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Previously Honored Consultants – Y

Marina Yalon

September 2008 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Over the past few years, Marina has proven to be a perfect consultant. Always willing to take coverage and go above and beyond what is expected of her, she has made our jobs easy. Her technical competence and extraordinary customer service skills make her an important asset to the Cook/Douglass labs. This semester she has been working more shifts at Loree and the supervisors have had the chance to experience firsthand just how awesome she is. We can always trust that the satellite sites will be in good hands when she is working. She makes sure to inform the supervisors of any problems and goes out of her way to help patrons and coworkers. We are very lucky to have a consultant like Marina on our staff. Congratulations Marina, you are our Consultant of the Month for September 2008!! {lg}

Michiaki Yamada

October 2008 Operations Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Michiaki has been working in Operations since May, 2007 and started his NBCS career in the labs in September, 2005. He recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and will be leaving us at the end of this semester. He will be missed, as he has proven to be a valuable asset to our team. Michiaki is always there to pick up coverage for someone who needs the help and is working three overnights per week for us this semester. His enthusiasm for riding his bike is contagious, even when he rides in to work with a sheared nut, twisted ankle or bruised ribs. We are collectively glad for him to be moving on to the next stage in his career and wish him all the best. {rb,jf}

Vincent Yan

March 2000 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Vincent has been a consultant with Livingston for one year now. In that time he has learned a great deal about the lab and its operations. Vinny can frequently be seen wandering around the lab assisting users and maintaining a clean work environment. He is also a very active worker, taking the time to acquire new skills and not hesitating to ask questions when he wants to learn something new. We look forward to having Vinny assist us in the Summer months ahead. {cb}

Tommy Yan

September 2014 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Tommy has brought a certain level of technical prowess, persistence, and attention to detail to Busch ResNet that we have not enjoyed in a few years. Every shift Tommy worked, he blasted through all of the tickets, bringing not only efficiency in his relationship with the supervisors, Help Desk, Office, and the users, but also being a model example of professionalism in this line of user support. Tommy was meticulous in helping us keep all the details of the many open tickets we had in the Dispatch queue up to date, and has always been available to help out other consultants, often taking time out of his own day to do so. We appreciate Tommy going beyond our expectations as a ResNet dispatch consultant to help us handle the influx of tickets in the last few weeks as smoothly and as quickly as possible. Great work! {ag}

Fall 2016 Busch Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Tommy Yan is an integral part of the Busch Labs. This is his third semester as a supervisor. In his time here, he has proven to be a dependable and hard working supervisor. Tommy has a gentle nature and his approach is unassuming. On a day to day basis, Tommy provides consistently good customer service. He helps consultants with a myriad of questions and he's always willing to help cover shifts for his fellow supervisors. This semester, he was heavily involved with training. Between ResNet Refresher, Customer Service, Building a Computer, and the ResNet Monthly Meeting, Tommy has shown that he has excellent presentation skills. He helped create and edit the training materials and while he has vast technical knowledge, he isn't intimidating and is able to make information clear and accessible. Tommy also advised supervisors on the Java Class, which he helped create in previous semesters. He has worked on Busch webpages and he comes up with different programming ideas to help improve the work of consultants. Besides all of the hard work that Tommy contributes to the Busch labs, he is also a fount of humor and provides a sense of camaraderie. His original personality will be sorely missed. This will be Tommy's last semester here and we wish him the best of luck on his future endeavors. He will be sorely missed! Congratulations on being selected as the Supervisor of the Semester for Fall 2016! {wll}

Jeffrey Yankowski

April 2011 Operations Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Jeff joined the NBCS group in the fall of 2008. He was quickly promoted to Operations by January of 2009. A self-described night owl, Jeff has a long standing trend of working mostly overnight shifts at Operations and really appreciate the ability to be able to work a "graveyard" shift. During his time at Operations and with NBCS in general, he has enjoyed working with our staff and described them as friendly and helpful. He is also grateful for awesome co-workers who, despite working overnights, were still able to have interesting conversations to make the time pass. Jeff is a solid Operator with a reliable consistence that has earned him multiple "Perfect Performance" points throughout his career at NBCS. Jeff will be graduating this May with a Computer Science bachelor's degree. He has already secured a position in the real world with Citigroup. During his free time, Jeff likes to play video games and work on developing Android apps. He's currently working on two Android apps for World of Warcraft. It is our great pleasure to award Jeff the Operator of the Month award for April 2011 and we believe he will be successful in his future plans. {nj}

Freda Yeh

November 2006 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Anytime you walk into the lab while Freda is working, you'll always see a smile on her face. Her friendly demeanor always puts people at ease. She's always ready to go out of her way to help someone, and will follow through to make sure she has done everything she can. Freda always enforces rules in a polite way, without making patrons feel bad or embarrassed. She always helps her fellow consultants, freely sharing her knowledge. Her kind nature always brightens up your day and she's always fun to work with. We're very lucky to have Freda on our staff. [mz, wll]

Jonathan Yeh

March 2013 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Jonathan has been an outstanding consultant ever since he was hired at NBCS. His friendly and amicable personality creates a very pleasant environment around the Livingston Labs for patrons as well as his fellow consultants. Jonathan's strong work ethic and dependability has made him an invaluable member of the Livingston team while his top notch customer service and technical skills are a great asset that leaves patrons feeling well served, even during difficult situations. He has taken the initiative to become ResNet Dispatch certified, where he now battles malicious viruses and tricky network problems on a regular basis. We know we can rely on Jonathan to take excellent care of the labs during the most hectic times, tackling paper jams and other various problems, all while keeping patrons at ease. His strong ambition and willingness to learn make him an easy choice for this award. Please join us in congratulating Jonathan Yeh on being named a March 2013 Consultant of the Month for the Livingston Labs. Congratulations and keep up the good work! {nh,lw}

Spring 2013 Livingston Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Jonathan joined the Livingston team in Fall 2012 and has since been showcasing his superior customer service and technical skills. His cordial attitude promotes a very comfortable atmosphere in the labs, making him a pleasure to work with while keeping patrons at ease. When an issue arises, Jonathan is always the first to address it and does whatever it takes to resolve it in an efficient, timely manner. His level of enthusiasm and strong work ethic are unparalleled and truly reveals his sincere dedication to NBCS. While on shift, Jonathan is always at the top of his game, making sure all necessary tasks are accomplished to the best of his ability. A shift does not go by where Jonathan does not display these extraordinary characteristics, which is why the management team can rely on him to deal with difficult situations that arise at the lab. His technical and troubleshooting skills have proven extremely useful, as he can handle any problem that comes his way. These skills, accompanied with his ResNet dispatch certification, allow Jonathan to take on more of a leadership role around the labs, where he mentors other consultants on tasks that have become second nature to him over the course of this year. Jonathan's sheer ambition, willingness to learn, and unmatched customer service and technical skills, have made him the perfect choice for this esteemed award. It is with great honor that we name Jonathan Yeh as the Spring 2013 Consultant of the Semester for Livingston campus. Congratulations on your achievement and keep up all the great work! (nh,lw}

February 2014 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Jon re-joined the Livingston team this Spring and has proven once again why he is an invaluable asset to Livingston. Jon went above and beyond the call of duty during the temporary period to take multiple coverages in order to help Livingston fill numerous open dispatch shifts. He is the first person our consultants go to when they need coverage and he is always willing to step up to the plate and help them out. As a ResNet Dispatch certified consultant, Jon has proven that he can handle any difficult situation that arises, whether it be with walk-in tickets, dispatch tickets or general lab issues. He projects a calm demeanor during tense situations that assures patrons he is helping that the issue will get solved correctly and in a timely manor. Jon is always the first consultant to assist patrons in their time of need and the level of service he provides to patrons is exceptional. Jon is a model consultant! Please join us in congratulating Jon on being named a February 2014 Consultant of the Month for the Livingston Campus. Congratulations, Jon! {mm,lw}

Louis Yeung

October 2018 Busch Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Louis is an outstanding consultant who has shown us time and time again his dedication to this job. He is always approachable, friendly, and willing to help patrons who come into the lab. He is always ready to help his fellow co-workers. His troubleshooting skills are top notch, and he's gone above and beyond on multiple occasions to detect, test, and report various issues with our computers and printers. His troubleshooting and detection skills have resulted in improvements being made to the lab on multiple occasions. We are very appreciative of his sharp attention to detail and diligence when working as a consultant. He has been very proactive in helping in any way that he can. We are very happy to have him here on Busch and are glad that we can give him this award to acknowledge how much we appreciate his efforts. {rpp,nm,jc}

Shirley Yeung

November 2018 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

We are proud to award our star consultant Shirley Yeung with the Level 2 Consultant of the Month Award for the month of November! Shirley was hired with the Help Desk last fall (Fall 2017) and has shown outstanding work ethic and friendliness to fellow consultants and our users alike. She frequently helps walk-in users by sitting at the front station and frequently assists multiple walk-ins during a normal shift. Shirley is a Computer Science major with a minor in Chinese, graduating in 2019 and what she loves most about the Help Desk is that it's an open and friendly environment. "It's a comfortable space to be in and everyone is always willing to help. I really appreciate everyone who works here; they are always patient, kind, and great to be around." In her free time, Shirley likes to draw, but if she's not drawing she's likely sleeping, reading up on Greek mythology, drinking A LOT of bubble tea, or checking out what's new on Netflix. The advice she'd like to leave for her fellow and future Level 2 consultants is to never be shy and to always ask for help when you need it! "As a Level 1, I was shy to even walk into the office early, but I learned quickly that everyone is very welcoming. Regardless of what position you're at, it's okay to ask peers or supervisors for assistance because we're all working towards the same goal, and you aren't expected to know the answer to everything". Recently, Shirley has assisted our supervisory team in updating documentation to help improve our user-facing information. Once again, we greatly appreciate your commitment to the Help Desk and customer service, keep up the awesome work! {sp}

Dan Yi

March 2001 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Dan is one of the most responsible members of the Busch consulting team. When Dan is on duty you can always be certain that statistics are taken when they need to be. Dan has recently volunteered to help out on numerous projects around the lab. His hard work and efforts have not gone unnoticed. Please join us in congratulating Dan in receiving this award. {cb}

Nermin Yildiz

September 2001 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

In her time with CCF, Nermin Yildiz has been a dependable, personable, and technically proficient consultant who serves as a fine example to her co-workers. Her willingness to go the extra mile is a valuable asset, and shows through her enthusiasm to help the management staff with special events such as Orientation and Site Specific Training. She assists users both in the lab and on the phone with patience and professionalism. Nermin's friendly personality fosters a pleasant working environment while her positive attitude and great customer service skills make her a remarkable consultant. {mm,tv}

Patricia Yong

Spring 2013 Help Desk Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Patricia became a Help Desk assistant supervisor in Spring 2012 and has since proven herself to be a valuable addition to the Help Desk supervisory team. Her cheerful personality and pleasant demeanor are ever present and make working along side her a joy. Patricia does not hesitate to take on tasks thrown at her and is eager to assist consultants and her fellow supervisors alike. Her patience is undeniable as she readily assist callers with difficult and time consuming matters. Patricia is an assistant supervisor that can be counted on to provide the utmost in professionalism and customer service, in short she is a model employee that others can emulate. She loves to learn and that is evident by how much she has picked up working in the Help Desk. Patricia will be graduating this Spring but will continue on with her studies at Rutgers in the fall as part of her 5 year education program. When she is not at work or doing school work she enjoys doing Zumba and Yoga. Congratulations Patricia for being named Help Desk Supervisor of the Semester! {db}

Rob Young

November 2008 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

This is Rob's first semester working at CAC. In his short tenure here, Rob has quickly become an integral asset to the staff. He is very reliable and trustworthy. He exhibits these characteristics by always being on time or even early to his shifts. We can always count on him being there, even on his opening shift on Monday mornings! From the very beginning, Rob was always very helpful to patrons as well as his fellow consultants. He has gone above and beyond the basic requirements of a consultant by always being willing to help out around the lab. He has done this through troubleshooting hardware and software issues, bringing supplies to other labs, and taking coverage to help out his fellow coworkers. He is very resourceful, and strives to learn new things each day he is on the job. His friendly smile and positive attitude are contagious to the staff around him. His friendly personality is sure to cheer anyone up. For these reasons, we are proud to honor Robert Young as College Avenue's November Consultant of the Month. {kb,bo}

April 2010 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Rob has been a vital asset to the College Avenue staff since his start in 2008. Rob can always be counted on to provide assistance in the lab. If there was one word to describe him, it would have to be reliable. His outstanding work ethic has made him stand out month after month. Rob always goes above and beyond his duties as a consultant. Rob takes extra time and effort to ensure the lab is running efficiently. For example, Rob came back to the lab after his shift ended in order to help a new consultant close the lab properly. Rob's excellent customer service skills, technical knowledge, and sense of humor make him a joy to work with. When helping patrons, he tries to find an ideal solution to the problem at hand. Consultants look forward to working with Rob, because of his upbeat demeanor and kindness. For these reasons, we are proud to announce Rob Young as one of College Avenue Computing Center's Consultant of the Month! {bo,md}

Dennis Yu

March 2011 ResNet Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Dennis, one of our Sr. RN consultants, has been more than a valuable asset to our team this year. He has been consistently increasing his knowledge base and skill set, and writing down everything he knows in the form of documentation to train consultants of the future. Whether it is handling 2 dispatch calls, 3 HD Consultants, and being asked 3 questions at once, to the every day Mac update, Dennis is able to keep his cool, like a seasoned veteran. On his free time, Dennis enjoys activities such as volleyball, practicing his Thor rushes, cruising with friends, and treating his palate to only the most exquisite culinary creations. Congratulations, Dennis, on being selected as the Consultant of the Month for March 2011. {at}

Spring 2011 ResNet Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Every semester, we are faced with making a very difficult decision. The supervisors spend quite a bit of time, in the last meeting of the semester, trying to decide who will get the ResNet Office consultant of the semester award. This semester was no different than any other, as we have a very strong ResNet Office team. After careful consideration, Dennis was chosen as the award recipient for Spring 2011. Dennis joined our ResNet team back in the Fall semester of 2010, and has shown that he is ready to handle anything that the dorms can throw at him. He has put a considerable effort into writing the ResNet Office How Do I..., switch work documentation and switch work quiz. With his cool composure, confidence, and diligence, Dennis was able to work his way to not only being an excellent consultant, but has made it to SIT for ResNet Office. This summer, Dennis will be taking the reins of the Office, which get passed down every year, and leading them to another successful year. Great job Dennis, keep up the good work. {at}

Gregory Yurkow

April 2009 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Greg has been working here at College Ave. and has been a vital part of our staff since the Fall of 2007. He is a man of many talents. In addition to being a fun guy, a world class member of the Rutgers crew team, and diligent student, he is a lab-renowned consultant. Greg always shows up to work with a positive attitude in assisting patrons. Not only does he care about helping patrons directly, but he is also very involved in making sure the lab is running efficiently. He has become a tag checking connoisseur during finals, always checking for lost and missing tags. Being a senior, this is sadly Greg's end of a long run at the labs, but if all goes well, we will hopefully be seeing him again in 2012 in London. Smashing good luck Greg! {md,as}