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Ryan Umali

Fall 2011 Cook/Douglass Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

This semester's choice for Supervisor Of The Semester goes to Ryan Umali. Ryan has done an outstanding job leading his team of Supervisors and SIT's. When asked to take on a greater leadership role in September, Ryan came through with flying colors. Ryan doesn't lead from behind. He puts himself in the middle of the consultant station during every shift so he can observe first hand how well the shop is running is always available to his team. Ryan has been extremely reliable doing everything that has been asked of him which has been considerable amount. He has attended all the managers and full time staff meetings at my request, and served on the hiring committee as well. This along with his tireless efforts working on scheduling all semester long has made his efforts truly remarkable. So it is my great pleasure to announce that Ryan Umali is the Fall 2011 Supervisor Achievement Award winner. Good Work Ryan and thanks for all the help. {pjd}

Paolo Umali

March 2013 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Paolo is one of the most consistent and dependable consultants on our staff. He consistently arrives early for his ARC opening shifts and never hesitates to march all the way to LSM to take stats in the morning. Since the beginning, Paolo has demonstrated a willingness to learn and is always on top of his work to keep the lab running smoothly, no matter how chaotic it may be. Paolo provides absolutely top-notch customer service support, even in the wee hours of the morning! On behalf of the entire supervisory staff, we offer our warmest congratulations to Paolo for receiving the March consultant of the month award! We are lucky to have such a solid and reliable consultant here at ARC! {ck,ko}

Fall 2014 Busch Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Paolo is a one man army. The man can single-handedly operate ARC. He communicates with patrons and supervisors effectively, and issues rarely make it to the back office with him around. When he does come to the back office, we can be sure that Paolo has already gone above and beyond the requirements of a consultant to address the problem before asking for help. Through any situation, Paolo remains cool and calm. In fact we have never seen him at work when he did not have a friendly and inviting disposition with his fellow consultants and patrons! Paolo started at the labs as a freshman but has grown to be a salty vet who has worked openings, mid-days, and closings across our entire campus. He's the type of consultant we come to lean on, and we have become spoiled by the stability he brings to the lab when he works. Paolo is a plank holder, and he's earned Consultant of the Semester several times over by our ledger. {cw,adg}

Daniel Upbin

September 2006 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Throughout Dan Upbin's time with CCF, he's never failed to prove himself as a model consultant. Not only is Dan a huge help in staffing the lab under an emergency, but his exuberant and cheerful demeanor always puts patrons at ease. In addition to helping patrons, Dan has never hesitated to lend a hand to his fellow consultants or supervisors. Widely regarded as the strongest man in all of CCF, his herculean strength comes in very handy when transporting paper. Dan's amazing sense of humor and kind personality makes him an incredible asset to Livingston. Thanks, Dan! [fc]

April 2007 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Dan is an excellent consultant always greeting patrons with a smile. His pleasant manner makes it easy for patrons to come up to him with questions. Dan is always around to help out whenever the lab needs it and is constantly making sure the lab is running as it should be. He does his rounds throughouhly and is quick to spot any violations. We commend Dan on his continued excellent job performance and congratulate him on being named a Livingston Consultant of the Month for April 2007. {cm,lw}

Michael Upton

November 2005 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Within a short amount of time, Mike has proven himself to be an asset to the College Ave Team. When he's around, the supervisors can rest assured that the lab is in good hands. He's always doing rounds, checking down machines, printers, enforcing lab policies and helping patrons. If ever there is a patron with question or concern, Michael is the first to help. Michael is always courteous, friendly, and very thorough in all things that he does in the labs. He has a contagious smile that cheers up everyone working with him. It's a pleasure working with him. Consultants like Mike make College Ave a fun place to work. Keep up the good work, Mike. {ab, mb}

Josh Ursua

September 2018 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Over the past 2 years, Josh Ursua has been a vital part of the Help Desk as a veteran consultant. Josh is eager to learn new information and skills to be able to better assist patrons and further his own knowledge. He is part of the recently formalized Help Desk Tech Team, which focuses on technical matters related to the operation of the Help Desk, such as maintaining our computers and imaging new machines, as well as crafting new software projects that will benefit the Help Desk, where Josh truly demonstrates his wide span of technological understanding. Josh is trained in Applications, Email, and Network Support and is willing to assist no matter how difficult the issue or situation. During the week of move-in, Josh was very helpful to our new CITs and also to returning consultants. While on shift, Josh walks around with a smile on his face as he assists patrons that walk into the Help Desk and makes conversation with consultants whether it is to provide assistance on difficult issues or simply to learn more about them. It is an honor to award Josh with network support consultant of the month, thank you, Josh, for all of your efforts! {kf}