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Justin Page

November 2004 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Justin Page is not your average consultant in any way. He's a great consultant with a great sense of humor. He makes the lab a fun and inviting place to be. Oh, and he's about a foot taller than most consultants. Lab patrons often approach him with a frown, but leave with a smile. Justin is meticulous, informed, and courteous. He gives 110% effort every time he works, and we know that he's willing to step up when necessary. Thanks, Justin, for all the good work. We look forward to continue working with you in the future. {rv,wll}

Moses Pak

September 2017 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Moses has recently joined the ranks of Livingston consultants and he has done more than enough to earn his place as one of our top consultants. Never have we seen such a driven, motivated, and all around kind consultant. Anyone who knows Moses agrees; he's the best! He is kind hearted and friendly to everyone he meets, whether they are fellow consultants or patrons. Moses is always looking to make someone's day better, and he certainly has a knack for that! It has truly been a pleasure having Moses around! Please join us in congratulating Moses Pak on achieving Consultant of the Month for September 2017! {ms,lw}

Matt Palazzolo

February 2010 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Since Matt started working back in 2008, he has always been a great asset to College Avenue. Yet this semester in particular, Matt has really showcased his great customer service and consultant skills and has shined. He is in constant communication with the supervisors, always informing us of the status of the lab. Matt always comes to work early and has a positive attitude that infects the entire lab. Even during the recent snow storm, Matt trudged into work with a helpful and positive demeanor despite the conditions. He is extremely trustworthy and his fellow consultants often go to him for help. Please join us in congratulating Matt as our consultant of the month for February! {md}

Nicole Palumbo

November 2009 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Nicole Palumbo has been an exemplary consultant at the College Avenue labs since she started working for us two years ago. She helps the labs run smoothly and efficiently whenever she is working and makes sure that no concern is left unattended. Nicole is very friendly to patrons and to her co-workers, and is seen around the lab as a trustee, making sure everything is running efficiently, especially when no managerial staff is present. Nicole is always on the lookout, willing to resolve any user's problem or lab issue. She is always willing to help out her co-workers and supervisors in any way she can. She can almost always be found touring the lab looking for users in need of assistance. When she helps users, she is always professional and courteous. Nicole's positive approach to customer service allows her to help patrons both effectively and efficiently. {mk}

March 2010 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Nicole Palumbo has worked at the College Ave labs for over 2 years now, although with the amount of coverage that she takes, it's crazy to think how this lab even existed before her. Not only does she take coverage's all the time, she is an all around great worker. Just recently, she helped film a video for the lab's Print Green Effort, in which she arguably helped become the campus's modern day Stanley Kubrick. With Nicole, you never have to worry about her showing up late, not doing rounds, or being unable to answer any questions, and her friendly and funny demeanor spreads throughout the lab whenever she is around. Nicole quite literally has more merits than anyone in the history of the PTS system, and her ceiling keeps growing. Congratulations to a well earned consultant of the month award Nicole. {as}

Kristoffer Panahon

Fall 2006 Busch Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

When Kris is working at ARC, he's hard to miss. With his signature rock star hair, ORANGE t-shirt, and black jeans, he has really made himself a fixture of ARC. However, he's known for more than just his looks. Kris is on top of everything. He's the champion of consultants, always bringing their issues to the table during supervisor meetings. He's the king of the Digital Media Lab (DML), where people ask for him by name. But it hasn't always been like this. Kris has come a long way on the road of being a supervisor. He decided that he wanted to be the best supervisor he could be and wanted to prove his worthiness. He takes every chance he gets to learn something new about the labs. He volunteered to make a toner change website so consultants would be able to look up the correct procedures. He put together not one, but two DML quizzes and a DML tutorial to instruct consultants how to use different pieces of equipment in the DML. And all of this is outside of his normal duties, which include overseeing the Incident Tracking System (ITS). He has done an excellent job staying on top of ITS, from making sure that consultants are informed about incidents to scheduling all of the meetings. Kris is always making sure that the lab is up and running at 100%. He follows up on tickets that haven't been updated and tries to troubleshoot a problem completely before sending out tickets so that the problem can be identified quickly. He's a supervisor that all of the consultants feel comfortable talking to, whether it's just hanging out or bringing up issues that have happened in the lab. He brings energy and fun to the supervisor staff that is unique to just him. He is a great supervisor and a huge asset to the Busch management team. Kris's performance and dedication to Busch labs made it an easy decision to honor him as the Busch Supervisor or the Semester. [mnb, wll]

Pamela Panahon

March 2009 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Although this is only her second semester working for ARC, Pam has the confidence, knowledge, and professionalism of someone who has been a consultant for years. From the moment you walk in, Pamela is smiling and always cheerful. Pam always works her hardest and tries to do her best. She is always the first to jump up to help a patron and uses her impressive problem solving skills to combat any issues they may have. She always knows how to brighten the day of the patrons that she greets, and also her fellow consultants. Her cheerful attitude and helpful nature are only a few reasons why we have chosen Pam to be a Busch Consultant of the Semester. {sh,bt,mb}

Patrick Panahon

September 2010 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

We give Patrick a hard time for having older siblings that work for NBCS also, but he follows in their tradition of excellent performance. Pat proves that not all nepotism is bad. Pat instantly earned a spot here at the ARC family after joining last year, but surprisingly this has nothing to do with his family's longstanding NBCS history. Making a name for himself at the labs due to his witty humor, Pat quickly became one of the regulars here at Busch labs. He comes to work with a jovial attitude that is infectious within the consultant station. Pat is constantly doing rounds and making sure his computers are fully cleaned. Within five minutes of being in Pat's presence, you will undoubtedly be laughing at something he has said. Always observant and on his toes, Pat is the walking ARC encyclopedia when he's s on shift. If a class is coming in, you can be sure Pat has the IML set up and ready to go before they arrive. A patron can't login? Pat whips out his lightening-like troubleshooting skills and is able to solve the patron's problem. He always finds a way to help patrons out with his laid back and helpful attitude, and for that we find him to be an invaluable resource to have on our team. Patrick has been one of our most dependable closers and one of our best teachers when it comes to our newer consultants. He isn't afraid to have a bit of fun in the consultant station, but it is never at the cost of helping out a patron and performing his other duties, which is always his top priority. A person who is as knowledgeable as he is fun, like Patrick, is a rare combination, and we're glad to have him on our staff! You da man, Pat. {ce,mm,nf,wc}

Fall 2012 Busch Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Patrick Panahon has a number of responsibilities, one of which is the daunting task of handling most repair issues on Busch. Pat is the "repair guy", always staying on top of out of order machines, and any other technical issue in the lab. Pat has excelled with all his duties throughout his time as a supervisor, always making sure everything gets done in a timely manner. Beyond his repair duties, Pat is also one of our most personable supervisors. Since being promoted to a supervisor, he has never closed his communication lines to our consultants. He is always talking to our consultants, receiving feedback as well as giving sound advice. Pat's grounded, down-to-earth personality is his greatest asset. It's this extreme level of approachability that allows Pat to connect with our consultants moreso than any other. Always with a smile on his face, Pat's personality always brings up the mood in the lab and always leaves everyone with a smile on their face. When Pat arrived on Busch, he had the insurmountable task of working under the shadow of his siblings. But at this point, it is clear that Pat has truly grown into his own and paved his own path toward success on the Busch Supervisory team. Congratulations Patrick on your Supervisor Achievement Award and thanks for everything you've done! {al}

Robert Panco

March 2016 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Robert is a fantastic consultant who is always attentive to the task at hand. When he gets on shift, he understands his responsibilities and always prioritizes the needs of patrons and the lab. He remains proactive in his duties and never shies away from volunteering to help out in anyway he can. Robert is well-rounded and has been and is a great asset to the Busch OIT team. In the few times he did run into a problem he could not solve, he handles the situation exceptionally. He is sharp, efficient, and has reacted and adapted to novel circumstances with proficiency and professionalism. Thank you, Robert, for always contributing to the OIT team. {dfd,caw,mp}

Tanuj Pandey

April 2001 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Tanuj has only been a consultant since February, but he has certainly proven himself as an invaluable member of the CAC consultant team. Tanuj is seldom seen behind the consultant station because he is so busy helping users, filling printers with paper, doing 15-minute rounds, or taking stats. His cleaning is impeccable, both assigned and the cleaning he does in the lab during his frequent rounds. Tanuj's friendly and cheerful demeanor certainly brings a smile to both users and co-workers. {mb, wl}

Sharvari Pandit

March 2003 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Sharvari has been a capable and reliable consultant since she began her career as a consultant. She consistently helps out her fellow consultants by taking coverages. She seems to be on her way to becoming a fixture in the lab. She has a friendly demeanor that makes her approachable by patrons and staff alike. She is always willing to help and takes the extra time to isolate a user's problems and determine a solution. When asked to perform a task by management, she is more than willing to do so. Lastly, she is always willing to to bring a little levity to the work environment. Congratulations on a job well done. Keep up the good work. {lw, aj}

Vaidehi Pandya

April 2017 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

We are pleased to present Vaidehi with the Consultant of the Month award! She has been a consistently reliable and active consultant and we greatly appreciate her contribution to the labs. On top of her friendly and proactive personality, Vaidehi has constantly shown exceptional customer service with patrons. In one instance, a patron forgot sensitive information in the printer tray the night before and was worried that it got into the wrong hands. Vaidehi was able to calm the anxious patron while informing her of our strict scanning policy when it came to sensitive information. To confirm that the sensitive documents were discarded, Vaidehi went out of her way to call the closing consultant for the previous night. In conclusion, Vaidehi learned that the closing consultant did, in fact, discard the documents and the worried patron was relieved. With her never ending positivity and thoroughness, we are extremely thankful to have Vaidehi on the Cook/Douglass team. Thanks again for all of your hard work and we congratulate you on being the April Consultant of the Month! {rc,sn}

Riddhish Pandya

February 2018 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

It is our pleasure to announce Riddhish Pandya as Livingston's Consultant of the Month. Riddhish is one of our veteran consultants and boy does it show! Riddhish is always eager and willing to help patrons with various challenges as well as helping our newer consultants learn the ropes. As a dispatch consultant, Riddhish is always on top of everything while constantly checking the dispatch queue. He will often stay past his shift to assist patrons in order to ensure that he resolves every issue to the best of his ability. We will be sad to see Riddhish leave as he is a graduating senior. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors and thank him for his hard work and commitment to excellence at OIT! {ce,nh}

Nicholas Paoletti

September 2011 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Nick is a newly hired consultant who has proven that he can take to consulting and ResNet Dispatch like a fish takes to water. He's been working shifts like a pro and has already made some good impressions on consultants who still aren't too familiar with our systems, as well as on patrons of course! He is determined and always prepared to go out on ResNet tickets, always willing to see if he can take emergency coverage to help out the labs, and is sure to take responsibility for all of his actions. Great start, Nick! {wc,ad}

Matthew Paoletti

Spring 2015 Busch Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Matt Paoletti has been working for OIT at the Busch Labs since February of 2012 and has been an assistant lab supervisor since September 2014. During his time here, Matt has always been a fantastic employee. There is no one who is more devoted and passionate about working for the labs than Matt Paoletti. He always puts the labs first, and more specifically, the consultants first. More than anyone else, Matt works hard to always keep an ear out for the consultants and keeps our decisions grounded by making sure the consultant's perspective is always considered. Beyond just the consultants, Matt takes his work as a supervisor seriously. He is always up and about working on different issues and always thinking of new ways to improve how we do things here on Busch. Matt volunteers for tasks and always follows-up on issues. During weekly staff meetings, he actively participates by giving his opinion and observations on different issues. In our recent hiring period, Matt was on top of reviewing nearly all the applications and conducted countless interviews. He truly invested himself deeply into our hiring process and championed his carefully selected candidates. Matt unequivocally believes in his job here and cares about the lab and the people who work here. Anyone can be a good supervisor. They can go through the motions and do whatever they need to do without any issues. But something that you can't force or teach is passion for the job. Matt has that in spades and recognition is well deserved. Matt is truly an example for all of us, supervisors and full-time alike, setting a higher standard we should all aspire toward. This is why Matt Paoletti has earned the Supervisor of the Semester Award for Spring 2015. {al,wll}

Ericka Paredes

October 2017 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Ericka consistently performs great work since she joined Busch last year. This semester, she took many of our newer consultants under her wing and helped them feel comfortable in their new jobs. Ericka recently went above and beyond when dealing with a power outage at a satellite lab, demonstrating responsibility, resourcefulness, and great customer service skills. The Busch supervisor team was very glad to have had such capable oversight during that challenging situation. Ericka is a friendly face and source of reassurance to patrons and coworkers alike. Her positive attitude brightens everyone's days, and her dedication to helping others will leave a lasting impression on the labs. Congratulations on this well deserved award, Ericka! {nm,freematt,mwa}

Neil Parikh

March 2000 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Neil is one of the hardest working and dedicated consultants on Livingston. He is one of the first to spot and report lost disks and other articles people leave in the lab. Many users have been very grateful for the efforts he goes to return their lost items. He will regularly go around to locate and diagnose down equipment and clean up the user areas. Neil also has a rather extensive technical knowledge and is always eager to learn more. The LCC management hopes Neil will continue his fine performance into the semesters ahead. {cb}

Fall 2001 Livingston Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Due to his hard work and dedication to the smooth operation of the Lab, we have named Neil Parikh as Supervisor of the Semester for Livingston. Neil only recently became a supervisor during the past summer and assumed the role of Lab supervisor for the Fall semester. During this time, he has demonstrated his dedication through his seemingly constant presence in the lab. He has taken it upon himself to cover shifts when emergency coverage could not be found. He keeps in touch with the concerns of the consultants and attempts to make their working environment as enjoyable as possible. For these reasons and many more, we wish to thank Neil and congratulate him. Keep up the good work. {lw}

NImit Parikh

April 2002 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

For the month of April, the CAC management staff recognizes Nimit Parikh as consultant of the month. "N" is for never being late. He always arrives on time, even to his opening shifts, and promptly checks supplies and reports problems to supervisors. "I" is for incredible customer service. He is often seen around the lab patiently and professionally helping users. "M" is for the merriment he provides in the labs. His friendly nature and playful personality make him fun to work with. "I" is for his invaluable help to supervisors and fellow consultants. He has taken countless coverages, and has been very cooperative with everyday tasks like taking supplies to other sites and special events like Open House. "T" is for truly terrific consultant. Goooooo Nimit! {tv}

Kanan Parikh

November 2012 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Since joining NBCS in the Fall of 2011, Kanan has been an outstanding consultant. Her pleasant demeanor combined with sharp technical skills makes her a extremely capable consultant and an asset to the Livingston staff. Given her status as a veteran consultant, her knowledge and experience is extremely valuable not only to the management team, but also to the new consultants. She has set a standard which new consultants have no problem emulating. She is extremely adept at handling patron issues and lab problems. Kanan's fantastic customer service skills, great work ethic and mentorship of fellow consultants have lead us to announce her as a Consultant of the Month for November 2012 for Livingston. Congratulations and keep up the good work. {ad,lw}

Grace Park

February 2013 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Grace has always been a great consultant, and this month was no different. She's always quick to help patrons in need of assistance, and is always giving helpful feedback and suggestions when it comes to running things at BEST. She is not only a tremendous asset to NBCS, but would assuredly be a contributor to any organization she allocated her time to. She is mature, adept, efficient, and gives her work environment careful analysis and thought at all times to see how it can be improved. She has provided invaluable feedback regarding BEST lab in particular, offering suggestions for dramatically improved service to our patrons. Furthermore, Grace is always willing to assist the Busch team in tricky situations of staffing, and does so with a smile. Grace loves to pick up coverages at random times (i.e. when we really really need people to come in and work), and has saved the labs from being in a pinch on quite a few occasions. She is approachable, pleasant, and professional, and, frankly, we don't know what we'd do without her. For those reasons and more, we selected Grace for this month's Consultant of the Month award. {pp,cw}

Emily Park

April 2013 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Emily began working for the Help Desk in September of 2012. She picked up the position quickly and is a pleasure to have around the office. Her bubbly personality and friendly demeanor have been appreciated by both users and coworkers alike. She is always smiling, which is a great trait to have when working in the field of customer service. Emily takes the initiative to learn as much as she can from her fellow consultants and Supervisors. She has consistently transformed her difficult calls into opportunities to learn new things. Her willingness to grow and learn has helped her excel in her position as Help Desk Consultant. Emily is a freshman whose major is currently undecided, but she thinks she is going to choose Information Technology. She enjoys shopping, eating, and watching The Walking Dead. Her favorite parts of working at the Help Desk are helping users through their issues and hanging out with her awesome coworkers. Keep up the great work Emily and Congratulations on being chosen for the April Consultant of the Month! {kp,em}

Spring 2016 Help Desk Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Emily Park began working at the OIT Help Desk in the Fall of 2012. From her first day at work all of the supervisory staff knew that she was special. She was able to handle any issue thrown at her with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. This upbeat attitude followed her as she was promoted to Help Desk Supervisor and also promoted to OIT Application Support. Her positive attitude is especially helpful in Application Support and allowed her to handle any outages or reported problems in a calm and collected manner. In Spring of 2015 Emily was promoted to Level 3 Supervisor. As a Level 3 Supervisor Emily's responsibility is to work closely with the Full Time staff to manage the Help Desk. Emily is very good at delegating work and tasks. She makes sure that help@oit and helpdesk@oit emails are all up to date and being dealt with. Emily takes on many special projects like assisting with Rutgers Day. Any project she takes on she puts all her effort in to make sure the project is a success. Emily has taken a lead role on her mentor team making sure that all consultants are excelling in their position. Her organization and planning helps the team run smoothly and her positive attitude helps everyone on her team. Emily is graduating this semester and she will be sorely missed. She already has a job lined up as a Technology Analyst with AIG insurance. Emily says that her favorite part of working at OIT has been the people she has met and all of the things she has learned on the job and from her coworkers. Her advice to new consultants is to keep a positive attitude and always ask for help if you are stuck. She also quoted her favorite artist Rihanna and says "Work Work Work Work Work". We would like to congratulate Emily and wish her well in all her future endeavors. We will miss you always. {jed}

Do Park

March 2015 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Do is a consistent and important member of our team. She is reliable and professional, always communicating her ideas and suggestions for how to improve the lab. Do excels at customer service and routinely provides service that is above and beyond. She also regularly volunteers to help out when needed. Do is responsible, proactive, and resourceful in her handling of difficult customer service situations and continuously updates the supervisor staff on potential issues that may arise. Do is friendly and always has a smile on her face. She is diligent in her efforts to help patrons, and will not stop until an answer that is satisfying to the patron has been found. Do, we value your hard work and dedication, and we sincerely appreciate your positive attitude and demeanor. Thank you for always going above and beyond. We appreciate it! Keep up the good work! {tc}

Meesun Park

Fall 2015 Busch Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Meesun Park has only been working for the labs for a year and a half, but she has already proved herself to be an invaluable member of our staff. Rising to SIT within the first month of her employment as a freshman at Rutgers, Meesun has risen quickly and has surpassed all expectations. Meesun has matured so much in the past year and a half since she first started working here, and it shows in her work ethic and her sterling attitude. She has taken on countless responsibilities as a supervisor here on Busch, and has excelled with every task that was handed to her. If you come by ARC, you will see Meesun here 90% of the time. Whether she is on shift or off, Meesun is always ready to answer any questions our consultants may have. Her always bright and cheery personality makes her the go-to person for any consultant who may have any questions or concerns. Meesun always volunteers for new tasks and is always willing to learn. She has never refused an assignment. She pitches in whenever necessary and offers to help out her fellow supervisors. Meesun's quick aptitude and generous nature is a huge asset to her contributions at Busch. On top of all that, she is a large contributing factor to the family-like dynamic that we have here on Busch. Meesun's ability to laugh at herself and not take things too seriously makes her immensely likeable. She is always welcoming to everyone on staff, new or old, and makes it a top priority to make sure that everyone knows everyone else. Without Meesun's enthusiasm for the job, Busch labs would be a very different place. It is very rare that someone so new and so young can impact a place like Busch labs so much, but Meesun has found a way. We can safely say that, already, we couldn't imagine a Busch Labs without Meesun, which is why would like to congratulate Meesun Park for receiving the Supervisor Achievement Award for the Fall 2015 semester at Busch Labs! {al,wll}

Roland Parla

April 2018 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Throughout his two semesters working here, Rj Parla has proven to be a priceless addition to the College Avenue Computing Center. Rj is very attentive, easy to talk to, and always does his best to make sure everyone feels welcome in the lab. His friendly disposition, caring attitude, and dedication to the labs makes him a great person to work with. Rj has worked hard throughout his entire life, and continues to do so with OIT. Rj meticulously cleans his computers, and always stays on top of his rounds. He is ResNet certified, and is always excited to advance his knowledge of OIT through continual training courses. When working with patrons, Rj patiently helps them and ensures they are his top priority. Outside of OIT, Rj is a rising star. He is constantly working on his comedy, and you can subscribe to his YouTube Channel, RjParla. He is heavily involved with Rutgers Night Live as a writer, director, and cast member. As president of the Rutgers Comedy Club, Rj demonstrates his leadership skills both on and off the stage. He is always supporting his fellow peers, and encourages everyone to always do their best and follow their dreams. He is also a proud vegan, and can shop the produce section like its nobody's business. Rj plans to graduate in January of 2018 from the Rutgers University School of Arts and Sciences with a major in Journalism and Media Studies and a minor in Creative Writing! Congratulations on the Consultant of the Month award Rj, you earned it!  {nep}

Ariele Parrish

February 2013 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Ariele joined the organization last year, and started the 2012 fall semester on an extremely high note by working opening shifts at BEST by herself. She managed it flawlessly. A lot of consultants may not know who Ariele is because of her tendency to work at BEST, but she's known to the supervisors due to her ability to adapt to tough situations with ease. She learns very quickly and always presents herself professionally and pleasantly. Ariele is an employee who never generates any concern from the supervisory team; when set to a task, we can rest assured that it will be done punctually and accurately. She is excellent with patrons, always willing to take time to thoroughly answer their questions, and will help them as much as she possibly can. She is also friendly with other consultants, and helps make BEST an enjoyable environment for all. Ariele is a great consultant and is more than deserving of this month's Consultant of the Month award. Congratulations! {pp,jh,cw}

James Pasko

October 2018 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

James Pasko's wealth of technical knowledge combined with his meticulous customer service skills have made him indispensable to the College Avenue Computing Labs team. Although James is majoring in Electrical Engineering and has a heavy workload, that never deters his work ethic and cheeriness at OIT. During his shifts, he maintains a positive atmosphere by talking to and getting to know his fellow consultants and supervisors, extending this amiable attitude to the patrons he helps as well. He is consistently taking initiative in addressing the breadth of ResNet issues and has successfully resolved them by performing router bypasses, completing wireless surveys, and troubleshooting printer issues to name a few. Moreover, he is proactive in regards to following up on emails, completing modules, and attending continual training classes. His friendly, approachable, and composed demeanor makes him a pleasure to work with and we are grateful to have him. Congratulations on your award and keep up the great work! {as}

Isabelle Pasumbal

November 2015 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Isabelle, also known as Izzy, became a consultant-in-training back in April of 2014 and has been a stellar consultant ever since. Any time a patron has an issue, she is quick to help the patron find a solution. Izzy is Dispatch certified and is always happy to go on tickets bringing the joy of OIT with her. She is very proficient in handling walk-ins and is always cheerful. Izzy is the type of consultant that not only breaks the mold, but becomes the template that is used to form the new mold. Izzy is patient when troubleshooting issues. When working with patrons, she walks them through step by step throughout the process. In order to help her fellow Dispatch certified coworkers, she leaves notes next to the phone to keep everyone up to speed on ResNet issues. She is an inspiration to us all and we are very proud to award her with Consultant of the Month. {jk}

Fall 2015 College Avenue Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Isabelle has been an asset to the College Ave ever since she started working for the computer labs. When I first became a consultant, I had the pleasure of working beside her. Together we learned the ropes with fellow newbies. Her company was always pleasant, her diligence to the job obvious, and her willingness to help peers and patrons persistent. When given a problem, she follows it through to the end, even if it requires consulting her peers or her supervisors. Although she has been working with us for over a year, she still brings to work the same enthusiasm she shared since her first day. Her work pep is one of a kind, charming and amiable, and unwavering until the end of her shift. Unlike many other consultants, she also always says goodbye to the supervisors before she leaves! Isabelle is a trustworthy team worker, our MVP, and has been waiting to be recognized in this way since day one. You most definitely deserve it, Izzy, congratulations! {sd}

Amit Patel

February 2003 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Now in his second semester at the Livingston Computing Center, Amit Patel (emap) has proven himself to be a knowledgeable and responsible consultant. Working several of the morning shifts, he has been consistent with not only being on time, but also being early! Amit keeps a pro-active presence in the lab by doing rounds regularly and giving his full attention to any user asking a question. With his strong technical abilities, he, more often than not, can be found helping the other consultants. He interacts well with his fellow consultants and his supervisors, and he is always willing to do anything extra that management asks of him. Amit, the honor of being chosen as Consultant of the Month is well deserved! {af}

Spring 2003 Livingston Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Amit has shown consistent dedication to the success of the Livingston Computing Center. He has worked proactively to address users concerns and issues. When presented with an issue for which he doesn't have the answer, he will do his best to locate one. Amit has become a "go-to" person that other consultants turn to for help and whom the supervisors know will get tasks done. He performs his duties professionally and eagerly by arriving early to shifts, maintaining good lines of communication with other consultants and supervisors and paying constant attention to the lab environment. Amit was recognized earlier in the semester as a Consultant of the Month for February. He has continued to perform his duties at a very high level and is a model consultant to which others can strive to emulate. It is with great pleasure that we acknowledge all of Amit's hard work by naming him the Livingston Computing Center's Consultant of the Semester. Keep up the good work! {lw}

Chinmayi Patel

February 2001 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Chinmayi has been outstanding in helping us cover our overnights lately, easing the burden on both management and the users at large. Moreover, Chinmayi is constantly observed taking initiative on the job. Chinmayi is always happy to get up and get the job done. Her friendly demeanor adds a pleasant atmosphere to the lab patrons' experience. Chinmayi has earned this recognition for her exceptional customer service and on the job performance. {nl, cb}

Divyesh Patel

March 2005 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Divyesh has been on the ball with his duties throughout this semester. He always volunteers his services for whatever the management asks of him. He consistently stays after his shift to help us out when we need the extra help in cases where the lab is busy. While helping users, he always provides service with a smile. When looking for Divyesh, he is usually found walking around the lab and enforcing policies. With this in mind, we proudly name Divyesh Patel as a Consultant of the Month. {mk, lw}

Spring 2005 College Avenue Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Divyesh has been an intregal member of the College Avenue team. He has made a habit of coming to work noticeably early. Divyesh is always the first to rise to his feet whenever a situation emerges. During network outages and power interruptions, Divyesh took the floor to assure that each user's work was safely saved. He is also no stranger to helping out both management and his peers by taking coverage often. Divyesh goes above and beyond the call of duty as a consultant and engages in an unparalleled level of customer service and job performance. {sk}

Hiren Patel

April 2004 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Hiren has been a very dedicated consultant ever since he started working at Livingston. He is always seen with a smile on his face, and is always on his feet making sure everything is running smoothly in the lab. This quality adds energy to the whole team, which helps create a very positive environment for both consultants and users. In addition, Hiren has been very helpful with taking on special projects for management. Excellent job, and keep up the good work. {kp}

Jiger Patel

February 2002 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Texan Jacqueline's staff stresses Jigar has been a great consultant ever since he was hired for the Fall 2001 semester. He always comes to the lab ready to work and with energy and enthusiasm. Jigar consistently strives to make sure each user gets all the attention they need to help them complete their work. He also always puts the needs of the lab first. On a number of occasions, Jigar has faced difficult situations in the lab with lab outages, problem users, etc. Jigar has always carried himself in an exemplary manner and handled each situation calmly and professionally. It is Jigar's unselfish, professional attitude that we look for in our best consultants. (As Mostafa might point out "a person needs such character to work here; this isn't Romper Room." "Nor Kindergarten in Belgium" adds Romain.) {mk}

Ketan Patel

April 2002 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Ketan is a recent hire at the Livingston Computing Center. However, that has not stopped him from setting an example to which other consultants can aspire. Ketan can often be seen offering personalized help to users; walking them through their problem until a solution is found. He is personable and approachable; making users comfortable when they ask for assistance. He is dedicated to performing his duties well and with pride. Ketan has set a high bar that we believe he will no doubt continue to raise. Congratulations! {lw}

Fall 2004 Livingston Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Please join us in congratulating Ketan Patel (kjpatel) as being selected as the Livingston Supervisor of the Semester. This semester Ketan has proven an invaluable asset to the lab and his coworkers. Ketan has consistently shown his dedication, diligently completing his assigned tasks and going beyond the call of duty. Under his supervision, maintenance issues have had some of their fastest turnaround times in our history. He has been instrumental in ensuring that consultant evaluations are completed in a timely manner. This semester we have seen Ketan's leadership skills progress markedly, serving as an excellent example to his peers. Ketan is not afraid to offer his opinions and constructive insights into how lab operations can be improved. For all these reasons, we congratulate Ketan and extend our thanks. Way to go Ketal! {cmb, mmalana} [** see note]

Mihir Patel

September 2001 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

In his first few weeks as a consultant, Mihir Patel has proven to be an excellent addition to our staff. When arriving at his early morning shifts, which he often does ahead of time, Mihir actively tours the lab to check for down machines, lost items, and missing tags. His great courtesy and kindness provide for excellent customer service, and he never hesitates to leave the consultant station to assist users. Mihir also extends his help to fellow consultants and supervisors, and often offers to troubleshoot user questions, help stock the lab with supplies, and retrieve statistics sheets from the Alexander Graduate Computing Lab. {mm,tv}

Taral Patel

March 2005 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Taral possesses all the qualities of a truly outstanding consultant. He is consistently up on his feet touring the lab. Somehow, he manages to stay on top of everything, no matter how busy the lab is. He has a good relationship with his fellow consultants, and is always willing to help them out. With patrons, he is friendly and professional, always going "the extra mile" and then some to find solutions for them. For all his dedication and hard work, we are grateful. Congratulations and thank you, Taral! {jg,mm}

October 2005 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Taral exemplifies what it means to be a phenomenal consultant here at the Livingston Computing Center. Never putting anything before his responsibility to the lab while on his shift, Taral assists patrons, consultants, and supervisors alike in the most respectable and professional manner. Taral is constantly out of the consultant area, making himself visible and helpful to everyone in the lab. He never fails to answer questions and comments on lab-line, going out of his way to ask supervisors how to assist consultants on another campuses. His extensive technical knowledge, combined with his professional communication skills and willingness to help others, provides the Livingston Computing Center with a uniquely skilled consultant whom we are lucky to have. Please join us in congratulating Taral as one of our Consultants of the Month! {tc}

Tirthank Patel

April 2001 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Tommy is perhaps the least recognized consultant for all the work he has done for us, and this month and semester we feel we should take time to recognize him, and give him is much overdue consultant achievement award. Tommy is a great consultant, always in great cheer, and excellent when helping users where he really shows that extra bit of effort and time. Tommy is dependable, and always does work beyond what is required of the job. He helps out heavily with repair and is always willing to cover shifts. What would Loree be without his unique wit and cavalier working habits? {sn}

Spring 2001 Cook/Douglass Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Tommy is perhaps the least recognized consultant for all the work he has done for us, and this month and semester we feel we should take time to recognize him, and give him is much overdue consultant achievement award. Tommy is a great consultant, always in great cheer, and excellent when helping users where he really shows that extra bit of effort and time. Tommy is dependable, and always does work beyond what is required of the job. He helps out heavily with repair and is always willing to cover shifts. What would Loree be without his unique wit and cavalier working habits? {sn}

Trupti Patel

October 2001 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

During her first two months here at Livingston, Trupti has been an excellent consultant. She gets along well with her co-workers and is attentive to users. She does not hesitate to go over to the user and help them out. Trupti also communicates well with supervisors and managers, which includes reporting problems in the lab such as down machines. She has also taken emergency coverages from time to time. For these reasons we believe Trupti deserves to be named Livingston's Consultant of the Month. {gh}

Snehal Patel

February 2009 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Being hired into his senior year, it is unfortunate that Snehal is only able to stay with us for a short time. His extensive knowledge of *NIX systems, networking, and hardware issues (as can be seen from his test scores, earning Exceptional Performance on Tutorial twice) makes him especially qualified to serve the needs of our community. He has also earned Perfect Performance twice, proving that we can always rely on him. From explaining the details of software (FOSS or not) to fellow consultants to spending as much time as needed to help patrons with long, involved issues, he stays on top of all issues present in the lab. Snehal shows a level of enthusiasm for customer service that is above and beyond his stated duties. For this reason, we are proud to name Snehal our February 2009 Consultant of the Month. {ll,ew}

Spring 2009 Livingston Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Since starting at the Livingston Computing Center in the Fall, Snehal has proven himself to be an invaluable asset to the lab. Whenever Snehal is working, all the supervisors can count on him to be on top of his game, providing patrons with the best service possible. Snehal is always available to help us out with staffing, even if it's 7:00 in the morning. Furthermore, he is always proactive in seeking out ways to help the Supervisors, whether it is giving feedback on our current projects, suggesting new projects, or even attempting to solve other issues. He has recommended several things to enhance the patrons' experience in the labs. In addition to his duties at the lab, Snehal has been very eager to expand his knowledge, completing the ResNet tutorial early on and doing exceptionally well on it. Snehal’s knowledge of computers is extensive, covering Windows systems, Mac systems, and *Nix. He even has extensive hardware troubleshooting knowledge which is not usually found in consultants. He also volunteered to participate in a video project for our New Employee Training. Snehal has time and time again proven to be one of our most reliable consultants, and never fails to help people, students, staff, faculty, and even his co-workers with a positive attitude. For all these reasons, we have chosen Snehal as our Spring 2009 Consultant of the Semester. {ms,lg,lw}

September 2009 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Snehal is a great consultant and has proven to be an asset to the Livingston team. He is very knowledgeable about both software and hardware troubleshooting, as well as networking. Snehal is always eager to assist patrons in solving their problems or simply teaching them what they need to know. The other consultants all know that they can go to Snehal with questions and look to him for guidance with lab issues. With his recent promotion to ResNet Dispatch Consultant, Snehal has displayed exemplary performance and is always on top of his duties, making him an even greater asset to our Lab. Snehal has performed like a seasoned veteran, both during the Move-in Period, as well as the weeks since then. Snehal has been very thorough in communicating with dorm residents, Lab management, and Help Desk and ResNet-Office staff. Thanks for your hard work and dedication, Snehal!

Fall 2009 Livingston Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Snehal Patel has easily been one of our most valued consultants this semester. In his first semester as a dispatch consultant, he has been responsible for one third of our dispatch shifts and has shown the ability to handle the responsibility with ease. He is considered a go to dispatch consultant, known to be able to handle difficult tickets and pursue issues to a successful conclusion. Snehal is always willing to help out the lab however he can whether by taking coverages or staying after his shift at a moment's notice if his relief is running late. His wealth of knowledge allows him to solve almost any issue that arises in the lab, and is happy to help his coworkers without hesitation. He can often be seen assisting other consultants or showing them how to resolve an issue. He is always offering expertise and knowledge whenever he can. Please join us in congratulating Snehal as the Fall 2009 Livingston Consultant of the Semester! {dh,lw}

Gunatit Patel

April 2009 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Gunatit! Ahh what can be said about Gunatit? This man is the shindizzigle. Gunatit is all smiles. He is so happy and cheerful. From the moment he greets patrons entering the lab, to the moment he or she leaves, Gunatit maintains a cheerful and approachable personality. He always has a good story to tell but, oh wait, a patron needs help? No time to tell stories! Gunatit jumps from his chair to assist in any way possible. He can brighten the day of any patron or fellow consultant. His customer service is second to none and his computer and printer troubleshooting is top-notch, as well. Gunatit is always on top of things. Way to go! {bt,sh}

Radhika Patel

March 2012 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Radhika just started working as consultant this year, but she has taken the challenges of this job head on. Walk into Tillett when she's working, and you'll be sure to have no issues. She's conscientious about everything that is going on around her. Not a single chair will be misplaced, not a single patron unassisted. Over the year, Radhika has displayed her amazing customer service skills, her active work habits, and her winning smile. She's an asset to the Livingston Computing Labs, and we're glad she is with us. Congratualtions on being named a March 2012 Consultant of the Month for Livingston! {jk,lw}

September 2012 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Ever since her very first day on the job, Radhika has always handled her job with diligence, professionalism, and focus. After one year of work experience with Livingston Labs, it is evident that Radhika has become an indispensable member of our staff. Not only is she capable of resolving difficult and unprecedented situations without requiring the assistance of the management team, the results of her work has consistently been the very definition of quality. Please join us in congratulating Radhika Patel on being named a September 2012's Consultant of the Month for Livingston! {tz,lw}

Jay Patel

March 2012 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Jay began working for the Help Desk in the Fall of 2011. This is the second semester that Jay has been working and despite being with us for a short amount of time, he has excelled in his work and has proven himself to be a valuable member to the Help Desk team. He is always willing to help users, shows great patience, and maintains a positive attitude throughout his shifts. His technical knowledge and great problem solving ability have proven to be useful as well, as he provides prompt and excellent service to users. Jay has also been consistently early to his shifts and takes coverages whenever possible - as a result he has had accumulated many merits, including perfect performance. Jay plans to graduate in the Spring of 2015 with a degree in Information Technology and Informatics and a minor in Computer Science. In his free time, Jay enjoys playing video games, keeping up with technology, and participating in sports. Congratulations Jay, for being named Consultant of the Month for March 2012. Keep up the good work! {vs}

Spring 2012 Help Desk Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Jay started working for the Help Desk in the Fall of 2011. He has excelled in his work despite being with us for a short amount of time. He was recently recognized with the consultant of the month award in March due to his excellent work and dedication. Jay has also earned many merits this semester by being consistently early to his shifts and providing coverage. He regularly helps consultants whether it is through coverage, offering advice, or simply providing a friendly environment to work. Jay plans to graduate in the Spring of 2015 with a degree in Information Technology and Informatics and a minor in Computer Science. He aspires to work in the IT field one day and believes that his experience from the Help Desk is greatly helping him achieve this goal. Jay believes that his few semesters at the Help Desk have improved his technical knowledge, in which he has a great interest in expanding. Jay enjoys playing video games and participating in sports with friends. He also has an interest in traveling and would like to visit countries around the world. Congratulations, Jay, for being named Consultant of the Semester for Spring 2012 and good luck in your future endeavors. {vs}

Parth Patel

Spring 2012 Operations Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

As finals get underway and graduation approaches, we would like to congratulate Parth Patel (parthjp) as Operator of the Semester for Spring 2012. Parth first began working for the Help Desk in the Spring Semester of 2010 and was quickly promoted to operations in May. Since then, he has remained a hard-working and valued operator. Parth consistently works hard-to-fill shifts and frequently helps out his fellow operators by taking coverage. Parth has handled some difficult situations while on shift, such as power outages or dozens of devices going down at once, and he manages to remains calm and follows procedures well. When dealing with users, Parth is always patient, detailed, and informative, earning him several Customer Service Awards during his time with NBCS. Parth will be graduating with highest honors with a BS in Biomedical Engineering and will most likely be attending New Jersey Medical School in Newark this August. His plans are to become an orthopedic surgeon once he graduates. He plans to have a relaxing summer before starting school in August. Parth's advice for any new operators is to always be prepared; He suggests bringing snacks and caffeine-loaded drinks for any overnight shifts and remember that emergencies can happen at any time. Congratulations Parth and good luck in Medical School. It has been a pleasure working with you and we will miss you! {jw}

Kunal Patel

October 2012 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

During the situational portion of his interview, Kunal would actually ask for a minute to think about the question. It was impressive how well thought out his responses were once a minute of silence passed. His careful attention to detail and knack for critical thinking was obvious, and it continues to show as he performs his duties both as a lab consultant and a ResNet Dispatcher. Kunal always puts 110% effort into anything he does, and takes any mistakes he may make seriously, assuring that it never occurs again. He is inquisitive, thorough, and a hard worker, and never misses a beat when it comes to responding to any situation that may come his way. His fellow consultants have commended him for his great attitude and friendliness, as well as his diligence when it comes to his work. Kunal has always been a welcome addition to the NBCS family, and it is with great pleasure that we award him the Consultant of the Month achievement for Cook/Douglass. Congratulations! {ak

Sajan Patel

March 2013 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Sajan hit the ground running when he came to ARC and his dedication to the patrons is clear. He is often out of the consultant station offering direct support regardless if he's on dispatch or not. He always works in a professional and friendly demeanor. When print servers go down and things get heated, Sajan just shakes it off and keeps things moving, never losing his cool or ignoring frustrated students. Sajan has proven to be a tremendous asset to the Busch team in both his consultant and dispatch consultant role. He is a quality representative of the labs, and always keeps his cool under pressure. Furthermore, he has begun branching out in his position and works at Livingston campus, proving his ambition and level of contribution to NBCS. This has been a banner month for Sajan! Not only has he been selected as Consultant of the Month at Busch, he has also been awarded a Customer Service Appreciation Award for March! Thanks for the great work, Sajan, and congratulations! {ss,cw,wll}

Sagar Patel

February 2014 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Sagar has been working at the Help Desk since Fall 2012. As a seasoned consultant, he is adept at handling the various issues we encounter each day. In addition to providing quality customer service, he has built up technical knowledge that allows him to assist users very effectively. Sagar consistently does a great job of identifying user problems and documenting issues. He describes the job as "relaxing", and it shows as he maintains a calm and friendly demeanor, even when faced with difficult problems. Sagar is very willing to help out with any extra work available, and has proven to be an extremely valuable consultant. His favorite things about the Help Desk are being able to help out people at the University and meeting friendly people. He is majoring in Computer Engineering and plans to graduate in May 2015. Congratulations, Sagar, on being named Help Desk Consultant of the Month! {py}

Shivam Patel

Spring 2015 Help Desk Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

During his time at OIT Shivam Patel has held many different positions. Shivam started as a consultant in the Busch Computer Labs in Fall of 2012. While at the labs Shivam worked as a consultant and was also trained for ResNet Dispatch. At that time Shivam had no intention of working at the Help Desk. He had no idea what was done at the Help Desk or how it worked. He got the opportunity to work at the Help Desk in Summer of 2013 when he worked as a ResNet Field consultant and was required to work one Help Desk shift over the summer. Along with working at the Help Desk and his ResNet Field duties he also had the opportunity to work in Operations (now called Applications Support). The management at the Help Desk were so impressed with his performance that he began working out of the Help Desk as a ResNet Office consultant in Fall of 2013. Shivam excelled at that position as well and was promoted to a supervisor in the Winter of 2014 and eventually a Level 3 Supervisor in Fall of 2014. As a Level 3 supervisor Shivam is one of the student consultants in charge of the Help Desk after hours and when Full Time Staff are not present. As a supervisor Shivam is very active in mentoring new and existing consultants at the Help Desk. He is very effective in this role and is a leader in his mentor team working closely with full time staff supervising the staff and ensuring that the Help Desk runs smoothly at all times and the consultants are continuing to move forward and improve. As a supervisor Shivam can be counted on to handle any situation in a calm and methodical way. He has been instrumental in solving many issues at the Help Desk. The mentor team that Shivam is on has won awards in both Summer and Fall 2014. He is very active in many different committees within the organization. The committees he has been on include: Advanced Training, Continual Training, ResNet Review, Summer Training & Support Center Content Committee. Shivam was also asked to speak at the New Employee Orientation to explain the ResNet Dispatch and Network Support positions to new consultants who will be starting with us in Fall 2015. Shivam will be graduating in May 2015 and has already accepted a position in New York City with a company called Ernst & Young. While we are sorry to see him go we wish him luck in all his future endeavors. Congratulations Shivam on being selected as the Help Desk Supervisor of the Semester. {jd}

Suraj Patel

March 2016 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Suraj has been a hardworking and eager consultant from the moment he joined the Help Desk. He began working in August 2015 and has been an enthusiastic addition to our staff. Suraj often arrives early for his shifts and will gladly cover open shifts even on short notice. He is an industrious worker who reviewed a large number of tickets for the Help Desk during the month of March. What he enjoys most about working at the Help Desk is the opportunity to learn more about the Information Technology field as well as working with fellow students with similar backgrounds and interests. Suraj views the Help Desk like a second family, and his coworkers are his closest friends. His goals here are to become escalation trained and to eventually become a consultant in Application Support. Outside of the Help Desk, Suraj is also involved in a multitude of hobbies. He is a multi-instrumentalist who enjoys playing piano, guitar, drums, and singing. He is also a sports enthusiast who enjoys playing tennis, basketball, hockey, and swimming. Congratulations Suraj on being Level 2 Consultant of the Month! {ns,kt}

February 2017 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

We are pleased to announce Suraj as our Application Support Consultant of the Month! Even though Suraj is one of our newest Application Support consultants, he has quickly adapted to the learning curve. Suraj is consistently on top of his Application Support duties and he often goes beyond the requirements, making him a diligent and hard-working consultant. When Suraj isn't working hard in Application Support, he is busy playing piano, guitar, drums, and singing (though he would say not amazingly well). He also likes to hang out at the two Starbucks on campus and eat Chipotle burritos! Congratulations Suraj! {ar}

October 2017 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Suraj has worked Application Support with us for the past year and has done an excellent job at escalating situations in a timely manner and reporting issues with accuracy. He covers many shifts for others and has experience working alone when need be. He is also stellar with handling after-hours calls. His favorite aspect of working with OIT is that it is an environment where people are constantly learning from one other, regardless of position. He also appreciates that although everyone is working towards the same goal at the Help Desk, we all have our own separate ambitions and interests. Suraj has incredible ambition and is known for being kind to other coworkers and boosting morale in the work place. We are happy to provide him with this award after all of his efforts and contributions to the Help Desk. {aa}

Fall 2017 Help Desk Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

The Help Desk is proud to award Suraj Patel Application Support Consultant of the Semester for Fall 2017. Suraj has been working with the Help Desk since Fall 2015 and has been working in Application Support for the last year. Since starting in Application Support Suraj has worked his way up to becoming an Application Support Supervisor in Training. Suraj has done a wonderful job in Application support this semester from reporting several outages, mentoring new Application Support consultants, as well as helping fill in any scheduling gaps on the Application Support Schedule. Suraj is currently pursuing a double major in Information Technology and Informatics and HR with a minor in Business Administration. Suraj's favorite part of working Application Support shifts is the opportunity to learn a lot about the data center environment; not everyone gets the chance to say they work in a data center, and while Application Support is mostly responsible for escalating, they still become familiar with the way this environment works and how time-critical everything actually is when it comes to data and computing in a professional environment. Outside the Help Desk and Application Support, Suraj is very involved with his fraternity and focused on giving back to the community by taking part in different service events with the brothers of Alpha Phi Omega. Suraj's tip for new consultants is to pace yourself and take time to fully learn and benefit from all that a certification offers. Don't rush to complete certifications and checklists because it's not just what you learn, it's how well you do, and everyone learns at a different pace. Thank you Suraj for your continued hard work and dedication this past semester. Congratulations! {yp}

Harshil Patel

February 2016 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

As a consistent, attentive and hard-working consultant, Harshil is always ready to help others and provide optimal customer service. His relaxed yet approachable personality has led him to excel at ARC, keeping an eye out for issues and proactively solving them. On the rare occasion that he cannot solve the issue, he does not hesitate to ask supervisors for assistance or send an email with detailed troubleshooting steps he took. He also makes it a point to get to know his fellow consultants and supervisors, keeping the work environment friendly and inviting for others to witness. Harshil has never failed to keep a Busch lab safe, welcoming, and running, whether it was during a day shift or late night closing. Thank you for always going the extra mile with every task, Harshil. {dmd,mp}

Navin Patibandla

Fall 2008 Livingston Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Navin Patibandla was hired by the Livingston Computing Center in April of 2008 and began working in the labs in September of 2008. In this short time, he has already shown all of the qualities of a veteran consultant. He is consistently on time (if not early) for his shifts, and always friendly and helpful to students and staff alike. In addition to having great customer service skills, Navin has done excellently on the staff training tutorials, scoring above 95% on each of the tests. Furthermore, Navin always completes tasks which supervisors assign to him without any signs of frustration or grief. Every time we talk to him, we are greeted with a smile and a very helpful attitude, which makes working with Navin a pleasure. Whether it is trudging through the construction to drag paper to Kilmer, pushing in chairs shortly after already having done a round, or even just walking to the Livingston Learning Center to check on the lab, he completes every task in short order and continues to be helpful all the while. In light of all these accomplishments, please join the Livingston Computing Center in congratulating Navin as our Fall 2008 Consultant of the Semester. {ms}

Kristyanne Patullo

September 2010 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Although the start of the fall semester is the busiest, noisiest and most stressful time in a HD consultant's work year, you would never know it by watching Kristy work. Despite being a new consultant, her performance this past month has been exemplary. In addition to her solid troubleshooting ability, Kristy is courteous and helpful to users and fellow consultants alike. Outside of work, she enjoys sports like basketball and swimming for fun. A Biological Sciences major, she is particularly proud of the time she spent mentoring an 8-year-old girl named Jocelyn in the "Pilot Me" program. Kristy is an amazing combination of a great consultant and a great personality, and we look forward to working with her! {pb}

Fall 2010 Help Desk Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Kristy is always smiling when she walks into the Help Desk. Not only does she brighten up the room, but the callers can definitely hear her enthusiasm while they're on the phone with her. No matter what the issue, she really wants to help people, whether at work or while mentoring New Brunswick area children as a volunteer for the Pilot Me Tutoring organization. She recently started volunteering at Somerset Medical Center as well, all while studying Biological Sciences and Nutrition at Rutgers, working towards her goal of being a Physician Assistant. During her "me" time, Kristy enjoys traveling, playing volleyball and basketball (she's tall!)... and long walks on the beach. She tells us she likes working at the Help Desk because she learns something new every day - she recently enabled DHCP to fix her grandmother's Internet connection - and we like her as well. Kristy began working with us this fall, and her consistent good work and dedication has already resulted in promotion to SIT. She certainly has a bright future ahead of her at NBCS. Congratulations, Kristy! {vm}

November 2011 Operations Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Kristy was originally hired by the Help Desk in Fall 2010. With her welcoming personality and excellent work ethic, she was quickly promoted to HD Assistant Supervisor and Operations, then later Help Desk Student Supervisor. Since becoming an operator, she has been a great addition, consistently taking coverage and helping out fellow operators; she even volunteered to stay additional hours for a few overnights at the beginning of the semester to help new operators get acclimated during the beta program. Kristy is also great about responding to her emails promptly and sending out detailed emails, whether it is to report an error or follow up on something outstanding at Ops or at the Help Desk. Kristy is a Biological Sciences Major and Nutrition Minor that plans on graduating in the Spring 2013, where she eventually hopes to attend graduate school to become a Physician's Assistant. In her free time, Kristy also does a lot of volunteer work locally and runs the Pilot Me Mentoring and Tutoring Program here at Rutgers, a community service organization that partners college students with local youth to help enrich their lives. Congratulations Kristy on being named Operator of the Month for November 2011 and keep up all the excellent work! {jw}

Fall 2011 Operations Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Kristy was originally hired by the Help Desk in Fall 2010 and was rapidly promoted to both Assistant Supervisor and Operations Consultant by Spring 2011. She has been an excellent addition to the Operations staff and was named Operator of the Month for October 2011. She responds promptly to her emails and diligently sends detailed and concise emails when reporting issues to system admins. She even helped the new betas acclimate to operations at the beginning of the semester by staying a few overnights to offer guidance. In her first semester as an operator, she worked two overnights back-to-back, certainly not an easy feat for any college student. Kristy is certainly not bored in Operations, consistently taking on additional projects for both Operations and Help Desk. Kristy's biggest piece of advice for new or potential new operators is that overnights can be the best and worst thing that's ever happened to you, but to always be prepared with adequate food and coffee and try to develop a good relationship with your fellow operator on shift because it will make things much easier and more relaxed. Kristy is a Biological Sciences Major and Nutrition Minor that plans on graduating in the Spring 2013, where she eventually hopes to attend graduate school to become a Physician's Assistant. Kristy is excited for this semester to be over and anxiously awaiting her 21st birthday in January. In her free time, Kristy does a lot of volunteer work and is the President of the Pilot Me Mentoring and Tutoring Program. Kristy also spent a lot of her weekends this Summer and Fall at her family's lake house. Congratulations, Kristy, for being named Operator of the Semester for Fall 2011 and keep up the excellent work! {jw}

Spring 2013 Operations Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Kristy has made a notable impact in her time with NBCS. Starting as a Help Desk consultant she quickly rose through the ranks to become both a HD supervisor and an Operations assistant supervisor. Kristy possesses a level of poise and confidence that is rarely seen. No matter what the task, she faces it head on. Whether it be assisting Operations during emergencies such as Hurricane Sandy, off hours support to operators as the on call supervisor, or managing the daunting task of scheduling, she completes each task without even flinching. Kristy is often seen smiling and willing to help wherever she can. She eagerly shares her knowledge as she trains new Operations staff and makes revisions to the Operations documentation. Recently she assisted in providing training at the Operations staff meeting; helping to ensure the technical proficiency of all Ops Consultants. Kristy has a 6th sense when it comes to Operations as she is very aware of things going on around her. When caught up with operations tasks, she continues to find work to do by assisting the Help Desk in matters such as ticket review and quality assurance. Kristy is in essence a super supervisor. Outside of NBCS Kristy regularly completes volunteer work and was the president of the Pilot Me Mentoring and Tutoring program. Kristy will be graduating this spring and is looking to attend grad school. Great things are expected of Kristy as we know she is more then capable of making them happen. Congratulations Kristy for being named the Operations Supervisor of the Semester! {db}

Andriana Peck

November 2010 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Andriana is a hard-working and courteous consultant. During the semester, she has been very proactive, notifying management of any issues she notices in the lab. She has also stood out to the supervisory staff for her cooperation and eagerness to help with lab projects. Andriana gets along well with her fellow consultants and helps them out by taking coverages. As a new consultant this semester, Andriana has been great at adapting to all the lab policies and learning new technical skills. Her calm demeanor and friendly attitude exemplify what we value in our consultants, and her people skills are wonderful. From consistently taking stats to following up on customer service issues, Andriana's work around the lab has not gone unnoticed. We invite you to join us in congratulating Andriana for being our November Consultant Of The Month. {lj,la}

Kunal Pednekar

October 2015 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Kunal is an extremely reliable and hardworking consultant. Although he may be soft spoken, he is certainly a force to be reckoned with. He works at one of our busiest computer labs, Alexander Undergraduate Library; however, the constant traffic in the lab doesn't stop him from excelling at his job. He's able to effectively control and take charge of the lab during sporadic rushes, especially on Saturdays prior to football games. His observant nature has allowed him to discover issues within the lab, as well as figure out solutions to those problems. He could easily tell you where printer jams occur by simply listening to them! Kunal is a proactive consultant and is always on top of his game. He is certainly a valuable asset to College Avenue Labs. Thank you for all your hard work, Kunal! {lc}

February 2016 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Kunal has been a wonderful asset to the College Avenue team this semester. Although it is only his first year, he has quickly become a great and reliable consultant in the labs. Even during hectic shifts, such as in Alexander Undergraduate Library, Kunal has effortlessly managed to stay calm and maintain control of the situation. He consistently makes the lab feel welcoming and ensures that patrons are satisfied. He never shies away from work and is always willing to help us out by doing extra projects or taking a coverage. Out of his own volition, he has even created a browser extension for his fellow consultants to streamline the process of adding shifts to their calendars. He is always actively seeking feedback, and this initiative, along with his characteristic thoroughness, are invaluable qualities that make him a pleasure to work alongside. Congratulations Kunal, and we wish you the best! {cl}

September 2016 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Kunal has always shown a passion for his work that we have noticed since he began working here. As a computer science student, he is always open about showing what projects he is working on. He strives to create an optimal experience for the users. For example: he created a prototype Zed extension, which would add shifts to your calendar. This passion to foster a better work experience translates well into the labs. Kunal as someone who is always willing to assist patrons, as it is just as much of a learning experience for him as the patron he is helping. Kunal demonstrates patience, responsibility, and professionalism at all times while also remaining friendly and approachable in the labs. It is for these reasons, we are proud to honor Kunal as one of College Avenue's Consultants of the Month. Thanks for the good job, Kunal! {ch}

Donald Pellechia

February 2002 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Although Don has only been with CCF for a few months now, we find he has the qualities of a great consultant. He displays the drive to find all possible solutions on his own to aid users in the lab. In addition, he is perpetually punctual, and shows a sincere responsibility to his job duties. Dan does an excellent job of managing the monitor station, especially when we are swamped with users between classes. Lab Supervisor Tim, putting aside his precocious past, agrees that Busch is grateful to have Don as a member of the staff. {bm}

John Pena

November 2007 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

John Pena - a.k.a. "JR" - is a consulting powerhouse. There have been innumerable times he has came into the supervisor office to notify us of important happenings in the lab. He has the awareness of an owl -- and owls are cool. He's also as nice as people get, and because of this you're assured that patrons are receiving the best service possible. John is an extremely diligent worker. He not only works to make sure all of the patrons who approach him are met with, but he goes out of his way to make sure their problems are dealt with. Anytime he's unsure of an answer, he always follows up to make sure it's correct. In addition, he tries to see if anything more can be done about any situation where he may not be able to help a patron. He's a real pleasure to be around, and his very friendly and cooperative demeanor is reflected in the smiles of the patrons he assists. As if that's not enough, he's also always on top of his rounds! {kp,yt}

Christopher Percival

April 2006 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Chris is a graduating Senior Consultant with a degree in Evolutionary Anthropology and a Certificate in Environmental Geomatics. He'll be continuing his formal studies at Penn State this fall, where he is enrolled in the PhD program for Biological Anthropology (his favorite bone is the talus). During his time at the Support Center, Chris always stepped up to help in many aspects, from staffing tables during training sessions to assisting his colleagues with particularly puzzling troubleshooting questions. Always with a laid-back sense of humor and quiet maturity, Chris was a pleasure with which to work. When outside of school and work, his interests include listening to music, hiking, and ultimate Frisbee. All the best, Chris! {cp, jba}

Steven Perez

October 2006 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Steven Perez exemplifies the ideals of a model consultant. Whether it be getting along famously with his fellow consultants or his attention to providing great customer service even when not on duty. His dedication to serving patrons well has been well received. Steven shows just how big a difference a good consultant can make. We would like to congratulate Steven on achieving the October 2006 Consultant of the Month for the College Avenue Campus. [mb, km, lw]

Justin Perez

September 2009 ResNet Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Since beginning work in the ResNet office this August, Justin has excelled at the tasks he has performed. He quickly learned the procedures and methods used in the office and he has continually improved his networking and troubleshooting skills throughout the month. He is able to effectively guide dispatch and help desk consultants when assistance is needed, and is always able to help other office consultants further troubleshoot an issue. Justin is eager to learn and asks questions when a new issue arises. He demonstrates excellent commitment to his position and readily volunteers to go on switch work after hours or when he is off shift. Justin has become a valuable asset to the ResNet team and an integral part of the help desk. For these reasons, we are proud to award Justin with the ResNet Office Consultant of the Month award for September 2009. Congratulations Justin.

Robert Perez

November 2018 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

The Help Desk is proud to award Robert Perez Network Support Consultant of the Month for November! Rob has been working at the Help Desk since the beginning of the Summer as a head-start consultant and he clearly has proven his talent and why he was selected for the head-start program through his promotions & great work ethic since his introduction. He displays his vast array of knowledge and understanding in IT through his efficiency and positive attitude when assisting patrons, some of which is learned from his major in ITI. This is especially true when patrons walk into the Help Desk, where he will often be the first person to assist since Rob frequently sits front-station when it is available, a trait that distinguishes Rob from other network support consultants. This month Rob worked on a number of special projects in conjunction with our supervisory team and taught an advanced training course. We are proud to present Rob with the Network Support Consultant of the Month award for November 2018 as he continues on his path to eventually become a networking engineer. Congratulations Rob, we truly appreciate the assistance that you have supplied to the Help Desk and our patrons! {kf}

Valentina Petrenko

September 2009 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Valentina Petrenko has always been a pleasure to work with. She is someone that management has come to rely on when it comes to coverage and special projects. Val has also been great when it comes to providing suggestions that will improve the lab. If one were to take a look around at CACC, they would see the lovely decorations that she has helped to put up throughout the lab. Over the past year she has become one of our most valuable employees. In an effort to benefit the lab, she has always been more than willing to help out her fellow consultants and supervisors when they are in need. In retrospect, it is difficult to believe that she has not been nominated for this accolade sooner. Val comes into work with a positive attitude that is contagious to others. This can be seen by her ability to handle difficult situations in a cool and collected fashion. A patron that interacts with Valentina generally leaves the lab with a smile, because of her excellent customer service skills and personality. Essentially, Val is a model consultant that others should strive to emulate. It is for these reasons and many more that Valentina Petrenko is one of College Avenue's Consultants of the Month.

Brice Petruzzelli

March 2008 ResNet Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Brice has worked for ResNet since the beginning of the Fall 2007 semester on the Livingston Campus and has continually shown a high level of customer service and technical competence. He works well on his own and requires little assistance from his Campus Supervisor and Assistant Campus Supervisor. Always looking to do the best job possible, Brice researches problems for his tickets in advance so that he can take care of users' problems quickly and efficiently. We are very pleased to recognize Brice as the ResNet Consultant of the Month for March. Congratulations, Brice! {lp,ml}

Chuck Pham

September 2018 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Since joining the Livingston team this past month, Chuck has certainly made his mark in the realm of Livingston Dispatch. You can usually find Chuck hard at work troubleshooting a RU Wireless issue at the lab, or see his name plastered all over numerous dispatch issues. Chuck recently helped handle an hour-long walk-in ticket navigating a Chinese-text Macbook that also had a Spanish keyboard set up. He worked extremely diligently and professionally in trying everything he had in his arsenal to help the patron set-up Mobility Print. His friendly attitude and knack for diagnosing issues makes him a standout ResNet consultant. Please help us recognize and congratulate Chuck for his outstanding ResNet performance as he is named a Livingston September 2018 Consultant of the Month! {ss,lw}

Yash Phansalkar

April 2016 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Yash is a sophomore computer science major and he is also the April 2016 Consultant of the month for Applications Support. This is his first year with OIT. Yash is a valued member of the Help Desk where he frequently works Applications Support shifts in the machine room. He loves being able to walk into work and pass the supercomputer named "Excalibur" when he gets on shift. He loves to help his fellow consultants out by covering for them when they need coverage. He was ecstatic when he spoke at the New Employee Orientation this past month to discuss Application Support. His advice for his fellow consultants is to work hard and follow your dreams. When he is not at work he is playing basketball, coding, or hanging out with his friends. When he is not working, studying, or doing any of the prior activities he sleeps because he loves to sleep. If he could put any restaurant on campus he would put a Fat Sand-which shop by the Hill Center so during an overnight he can get a number of different options to eat. Congratulations to Yash for being Application Support Consultant

Spring 2017 Help Desk Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

We are proud to announce Yash as the Level 1 Supervisor of the Semester for Spring 2017! Throughout the semester, Yash has taken on various challenges such as researching Google Classrooms for the Hiring Committee to improve our consultant training experience, spending many hours organizing and rewriting public-facing documentation for the new FAQ site, and creating this semester's Quality Assurance schedule for our supervisory team. In addition to these projects, Yash conducted a great number of trainings throughout the semester, preparing consultants for new tasks and challenges they are likely to face in their roles at the Help Desk. An avid fan of football (especially of the Giants), Yash spends much of his free time watching sports, though he is also fond of Netflix. He enjoys hanging out with his friends and working on coding projects to hone his skills. Thank you for all your hard work this semester, Yash, and congratulations! (kt)

Fall 2017 Help Desk Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

We are proud to announce Yash as the Level 3 Supervisor of the Semester for Fall 2017! Throughout the semester, Yash has taken on multiple projects. Yash has provided assistance in developing the OIT FAQ site, contributed to the hiring committee, and regularly tended to scheduling issues that come up at the Help Desk. As a Level 3 supervisor, Yash is entrusted with the smooth operation of the Help Desk on a daily basis. Even when full-time staff is not available, Yash is ready to step up and tend to any issues that may arise. Yash enjoys working at the Help Desk because of the opportunity to meet and learn from new people. Additionally, Yash values the leadership experience, team-building skills, and other interpersonal skills he has developed working at the Help Desk. Yash is an ITI major with a minor in CS who will be graduating Spring 2018. When not working at the Help Desk, Yash enjoys watching football, playing basketball, and spending time with friends. Congratulations, Yash, on being selected as Level 3 supervisor of the semester! {db}

Spring 2018 Help Desk Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

We are happy to award Yash Phansalkar with our Level 3 Supervisor Achievement Award for Spring 2018! Yash has been a very diligent worker since starting with OIT in the summer of 2015, quickly progressing through the promotions and certifications and he is now certified for all Help Desk positions. After becoming a Supervisor in Training for the Fall of 2016 he has been a valuable addition to the Help Desk supervisory staff. In previous semesters, Yash helped manage work on the OIT FAQ and has been a valuable addition to the hiring committee. This semester Yash has been a great mentor to our consultant and supervisory staff and taken a leadership role within our Scheduling Team. He has successfully prevented numerous shift gaps in Applications Support and the Help Desk and has mentored the newer members of the Scheduling Team to ensure proper procedure is followed and issues are addressed in a timely fashion. He is always ready to take on new projects and tasks and has contributed to our Rutgers Day trivia activities and helped organize this year's New Employee Orientation, and helped select and manage the Q&A technology used to allow new Consultants in Training to ask questions during the live presentation. When he is not at work, you can find him playing Fortnite, watching Family Guy, or hanging with his friends. Yash is graduating this semester from the School of Communication and Information with a degree in Information Technology & Informatics and a minor in Computer Science and will be working as an Enterprise Application Analyst starting in August! Let us thank him for all his great work these past three years, and wish him good luck! Congratulations on receiving the Level 3 Supervisor Achievement Award for Spring 2018! {ar}

Elizabeth Phillips

November 2005 ResNet Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Elizabeth has been working for ResNet since the beginning of the Fall 2005 semester and has continually shown a high level of customer service and technical competence. She is always patient, very personable, and friendly. She works very well on her own, with little assistance necessary from her Campus and Assistant Campus Supervisors. Elizabeth also portrays a wonderful persistence in her troubleshooting with the intention of getting users online in a most expedient manner, often making timely follow-ups with the users of her own accord. {se,ok}

September 2006 ResNet Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Liz has consistently proven herself both as a ResNet field consultant and a ResNet office consultant. Liz's troubleshooting abilities in the field and the support she provides from within the office have distinguished her as one of the most valued members on the ResNet staff. In addition, the service she provides to ResNet customers and dedication to the job further demonstrate her contributions to our organization. We are pleased to recognize Liz as the ResNet consultant of the month for September. {jr}

April 2007 ResNet Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Time and time again, Liz has distinguished herself as a phenomenal ResNet consultant. Liz's troubleshooting skills both in the Support Center and in the field are impeccable. She consistently carries herself with a friendly and helping demeanor, especially when helping a user. We are pleased to recognize Liz as the ResNet consultant of the month for April. {dh}

Fall 2007 ResNet Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Liz has been working for ResNet since September, 2005. She began working in the ResNet office in October, 2006, and accepted the Campus Supervisor position for ResNet, Livingston campus in July, 2007. Since that time, Liz has been extremely proactive in her leadership role at ResNet, and has distinguished herself as a responsible, reliable individual who has devoted countless hours to serving the ResNet and OIT community. Since the start of the semester, Liz has been actively communicating with her campus staff as well as with her management. She frequently follows up with staff about concerns or issues, and addresses upcoming changes and new information ahead of time so problems do not arise. Liz takes an active interest in her staff, and works hard to improve their knowledge and training level. She has been a mentor for consultants doing field work, as well as for office staff. Liz is resourceful and adapts well to changing environments. In addition to supporting her campus staff, Liz provides support to Help Desk consultants and users while working in the ResNet office. Liz is soft spoken, but gets her message across and handles everyone she deals with expertly. She provides excellent written communications when responding to help@resnet inquiries, and uses the resources available to her to provide clear and accurate answers to questions. Liz is always professional - she is prepared to support the ResNet users, her campus staff, and to provide training and direction to the staff. She is thorough and considerate, and provides excellent leadership to the ResNet organization. Liz sets a positive example for her staff, demonstrating both exceptional technical and interpersonal skills. It is clear that this combination has helped to inspire the highest levels of confidence in users and staff members alike. {jh,js,bb}

Amy Phillips

October 2010 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Amy is an outstanding consultant. Even though she is new to NBCS this semester, she has settled in nicely with the CAC Lab family. She is a very reliable and responsible employee who is always eager to learn more and share her knowledge with her fellow consultants. She is very dedicated to her job and loves to help out whenever she can. Her customer service skills are excellent. Amy always treats patrons with respect and goes the extra mile to try and solve their issues; plus she does it with a smile. Amy can always be seen doing rounds, and she takes the initiative to make sure her cleanings are done properly. Amy has the ability to make frustrated patrons feel comfortable with her listening skills and friendly nature. Throughout all of her shifts so far, Amy has performed like a seasoned veteran. Great job and keep up the good work! {cy}

Fall 2010 College Avenue Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

College Avenue is proud to announce the selection of Amy Phillips as our Consultant of the Semester! Her diligence and exceptional customer service have certainly not gone unnoticed. Amy is a proactive consultant who always does rounds and keeps a watchful eye out for lab issues. Her upbeat, confident demeanor is infectious to those working around her. We can always count on Amy when we need help or coverage. She deals with patrons in a mature, respectful manner and is not afraid to ask for help when necessary. Amy is a responsible consultant who is always on time. She keeps us updated with any matters of concern, which has built her a strong working relationship with the supervisors. Her positive nature shines through her constant smile, even when things at the lab are hectic. Amy does not have to try very hard to give patrons a supportive representation of NBCS as a whole. Please join us in extending congratulations to Amy for her excellent work and outstanding attitude this semester! {lj,bo}

Gina Picciano

November 2012 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Gina became a member of the Help Desk this semester and has quickly stood out amongst the consultants. She always comes to work with a smile on her face and in a great mood which undoubtedly is noticed by the people whom she is assisting during her shifts. Gina enjoys the atmosphere at the Help Desk, her coworkers, and the things she learns from the job. Although she thought the hectic first month of the semester was a little intimidating, she quickly became accustomed to the problems she was presented with and found her comfort zone. She has since gone above and beyond with assisting users to help resolve their issues. Gina is a sophomore ITI student who actively participates in both the Italian Club and the Bloustein Public Service Association. Her upbeat personality, work ethic, and dedication to her hectic schedule is something we have all noticed and made Gina a shoe-in for consultant of the month. Congratulations Gina! {jd}

Spring 2014 Help Desk Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Hired by the Help Desk, Gina began working during Fall of 2012. After a single semester as a consultant (during which she was recognized as Consultant of the Month - Nov 2012), Gina's customer service skills, great organizational skills, and professional demeanor were quickly recognized, and she was promoted to Help Desk Assistant Supervisor by April 2013. Since then, Gina continues to be a role-model to our student consultant staff. Consistently arriving early to her shifts, she is prepared and takes the steps needed to followup on outstanding tickets. Gina is confident and does not hesitate to take over calls from consultants dealing with upset users. She does not shy away from her responsibilities as an Assistant Supervisor, but rather tackles them head-on. While her sweet disposition and soft-spoken demeanor wins over the walk-in patrons, and her co-workers alike, she has a fierce work-ethic and strong dedication to her commitments. She has proven over and over that she knows how to prioritize her responsibilities. Not hesitating to bring matters to her management's attention, she ensures customer satisfaction while keeping her consultants informed of ongoing changes in process. Over the course of the last semester, Gina has trained new consultants, given one-on-one refresher trainings to those who couldn't make the initial sessions, and has spent extra time (outside of scheduled hours) reviewing applications during our annual hiring cycle. She has written up several "How Do I" quizzes for the Help Desk consultant base, and has received many compliments for ticket handling. For these reasons and more, Gina has been recognized as Help Desk Supervisor of the Semester. We look forward to another year ahead with Gina being in a lead role to our consultant staff, as she is scheduled to graduate in Spring of 2015, pursuing a degree in IT with a political science minor. When not working at the Help Desk or her studies, Gina enjoys riding horses in the English style. Congratulations to Gina! {vmv}

Fall 2014 Help Desk Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

It is with great pleasure that we award Gina Picciano her second Supervisor of the Semester for the Help Desk. Each semester Gina impresses us more with her fervent commitment to improving the Help Desk. When tasked with solving an issue, Gina will not quit. She has continually gone above and beyond what is expected of her to find resolutions for users. This semester at the Help Desk was laden with change, all which Gina faced with confidence. Whether it was supporting the new wireless protocols or advising newly trained L2 consultants, Gina's leadership was dynamic. As a Center Square Supervisor, Gina is tasked with assisting with the overall workflow of the Help Desk. This semester Gina has excelled at that task. In addition to helping consultants and walk-ins simultaneously, she also finds the time to create weekly How Do I quizzes, make cleaning schedules, make quality assurance schedules and keep up to date with advising her mentor team. Next semester will be Gina's last, as she is graduating from Rutgers with a degree in Information Technology. We will all miss her exuberance but know that she will accomplish great things. Congratulations Gina on winning Fall 2014 Supervisor of the Semester! {em}

Thomas Piccirello

March 2013 ResNet Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

This is only Tom's second semester working for NBCS. Despite this he has already been promoted to ResNet Office and is making a positive impact on those he works with. Over the past few months he has proven himself to be an invaluable addition to the ResNet team and we are proud to present him the ResNet Consultant of the Month award for March. Tom consistently comes to work with his upbeat and chummy personality. He stays on top of the current goings-on at the Help Desk; whenever a fellow consultant is stuck dealing with a difficult issue he is ready to lend a helping hand. Our walk-in customers are pleasantly surprised by his superior customer service skills and strong technical knowledge. Tom is a freshman intending to major in Computer Engineering and is graduating "sometime between 2016 and 2020." He is also an entrepreneur and runs an iPhone/iPod repair service on the side. During his free time he enjoys tinkering with electronics and long walks on the beach. Congratulations Tom! {gt}

Letticia Pierrez

February 2002 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Letticia has been with CCF for almost 3 years now, not as long as Neil has been a Yankees fan, but certainly a lifetime in consulting years. In that time she has worked very hard as an active and vocal member of our staff. Letti has been known to take the time to thoroughly answer lab patron's questions in a friendly and professional manner. She is also very pro-active in her approach to the job. When something seems incorrect or in need of repair she will try to find a solution and promptly bring it to management's attention. It is this fine attention to detail and great customer service that has earned Letticia this award. Leroy is glad he opted not to go to MIT, as working with Letticia has turned out to be a much greater honor. Please join Livingston in congratulating Letticia for all her hard work. {cb}

Guillermo Pineiro

September 2015 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Gill has been a huge addition to the Busch Labs roster this year. Within a couple weeks into the fall semester, his drive and dedication to the labs are already evident. From taking the initiative to become ResNet certified to consistently engaging patrons who need assistance, Gill does not let anything stand in the way of his duties as a consultant. And when we say anything, we truly do mean anything. Whether it be jammed printers, MAB-ing routers, bicycle mishaps, Gill has shed his blood, sweat, and tears all in the name of helping patrons and bringing glory to OIT and Busch Labs. We are happy to bestow upon him the well deserved title of Consultant of the Month! Congratulations! {ap,dd}

September 2016 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Guillermo Pineiro has been an outstanding Dispatch Certified consultant at the College Ave Labs. Although just joining our team this past year, he has already made a huge impact through his work ethic and determination. During SWAT weekend this year, he helped a myriad of freshman and returning residents set up their devices, always ensuring to deliver good customer service with a friendly attitude. Often at the end of each SWAT day, you would find Gill as one of the last SWAT consultants left in the lab, entering numerous tickets in HDRT for the people he helped during the day. Additionally, Gill has played a huge role as a ResNet Dispatch Certified consultant in the first few weeks of this semester, a period which is usually our busiest time of the year. Each shift he went out on as many tickets as he could and would sometimes even stay late to complete his dispatch appointments. Gill's calm and collected demeanor along with his exceptional problem solving skills allow him to handle dispatch and walk-in issues efficiently and professionally. Overall, Gill has been an integral part of our team on College Ave this year and we thank him for his hard work. Congratulations on achieving the September ResNet Consultant of the Month Award Gill! {ah}

Andrew Podhorcer

September 2013 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Andrew Podhorcer, known in the Labs as "Ari" or "aripod," has always been proactive during his consultant shifts, never hesitating to go above and beyond when addressing a problem. Always greeting patrons with his friendly face and amiable personality, Ari has shown excellent customer service skills. His knowledge of the establishment, policies therein, and experience with patron issues assures that no user is left dissatisfied while he is on shift. His contribution to handling issues out at the dorms at the beginning of the semester has earned the attention and praise of full-time staff much higher up in the organization. Exceptional job, Ari! {ck,cw,fe}

Emily Podhorcer

October 2013 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Emily has hit the ground running here at the Busch labs this fall, and transitioned seamlessly into her position as a consultant. If you were to suggest that she was a first semester consultant, there are many who would doubt your sincerity. She learns extremely quickly, works efficiently, and has a profound awareness of lab policy. By proactively learning as much about the job as she can she provides support to our patrons at a level indistinguishable from our veteran consultants. Her bright disposition and great sense of humor makes it a pleasure to work with her and helps patrons feel at ease while she resolves their issues. She is exceedingly friendly to both patrons and coworkers, and is always quick to offer assistance while on the job. Emily has also been consistently taking coverage and has great communication skills with her fellow consultants and the supervisor team. In only a month and a half working here at the labs, Emily has earned the attention of the supervisor team with her ability. She's an asset, pure and simple. We had high expectations for Emily based off her exceptional interview and were not disappointed. We're lucky to have her onboard, and we're looking for many more quality semesters with her company! Congratulations! {cw,ss,jsh}

Brian Pohl

September 2000 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Brian deserves a lot of credit for the way he handles himself as a consultant. He is always up and around the lab looking for users who need assistance as well as making sure the lab is neat and orderly. We've noticed that if he is unsure of a solution, Brian uses all resources at his disposal before asking the supervisors for advice. Other consultants seem to turn to him for guidance as he has demonstrated, time and time again, the qualities of an exemplary consultant. {MB, AV}

Dan Pollard

Spring 2006 Livingston Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Dan Pollard has been working in the Livingston Computing Center since the Fall of 2003 and was promoted to the position of Assistant Lab Supervisor in the Summer of 2005. In the last semester Dan has truly shown his dedication and gung-ho spirit in the lab. As our maintenance supervisor Dan strived to make sure every machine on Livingston was up and running and helped cut our down machine turn around times to a bare minimal. Dan worked closely with our vendors, Netops and Computer Repair to diagnose and tackle numerous hardware issues as they arose. Dan also was an enormous help to Livingston during hiring, reviewing well over 100 applications and conducting numerous interviews.

Dan takes much pride is his job. Always one to take initiative or volunteer, Dan can be relied upon to deliver the best possible results in anything he does. He performs every duty with the highest level of professionalism and attention to detail. To Dan, no job is done unless it is done well.

In addition to his assigned duties Dan is a great help to his fellow supervisors, assisting on consultant reviews, scheduling, coverage and managing consultant records. It is because of the great effort Dan has put in, going above and beyond what we would expect of his position, that we chose to recognize him with this award. Please join us in congratulating him on this well deserved recognition. {cmb, mm}

Maria Nathalia Prada

November 2011 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Nathalia has been with the Cook/Douglass labs for only three short months but in that time she has proven to be a great asset to our NBCS staff. Eager to learn and with a can-do attitude, she is constantly helping the supervisors with whatever tasks we may have. Nathalia is consistently taking coverages, helping out her fellow consultants as well as the management team. Her best quality would be that she always has a smile on her face, making others feel happier just by being in her presence. Her enthusiasm for helping others is unparalleled and her first duty is to the patrons. November's consultant of the month is truly deserving of her title. {rs}

Sumantha Prasad

October 2006 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

If Sumantha is working, you can bet the lab will be in order! In a single semester she has become a fantastic consultant. Sumantha attacks duties like rounds and cleaning with an inspiring zest that makes it hard not to smile. She always has an answer for every question, and will work hard to solve every user's problem, no matter how large or small. For your sunny smile and your keen eye for detail, thank you Sumantha! [ja]

Kelly Prescott

February 2005 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Ask Kelly a question and she will be on her feet before you even finish the question. This is just the kind of consultant Kelly is: active, friendly, and helpful. Add on her positive attitude and you have our Consultant of the Month. Whether it is keeping a throng of users calm when the printers are running slow to helping a user save to her Eden account, Kelly's ability to handle all types of situations has been a great asset. We would like to congratulate Kelly on this award. We appreciate all your efforts! {cg}

Thomas Prewett

April 2008 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Thom has been working for the Livingston Labs for two years and has been a joy to have as a consultant. His friendly demeanor always puts patrons at ease, yet he is always firm in upholding lab policies (especially when it comes to anything more than three copies). No matter what he is doing, Thom will always help out a patron. His time in the labs has not been wasted as he is a wealth of information on the programs and the machines in the labs and many times is seen helping patrons and his fellow consultants. However, Thom also reminds us that it is not always necessary to wear the business pants and how to have fun as well. Thanks and congrats Thom! {cm, hg}

Christopher Proano

April 2018 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Since his return to Busch Labs this semester, Chris has consistently amazed us with his exemplary work ethic. He is incredibly attentive while on shift, performing his rounds dutifully and overseeing the lab like a hawk for any issues. When things are ever out of the ordinary, Chris remains proactive and takes the initiative to report and/or resolve any problem to the best of his ability. In addition, before handing off a shift to his relief, Chris always makes sure the lab is completely in order and informs his fellow consultant of anything out of place so as to not catch anyone off guard. His dedication to the lab does not end there, however. Aside from his eagerness to help out any patron or consultant on shift, Chris is quick to volunteer for special tasks or cover even the most unpopular of shifts. Whether it be a hectic afternoon at ARC or a long overnight at BEST, we can always count on Chris to keep the labs in tip top shape for which we are incredibly grateful. Congratulations, Chris, and keep up the good work! {mwa,ls,jmo,alg}

RJ Pruiksma

April 2007 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Cook/Douglass is pleased to announce RJ Pruiksma as one of April's Consultants of the Month. Conscientious and patient, RJ can always be counted on to keep things running smoothly around the labs. From consistently working early morning shifts at C4 to dealing with crises of alarms blaring, RJ has come through without a single complaint. A dependable consultant with a positive attitude, we are lucky to have RJ on our staff. Please join us in congratulating him for this well-deserved honor. (kms)

Michael Pumphrey

November 2000 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

We appreciate his dedication to the Digital Media Lab, and our lab patrons. Michael is diligent in making sure that the hardware/software in the lab is working at its intended best and that it is ready for users. When problems are found, he reports them to management promptly and clearly, and then assists us further, when necessary. We have also noted that Michael is happy to help lab patrons and provide excellent, well-informed service. His work ethic and customer service skills are exemplary and we are delighted to have him as a part of the BCCC team. {nl,av}

Alexandra Puntolillo

Spring 2014 Cook/Douglass Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Alexandra has proven herself to be an outstanding member of NBCS throughout her three years of working for us. She has put much effort into her job and goes way beyond her normal responsibilities. For instance, Ally is one of our few consultants who always volunteers to work SWAT weekend even though she is not ResNet certified. Not only that, but she also has volunteered to help out with the NBCS face painting during Rutgers Day for the past couple of years. She is always willing to participate when she attends any work trainings and is nothing but attentive. Ally has such confidence in herself and in her job that shines through in whatever she is doing and for this she stands out. It is not surprising that Ally was recently awarded with consultant of the month for April, nor is it surprising that she is now being awarded with consultant of the semester. Her dedication and hard work during her time at NBCS has really paid off and we can not thank her enough for her positive attitude, her ability to think on her feet, and her overall commitment to her job. Although it will be sad to see her go because she is graduating, on behalf of the entire C/D management, congratulations, and good luck in all of your future endeavors! We truly wish you nothing but the best, Ally! {nd}

Nimish Purohit

February 2002 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

This is Nimish's second semester with the Livingston Computing Center. In his time with us he has demonstrated a very friendly, polite and approachable demeanor. Nimish will always promptly take care of lab responsibilities and help users with a smile. His energetic and determined attitude are well appreciated by his coworkers and supervisors. We hope he will continue this great level of customer service in his semesters ahead with us. Quraish, on his way to flying Cody over to Bermuda, speaks in unison with the rest of the Livingston staff when he says; "Keep up the good work Nimish!" {cb}

October 2002 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Nimish has been working at the Livingston Computing Center for over a year now. In that time, he has shown great dedication and aptitude for helping with whatever projects may arise. Nimish has been incredibly helpful around the lab this past month: assisting with bulletin board designs, cabinet reorganizing and our cleanout of the loading dock. He also continues to help all the lab patrons with his quintessential bubbling personality. The exceptional way in which he helps the lab and its patrons have earned him this recognition. {cb}

Fall 2002 Livingston Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Nimish has been working in the Livingston Computing Center for almost 3 semesters now. In that time, he has been one of our most dedicated and outgoing members of the staff. Nimish has an excellent working relationship with his coworkers and supervisors. He has been a major contributor in projects this semester. Nimish has volunteered to help put up bulletin boards, straighten cabinets, make signs, clean up the lab, clean extra computers and help out wherever we need him. Nimish is always eager to help out all lab patrons even with the most difficult of questions. He frequently takes coverages and stays before and after his shifts when we've needed him. Nimish has been a true example of an exceptional consultant and is most deserving of this award. Congratulations Nimish! {cb}

Anna Pylypiw

October 2012 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Anna is one of our newest consultants at the College Ave Labs. Anna is very lively and eager to come to work each shift. She is usually the first to help us out when we need coverage. Anna is always makes herself approachable by doing rounds, offering suggestions to management, and fixing printer issues as they arise. She's quick to bring up lab concerns to the supervisors. Anna is always on top of her work and we are proud to announce her as College Ave's Consultant of the Month! {kl}

Spring 2014 College Avenue Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Anna Pylypiw has made significant contributions to the College Avenue campus this academic year. Anna has been extremely dedicated in ensuring that important tasks and projects get completed in a timely manner. Anna played a major role in hiring this semester. She consistently attended hiring committee meetings and helped to implement changes to refine the hiring process on College Avenue. Anna collaborated extensively with other supervisors to develop an effective hiring training session for our supervisors. Anna's work ethic is truly admirable. Anna does an excellent job prioritizing work and handling difficult situations that arise in the labs. On many occasions she has helped to cover an open shift or fill in at a meeting on short notice. She has demonstrated to her co-workers that the job can be meaningful and efforts made will have an impact on peers and patrons alike. Also, she made it a point to find time to work last summer in order to be trained for the fall despite working a full time internship. Anna does an excellent job balancing academics, work, and her personal life. We hope that our newer staff members will strive to emulate Anna's positive attitude in the work place. Anna is always more than willing to find a solution to a problem. Her desire to do things the right way has been a valuable asset, because patrons are leaving the labs happy with her level of service. When it comes to work, Anna will almost always have a task done before it is formally delegated to her. This will be Anna's final semester at the College Avenue Computer Labs. It is quite bittersweet to see her leave for the Mars candy company. She will certainly be a valuable asset to that organization and wherever she goes to work in the future. Anna, you are well deserving of this award. We thank you for the time and effort you have put forth during your time working for OIT. We are very proud to honor you with the Supervisor of the Semester Achievement Award! {bo}