultant, and is never hesitant to enforce policies. When assisting lab patrons, Lizzy is reliably friendly, helpful, and polite. In addition to her cheerful demeanor, Lizzy often offers to help with tasks to keep the lab in good shape. {ss}

Helen Nayfeld

March 2006 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Since she started working here, Helen has been one of our most caring and sincere consultants working at ARC. She is a proactive worker, always willing to help, and one of the first to go out of her way to try and solve a problem. Her nice and friendly demeanor puts people at ease when asking her a question. Even if she doesn't know the answer, she refuses to give up and will do everything in her ability to resolve the situation. Helen always volunteers to help the supervisors when a task needs to get done. Helen readily gives feedback and always offers useful suggestions to help improve our lab. {mz, rv, jm, wll}

Sean Neil

October 2009 Operations Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Last semester Sean was promoted to an Assistant Supervisor at the Help Desk and began working Operations shifts over the summer. Sean has continually and reliably filled early morning shifts. This semester Sean has continued to work early mornings by coming in at 7am for a very hard to fill shift. Sean has also maintained a full plate at the Help Desk having recently been added as a member of the Help Desk scheduling team. Sean has been a real asset to both Operations and the Scheduling team, bringing an awesome work ethic and a lot of attention to detail. It is with great pleasure that we would like to award Sean as the Operator of the Month for October 2009. {rb}

Kyle Neiswender

April 2013 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Ever since starting at NBCS in the fall of 2011, Kyle's work and contributions to the Cook/Douglass labs have been incredibly impressive. Not only is he a well informed and well trained consultant, but he always has a smile on his face. Kyle always shows a desire to improve and is successful in doing so. He recently became resnet certified...congratulations! Kyle is friendly and helpful to everyone he interacts with, especially at the labs. Patrons, supervisors and other consultants are always comfortable going to Kyle with a question, or just to say hello. What is most impressive is that Kyle's strengths have never dwindled over the almost two years that he has been working here. This consistency has been wonderful with helping the labs run smoothly. His consistent friendly attitude, in addition to a superior desire to improve, is what helped Kyle earn the title of consultant of the month. Keep up the great work! {gb}

September 2013 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Kyle has been one of the top consultants since he joined Cook/Douglass labs back in 2011. He brings a very joyful attitude to Cook/Douglass and is always willing to help by taking coverages or assisting other consultants. He proved to be a big help during SWAT and in the opening weeks of dispatch shifts. He makes sure lab policies are enforced and is very thorough when troubleshooting any issue. Kyle continues to be a model consultant and is a vital asset for Cook/Douglass. We're proud to have Kyle as our Consultant of Month for September 2013. {zh,lw}

Fall 2013 Cook/Douglass Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Back when he still had long hair, Kyle joined the Cook/Douglass consultant team in the Fall of 2011 where he quickly became one of the most interesting characters on our staff. His easygoing nature and love of an ecclectic variety of hobbies has made him an interesting person to work with to say the least. In the time that he's worked with us, Kyle has proven himself to be one the most reliable and capable member of the team. He's won the Consultant of the Month award twice in 2013 (April and September) and has been stepping up to more advanced roles within NBCS. In the past few months, Kyle has worked ResNet Dispatch and Office shifts along with his normal consultant duties. His performance this semester has been particularly outstanding as he has gone above and beyond to help both patrons and his fellow consultants. Kyle has demonstrated time and again what a terrific consultant he is by the way he takes charge of situations and anticipates problems before they can occur. It is because of his stellar overall performance this semester that he was the hands down choice for Cook/Douglass' Consultant of the Fall 2013 semester. Congratulations, Kyle! {hl}

Spring 2014 ResNet Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Kyle started working for NBCS back in 2011, and has worked for ResNet Office since fall of 2013. When he comes into work, Kyle works diligently to make sure that by the end of his shift he is handing over huge lists of tickets that he has followed up with or resolved throughout the day. When dealing with walk in users, Kyle's calm demeanor and expert technical skills keeps them informed and confident that he will be able to remediate the issues they are having with their computer. He has been a valuable addition to the Office Team, providing excellent and personable customer service, while also going above and beyond the call of duty and training to be an Escalation consultant. When he's not at work, or in class for his Information Technology and Informatics and Human Resources double major, Kyle keeps himself busy fixing cars, computers, and investing in the stock market. We are very proud of all of Kyle's achievements this past semester, and look forward to seeing the many great things he has in store for his final year in college. Congratulations on Consultant of the Semester! {dm,sp}

Jessica Nelan

September 2003 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Without a doubt, Jessica Nelan is one of College Avenue Campus' very best, following all our procedures, enforcing all our policies, treating all users well, and attending to them promptly. Whenever Jessica is working at any lab, the supervisors can rest easy knowing that if there is any problem, they will be made aware of it. She always comes to work well before her shift starts just to get everything in order in the lab. From pushing in all the chairs to setting up the IMLs for scheduled classes. She keeps a close eye on all the print queues by having them prominently displayed on her screen. She is always pro-active and waiting to help a user. She sets a perfect example of enforcing lab policies by doing 15 minute rounds. Jessica represents all that CCF consultants ought to be. {np,rk}

Spring 2004 College Avenue Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

The College Avenue Campus is pleased to select Jessica Nelan as the Supervisor of the Semester for the Spring 2004 semester. During the past semester, Jessica truly stepped forward as a leader, organizer, and mentor for the CAC consultants, as well as the other supervisors. Her most visible achievements were her strong organization skills and leadership through the hiring process. Jessica was vigilant in reviewing and processing applications into HATS. She conducted many of the interviews and kept track of each person's status throughout the hiring process. In addition to hiring, Jessica has been great about completing consultant observations and showing consultants how to better do their job when they need help. Jessica is also responsible for overseeing operations of the Rutgers Student Center Computer Lab, helping in updating staff web pages, maintaining cards and labels for lab machines and maintaining all sign-in sheets (including ITS-ing and contacting consultants who fail to sign in/out properly). She consults when needed and never turns away a user in need of an answer (or a password change). Jessica also took it upon herself to create spreadsheets to track the evaluations of all consultants on our campus, as well as doing a weekly check of all pending incidents in the ITS Database for College Avenue. Jessica has been a fine example to consultants. She exemplifies the Mission, Vision, and Values of our organization by providing excellent leadership and customer service in her position, by fostering teamwork, and exuding professionalism at all times. Her dedication and hard work have been key factors in the smooth operation of CAC. Thanks Jessica! {mk}

Shaneika Nelson

April 2006 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Shaneika is at once both cheerful and dilligent, bringing a smile to even the most mundane lab tasks. Not only does she do an excellent job helping patrons, but she is always ready to volunteer for a project or help out a fellow consultant. Shaneika's good-natured attitude gives the LCC a more comfortable and jovial atmosphere whenever she is around. Please join us in congratulating her on being selected as Consultant of the Month! {js}

Gary Nelson

March 2007 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Gary's good-natured attitude and positive outlook help create a great work environment. He is always willing to help patrons with the simplest to the most difficult of computer problems, treating every patron as if they are the first he has helped that day. His patience and dedication is further evident in how he deals with his fellow co-workers. Consistently taking coverages and showing up ahead of time for his shifts, Gary is an asset to the College Avenue Staff. We salute you Mr. Nelson. {lv}

Kristina Neuhaus

November 2005 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Kristina has developed into a strong, all-around consultant. She is quick to help patrons, and always maintains a consistent, pleasant persona when helping students, faculty and staff. Kristina consistently performs all her duties, and is a good example to her fellow colleagues. Even when she's injured, Kristi doesn't let that stand in the way of providing the best customer service possible to everyone using the computer lab. Whether it's a quiet night at Satellite, or a super-packed user attack at CACC, Kristi is sure to treat the 1st patron of the day with the same energy as the 200th of the night. We are proud to select Kristina Neuhaus as the College Avenue's November Consultant of the Month. {mk}

Michelle Ng

September 2000 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

We are quite impressed with the service you provide to lab patrons. You display excellent customer service skills. We have noted that you go out of your way to answer user questions (even for complex problems/questions), all the while, displaying a big smile. In addition, you assist some of the newer consultants and help them in delivering the same top-notch service that you provide. Your efforts to helping our lab patrons and fellow staff members are truly commendable. {ag}

Spring 2002 Busch Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Michelle has worked exceptionally hard this semester completing her lab priorities and backing up the rest of us during busy times. Throughout the semester, she has been taking care of weekly stats, our site webpages, and making sure users have plenty of paper and toner to consume. Michelle has done an especially good job maintaining the Busch staff page, redoing the DML webpage, and keeping our supplies log book updated. During the hiring cycle, there were days when she conducted many back-to-back interviews and still made sure lab priorities were taken care of. She keeps our supplies closet in order and she encourages us all to keep a tidy office (impossible). We want to recognize and thank Michelle for her hard work and dedication. {km, tm}

Jennifer Ngai

November 2010 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

There are a lot of qualities we look for in our consultants, and Jenn possesses most, if not all, of them. Although she might be new, Jenn is a great addition to the Busch team. She is constantly attentive and ready to provide a high level of customer service to any patron who may need help and has quickly mastered the art of consulting. Jenn doesn't take the "back seat" during her shifts, but rather she faces out to the GAL and makes herself approachable all the time. Rarely will you ever see her sitting down; Jenn is a tireless worker, constantly scouring the lab to help patrons in need. She is always on top of what is going on in the lab, and always ready to help a patron in need whenever she can. Any issues in the lab? Jenn will no doubt try to fix it and always send an e-mail. She works at both ARC and LSM and both sites are much better off because of her presence! When Jenn is on shift, you can be sure the lab is running smoothly. Her air of general happiness can lift any spirit, and we are glad to have Jenn working for us. Congrats! {kp,al,nf,mm}

Spring 2012 Busch Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

This is the second year that Jennifer Ngai has been working for Busch, but her work here has been consistently stellar since the first day she started. Her customer service skills are fantastic and she is always up and around in the lab making sure everything is running smoothly. She has demonstrated her ability to be responsible, proactive, and determined. Jenn is always smiling and willing to help any patron, no matter what type of problem he/she is facing. She is a fast learner and applies her learned skills to her work ethic during every shift. Although Jenn doesn't work as many hours as other consultants, she makes up for it completely with the quality of her work. Her cheery attitude and friendly disposition makes her one of our most valuable consultants on Busch Campus. She has a positive, can-do attitude that is infectious throughout the Busch labs. Never sitting down, Jennifer is constantly out and about during her shift, proactively seeking out problems. We're lucky to have such a great consultant. Congratulations, Jenn, for a well deserved Consultant of the Semester award! {ad,al,mm}

Daniel Ngo

November 2005 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

After taking a semester off from CCF, Dan has come back and is better than ever. With his professional demeanor, one can say that he brings a sense of class to the work environment. He is one of our veteran consultants, who is still on top of his game. Not one single complaint has ever come out of his mouth, especially when paper needs to be brought over to LSM during every shift he works. And whenever signs of trouble arrive at the lab, he never fails to inform us about it. Thanks Dan, for being such an exceptional consultant and good luck with everything. {jm}

Connie Ngo

October 2011 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Friendly, proactive, and approachable are just a few words to describe Connie. Connie was just recently hired on College Ave for the Fall semester. In a short time, she has made quite the reputation for herself by consistently doing rounds and providing suggestions to management. Her desire to learn more about computers and customer service has stuck out the most to supervisors. Also, she will not hesitate to report a problem or point something out that may potentially be an issue down the road. Connie's desire to learn and help people is something really special. Patrons realize this as well, because every person Connie helps will more than likely leave with a smile. We look forward to working with Connie in the coming semesters. It is for these reasons, we are proud to award Connie Ngo Consultant of the Month! {bo}

Spring 2013 College Avenue Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Driven, dependable and dedicated are three words that accurately describe our Supervisor of the Semester, Connie Ngo (cngo). Connie has been an incredible asset to the College Avenue labs this semester going above and beyond what we expect from someone in her position. Having previously been ResNet certified, Connie has taken a much more of a leadership role on the CAC campus RN supervisor responsibilities this semester. Connie is not afraid to tackle problems whether it be on a RN ticket, a patron's laptop or on equipment in the labs. A very good example of this was when our SMARTboard in the Alcove stopped working. Connie took the initiative to diagnose the problem, contact the vendor, have them ship us a replacement, and even mount the new one herself when it arrived. Connie is very meticulous and pays great attention to detail. These skills were greatly appreciated by her management when she put them to use helping on the Labstats maps website, plotting teaching lab classes in Google calendar and using Visio to design floor-plans for lab renovations. Possessing extensive technical knowledge is surely one requirement of the job. Being able to teach that knowledge to others is a far more difficult skill. Connie has demonstrated her ability to do both. Connie has diligently worked on the material for both an Illustrator / Photoshop class as well as an MS Office Tutorial that were well received by the staff. Connie's web skills were also evident in the submission she put in for the NBCS webpage contest. Her design was chosen as the winning one from all the submissions received. In addition to the skills and drive Connie brings to the lab, she also has a great attitude. The Super Mario wall decals which adorn the walls of Records Hall and have been the source of many smiles on our patron's faces are there in large part due to her efforts. Connie has a great sense of humor which is a regular source of entertainment for her colleagues and always appreciated by our patrons and staff. Please join us in congratulating her on this well deserved award. {cb}

Fall 2013 College Avenue Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Connie Ngo has been nothing but outstanding and vital to the College Avenue Labs for the year of 2013. We normally do not give the supervisor of the semester award to someone two semesters in a row, but Connie has certainly proved to be an exception. Her work ethic, determination, and creativity make her a model supervisor that we hope our staff strives to emulate. Connie has been closely involved with developing Site Specific Training, Continual Training, Hiring, ResNet and supervisor training. The lab is in great hands when Connie is around. Her peers often look to her for guidance since she is so knowledgeable and helpful. Our most recently promoted supervisors and SITs have benefited greatly from her leadership and mentoring. Further, Connie exhibits a lot of patience always ensuring that a job or task is done right. Countless times Connie will go the extra mile to provide support to a patron. We are so honored to have her on our staff because Connie truly cares about her peers and the overall operation of the lab. During the summer and fall, Connie spent countless hours helping to prepare the lab for back to school by coordinating ResNet SWAT and Site Specific Training. When the semester ends, she plans on reading ComTIA Network + book authored by Mike Meyers in order to become more resourceful in the area of ResNet. Her willingness to learn more and volunteer is inspiring. Connie is definitely taking advantage of the possibilities OIT offers, namely by getting involved with helping the organization. Connie was one the first supervisors to volunteer to go work at the Help Desk to provide additional phone support for the RBHS integration. It is for these reasons that we are proud to award Connie Ngo College Avenue's Supervisor of the Semester! Congratulations Connie, this award is well deserved for everything you have done this semester. {bo}

Hien Nguyen

March 2000 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Hien has been a consultant with LCC for about 8 months. In that time he has been a model employee. Hien is an excellent example of a great CCF worker. He is always punctual, polite with the users, gets along great with his coworkers, walks around to inspect the lab and never displays a negative attitude about his job. We look forward to having Hien return to the lab in the Fall and hope he will continue the exceptional performance in the semesters ahead. {cb}

September 2000 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Hien has been with CCF for 1 year now. He has a friendly demeanor which helps him when dealing with users. Hien will go the extra mile to help users with their questions and make sure that they understand the solution. He also takes the initiative to let management know of any network or lab problems that have recently occurred - always promptly reporting them. {mr,lw}

David Nguyen

October 2005 ResNet Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Starting his ResNet career in the fall of 2005, Dave Nguyen has quickly proved himself a valuable and dedicated employee. Dave completes his appointments with ease and follows up with users and his supervisors in a timely manner. He troubleshoots thoroughly and employs creative solutions when necessary. In addition, Dave extends customer service to a new level, often helping additional users in the course of one appointment. An employee at the Help Desk as well, Dave integrates his customer service and technical abilities to provide the best of both worlds on the phones and in the field. Thanks, Dave, and congratulations on being ResNet's October Consultant of the Month!{js}

Peter Nguyen

October 2014 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Though this is Peter's first semester working for Busch Computer Labs, we discovered early on that we can always rely on his consistent work ethic. He has a friendly and welcoming presence in the consultant station, which promotes a great working environment for other consultants and patrons. While on shift, no matter what kind of problem comes his way, Peter handles each and every one with professionalism and great care. As a dispatch consultant, Peter has consistently helped us out with multiple (back-to-back) coverages, and brings a reliable technical and troubleshooting knowledge base that we can depend on for handling every problem that gets thrown his way. He always goes above and beyond to help patrons and tries his best so that the issue is resolved smoothly. Peter's technical knowledge and customer service skills reflect what makes him an excellent consultant. We are happy to award him Consultant of the Month. {ko,ag,dfd}

Mary Nguyen

February 2015 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Ever since she started working in Fall 2014, Mary Nguyen has proven to be a capable consultant. She is very approachable and can always be found smiling while at work. No matter the time of the day that she is working, she is willing to go the extra mile to help out patrons and fellow co-workers alike. She always asks questions and looks for feedback in order to do a better job. She is a pleasure to work with and always comes into the lab with suggestions and ideas for improvement. Because of her disposition, she is someone that anyone would want to work shifts with. Mary is always interested in learning new things about technology as well. For these reasons, we are proud to award her February Consultant of the Month. Keep up the good work! {ab,hb}

Helen Nguyen

October 2018 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

The Help Desk is proud to award Helen Nguyen our Level 1 Consultant of the Month award. This is her first semester working for OIT. She brings a positive attitude and frequently has a smile on her face when working at the Help Desk! Helen is a pro at handling tough calls and is consistently cool and collected! Helen's tips for other consultants are to have a positive attitude and to have the desire to improve yourself professionally and personally. Helen enjoys working at the Help Desk because the staff is very friendly and because she is able to step up and assume more responsibility. Helen is a sophomore with a major in genetics and a minor in music, and is on the pre-med track! Outside of work, Helen is the Busch ResLife Council Associate Director, and is also a peer mentor for the Health & Medicine Living-Learning Community. She looks forward to becoming Level 2 certified, and also trained in Applications Support since she is interested in learning more about the server room, and we look forward to seeing her succeed here at the Help Desk! {mk,sa}

Scott Nieradka

Spring 2000 Cook/Douglass Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

This semester, Scott has grown into the role of Lab Supervisor. He has a strong dedication to organization, and refuses to give a project anything less than his best effort. Scott has made a significant contribution to several projects this semester, including the CCF promotional video. In the past, he has devoted much time to creating and revising the documentation that is used at all labs. Additionally, Scott is concerned with providing the consultants with the tools they need to reach their goals. This semester, Scott enthusiastically helped develop and teach numerous classes, which were very well received by consultants. Besides his duties, Scott demonstrates excellence in his ability to handle difficult situations calmly and efficiently. Scott's commitment to this organization makes the labs a pleasant, friendly and effective environment for consultants, supervisors, and lab patrons alike. {ss}

Fall 2000 Cook/Douglass Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Scott's contribution to the lab isn't characterized by what you see him do, but rather by what doesn't happen. Scott is always on top of what is happening in the lab, from coverage problems to lab outages. He has become adept at catching small problems before they become large problems, or preventing them altogether. As is past semesters, Scott has made a significant contribution to consultant training with the numerous classes he has developed and taught. Scott has a knack for staying calm while helping the most difficult users, and always has a terrific outlook on difficult situations. {ss}

Colin Nies

March 2017 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

We are happy to announce Colin Nies as this month's Application Support Consultant of the Month! Colin began working at the Help Desk last fall and has worked his way into Application Support as of this semester. Even though he has only been in Application Support for a little while, he has proven himself to be reliable and confident in his Application Support endeavors. When something goes wrong, Colin is diligent in sending mail and making calls accordingly. He is currently majoring in computer science and intends on pursuing a career involving cyber security. When he's not working hard at the Help Desk, or working an overnight in Application Support, he can be found playing soccer or surfing. When Colin's running low on energy, you'll find him refueling with chicken Cesar pizza from RU Grill. Congratulations on being the Application Support consultant of the month and thank you for all your hard work! {ar}

Mike Nigro

March 2012 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Mike has proven himself to be a valuable asset to the College Avenue Computer Labs. Over the past few months, Mike has made significant contributions to the lab by helping us out with special projects. Mike is always willing to go above and beyond for his peers. He has a unique ability to put everyone in a good mood with his wit and sense of humor. Recently, Mike designed a badge template that we hope to begin using at the lab this Fall. Mike never hesitates to talk to management about issues and potential improvements we can make in the lab. When Mike finds a problem, he will bring it to our attention as well as provide potential solutions to the issue. We look forward to working with Mike in the semesters to come. Mike we are very proud of your accomplishments here at the lab. Thank you for being extremely helpful, dedicated, and reliable this semester. For these reasons, we are proud to award Mike Nigro Consultant of the Month! {cd}

Liam Nobel

April 2016 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Liam joined the Busch team back in Fall of 2014 and has been a great addition not only through sustaining our Busch labs, but through great customer service skills. If there's a consultant who can help teach others the ropes, Liam is the one for the job. Through his time here, Liam has demonstrated a steadfast learning and understanding of what it means to be a part of the lab. Liam is always helping out patrons who are having any issues whether it's printing, lost files, or just trying to help unfreeze a machine, and goes the extra mile to make sure everything stayed resolved even afterwards. This thoroughness is reflected in all aspects of his work here, be it answering patron questions with precision and patience, troubleshooting problem files with determination beyond the call of duty, or simply completing cleanings with a meticulous attention to detail. Liam is an excellent consultant who Busch is lucky to have and we want to congratulate him through April's Consultant of the Month award. {mp,mac,amk}

Michael Nojiri

February 2003 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Michael Nojiri has played an integral role in the daily functionality of the CCF labs at Busch. Known for his mild-mannered character, Michael stays on his feet in order to swiftly attend to users. He exhibits a keen awareness of printing violations in the lab. As he gains experience in the labs, he has proven to be a dependable consultant and extremely polite with management. Boasting a terrific record with CCF, Michael is also recognized for taking many emergency coverages and helping out when CCF needs him the most. Many thanks and congratulations Mr. Nojiri! {ee,tm}

Fall 2003 Busch Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Mike Nojiri has been a valued consultant at ARC for 3 semesters now. In that time he has continued to excel by always being readily available to both users and management. Mike is always being noticed giving prompt and excellent help to users. Often, when another consultant does not know the answer Mike is willing to jump in and help them out. Further, when we need help of any kind around the lab, such as moving paper, Mr. Nojiri once again is immediately offering his services. This great service is often seen as Mike is also one of the top consultants at taking coverage on Busch Campus, which in doing so helps out his fellow consultants. Mike is very gracious and courteous. He never intimidates users and he always puts them at ease. He always has an infectious smile on his face and he is good natured. Mike doesn't see working in the labs as just a way to make money; he truly cares about helping lab patrons. In summation, Mike we appreciate your hard work in the labs and want to remind you of our gratitude even if you already know it. {ec,wll}

Jose Nova

November 2002 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

As one of our most pleasant and hard working consultants, it is a privilege to have Jose Nova work here at Cook/Douglass. Through that cool, calm and exceptional manner, he has demonstrated that he is knowledgeable and reliable. Jose is always willing to take emergency coverage at a moment's notice, and also very helpful during the occasional flood here at Loree. Jose brightens up the atmosphere at any lab he works with his cheerful demeanor. Congratulations Jose, we look forward to to your continued presence in the lab. {ms, kt, wll}