Using RAMS to Send and Receive Messages

Submitting a Message to a List

When submitting a message to a RAMS list, use the address in the form of, (where listname is the actual list name). Anyone wishing to submit a message to the list simply sends an e-mail message to the address.

How the message is processed depends upon the list type:


Many lists have a Primetime setting. This setting controls when e-mails are allowed to be forwarded to a list. List Administrators do not control a list's Primetime setting but can request changes by e-mailing their campus Help Desk.

Any message sent to a list with a Primetime setting, once approved, is held until the Primetime window. Mail sent to a list during Primetime will be immediately delivered. Mail sent to a list outside it's Primetime hours will be held until the Primetime hours.

Class lists and certain announcement lists do not have a Primetime setting. A message sent to these lists will be delivered as soon as RAMS receives it.

Frequent RAMS Issues

Frequent RAMS Issues are addressed in the RAMS Troubleshooting Guide.

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