Requesting a new Class or Course RAMS List

Class or Course Mailing Lists: Class or Course Mailing Lists are for announcements and class discussions outside of normal class meeting hours.

How Do I Request a Class or Course Mailing List?

The RAMS Class List Creator is a tool for creating automated mailing lists based on the roster information for a class or class section. It allows professors or teaching assistants to create mailing lists for any combination of all the sections of all the classes they have roster privileges for. (NOTE: To get roster privileges, contact the dean, director or department chair of the department for the class you need access to -- RAMS and Help Desk personnel will not be able to assist you with getting roster access.)

To create a Class Mailing List begin by going to the RAMS Home Page (

Click on Class List Creator as shown here:

RAMS will request your Rutgers NetID and it's associated password. For more on NetIDs, visit The Rutgers University Network Identifier web page.

Once you are logged in a List Creation Progress Bar will appear at the top of the page. This allows you to see your progress as you complete the steps needed to create your list.

Select the year and term for the class or classes from the pull-down lists. For practical reasons, lists are not permitted to span classes across semesters. Once the year and term have been selected, click on the Next button.

The next screen will display all the sections of classes that you have roster priviliges for. The format for the section listings is:


Note: If you do not see the section you wish to create a list for or get the message "You (NETID) do not currently have any roster privileges for the selected year and term. You can not create a list at this time." then you will need to contact your dean, director, or department chair to get privileges to view the roster. RAMS and Help Desk personnel do not have the ability to grant you roster access.

Check all the classes and sections to be add to the list being created. Once the sections to be included in the list have been selected, click on the Next button at the bottom of the screen.

Now you must select the options for your list. You will need to choose a List name. This List name will be part of the email address for the list and should be descriptive without being too long. List names cannot contain spaces and must contain a dash ("-") or underscore ("_") character. Please keep in mind that your List name cannot start with a dash or underscore character. This option cannot be changed once the list is created.

The List description should clearly identify the purpose of the list. This option cannot be changed once the list is created.

You must select the Archive type, choosing whether your list will have a public archive or admin only archive.
Public Archives can be access by anyone with a Rutgers NetID.
Admin Only Archives can only be viewed by the list administrators and can be viewed via the list manager.
This option can be changed after the list is created using the List Manager.

You must then choose the Posting Privileges for the list. The Posting Privileges control who may send messages to the list and how those messages will be handled. There are four options; moderated, closed, admin only, and closed moderated.

Owners, Moderators, and Editors are all considered Administrators and all may approve messages held for moderation.

You must enter an Owner NetID/username as described on This field is required and may not be left blank.

You must enter an Owner e-mail address. This field is required and may not be left blank.

Click "Next".

Congratulations! If there have been no errors, you have completed creating your RAMS list.

The Manage List Definition feature of the RAMS List Manager allows you to reuse the same list instead of having to create a new list each semester or year. For instructions on how to do this, please see the Manage List Definition section of the List Manager Documentation.

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