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Previously Honored Consultants – Z

Riasat Zaman

October 2015 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

The Help Desk is honored to announce Riasat Zaman as our Level 2 Consultant of the Month! Riasat joined OIT in the Spring of 2014 and was promoted to a Level 2 Application Support Consultant in February of 2015. Her excellent customer service skills and friendly demeanor have helped her excel in her role as a Level 2 Consultant. Whether it be helping her fellow Consultants on a call or diligently completing her Application Support tasks, she works hard to provide the best experience for users and Consultants alike. Riasat is currently a senior studying Molecular Biology & Biochemistry and is in the process of applying to various Ph. D programs across the nation. She is a self-proclaimed Fro-Yo enthusiast and enjoys reading crime novels and watching TV. You can find her designing flyers, posters, and t-shirts for various clubs and campus events in her free time. Riasat says that the best thing about the Help Desk is the people she works with. If she could offer a piece of advice to new Consultants, it would be to be patient with users, take detailed notes (or you'll forget!), and to always be friendly regardless of the situation. Thank you for all of your hard work and congratulations again Riasat! {ep}

Max Zandstein

November 2012 Cook/Douglass Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Max has gone above and beyond while working at the Cook/Douglass computer labs, earning himself the title of consultant of the month. Even though this is his first semester working for us, he has acquired the necessary skills for this job very quickly. Max's customer service skills are top notch, as both supervisors and his fellow consultants have noticed. Patrons always seem to leave content after receiving assistance from Max. He is also quick to make friends amongst his coworkers. The sense of camaraderie that he brings to work is irreplaceable and much appreciated by both consultants and supervisors. In addition, Max always lends a helping hand when necessary, including assisting supervisors with special projects and taking coverages at all of the sites. Because of his desire to go above and beyond at work, Max has proven himself to be a very valuable resource here at the Cook/Douglass computer labs, earning the title of consultant of the month. Congratulations Max and keep up the great work! {gb}

September 2015 College Avenue Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

We are extremely proud to award Max Zandstein the Consultant of the Month for September 2015! Max has been working for OIT since 2012 and has recently become a primary consultant for College Avenue. We are very happy to have Max on our team here as he always has a smile on his face and contributes to a positive work environment. Max always goes above and beyond when interacting with patrons and staff and never hesitates to step up to the plate when unusual situations arise. As a ResNet Dispatch certified consultant Max has shown incredible patience and grace when he is communicating to patrons and peers. Max is a dependable and responsible person and we owe him many thanks for his contribution to our lab. Max, thank you so much for your amazing work here and congratulations! {jl}

Spring 2017 College Avenue Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Max has been a very integral part of our staff for the past several years. His positive attitude and work ethic enable him to do his job well. When things are not going smoothly, he usually finds a way to put a positive spin on a situation. He will exhaust every avenue to find a solution to an issue in order to ensure that the buck stops here. These characteristics have helped Max to become someone well respected by his peers and supervisors. Over the years, Max has always been there to help cover a last minute open shift or volunteer for an outreach event. It is certainly a rarity, when Max cannot help a patron or peer with a difficult situation. Looking back at his awards, it is surprising to see that he only won Consultant of the Month twice. This is mainly due to the fact Max brought his A game every shrift. He has been a constant in the College Ave family for quite some time. Max will be leaving us after this semester to begin his career in medicine. It is difficult to imagine the lab without someone as gifted as Max. He will be missed by all of us. However, we are happy to see Max move on to the next exciting chapter in his life. Max, thank you for all of your service and friendliness. You have been a pleasure to work with over the years. We are proud to award Max Zandstein as College Avenue's Consultant of the Semester {bo}

Mohamed Zeineldin

September 2009 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Mohamed started as a Help Desk consultant this fall, as he has been a really good consultant since his first day. Mohamed was able to pick up the duties of the position quickly. In addition to bringing his vast technical knowledge and attention to detail to his work, Mohamed is also very punctual, always arriving at least 15 minutes early for his shift. When he runs into an issue that he does not know the answer to, he takes time to research it on his own and asks for help when needed. One thing that is particularly impressive about Mohamed is that he makes sure that he fully understands an issue and the solution before giving information to the user. Mohamed is double majoring in Math and Physics and is questioning his sanity for doing so. He plans to pursue graduate studies in the future. Congratulations, Mohamed. :)

March 2010 Operations Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Mohamed started working for the Help Desk in the Fall 2009 and quickly displayed a great work ethic. He was promoted to Operations Consultant in September 2009 and has since been greatly helping the team not only by working almost exclusively overnight shifts, but by confidently and quickly making the adjustment. One of Mohamed's best traits is his dependability. Despite having to drive in from 40 minutes away, he's made it early to almost every shift no matter what the driving conditions have been. Additionally this semester we've had to ask him to work alone more than a few times during the dreaded Friday night overnight, for which we are very grateful. For all this and more, we want to congratulate Mohamed for earning Operations Consultant of the Month award for March, 2010. {rb,jf}

Spring 2010 Operations Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Mohamed started working for Operations in September 2009 and has been a great asset to the team. Mohamed works the most difficult to fill overnight shifts on both Friday and Saturday nights, rarely ever asking for time off. He has maintained these shifts since his promotion to Operations. Mohamad is continuously looking for ways to improve our documentation and strives to do his job flawlessly. Mohamed does not hesitate to volunteer to take coverage to help a co-worker, in fact he's covered more than a few early morning shifts after working an overnight in Operations. We want to thank Mohamed for being reliable and cool under pressure while tending to his responsibilities and congratulate him for earning this award. {rb,jf}

October 2010 Operations Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Mohamed has been working for Operations since September 2009 and has been invaluable over the past year. Mohamed works the hard to fill overnight shifts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. This semester Mohamed has been working these shifts alongside our newly hired operators and has been guiding and mentoring them on top of his normal duties. Mohamed also answered some scenario questions with perfect accuracy, so much so that we were able to just use his answers when we sent out the answer key. We thank Mohamed for all of his hard work and would like to congratulate him for earning Operator of the Month for October 2010. Keep up the great work! {rb}

Spring 2016 Help Desk Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

The Help Desk is honored to announce Mohamed Zeineldin as our Application Support Consultant of the Semester! Mohamed began working with the Help Desk back in Fall 2009 and was promoted to what was formerly called NBCS Operations (now Application Support) shortly after in December 2009. With almost 7 years at the Help Desk, he currently holds the record for the longest continuing consultant. Mo is often willing to take coverage and work the overnight and weekend shifts. Mo has been a vital part of our organization, consistently providing the highest level of support and attention to detail in his tasks and duties. He has proven to excel and handles situations professionally, whether it be a critical situation or a routine task. He loves working with and training the new Application Support Consultants as well as passing on his infinite wisdom and experiences. Mohamed is currently studying for his PhD in Physics, with a concentration in Experimental Condensed Matter. Mohamed's interest in physics is partially due to the work of his idol, Niels Bohr. Outside of Help Desk and Application support, Mo can be found in the Physics Lab teaching and conducting research. Mo also loves to cook Egyptian food, and in his limited free time, he enjoys watching tv shows, like Law and Order and Dr. Who, or indulging in the occasional ShopRite cake. Congratulations Mohamed, and we wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors! {rg,sv,ep,mk,jd}

November 2017 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Mohamed has been a valuable asset to the Help Desk since he started working in Application Support in 2009 (back when it was NBCS Operations.) Since then he has dutifully arrived early for nearly all his shifts and volunteered to work hard-to-fill shifts (including Thanksgiving!). He's very willing to assist less-experienced consultants; he will break down issues and walk through procedure with them to make sure things are handled correctly. Mohamed even makes a point to keep more experienced consultants on their toes and will identify any oversights they may have had. We thank Mohamed for being such a reliable and helpful consultant. {ac}

March 2018 Help Desk Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

We are very proud to award Mohamed Zeineldin Applications Support Consultant of the Month for March 2018! Mohamed has been the silent watcher of Applications Support since 2009 and has received many awards for his exceptional service. Mohamed helps both new and seasoned Consultants maintain a high level of excellence within Applications Support. Throughout his years of exemplary service, he has been significantly early for many shifts and is very diligent with deadlines. Mohamed helped provide mentoring to many of the new Consultants in Applications Support this month, and at this time all are working towards, or have already completed their Applications Support certifications. Mohamed also covered many gap shifts to ensure we are always adequately staffed, particularly when we have new Consultants working. We thank Mohamed for being such a reliable and helpful consultant! {dp,nj}

Tianhou Zhong

September 2010 Livingston Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Tian has been a wonderful addition to the Livingston Computer Lab. Always upbeat and positive, Tian never hesitates to help others and go out of his way to make the interaction as warm and friendly as possible. He always has a smile on his face, and the energy and enthusiasm he brings to the lab is contagious. Tian is tenacious when solving lab issues as well as when on dispatch calls. He began showing his potential during SWAT during Move-In weekend this semester and has continued to impress. He is always looking to develop as a consultant and brings a professional attitude to the job everyday. Tian's refreshing and warm attitude coupled with his technical skills and willingness to learn are what led to Tian being named a Consultant of the Month for September 2010. Congratulations! {jn,LW}

Fall 2010 Livingston Consultant Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

We would not be exaggerating when we say that Tian started making a noticeable difference in the lab from his first shift at Livingston. From day one, he showed boundless energy and enthusiasm, while coming to every shift in very professional corporate attire. He quickly mastered common problems that patrons faced helping him to be a more effective consultant. We would regularly see him either helping patrons, doing rounds and coming into the office to ask a question or inform the supervisors of a problem. We can't count the number of times Tian has impressed us with his ability to go beyond the call of duty, and think one step ahead. One supervisor remarked that it is almost like Tian can read his mind and anticipate what he needs him to do! Tian is also a great problem solver, rarely coming to the office for actual assistance, and when he does, it is only after exhausting all of the information channels available to him. In addition to all of these attributes, Tian has also quickly become one of our most valuable dispatch consultants, professionally handling any calls he is sent out on quickly, and knowing how to work around problematic situations. Tian has also helped out the Supervisor's greatly by letting us know of potential issues in the lab, and knowing when to escalate any issues if needed. All of this, while making other consultants and supervisors feel comfortable and happy to be at the labs. Whether it be his positive attitude, his work-ethic, or his resourcefulness, Tian has been a model consultant in every way, and this is why we are very happy to call him Livingston's Fall 2010 Consultant Achievement Award recipient. {jn,lw}

Fall 2012 Livingston Supervisor Achievement Award (Fall Semester)

Tianhou Zhong started his New Brunswick Computing Services (NBCS) career as a consultant in the Fall 2010 semester. Tian continued to impress the management team and his fellow consultants for the remainder of the semester with his energy, enthusiasm and resourcefulness, and at the end of the semester, earned the Fall 2010 Consultant Achievement Award. Needless to say, Tian made a huge impact on our campus from the moment he started working for the Livingston Labs. He quickly moved up the ranks, joining the Livingston Computer Labs Management Team as a Supervisor in Training toward the end of his first year working for the labs in the Spring 2011 semester. In the Fall 2011 semester, Tian was promoted to Assistant Lab Supervisor. In the nearly three semesters that Tian has served in that role, he has progressively taken on more responsibility and an increased leadership role on the Livingston Campus. Tian has really grown this semester as a leader. He really stepped up his game to another level after the departures of some veteran supervisors. He has served as a mentor to all of our newer supervisors and SITs this semester. Tian helped implement a new way to track completed supervisor tasks -- helping us use Google documents to move toward a more "real-time" tracking of tasks that are accomplished on a daily basis. He has also used what he has learned about newer web technologies to create an internal page for Livingston supervisors to make it easier to access the various tools supervisors regularly use during their shifts. He has also taken added initiative with the consultants he supervises and mentors -- facilitating better communication and camaraderie with social gatherings outside of work hours with his team of consultants, and social media (Facebook, etc.) for time in between shifts. He did all this while staying on top of his main responsibilities including supervising repair issues, monitoring campus PTS, tracking repeated coverages and overseeing Lost & Found, and supplies and equipment inventory. Tian's efforts in assisting lab patrons and staff with a friendly and professional attitude, in addition to his teamwork, strongly support the Mission, Vision, and Values of the Labs and New Brunswick Computing Services as reflected in his excellent computer support and customer service in our Labs. Tian has truly stood out as a leader, mentor and friend to consultants, supervisors and managers alike. Whether it's a lab issue, staff issue or technical issue (even the latest tech news, Mac releases, etc.), on Livingston, everyone knows you can turn to Tian to get the help and information you need. For all that (and so much more), we are proud to award Tianhou Zhong the Fall 2012 Livingston Supervisor Achievement Award. Congratulations, Tian! {mk,lw}

Mohammad Zia

November 2006 Operations Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Mohammad has been with Operations for about 2.5 years and has continuously performed the responsibilities of the position at a very high level. His customer service skills and knowledge base make him one of our most valued employees. Mohammad has made an effort to help us with our coverage issues during the semester, recently taking 3 shifts for us on Thanksgiving Day. We also want to congratulate Mohammad on his recent acceptance into graduate school, where he'll be working towards a Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering. {jf}

September 2007 Operations Consultant of the Month (Fall Semester)

Mohammad has been with Operations for the past 3 years and has continuously performed the responsibilities of the position at a very high level. His customer service skills shine through as shown by recently receiving a customer service award. His knowledge base has made him one of our most valued employees. He continues to help us with coverage issues, often extending his shifts to cover openings, and taking on additional shift whenever possible. He works well with his co-workers, often answering questions and assisting new employees with responsibilities they are unsure about. Mohammad is unable to take on a supervisory role due to his dedication to his research while pursuing a Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering, and he was elected to receive this award as a gesture of our appreciation for his efforts through the years. Thanks, Mo - Keep up the good work! {vv}

Melissa Zimmermann

March 2005 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

From the time she started working for CCF in Fall 2004, Melissa Zimmermann has been an exemplary consultant. During her shifts, she is exceptionally meticulous in making sure lab duties are performed, especially taking statistics and cleaning. Melissa is even more meticulous in helping out lab patrons, providing top notch customer service and making sure that the patron leaves with a smile on their face. Her calm, quiet demeanor puts everyone at ease. When she is working at the monitor station, she greets each patron with a smile. Finally, she has been known to help out her fellow consultants by taking a fair amount of coverage. Simply put, Melissa is an excellent overall consultant, and that excellence shows in her attention to detail. For her dedication to the lab, we would like to congratulate Melissa as this month's Consultant of the Month. Thanks for doing a great job! {jl,wll}

Spring 2008 Busch Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

It's hard to put what Melissa has brought to our staff in only a few words. She has taken on so many roles throughout her time as a supervisor. From working long hours trying to figure out the consultant permanent schedules to keeping all of the supervisors updated on who they need to meet with for PTS. She is a "Jane of all trades" and I don't think there is a single supervisor task she couldn't or I should say hasn't done. She has been a friend to consultants, supervisors and managers alike...and her smile is infectious, just being around her makes your day a little better. She's not only good with the paperwork side of being a supervisor, but has dealt with all of the technical issues that arise in our lab too without complaint or issue. She will take responsibility for an issue and see it through to completion making sure she understands everything each step of the way. It's rare to meet someone that has the work ethic and can stay as upbeat as Melissa. The only sad note to her working here is that this was her last semester as she is graduating on May 22nd. It is with best wishes to her and her future as a RN at Somerset Medical Center that we name Melissa our Busch Supervisor of the semester. Congratulations Melissa, we will miss you! {mb}

Andrey Zubkov

March 2004 Busch Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Andrey exemplifies many characteristics of an outstanding consultant. Good communication with users and understanding their questions is essential in helping the lab run smoothly. Maintaining a positive attitude is very important throughout your shift, since you tend to deal with users who might not share the same feeling. When it gets busy, you have to be aware that helping users is still the priority. However, at the same time, have a sense of discipline in order to get other duties accomplished during your shift. Andrey is able to do these things, even with a broken collar bone! He always has a cheerful attitude and is a great consultant to work with. At the very least, he has helped users feel confident about the answers given to them so that those users can walk away and know that they have been given that professional level of support. The above reasons are a few of the outstanding qualities that can be seen in Andrey and we just want to congratulate him for this achievement. {jk}

Spring 2004 Busch Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Although only in his first year with CCF, Andrey has established himself as a mighty consultant. Armed with exceptional customer service skills and formidable technical abilities, he is prepared to tackle any task that the lab can throw at him. Andrey has a great sense of humor and is quick to smile. He exhibits all the qualities we look for in a CCF consultant. Andrey is extremely nice to both users and coworkers. He is often the first to volunteer to take stats at LSM or stock paper at ARC. Gregarious in nature, Andrey is well liked by fellow consultants and management. He speaks with ease and has the ability to make any stressful situation seem less so. On top of all of this, Andrey is a trooper: he took almost no time off from work after breaking his collar bone, and helped users even with his arm in a sling. We are happy to have Andrey on our team, and proud to name him our Consultant of the Semester. {jfw, wll}

Artioms Zuks

February 2012 ResNet Consultant of the Month (Spring Semester)

Art has been a great addition the ResNet Office staff. He has done an exceptional job handling the influx of CIRT responses this semester. He is always willing to help users with any problems they have on their machine and will often stay a couple minutes past shift to make sure the job is done right. Art is known for his work ethic and exceptional customer service skills. He is also one of the quickest consultants to gain switch access because of his fast progress in ResNet Office. He plans to graduate in 2013 with a degree in mathematics. Congratulations Art, for being the February 2012 consultant of the month. {mm}

Spring 2012 ResNet Consultant Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Art began working for the Help Desk in the Fall 2011 semester. His impressive technical background quickly landed him as one of our best office consultants just a semester later. You can always find Art 15 minutes before his shift, ready to help users when they walk in. This semester, he has been invaluable in providing feedback in order to quickly isolate and remove the flashback infection. Art is always willing to help others and continues to provide excellence in customer service. He volunteered to present his previous NBCS experience at the NEO in April. Art takes initiative on team projects and he is the top contributor to updating the switchlist and reviewing ResNet Office tickets. When he's not working at office, he enjoys programming. Art will working at an internship at Bloomberg this summer. Congratulations Art, for being the Spring 2012 consultant of the semester. {mm}

Spring 2013 ResNet Supervisor Achievement Award (Spring Semester)

Art has made an amazing impact during his first full semester as a ResNet Supervisor. As a representative on the ResNet Review Committee, Art has ensured that ResNet Office has continued to provide exceptional support and trainings for the different ResNet groups. His commitment to improving the tools USB has been greatly appreciated by both Office and Dispatch staff. In addition to this, Art is also a great motivator. His diligence and attention to detail has been an inspiration to those around him. His approachable leadership style has invited those he supervises to ask and learn from his large bank of programming and networking skills. Art provides wonderful support to walk-in users at the Help Desk. Whether the problem lies within the scope of ResNet material, or an obscure complicated issue, Art goes beyond what is expected of him. This month he received a Customer Service Appreciation Award for his work on resolving a difficult issue concerning a myql database. Art is an integral part of the Supervisory Team and will be sorely missed when he graduates this May to pursue his new career at Bloomberg. We would like to commend Art on his admirable work this semester and congratulate him on receiving the Spring 2013 ResNet Supervisor Achievement Award. {em}